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11th Apr 05
Tom and Alison go to a nightclub where their fantasies are fulfilled. Some wierd content. Somewhat unfinished. If anyone wants to add to it, feel free. First story, comments/suggestions appreciated.
huge instant ment mpg science weird
2nd Mar 98
Frozen yogurt has a beneficial effect on a young woman.
bg big fa fast
17th Jul 99
A woman gets revenge on the bitch who tried to steal her man.
bg nc science wow
28th Feb 15
Lana wakes up in a room with a table of potions. Her curiosity gets the best of her. *Note that this is my first story.*
ag cb chem fast huge lac magic ment mg nc sc weird wow
13th Nov 03
Aliens give a boy a reality-changing ray gun. Suddenly, he has twin nympho sisters, a gorgeous girl-freind, and a sex slave.
ag aliens ar big fast inc instant magic ment
25th May 18
Two teenagers have a pair of magical wristbands allowing them to change each other. What could go wrowng?
cb huge instant magic ment mg mm mpg rc
17th Jan 08
A young, inexperienced adventurer is captured by a kinky sorceress and turned into the perfect sex slave.
ag bond fast huge magic nc
4th Sep 21
Sarah, a senior in high school with the largest breasts in the student body, flaunts her assets and rules over the school. But three of her teachers are even larger, more powerful, and more dominant than her. That's all about to change... and what does flat little tormented Eclair, constantly bullied by Sarah, have to do with it?
fast hg huge instant lac lg magic sc
15th Dec 14
When Grace came up with her plan to make it big, she probably didn't imagine things ending up like this... (Note! Like in all my stories, there's more of a focus on transformation themes. That being said, there's still quite a bit of breast growth in this one, probably the most I've ever written. Still, just wanted to give fair warning, and I hope you enjoy!)
ag big cb fast huge hyp magic ment nc weird
14th Mar 98
A magic tape recorder will cause anything recorded with it to come true.
bg huge magic offstage
24th May 20
Welcome to ForeverAge2, an online fantasy world. Meet Wysteria, a beautiful shaman and her group of adventurers, including the latest thorn in her side, Luvvy. When a raid takes a turn for the worst, will Wysteria's mysteriously acquired potion of lesser enchantment turn the tides?
bg ag big cb fast huge magic
4th May 02
"This potion, Shelby, will make your breasts grow, but in a special way. Your breasts will grow as big as your income is."
cb fast magic wow
4th May 02
Dementia's breasts sloshed violently as a dozen men rushed to her nipples, all of them stealing a grope as they filled their mugs. "I'm a human beer cow!" thought Dementia.
ag cb fast nc rc science wow
4th May 02
"Ahhhhhh!" The two aliens were standing right outside, staring blankly. She slammed the door shut again. "Shit! They're waiting for me. Why don't they just leave? What do they want from me?!" She heard faint murmuring outside.
aliens fast lac nc wow
15th Mar 01
A gypsy love potion? Maybe, but a girl's tits get bigger every time some cum lands on them.
bg big fa fast magic wow
18th Feb 20
Gwen, a timid young editorial assistant, discovers she is the new champion of the guardian spirit of sexuality and protection in an alternate fantasy world and is transformed into an Buxom BBW barbarian warrior amazon.
ag cb fa fast gts huge lac lg magic
3rd Mar 20
Weary from exploring the wilderness of Dymmir, Gwen (A shy bookworm transformed into a chubby amazon with some serious curves) stops at an inn in the city of Wahnkara. What begins as a chance encounter with a local serving girl, quickly turns into a passionately expansive experience that teaches Gwen more about her new powers.
fa fast huge lac magic shem
23rd Feb 05
A girl's Health teacher has some interesting methods for giving make-up credit.
ag big fast lg nc preg
9th Nov 04
A scene involving a girl whose breasts grow in the middle of a crowded shopping mall.
ag cb fast huge
1st Dec 11
This is my first story so please leave some advice for how to improve. This is much more on the leg growth and general expansion side of things then breasts but have no fear, there are some colossus tits in this story.
ag cb chem fa fast gts huge lg ment wow
1st Dec 11
Norah is a six-foot-eight woman with 55 inch legs living a troubled life but when she begins loosing control of her body, and her grip on reality, things get out of hand. This is my first story so please leave some advice for how to improve. This is much more on the leg growth and general expansion side of things then breasts but have no fear, there is some huge breast expansion in this story. Sorry for the double-post but this version includes .odt, .doc, .txt, and .html
ag cb chem fa fast huge lg ment wow
17th Jul 99
A young woman gets initiated into sex by a sexy woman with a magic potion in this medieval adventure.
bg fa fast huge magic
16th Oct 99
Imoen takes a potion which transforms her into a knight's fantasy woman.
bg big fa fast magic
25th May 98
It's sweeps week on the trashy talk show circuit, as a woman gets a makeover with surprisingly effective results.
bg chem fa fast huge
13th Apr 10
Another One Piece story, this one just a one shot that you won't really need to have seen One Piece to follow. The Marine Officer Tashigi gets more than she bargained for when she confiscates a cursed sword from a pirate.
cb fast huge magic
29th Oct 98
A young woman who teases a boy unmercifully gets a taste of her own medicine in this horrific tale.
bg fa fast huge magic ment
10th Oct 05
This is a teaser of what you'll find in the Breast Expansion Archive's Pay Story area! By signing up, you're helping yourself. That money pays authors and artists for new Illustrated stories and comics.
cb fast huge magic nc sc
14th Feb 11
Caroline and Tom are 18-year-olds whom have been dating for two years, but Caroline has always been too shy to let things get serious physically. After Tom discovers a Fountain that grants wishes, he begins to wonder what this could do for their relationship. Readers get to weigh in on where they'd like the story to go in Chapter 2.
ag big fast magic rc
16th Feb 11
Caroline's body begins growing in excessive ways according to the whims of her boyfriend Tom's wishes. Yet even as reality warps around her to trick her into believing these changes have always been there, she still can't shake the funny feeling something is going on. Many thanks to everyone who voted for the wishes to be made in this story. I've attempted to accommodate the most popular requests, and voting for Chapter 3, the last chapter, is now open.
ag fast huge lac magic rc
24th Feb 11
With Tom's confession comes the opportunity for Caroline to release all her inhibitions and embrace a freedom of sexuality she's never known.
This is the final chapter in Teenage Dreams. Many thanks to everyone that helped steer the story and drive it to its conclusion. Read the instructions at the end on how to vote for the next story arc.
ag fast hg huge lac magic ment mpg sc
3rd Apr 00
A new tale of the Alien's Gift - this time a man named Tristian is granted the gift to manipulate people.
bg big fa fast ment nc
18th Feb 98
Lynnae and June go undercover as busty waitresses to nab a diamond smuggler.
bg big nc offstage science
24th Aug 22
Welcome to the world of Domina: a femdom religion with all-powerful goddesses. Olyria, goddess of breast worship, arrives on a distressed cruise ship and changes the lives of several aboard.
bond huge hyp instant magic
15th Feb 22
Rebecca got into a website that allowed her write 10 statements that can help her improve her body by comparing herself to others. These lines can change reality making them true. With such power at her hands, what she will do, specially if she want to mess up with her hubby. Author note: Many thanks to Codexdrinker and MoreFriction for their ideas and help in editing this story.
cb fast gts huge lac magic ment mg sc
7th Apr 15
A story inspired by the game Seven Persons Seven Doors /Zero's Last Escape. No growth (yet!) just setting the stage for a twisted game that puts it's captives through all sorts of torment. This is effectively a teaser chapter before the fun begins.
big science slow
18th Apr 15
Part Three of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game NINE Persons, NINE Doors. (So it's been years since I played it... bite me) Four more strangers show up, bringing the total to Eight. The announcer seems hesitant to help them until all the players are in place, where could they be? This is a bit of a slow burn, please give me some time to get some quality excuses for Boob growth. I'm also open to suggestions for particular contestants. Find me on Deviant Art if you want to ask me questions. (ShamusBaran)
big hyp instant ment rc science
7th Apr 15
Part Two of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game Seven Persons, Seven Doors. Four strangers (so far) are thrown into a twisted game where the stakes are their very bodies' identity. Vulis (Vulture) and Chess come across two more contestants and the first game is launched.
big chem hyp instant nc rc science
6th Mar 24
A selected assortment of ten of my stories, written over the past five or so years, not previously available on OFB. Stories included: Adding Pounds to Peaches, Cake for Her Birthday, Growing Intelligence, Milk from the Tap, No More Fruit (a collab with chambersuit), So Much for Squats, The Breast Gummy Bet, The Laundromat, Three Short Expansion Stories, and When Science Goes Wrong (a collab with expansionprocess). All BE and AE focused and in PDF format. Enjoy!
ag big cb chem fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage rc science slow asleep wow
15th Jun 15
Jocinda didn't sign up for this. Neither did the research team, all truth told. Contact the author through gmail or at deviantart.
big cb chem fast huge nc science wow
8th Feb 03
"Every bust is potentially dangerous." Agent Louis A. Kerpalscheiker, FBGB
cb chem huge science asleep
25th Feb 09
Terah decides she wants to change parts of her body with her new found wealth. Decent length story with a lot of action. [note]Upped by apple
cb chem fast gts huge lac mg
22nd Jan 04
A story about a girl and her experiences with VBH. She gets really big. This is part one. Part two, on the way. Well, as soon as we can get together and talk again.
bg huge slow
6th May 14
It was a dismal sunset, gray and gloomy, the snow in permanent snow globe mode. Tess would like to close the heavy curtains and hide the sight of the empty patio and pool filled with snow, but she did not want to get up from under the numerous blankets draped over her huge bosoms. Mindy burst into the room....
lac science slow wow
10th May 14
“Tess,” The Mistress said, stroking the large wall of one of Tess' breasts fondly. “Ohhhh. Tess! I am so sorry to tell you this, but.. but...” The Mistress wiped a tear from her eye, “I can no longer afford to keep you here at the spa. It is a matter of economics, Dear.” And so the bids for Tess commenced...
lac science slow wow
4th May 14
Tess came to the attention of The Mistress at The Spa when she was just a skinny waif. Now she is wondering if she could somehow get out of her room and join the fun in the pool on such a lovely day. (It would be nice to find someone to illustrate this series of stories.)
lac science slow wow
8th May 14
The Mistress told her she would be having a visit from The Unknown Client tonight.. She knew he liked to abuse her, but in the most provocative ways! Her triple hearts beat in time to the music. It had been two months since her operation and the Mistress thought she was ready to go back to work.
bond lac science slow wow
16th Apr 09
Jordan is up late studying for finals when she decides to de-stress a little. And things just get more interesting from there.
aliens big fast ment science
15th Nov 11
A short story about a Woman how awake in a Warehouse ( Sorry for the missing translation, i'm not really good in writting english, but i hope this not ruin your fun with B.E Storys )
big fast ment
16th Jan 08
Part of the Gran Teton's series "Chris's Shower" is a side story that takes place at the end of the fourth chapter of the "Gran Teton's" series. The "Interludes" are meant to focus on just one "Teton's" character, going through giant-breast related events that - while interesting - don't really impact the main storyline. One Person...One Pair of Boobs...And probably an Orgasm or two.
chem huge instant magic tg
10th Jan 00
A traveling computer salesman meets a farmer's daughter, and she aims to impress him.
bg huge multiple shem slow
26th Oct 15
After a horrific car crash, Jenny finds herself mysteriously wasting away, until doctors find a "cure". This cure comes with a few side effects though. This is my first BE story, or story of any kind. I have been thinking about doing this for years, but only actually started a few weeks ago on a whim, and it sort of took on a life of it's own. It is over 56,000 words, and the real action happens towards the end so I won't blame anyone for skipping the boring parts. The story focuses on somewhat realistic growth, at least by the standards of the genre, as I have just never been able to embrace magic etc. I was inspired by many classics, but notable influences include Addicted and Volunteers by Mr B., Positive Feedback by Athiop, Correspondence and The Offseason Nudist by Oxomox and/or Tex T, Janet's Milk by Anonymous, and the story that got me into the genre, My Best Friend Julie by Byrne. Any and all feedback is welcome, and I'm sure my punctuation needs a lot of work. I just hope at least one person enjoys this. :)
big cb huge lac science slow wow
29th Oct 15
After a car crash results in a head injury, Jenny finds herself mysteriously wasting away, until doctors find a "cure". This cure comes with a few side effects though. This is my first BE story, or story of any kind. I have been thinking about doing this for years, but only actually started a few weeks ago on a whim, and it sort of took on a life of it's own. It is over 56,000 words, and takes a while to get moving, so I won't blame anyone for skipping the boring parts. The story focuses on somewhat realistic growth, at least by the standards of the genre, as I have just never been able to embrace magic etc. I was inspired by many classics, but notable influences include "Addicted" and "Volunteers" by Mr B., "Positive Feedback" by Athiop, "Correspondence" and "The Offseason Nudist" by Oxomox and/or Tex T, "Janet's Milk" by Anonymous, and the story that got me into the genre, "My Best Friend Julie" by Byrne. Any and all feedback is welcome, and I'm sure my punctuation and grammar needs a lot of work. I just hope at least one person enjoys this. :)
big cb fast huge lac science slow wow
16th Nov 15
This is a updated version of my recent story, hopefully a bit easier to read. I headed advice on paragraph structure, and I did also change a few minor details upon re-reading it myself. I would like to thank everyone for all of the feedback. I am humbled by how well it has been received, warts and all. I'm sure it's still got some issues, but as they say, nobody is perfect. Wish there was a way to respond to you all here, but I have started posting it in sections over on DA. If anyone cares to swing by and offer their thoughts there, I could answer questions etc.
big cb fast huge lac science slow wow
30th Sep 17
This is a re-release of an old story, with a new ending. I always felt like I probably could have done something better with the ending to the only story I have ever written. At the time, I was just ready to be done. Now I had a little spare time, and returned to it. The ending is different now, with a bit more growth sequences. Hopefully someone will enjoy it. Any feedback is appreciated. It's also posted on my deviantart page if commenting there is easier.
bg big cb fast huge lac sc science slow wow
8th May 23
Carrlie is a tomb raider who life goes from rags to riches and flat to fabulously huge boobs through a series of goofy and very fortunate circumstances. This is a silly fantasy series I wrote way back in 2006! I'm not sure why I never posted it here, but Ive recently updated the spelling and grammar, as well as located missing story images provided by the incredible Sidneymt! Please check out to see more of Sidneymt's amazing artwork. If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account! Thank you!
bond fast huge hyp lac magic multiple
10th Apr 23
A young man reunites with his childhood friend and first crush. She has an odd reaction to his loving touch.
bg big nc science slow asleep
15th Nov 22
Humans make contact with an alien species while exploring the galaxy. Lance, a simple pilot,is chosen to be an ambassador for the humans for their first face to face contact with their new neighbour's. The experience with his alien counterpart is one he will never forget.
bg aliens big huge mpg offstage science slow weird wow
16th Aug 05
A girl, after a tearful breakup with her ex, Peter (a large-breast lover), finding herself wishing her breasts were larger. She is surprised when she then meets Sal Dogma, who seels her the Amulet of Krogoth, insisting it can alter one's body as their lover sees fit. Reluctant to use it, she tries to make ammends with Peter, and shows him the power of the amulet. At first their prayers were answered, but what happens with Peter takes the use of the amulet too far in a passionate moment?
bond cb fast ft huge magic nc weird
29th Jul 02
A married couple decides to travel to a remote island for their anniversary. Susan, becomes addicted a mystical island fruit which has aphrodisiac effects. Her sex drive increases as she eats more fruit and so does her body.
ag bond gts huge lac lg ment mg slow
6th Oct 14
Kim and her friend Maya go to a party, where people start changing. But only Kim seems to see. Is she different?
ag big fast hg lac ment
8th Oct 14
Kim wakes up with a ripping hangover, unsure of what happened the night before.
big fast lac lg ment multiple tg
6th May 02
Why in the world would anyone need a ray to make a woman smaller? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
ag fast gts huge ment science
25th Nov 21
Bethany finds a strange app on her phone, and the usual hijinks ensue!
bg ag big cb fa fast hg huge lac rc science
22nd Jan 21
After a young man receives an unexpected gift from his jock father, he discovers that they may have more in common than he first thought as he and his girlfriend swell into sex-obsessed jocks themselves.
bg big magic ment mm mpg slow
15th Apr 21
Josh and Amy take their relationship to the next level. Josh finally confronts his father about the football's effects. This chapter focuses on other developments, so there is very little BE, but it will be back in Ch 03!
bg big magic ment slow
10th Jun 21
Josh gets tired of the other cheerleaders' endless cockteasing an decides to do something about it.
bg big magic ment preg slow
2nd Sep 21
Josh's bimbofied cheerleaders finally get their cum-uppance as Josh indulges himself in a full-on breeding spree.
bg big magic ment preg slow
22nd May 11
A story about a guy college student and a shy below average girl who discover a mystical CD from a powerful mage. The CD grants the ability to bring BE stories to life. See how this unlikely team accidentally unleashes the magic to create some fun times.
big cb fast huge instant lac magic ment asleep
21st May 11
A story about a guy college student and a shy below average girl who discover a mystical CD from a powerful mage. The CD grants the ability to bring BE stories to life. See how this unlikely team accidentally unleashes the magic to create some fun times.
big cb fast huge instant lac magic ment asleep
13th Jan 09
Fantasy involving multiple women and vast breasts. Another masterpiece from Steve Palmer.
big huge instant magic offstage
15th Aug 23
Emily has always been the quiet one, the person in the background who never quite fit in. Diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, she's spent most of her life in and out of hospitals, watching as her peers enjoyed their youth from afar. All of that is supposed to change when she finally gets her surgery. But when a mix-up leaves her with breast implants instead, Emily's life changes in completely different ways.
big fast hg ment science
2nd Sep 23
After initially regretting her breast implants, Emily has now come to realize that having them isn't the worst thing in the world. But as her feelings soon evolve beyond mere acceptance, she's starting to see them as a part of her, an integral part that's brought her the attention she never knew she wanted. She's starting to think... it might not be enough. PS: I have put a message to OverflowingBra readers in the beginning of the PDF. Please read, as this is a disclaimer and a reply to comments on part one.
big instant ment sc science slow
5th Dec 18
Set in Tieryn's B&M universe, a young Arab girl unknowingly becomes the test subject for a new B&M product the day before she has a date with her boyfriend.
ag chem fast gts huge lac mg nc preg science
1st Feb 24
In tonight’s episode of The Bachelor: True Love, Alice fears she may not be good enough to win over the man of her dreams. But thanks to a little divine intervention, her big dream might just come to fruition. Maybe a bit TOO big for Alice.
ag cb fast lac wow
21st Dec 15
This is part 1 of "The Ballad of Maggie." The story takes place years after the events of "The Puzzlebox Curse." It's a strange new world coping with random magical events that erotically transform and feminize. Maggie and her roommate Beth navigate college in this world, as Maggie is on a relationship rebound, and Beth is caught in a funk caused by her magical transformation from a year before. [Note to readers: this story is driven by erotic transformation and is not primarily a breast expansion story, though that is a theme.]
big fast gts instant lg magic ment mg mpg multiple nc offstage rc sc shem tg weird
17th Mar 16
Maggie continues to navigate a Puzzling World of strange, erotic transformations with her friends, both old and new. She continues her new hobby of sowing her wild oats and attends a party where a friend of hers performs transformation magic. (Note: there is little BE in this chapter. Some characters have previously enlarged breasts, though.)
bg ag big bond instant magic ment multiple rc shem tg weird asleep
13th Jun 23
It's been a long time, but here is the fourth part of The Ballad of Maggie in which Maggie and her friends face consequences for irresponsibility and gather bits of knowledge that something more is amiss than their own erotic shenanigans.
bg ag big bond fast instant lg magic ment multiple nc rc sc shem tg weird
2nd Apr 16
Part 3: Maggie struggles with her transformation, while her friends try to help her. Their efforts cause some trouble that will surely come back to haunt them all. (Includes parts 1-3 in .pdf and .html files) (Trigger warning: attempted rape)
bg ag big bond fast lg magic ment mg multiple offstage shem tg weird asleep
13th Feb 22
A wish to see bigger women seems to make Bob's wildest dreams come true!
ag fast gts hg huge lg magic nc rc
21st Dec 06
This series of stories are based on the serendipitous meanderings of a Westside Sales Manager and his tug-of-war tales of lust and denial for a new Barista at his favorite coffee haunt. The only catch is, is she open to his [would be]advances? Tag along for the twisted ride... as we find out more about both of their areas of weakness.
ar big sc
22nd Dec 06
This is part two to the series of short stories featuring our favorite sidewalk cavalier and an intrepid conquest of his, Jessica... an incredibly endowed barita at his favorite coffeehouse. This episode highlights his first look at her, and her first interaction with him. Narrated on first-person, I hope you enjoy this steamy little prelude to an insatiable wanderlust for both, if she can look past her commitments.
ar big sc
4th Feb 07
This is the third storie in the Yuki and Naru series. Yuki meets a man at the beach and taking the oppertunity she follows him into a house and does something. But as this is happeneing Yuki's breasts expand once again
big fast magic
5th Feb 08
After having a LONG break I thought i'd give this project a shot and see what people think, any thoughts, views,oppinions,etc mail me:
big chem fast instant lac
22nd Jul 18
The daughter of a blacksmith finds herself captivated by the bellows she works with everyday and finally gets her chance to experiment.
cb fast huge magic wow
15th Jul 12
The is my revision and take on a classic from back in the day. While it was great then, it has grown rather bland and lacks quality. I attempted to streamline a few parts, and added some dialogue, which was missing. The same basic structure and ideas of the original story are intact, just updated. Enjoy! C and C is appreciated.
ag big cb chem fa fast instant ment preg science
12th Apr 02
A bunch of young women and a magic cat. No it's not "Sailor Moon"!
big fast gts hg lac lg magic weird asleep wow
8th Apr 13
This is a corollary to my upcoming story, The Wet T Shirt Contest. Vanessa uses the Flesh Alteration Kit to dominate her friend Danny and show him a good time. Its a lap dance with a devious twist!
ag big bond magic offstage sc weird
14th Jun 11
A big blond, a big cock, and pink aliens on parade.
aliens cb fast gts lac ment mpg science weird wow
24th May 11
T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a rhyme. Jack and his wife Jessie are visited by three spirits one Christmas Eve, each one bearing a very special gift. Why? ‘Tis the season, after all. I started this on Christmas Eve, but never got to finish it for posting on the 25th. So... Merry extremely late Christmas!... Enjoy.
ag big fast lac lg magic preg
25th Mar 16
A farmboy discovers that some of the women in the big city are very, very different - and their outsized breasts and coloured hair are just the start! How will he navigate life and love with a woman whose uncontrollable urges deny her a normal life?
bg ag big hg ment nc slow
9th Dec 01
Ahh, there's nothing like a woman in a uniform. And there's nothing like a woman in a uniform driven into a wild frenxy of lust by her growing bosom.
cb chem fast huge nc science
14th Jun 19
Tess arrives at an abandoned building to take part in a trial for a new pill. She had been promised that her desire to grow taller and taller would be fulfilled, but the pill has an unexpected extra effect.
cb fast gts huge science wow
9th Dec 11
Nude sunbathing...with protoplasm.
big fast instant lac nc science weird
2nd Apr 17
A couple, Alex and Rebecca, have to spend a night at a motel in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems normal enough, except for the receptionist. How will they react to Rebecca being bimbified? Includes an illustration by Sortimid (check them out on deviantart)
bg ag big chem fast ment
9th Apr 17
Another stand-alone story at the Bimbo Motel. This one is the origin of the receptionist, Stacy.
bg ag big chem fast ment
5th Feb 08
Five girls out to celebrate a friend's birthday. Then Timmy shows up and things get interesting.
big instant lac magic ment nc
25th Jan 19
So sit right back and you'll hear a tale... Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! How will they get home? Will they even want to? Part of an ongoing series.
bg big fa fast huge lac magic wow
1st Mar 19
Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! We meet the Queens of the Blessed Isles and explore their culture while making some shocking discoveries about how expansion works in this exotic paradise. Part of an ongoing series.
bg big fast huge instant lac magic nc slow wow
17th Jun 19
An ostracized Island Princess takes foreigners to a forbidden, sacrificial space. Our protagonists receive the offer of a lifetime. Holy scriptures change hearts and cup sizes. Part of an ongoing series.
bg ag big chem fast huge lac magic
3rd May 11
Laura had always felt like she was invisible. She was so unremarkable people rarely noticed her at work or anywhere else. Then one day she found a mysterious scroll which changed everything...
ag ar big hg lg magic nc offstage slow
23rd Feb 11
Plain Rachel finds a mysterious scroll in an old second hand bookstore and soon discovers that mind really does triumph over matter. Only not her mind!
ar big fast hg lg magic nc
29th May 23
Gloria, a middle-aged divorcee, decides to hit the gym to try and meet a new man. What she gets is much, much more. Author's Note: First attempt at a Female Muscle Growth story (That is the main focus here, though there is some standard BE). Not as familiar with this material type so if it doesn't hit the right notes, I apologize. Feedback as always is appreciated.
bg ag ar big huge lg magic mg slow asleep
1st Jul 18
Zara suddenly starts expanding while with her boyfriend in his car. She does not know what caused the expansion, and it swiftly gets out of hand as she tries to hide it from anyone who might see!
ag cb chem fast huge lac lg magic preg
29th May 17
My first attempt, and my first posting on this site. Not too much of a plot, just a happy couple working through the advantages of exceeding the recommended dosage. Comments welcome.
ag cb chem fast huge mpg nc
11th Oct 12
ag aliens ar cb fast huge lac ment mg mpg offstage science
22nd Feb 17
Senator Shelly Broadstreet is a hard charging feminist running for president of the United States who happens to have unusually huge breasts, and she looks like a lock to win. Her opponent tries to save his own campaign by getting help from a mysteriously odd man to infiltrate her campaign and humiliate the Senator. What happens when that backfires?
ag cb hg huge hyp ment nc offstage science slow wow
20th Oct 07
A tale of the Nymphocalypse No one knows for sure where they came from, but mankind was totally unprepared for the invasion of gorgeous, sperm-crazed, shape-shifting nymphomaniacs. It is not a question of whether mankind can defeat them, but rather do we want to? Is every man on Earth doomed to become a pampered sperm-cow for lusting legions of alien seductresses?
aliens huge lac ment mpg offstage sc science slow weird asleep
26th Mar 06
Ryan's not quite ready for business to "grow" like this.
ag big cb fa fast ment offstage science slow asleep
31st Dec 08
Ryan is confronted by a past he thought he left and the girl he thought had left him as he tries to regain some control in his life. NOTE: Parts 1 and 2 of the series, originally uploaded here in .txt format, are included in the zip as .rtf files for more comfortable reading in the much-recommended event that readers refresh their minds with the first two installments. Frankly, the first two are better than this chapter by far, and the next one is just wierd anyway. New readers are reminded that the first two are already in the Overflowing Bra archives, and an author search should turn them up toot sweet if you want to post comments or ratings for them.
big fast instant ment offstage sc science slow
31st Dec 08
The end of this story arch. Freshly emerged from the forced march down the Memory Lane of senior year, Ryan comes to terms with events of past and present, and attempts to make a better future. He never would have guessed at the groups responsible for his powers or the size of the growth they would instigate in the girls swept along for the ride. The author does apologize for the length of the piece, though.
ag big cb fa fast gts huge instant lac lg magic ment offstage preg sc science wow
16th Mar 06
Ryan tries to use his powers to improve the lives of others, but someone finds out she can "improve" herself all she wants.
cb fast huge ment science
28th Jan 17
Ryan was just trying to run a business... what the heck happened?!? After the.. experience he shared with these women, some want answers, some want life to be normal again- and some didn't want that experience to stop. But just when Ryan thinks he can get on his with life the chickens come home to roost. Thing is they've got a lot of roosting on their minds....
bg ag big cb fa fast gts huge lac magic offstage science
5th Oct 23
"Amanda discovers a spiritual healer who can help her attain the extreme proportions her body was always supposed to have." Very different from my usual stories due to being a commission - also features height and weight modification as well as a bit of gender-bending, and focuses on the transformation as an almost spiritual healing process.
ag fa fast gts huge lg magic ment mg sc shem weird
10th Dec 03
This is a fragmented series of excerpts that form the story of Diane, a woman who gets big in all the right places when she gets horny. Its easy to follow the plot and theres enough button-popping, pants stretching, and belly rubbing for two stories of this kind. Visit for the growing collection of my works and tons of links to the best expansion on the Web.
bg ag big fast huge lac lg preg science
26th Dec 08
ag fast huge magic mg mpg asleep
10th Aug 19
Sarah inherits a magical talisman from her grandmother that gives her the ability to grow her boobs on command. If the talisman is taken off with changed boobs, she won’t be able to change them back for 24 hours. How will Sarah use the Boob Talisman?
bg big instant magic sc
31st Jul 13
Further tales of the cast of Milkmaniac's The Book of Spells. Claire visits Tim to try a new sexual position to double Tim's pleasure.
huge lac magic mpg offstage shem slow
25th Sep 15
This is a short (only 1,700 word) story I wrote as an exercise. It's a first-person expansion story about a woman that goes to an experimental booth to reduce her breasts. Don't worry-- it has a happy ending. ;) I'll admit the main reason I'm posting this is to communicate that all my stories are Microsoft Word Documents. (.docx) If you're dumb enough to try and open one in notepad and expect it to work, good on you, but don't downrate my stories because of your own stupidity. If you don't have Word, you can convert the story with free software or upload it to Google Drive. If you don't ant to bother with conversions you can also read my stories at . Thanks -- SB
big fast sc science
11th Feb 06
Short horry story about a girl being sucked into a 5 gallon bottle.
cb fast huge mg science asleep
3rd Aug 09
Short. Sweet. Full of action. And to the -point-. Guy breaks up with a very special lady, guy finds out lady was really special all along, but before he can even feel remorse, guy is treated to the night of his life.. smoke 'em if you got 'em. ++Please leave comments if you enjoy it. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.++
big cb gts huge instant sc
24th Nov 23
Megan shares her Halloween leftover candies with her best friend Mary. But when they eat some mysterious chocolates, they find themselves in for a treat. No tricks here!
cb fast huge lac magic multiple
25th Dec 03
Growing up in a world that's been hit with a gene modifying virus, and finding love.
huge ment nc science slow
15th Dec 01
A Cotton Tail bunny hostess finds a most unusual lighter. Pictures included.
big huge magic offstage asleep
8th Apr 09
This story took over two years to write, and it is as epic in scale as the time it took to write it. The author sincerely hopes you will enjoy the story in the spirit it was written. Part fanfic, part superhero tale, and just the right amount of BE, this story redefines the superhero genre by taking seven BE-capable superheroes and asking the question: "What would you do with the power to cause breast expansion?" Jennifer Love Hewitt, my favorite actress of all time, makes a cameo, of course.
aliens big bond cb chem fast huge instant magic nc offstage sc science shem wow
16th Apr 09
A few glitches in the last chapter of the original "Bustiest League" story forced me to reload the story here. As stated before, this story took over two years to write, and it is as epic in scale as the time it took to write it. The author sincerely hopes you will enjoy the story in the spirit it was written. Part fanfic, part superhero tale, and just the right amount of BE, this story redefines the superhero genre by taking seven BE-capable superheroes and asking the question: "What would you do with the power to cause breast expansion?" Jennifer Love Hewitt, my favorite actress of all time, makes a cameo, of course. This story is an homage to all my friends at the Overflowing Forum, the forum on this very site.
aliens big bond cb chem fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage sc science shem wow
3rd Jul 10
After discovering one other world that survived an interplanetary civil war the females on a 2nd Union ship undergo breast expansion. Just how large will Hazel, the shortest woman on board, get? Plato's 44th story and the first one in over seven years.
chem huge slow
27th Feb 16
Lily goes to the mall expecting to buy some new clothes, but leaves getting moooore than she expected.
ag fast huge lac magic multiple
22nd Feb 12
Maybe a life without fun would have been better instead of the choice she made? Then again, maybe not...
big fast mpg science slow
1st Jun 05
The story of Angela Bonnet's coming of age, as told by her friend and secret admirer.
gts huge mg slow
8th May 09
ag cb huge instant lac magic mpg rc
15th Aug 06
ar big cb fast huge instant lac magic preg weird
12th Jul 19
Julia's experience in the city continues to unfold. (This is the draft of my next chapter as well as improved versions of the prior two. As usual, I'd be grateful for any feedback.)
bg big bond huge lac magic ment nc science weird asleep
16th Jul 19
Julia's time in the City heats up as trouble brews for both those in charge and the women held captive. New rumors motivate drastic action, and Torch makes a decision she may soon regret. (This is the fourth chapter of my ongoing story which weaves its narrative of BE and imprisonment from many overlapping perspectives.)
bg big bond lac magic ment nc offstage science weird asleep wow
24th Jul 19
Surprising developments are unfolding in the City though Julia is distracted by her own difficulties in the most recent chapter of the ongoing story, The City.
bg ag big bond cb fast huge lac magic nc offstage rc science slow asleep
9th Jul 19
A young woman, Julia, awakens in a very peculiar place--the City--and an ensemble of other characters have experiences which intersect hers. (This is a draft of the introductory chapters of a story intended to be much longer. I'd like to get feedback on what I have. There is a lot of groundwork laid here for action that will happen later on.)
bg ag big bond hg huge lac magic nc science asleep
4th Aug 11
For long as she could remember, Blooming Bosom had always wanted bigger breasts, but no matter how big she made her breasts she never seemed to be satisfied with their size. She needed to find a Doctor willing to perform the “extreme augmentation” that she had been so longing for, someone who didn’t measure implant volumes in cc’s, she needed a Doctor that measured implants in Litres and Gallons! ** WARNING ** … This is an “extreme implant” story and when I say “extreme” I mean EXTREME (remember, this is a warning to those who are faint of heart.) Enjoy!.
fast instant science wow
26th Dec 09
A short bit of an interactive story where you are a woman who has just returned form a lactation clinic.
big chem fast huge asleep wow
18th Mar 08
A high school teacher accidentally ends up with one of her student’s strange gems. Her regular boring life quickly becomes one of confusion, mystery and lust. Prequel to ‘The Collection’.
big cb fast hyp magic ment nc weird
7th Nov 14
With sleep comes a slow transformation for both John & Mindy. John can barely control himself but realizes that he needs to keep calm in order keep Mindy from withdrawing even more. Comments are welcome!
ag aliens big fast hg mg mm mpg science slow asleep
23rd Jan 19
We find ourselves back at the point where Mindy and John wake up. But this time it's told from Mindy's point of view. We also meet a new character (thank you Roid for the idea.)
bg ag aliens ar big fast hg lg mg mm mpg science slow asleep
18th Nov 10
A big guy, a small girl, then a big girl and a big guy, then an even bigger guy and a small girl.
big cb fa fast gts lac mm mpg science slow
1st Jan 13
Another 8 Page story. Again this includes Breast Expansion and Penis expansion. This time in about the same proportions. This is more STORY/COMEDY and less SEX/EXPANSION heavy it's also more realistically sized in the end. ( well duh, I went overboard in the last one. ) It's also written better I believe ( and hope ) , but no second checker once again.
big instant lac mpg science
7th Apr 12
Meek student Connie rediscovers an ancient power source. Immune to its powers but gifted with control of them, soon she’s in over her head, trying to keep her BFF Marge in check as the berry juice of old turns the feisty raven-hair into an ever-greedy buxom bimbo. And just as Connie thinks she’s getting off with a black eye, things *really* hit the fan ... Eee-yup, that’s the all-in-one 200-pager PDF of my 2010 four-parter, semi-epic, fun and action romp from the world of Altaerna. Just a bit to tide you over until something truly new from lazy yours truly comes along. Doesn’t mean I’d not appreciate some comment or other if you haven’t done so before... :-)
ag big cb fast gts huge lac magic ment mg multiple rc sc weird wow
27th Jan 10
What starts out as a chance meeting of two women in a castle dungeon, only hours from their scheduled execution, soon balloons into a tale of golden-hearted whores, an exiled warrior queen, a mysterious living statue, a traveling bard, wolves in winter forests, a mischievous wizard, an upstarting vizier and a deserted throne. Can Yrba, the curvy dark-skinned traveling witch and castaway of the Southern Islands, bring a happy-ever-after to Mirca, her hapless six feet six and growing Amazon look-alike protege who’s blessed with much more muscle than experience? Find out in this conveniently formatted and indexed 800+ pages PDF of the original 12-part series!
ag aliens big bond cb fast gts huge instant lac magic mg mpg nc rc sc shem slow asleep wow
14th Dec 08
Some corsets enhance the figure more than others...
ag big bond cb fast magic nc
28th Oct 10
*This is one of about 5 stories I have been working on, so far its the first one done. It is also my first story so It might not be the best.* Mike finds a costume at SRU that changes his life at a Halloween party. Lots of changes and sex! Happy Halloween Everyone!
big hg lac magic ment preg tg
19th Nov 03
This is a romance, really, a romance, with adult characters, adult concerns, and a plot. It doesn't have a lot of sex. Actually, its kind of between PG-13 and R. It deals with emotions, betrayal, love lost and love found. Put down your washcloths and pick up your hankies. 7 comments out of 2200 downloads is disgusting. No wonder no one writes for you guys.
big magic slow
29th May 17
Hailey leads a normal life as a freshman girl in college despite having suffered from virginal breast hypertrophy, a medical condition that left her with N cup breasts. One day, two years after her breasts stopped growing, Hailey learns they might start growing again.
huge science slow
29th Jun 17
After a growth attack that lasted eight hours, Hailey experiences another growth spurt that leaves her 32N breasts even bigger as she struggles to adjust to her new reality. (File includes edited Chapter 1 with added details.)
huge science slow
25th Jul 17
With the help from her family, Hailey pulls through a series of growth attacks that last a week and leave her breasts at truly ridiculous proportions.
huge science slow
21st Jan 09
A re-interpretation of the classic tale. This is my first submission to the BE community, which has taught me quite a bit about writing. Comments welcome!
big cb chem fast hg lac lg ment mm mpg nc science asleep
16th Jan 19
In a world where status and nobility is judged by the size of your breasts and your raw sexual attraction, Faye was quite possibly the ugliest woman in NorthGlen, the "Outcast" mining Village south of Noblash. Resigned to a life of servitude to her sexually abusive husband, she never dreamed that her world would be turned upside-down by an evil curse cast on her village by a passing Red Sorceress.
bg ag ar big fast hg lg magic ment mm mpg offstage
30th Jan 19
Faye realizes that she can't keep Cham all to herself so she recruits the help of her two horniest friends, Ilsa and Gwen. Despite their doubts, they may not be ready for what is in store.
bg ag ar big fast hg inc instant magic mm mpg offstage
10th Aug 17
This story was a collaboration between myself and TierynBE, who also has a few works here. This has been slightly rewritten from the original 2 parter for added story flow (with approval from Tieryn). Follow me on for comments, questions and even prompt requests. Note on tags: There is brief instant hourglass growth although the primary focus is on the lactation-related growth. So I've tagged accordingly to be safe. Non-consensual was marked due to the unwilling subject.
ag fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage
27th Aug 07
This is my first story (we all have to start somewhere), and as a result I'd like some feedback. The story is set in the fantasy world of Ecien and revolves around Mani, a girl who is chosen by an ancient Queen to rule the land and receive the curse.
big cb fast huge magic slow
28th Aug 23
A bored tourist and an equally bored girl named Isobel accidentally find a necklace hidden away that is cursed to transform the wearer. Isobel must resist the curse or risk becoming a dragon herself- but the curse first targets a part of her body that she does happen to wish was bigger...
big cb fast gts hg lg magic ment mg nc weird
16th Mar 13
Our plucky heroes, the lovely (and luscious) Princess Cassiopeia and her ever-loyal chauffeur, Fiora Tailwind are really in a fix this time! While investigating a mysterious asteroid rumored to be cursed by the local space Gypsies, the two adventurers stumble upon something even more sinister: that steel-hearted scoundrel, Baron Cyberface! Now he and his all female army of personal bodyguards are holding our heroes captive. Will the princess and her friend escape Cyberface's sinister DDeathtrap, or will they be the next victims of... The Curse of the Mysterious Asteroid?
cb fast nc science wow
12th Apr 02
Werewolves turn normal people into werewolves by biting them. Weresults use...other methods.
big cb fast lac magic nc
6th Jan 15
I have been trying to get another good story out for a while, but each idea was quickly scratched. This is a survivor, and it stars Alex and his friend Sarah, and a magic coin that came from a cursed lamp. There is a lot of transforming in this.
ag big cb fast hg instant lac magic ment preg tg
24th Nov 15
One of my first stories. Please be gentle, but criticism is accepted! Email me at for any questions, comments, critiques and possible ideas!
ag big instant magic ment preg
18th Aug 03
Nearly running over a witches cow is one thing, not bothering to say sorry causes Sandra a growing concern. That is will she make it to the end of the race with her race top still on.
big lac magic slow
11th Oct 22
My Sweaterbumps story from 2021! A spell gone wrong and a princess facing a rapidly transforming body! As her milk flows and her new ears and tail twitch, can she and her faithful knight find a solution before it's too late?? Find more content like this on patreon! Your contribution really helps.
bg ag big cb fast lac lg magic nc slow weird
16th Mar 12
After taking a girl home after a date, a guy finds his enormous penis has a willing - and growing - partner to play with. This is my first attempt at a BE story - all comments welcome!
ag fast huge lg mg
20th Mar 12
After taking a girl home after a date, a guy finds his enormous penis has a willing - and growing - partner to play with. I have fixed the paragraph problem in the previous version. This is my first attempt at a BE story - all comments welcome!
ag big fast huge lg mg
8th Oct 13
A porn actor and his wife sign a deal with the Deep Surgery Clinic (a revolutionary medical foundation with bleeding-edge techniques) to give them perfect bodies in exchange for a cut of their profits. The deal turns out better than either party imagined, and so the couple keeps coming (and cumming) back for more...
ag cb huge lac lg mm mpg science slow
28th Jan 15
This Is the story of Hannah's transformation from a prudish religious girls into an open-minded bombshell, due to some special attention from Satan himself. He allows other People's desires to manifest himself onto Hannah's body and mind. This is my first story, and I would love to hear you opinions.
ag big cb fast hg instant lg magic ment nc slow asleep
29th Jan 15
This is the story of Hannah, A religious prudish girl, who with some special attention, becomes everyone's fantasy.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic nc slow asleep
2nd Feb 15
Here's Chapter 2, I've tried to improve my spelling, but apologize if there are any errors.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc
5th Feb 15
Here is the 3rd chapter, I hope yall enjoy. I included chapters 1 and 2 as well.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc slow
9th Feb 15
Here is chapter 4 of my ongoing story, once again I included the previous chapters and hope you enjoy all of them.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc slow asleep
23rd Feb 15
This is Chapter 5, chapter 6 will see some radical changes to the story line.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lac lg magic ment nc offstage preg slow
30th Jan 15
I hope this is better, if y'all like it, I'll release the 2nd part, which I've already written.
big fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc slow asleep
11th Mar 23
As the name suggest, the story is written in a form of a diary. The growth is caused by overeating, so fair warning if it's something you don't like.
bg ag big fa huge slow
24th Nov 09
The discovery of an ancient temple to the goddess Taweret leads to great changes in a naive archaeologist.
big fast magic preg asleep
19th Sep 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. Part 1 of an ongoing series.
big instant magic sc
24th Oct 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. Part 2 of an ongoing series.
big instant magic
25th Oct 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. Part 3 of an ongoing series.
big instant magic
14th Dec 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. The conclusion to an ongoing series.
huge hyp instant magic sc wow
25th Oct 14
Like an idiot I forgot to check if the user name I wanted to use was already used or not. So here are parts I & II again under my correct pen name.
big instant magic
24th Jul 19
Marissa's idiot boyfriend rubs the lamp. What could possibly go wrong?
bg ag big fast lac magic ment mg nc preg weird
29th Apr 21
In the Queendom of Callantha, bigger breasts mean more magic, and more magic means more power. Two fugitives from the Queendom are seeking that power. One just wants to be free from a curse. The other wants revenge… Chapter 1 is a teaser for the series. If the response is positive, I will upload more.
bg big fast hg huge lac magic
30th Apr 21
After Countess Elira turns him down, Clay the net-mender has a mystery visitor of his own, with some very big magic lessons to offer him… As before, if the response is positive, I will upload more soon!
ag fast hg huge lac magic mpg
12th May 21
Tani has skipped town, taking her curse with her in search of stronger magic. Nella knows which way she went, and will lead Clay to her... for a suitably large price. Still plenty more to come, as long as the comments are favorable!
bg big fast magic
14th May 21
As Countess Elira is finding out, sometimes breast magic is just enough to get you into trouble. Getting you out takes something a whole lot bigger. More to come!
fast gts huge lg magic mg
14th May 21
At Port Selkie, Tani is looking for passage out of the country. She can't pay the fare, but some things are more valuable than money... and there just happens to be this very interesting game in town.
bg ag big cb hg instant lg magic
30th Apr 21
Clay tries his new body-shaping powers on Tani for the first time. Which will be stronger, his magic or her curse? Thanks for the response so far! As long as the positive ratings keep coming, the uploads will continue.
bg ag big fast hg huge magic mg
28th Jul 09
Through the use of a magic scroll, an unpopular girl summons a powerful god in order to obtain love, popularity, and revenge.
ag big fast magic
10th Aug 09
Ryu continues to work his magic on the people in Bethany's life, namely her teacher and her mother.
big fast instant lac magic
24th Aug 09
Bethany enacts the next part of her plan to get revenge of Melanie, which strangely involves Ryu and the girls in her gym class.
big instant lac magic
7th Sep 09
As her plans near fruition, Bethany continues to witness Ryu's effect on the people around her. It seems that everyone is finding that special someone.
ag big fast instant lac magic mpg
21st Sep 09
We come to it at last. The homecoming dance is here, but the more interesting events will occur after the dance. Bethany and Ryu will each emerge from their respective after-parties differently.
ag big fast huge inc instant lac magic shem
20th Oct 05
Danielle dreams of inflating breasts. Will it be a dream come true?
chem fast huge asleep
9th Jun 09
An experimental drug trial goes awry as Jake discovers that the drug has some unintended side effects - on not only him, but the girls he sleeps with! (WARNING: also contains weight gain)
ag big chem fa gts huge mm mpg offstage slow
19th Jan 24
A young thief finds herself among the employ of Duke Fenrod, a powerful magic wielder and a man known for his fondness for top heavy women. How will she fit in, in this new world? Authors note: My take on a fantasy romance tale. Not sure what direction I'd like to take the next part. Open to suggestions.
big hg huge magic nc slow wow
23rd Jan 24
The tale of Duke Fenrod and Bryn continues. Authors note: I appreciate all those who offered suggestions, your feedback and praise means so much. There will definitely be a part 3, and probably more.
ag big fast hg huge magic slow
25th Jan 24
The epic continues with Bryn and the Duke entering the lair of their enemies. Authors Note: Just a heads up this chapter doesn't have much actual expansion, just plot and sex. Part 4 is in the works!
ag big fast huge magic nc
29th Jan 24
Months later Bryn is confronted with an unexpected opportunity. Authors note: Once again thank you all for the feedback, it really keeps me writing. I do intend to write a part 5 but it will take me awhile as I'm still undecided how I want the next section to play out.
ag big fast hg huge lg magic mpg
24th Jan 10
Blackbird, a comic book superheroine, meets her match and so much more when the mysterious, reality-controlling Editor lures her into a trap.
ag big hg instant lg ment mm mpg sc science
1st May 10
The Editor moves to Megalopolis to add the powerful Ultress to his harem, but events quickly spiral out of his control, and he learns the consequences of his actions. Some violence, lots of buildup, then lots of sex and growth at the end. Enjoy!
big cb fast gts hg instant lac lg magic mpg sc shem
6th Oct 05
Inspired by a post in the forum, I took the title and ran with it. A woman has a change of heart (and size) while visiting the moon.
cb science slow wow
4th Apr 24
Mallory lives a dismal home life with her miserable mother. Her methods of escapism are, however, quite curious...
big sc slow
7th Apr 24
Mallory's aggravation gets flipped on-head as an old (and busty!) menace is reintroduced into her life.
big sc slow
23rd Jun 09
"A gust of wind flipped the book to a page with bold letters that spelled out the following, 'Warning! After you awaken your breasts, you must provide direction with one of the methods detailed in this chapter. Otherwise, your breasts will accept all inputs with unpredictable results.' Sophie didn't notice the book's warning because she was already fast asleep."
cb fast huge magic
1st Nov 22
Celeste discovers her boyfriend has a thing for unusually large breasts. Her determination to become the woman of his dreams leads her to the Expanding Horizons Clinic. Note: The 'preg' tag here is representative of just straight Belly Expansion. Enjoy and as always feedback is appreciated!
bg big chem fast huge preg sc
5th May 10
Collection of be microfiction authored by yours truly.
aliens big cb chem fast ft huge instant magic ment nc offstage science tg weird
2nd Jul 10
A collection of BE microfiction. 15 pages of tiny stories and short stories. Cursed genies, fun females, science experiments gone awry and more. Something for everyone!
ag aliens big cb chem fast ft gts huge instant magic ment mg nc offstage science tg weird
9th Dec 20
An ambitious pair of scientists create an hourglass expansion formula but encounter a few problems along the way. The expansion is focused on with detail as each trial of the formula goes ahead.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge sc science
25th May 03
A story about a normal girl who gets involved in an expermint and well you know the rest of the story.
chem fast gts science weird wow
9th Jun 06
Contunes where the first story left off.
big chem fast gts ment mg science tg asleep
30th Sep 20
Justin Halvech is a young jock with a minimal grasp of the English language. Luckily for him, he's found a mysterious lamp. Let's just hope he can articulate his desires. This time, the grammatical mistakes are on purpose, I swear!
instant magic wow
16th Jul 17
First time posting a story on this site and will fully admit this story has been posted on other sites. This is a story about Christina who is a mild mannered normal girl until she becomes aroused and Transforms into the the hyper breasted hyper sexxed She-Male super hero "The Fanatic Phallus" and uses her powers to stop crime around her college campus.(story contains vore) If you have any comments please feel free to email me at Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.
bg ag big cb fast hg lg magic mg mpg shem
3rd Jan 24
A husband receives a unexpected gift from a East Indian coworker. It's a fertility idol that is supposed to bring good luck and blessings to his home. But when the idol arrives home, it does more than the husband and his wife could ever imagine with expansive results! My first story posted here. Feedback and comments welcome!
big cb fast lac magic mpg preg
27th Mar 08
4 Boys get rings that allow them to alter reality. Upped by Apple.
big fast huge instant magic ment mpg rc sc tg
4th Jan 17
This is my first story. I tried to correct the problems I see with the stories I read on here. Feel free to send me ideas or input to my email:
ag cb chem fa fast gts hg huge instant lg magic ment mpg
26th Apr 04
Welcome to the Five-and-Dime Shop, where the Shop Keeper always knows what you need - and a little more up top is almost always the answer. When Jane enters, she finds her relationship gets a little... saucy. (link fixed - sorry)
fast huge magic mpg
19th May 04
Daniel gets his girlfriend Sheryl a present for her birthday that with turn Fantasy to Reality.
ag big cb chem fast huge mg mm mpg
26th Jun 11
This is the kind of flu everyone would like to catch...
ag cb fast gts huge lg mg mm mpg nc offstage science asleep
27th Jan 20
All know the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, of how the Deceiver tricked Eve into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree, and Adam with her, dooming humanity to a lifetime of wickedness. But few know that this story is incomplete – a millennia-spanning ruse perpetuated by the Church to conceal the true debauched tale of humanity’s origins. What follows is the true story of how God’s plan for a chaste and sexless creation was foiled by the Deceiver, how the Mother and Father of humanity were transformed into the progenitors of all mankind.
bg ag big instant ment mm mpg
29th Sep 12
A shy, awkward, nerdy girl comes to terms with her obsession and addiction to huge breasts.
ag big fast huge sc science
26th Sep 11
What if Laura Lee was your ex-wife? What if you held the The Gem of Possibilities? What if....
big cb fast hg lg magic ment mg mpg sc science
1st Nov 03
Brian finds an Altar at a construction site that endows him with strange powers.
fast huge magic mpg nc
15th Dec 15
big fast hg lg magic ment mg mm mpg
15th Dec 15
Cleaned up some spelling errors. This is my first try. I hope you enjoy it. There are several more chapters to follow. Subsequent chapters will include some gender changes.
big ft instant magic ment mg mm mpg nc tg
17th Dec 15
big hg instant lg magic ment nc
15th Dec 15
Chapter Two. Reality changes again as a lady remembers the peak of her sexual awakening.
ar big instant magic ment nc
17th Dec 15
big hg instant lg magic ment nc offstage tg
18th Dec 15
After the last two chapters which included gender changes and BE, Sam is a guy again, but a biker chick at the bar turns him into her personal fantasy.
ar big instant magic ment mg mm mpg nc
19th Dec 15
In this episode Sam learns what it is like to be intertwined with the hippie generation and everything else connected to the 60's
big hg instant lg magic ment mpg nc
6th Jan 15
Rachel and her greedy boyfriend find a genie that decides to put them both to the test. For those not interested in story, the expansion doesn't occur until the very end.
ag fast huge lg magic sc
3rd Aug 07
Another new author takes to the field! A tale of debauchery begins with a sinister GPS navigation map by an author who has mastered anything if brevity. Will our heroes initiation go as planned? Will the author ever write a sequel? Its anyones guess!
big bond fast magic mpg multiple nc
18th Apr 20
Ispin Fada is a lonely farmer in the wilds. A mysterious girl may be the answer to his problems. Send feedback to Hope you like it.
huge magic offstage slow
15th Jan 09
Well, someone asked for be careful what you ask for. This is part 2 of the Man with the it's more centered on her story. Some BE, but some enhancements of another sort, sauce for the gander, if you will...;) Have fun.
aliens fast huge lac mpg preg sc science
5th Nov 04
Nothing is as it seems when two sisters move to Baltimore and meet the locals.
ag fast huge hyp lac magic multiple nc offstage preg slow weird asleep
28th May 10
"The sequel to Women of Latex Hills: The Girls of Latex Hills University. It follows the life of Tricia Dahl, daughter of Xetal Holdings CEO Ryan Dahl. The tale follows Tricia's introduction to life in Latex Hills and all it's quirks." Located and uploaded by request (from the comments on "The Women Of Latex Hills"
big huge instant magic ment nc science weird
20th Mar 15
ag big instant magic sc
5th May 10
Conan the Barbarian has heard of a magic sword which will make him invincible, but can he survive the test of the fertile forest goddess who guards it jealously?
ag fast huge lac magic preg
18th Jul 07
The true story of the Grail
ag big cb fast hg lg magic
8th Apr 06
The true story of the Grail.....
big cb fast hg lg magic
23rd Sep 07
The Gran Teton's series continues...finally! In part four, our trio is on the hunt for the remaining bottles of the tonic, hoping to find them before things get totally out of control... ...and, of course, things get totally out of control...
cb chem fast lac magic tg wow
1st Jul 04
Rose discovers that the old soft-drink Chris has found has some...interesting side-effects. Soon, breasts are plumping up all over! This is the first two episodes of the "Gran Tetons" series - "Rose Grows" and "Miss Chris" - somewhat rewritten and the long awaited third episode - "A Weighty Problem" - finally finished. With all new images! Unzip to directory and start with "Rosegrows.html"
cb chem fast huge magic tg wow
5th Mar 08
A brief tale about a young man with wild sexual fantasies and his encounter with a strange being from the Fifth Dimension. The devilish Great Gazoob allows Dan's varied fantisies to runaway into realms of impossibility before growing bored and leaving. A quick and dirty tale of breast expansion, giantesses, penis growth, ass growth, fat growth, muscle growth and a harem of impossibly lusty bimbos.
ag aliens cb fa fast gts huge magic ment mg mm mpg
9th Jun 09
The devilish being from the mysterious 5th dimension returns! The "Great" Gazoob has some fun fulfilling the deep seated desires of Mark, ranging from unreal breast growth to penis growth to big bellies to giantesses!
ag aliens cb fa fast gts huge magic mm mpg
8th Apr 09
ag big bond cb fa fast lg mg science
17th Feb 08
I have re-written and added to my original work, expanding some of the descriptions as suggested and adding another chapter. A man named John unwittingly follows a GPS device onto a side road that takes him to The Gilded Rose, his life will never be the same. Hope you enjoy.
big bond cb fast huge lac magic mpg multiple nc rc shem weird
7th Apr 08
This is a story of a girl in search of the perfect gum. Little does she know the consequenses of her most recent discovery. Categories apply to the story as a whole, not just this part. Part 2 to follow soon. This is my first story, so please be kind. Send feedback to
ag cb chem fa huge slow weird
18th Sep 19
If reality is just a simulation, what if someone created a program to alter it? And then, what if there was a hacker around? This is Mallory's story.
bg big fast huge instant ment sc science
3rd Dec 02
Getting drunk at a halloween party can have surprising consequences if you wish for something.
big fast huge magic offstage asleep
26th Jul 09
Harley Quinn, mistress of the crime prince in Gotham, finds a curious chemical. Results ensue...
cb chem fast huge
13th Sep 04
Four teenagers are trapped in a Haunted House that mysteriously grants their desires
ar big magic mg mpg slow tg weird
18th Jul 11
Sorry for the reupload, reduced file size of PDF and corrected a few errors, please delete original. James discovers he is practically immortal and decides to become a super hero. The only problem is there is no need for one, so he decides to create a super villain femme fatale so he can acheive his dream. Part 1 is a bit light on sexual action I am afraid, a lot of setting the scene, but a little taster at the end of whats still left to come. Apologies for any errors, Anglicised spelling is intentional.
ag ar big chem hg instant lg ment science asleep
18th Jul 11
James discovers he is practically immortal and decides to become a super hero. The only problem is there is no need for one, so he decides to create a super villain femme fatale so he can acheive his dream. Part 1 is a bit light on sexual action I am afraid, a lot of setting the scene, but a little taster at the end of whats still left to come. Apologies for any errors, Anglicised spelling is intentional.
ag ar big chem hg instant lg ment science asleep
29th Jun 20
Hi everyone, I'm Briar, or BriarsBoutique on Deviantart! This is the first expansion story I've written to completion, and I let it get a little long, so in the future, I'll definitely either shorten the stories or put them in chapters! I'm going to be writing an anthology-universe of expansion and other kink related literature, so if you have any ideas, thoughts, or constructive criticism for me, please share that! I had a lot of fun writing this story, so I hope you all enjoy it too!
ag cb chem fa fast huge magic
14th Mar 11
What happens when a worldwide multi-billion dollar electronics consumer company gets in on the bra industry?
big fast lac rc sc science
28th Oct 15
Alex finds one day that his ID card has been replaced with one that changes reality...But only for him?
ag big hg instant magic ment nc tg weird
1st Jan 05
BE Comic. The Industry - 44 pages long. An early story of mine. Lots of BE and some GTS. Enjoy!
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
12th May 23
A secretary for a foreign ambassador is captured by a Russian colonel with unusual interrogation techniques. Authors note: This one isn't really a full story, more a little vignette that I typed out on a whim. Still, hope you enjoy.
bg big bond cb fast huge nc rc science
12th Nov 07
Young Caley Prentice has assets to make just about anyone jealous. Gorgeous, wealthy and incredibly stacked she doesn't seem to lack for anything... except kindness. Can one girl really have it all? Some people don't seem to think so.
big magic offstage sc slow
14th Jul 08
Young Caley Prentice has assets to make just about anyone jealous. Gorgeous, wealthy and incredibly stacked she doesn't seem to lack for anything... except kindness. Can one girl really have it all? Some people don't seem to think so.
big cb gts magic offstage sc slow
17th May 04
A high school student gets a strange invitation and uses it to reconcile with his ex.
fast huge mpg science weird
17th Jul 11
Hokay, been a long time with nothing of mine to show here. Following is another attempt at Erotic Steampunk, actually Oriental this time. This is the 5th part of the Sarissan trilogy, so it's a little heavy on story. Once again, do a search on ~, and you can skip the romance, plot development, bad puns, borrowed dialog, and get right to the 'good parts'. You don't have to read the other stories to follow this, unless you want all the references... It's a bit long (hey, be glad I didn't include the book cover piece), but hopefully some fun.
big cb fast magic preg sc
29th Jul 11
aliens big hg lg ment mg mm mpg science slow asleep
7th Jun 12
Our first submitted story; two survivors of a charter boat tour gone wrong find themselves on a deserted island... what odd goings on lie in store for the duo?
big cb magic slow asleep
2nd Jul 15
The last story in the saga of Lady Arianna. My relationship with Annie is destroyed, but we are both fugitives from the law. We had no choice but to seek refuge on her island. But strange events continue to follow us, all through time and space. Along the way, we finally learn the long-awaited secret of the mysterious love melon, which causes Annie's tits and my cock to swell to outlandish proportions. Annie and I finally resolve our problems, with a happy ending for everyone. This story is especially for the fans of this saga, who have read all the stories, and revisits many scenarios and characters met throughout the saga. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed reading all about Annie and her expanding big tits.
aliens ar chem fast gts hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg science weird wow
10th May 12
Pamela Isley is tending to her (rather odd-looking) new plants... what will happen if they react oddly to her favour?
chem fast huge lac nc
19th Jun 12
Tomboy Karen and her friend Terry find a jewel in an antique shop that is supposed to grant wishes, but only Karen's nightmares come true.
ag big hyp instant lac magic ment nc asleep
8th Dec 02
Book one in a line of special books all about breast expansion.
big cb chem fast gts huge instant science weird wow
25th Apr 19
Lilia starts a new life journey as a surrogate mother and as part of a test group for a new treatment designed to help new mothers have a better experience through pregnancy. Focus on pregnancy, lactation and breast growth.
bg ag big chem lac preg science slow
23rd May 23
Laura finds an undiscovered tribe in the jungle, and they're all super nice to her. 3.8k Words, Originally published on DeviantArt September '21. Contains: Feeding, Stuffing, Breast Expansion as Weight Gain, Mini Giantess, Lactation
cb chem gts sc slow wow
19th Jun 11
The next part of my Keeper story (finally!!) Sorry no growth in this one.
big huge magic
19th Jun 11
Just reloaded the file in RTF. Sorry about any problems that may have occured.
big huge magic
22nd Oct 16
Robert makes the waitresses and dancers in a nude bar bigger. The two known groups watching him are shocked at the power he displayed.
bg big fast huge magic
11th Mar 20
During their internship with the pro hero Uwabami, heroes-in-training Momo Yaoyorozu and Itsuka Kendo are attacked by a perverted villainous. Her Quirk turns their bodies against them, and soon the two girls are struggling to stay upright as their breasts and butts swell to impossible sizes. Will they be able to overcome this assault? Featuring artwork by EscapeFromExpansion.
ag cb fast magic nc wow
19th Jul 07
My first attempt at a BE-styled story. Please be kind. A young kitsune is having a blast, changing people here and there as she pleases. Until a man captures her and proceeds to do to her, what she had done to others.
ag ar big cb fast hg huge hyp magic ment mpg nc sc science tg wow
24th May 21
This is my first story in many years.
cb chem fast huge lac slow wow
23rd Jul 09
This is my first story, so please be easy with me. Naomi, a plain flat Jane, and her friend Sarah who's not much better off find a lamp at the beach that grants them sexual wishes and they use them.
ag cb fast huge instant lac magic ment sc wow
27th Jan 13
A very short first foray into writing. A young woman gets very big, thanks to the last carton of milk...
fast huge instant asleep wow
23rd Apr 13
Abigail always thought she'd been passed by in the size department. Turns out she was right! A fairy comes to help her out, and her brother ends up with some life changing alterations as well! This is an older story I had written a few years back. I went through and edited what I could catch and expanded on the story quite a bit. These characters have been added to the the Universe created within The New Girl. I hope you all enjoy!
ag big cb fast hg inc instant magic mm mpg preg shem tg weird asleep
9th May 12
Mrs. Gagglecock has a slow day at the office where she relives her early days in the porn business and learns the true nature of length. A truly sordid work.
ag big fast huge lg magic weird
7th Oct 02
Circumstances bring JoeL together again with Beth, the former baby sitter for his son. Beth has undergone some big changes since they had last seen each other. He soon discovers that Beth is still growing and is more than willing to share her experience with her former boss.
big lg slow
12th Feb 20
A couple find a container of Vials whilst sheltering from a storm, maybe they can find a way to pass the time...
bg big fast huge lac magic mpg multiple weird
4th Jun 11
cb fast huge magic
13th Jan 05
This is a re-release of a story previously titled "The Girls". Numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation have been corrected and several other reader concerns have been addressed. Enjoy.
huge lac magic nc preg slow asleep
21st Dec 08
Desperate to be noticed by the men of her village, Gerda goes to see a witch, who gives her a special potion. After drinking the potion, Gerda finds that it works all too well...
ag big cb chem fast huge instant lac magic
4th Jan 09
Betrayal! Following the incredible success of their breastmilk business, Kaley proceeds to sell Gerda into slavery. Arriving in a new land, Gerda meets her new owner: the busty, nymphomaniac Queen Ashanta, who has big plans for the lactating young girl.
big fast huge lac shem slow
11th Jan 09
Ashanta features Gerda in a sex show to highlight the arrival of a visiting princess. Along the way, she learns a secret that could prove very useful to her.
big chem fast huge instant lac magic shem
25th Feb 09
Having been liberated from her slavery, Gerda arrives in the Nyarl city, where she finds a possible explanation for the growth of her breasts.
big fast huge instant lac magic
21st May 09
Intent of seeking revenge on Kaley, Gerda is charged by Amalthea to bring peace to the world. Can she accomplish both at the same time? The thrilling, milk-filled conclusion of the Lusty Cow saga.
big cb chem fast huge instant lac magic preg
1st Sep 18
When Nancy's boyfriend tells her about his expansion fetish, she immediately sets to work on creating a machine that will let his fantasies become a reality. There is one thing she didn't plan for though... how much it would mess with her mind.
ag chem huge ment sc science slow asleep
1st Feb 24
In the height of a fertility crisis, Dr. Amy Vickers has invented a solution. It works...a little too well.
fast huge lac preg rc science wow
10th Nov 09
This is my second try at writing a breast expansion themed story, again, this was done at the request of a fan of mine. This one is, I think, better than my first, but I would still like to hear what people think.
big cb inc instant lac magic ment multiple weird
6th Jul 18
When Kimmy gets jealous of a work colleague and the size of her bust, she tries to find a way to make her breasts bigger by looking on the internet. She finds a strange way to do it that leaves her in a tricky situation. The main focus is on detailed expansion and clothing destruction.
bg big cb fast magic ment
28th Dec 10
My second story! Steve (not that it matters, his name is only mentioned once) finds the 'fold' in his local mall. A trip to the SRU Discount Outlet later and Steve finds out hes the Magister. There is a small notice before the story starts. I suggest reading it before reading the story. .rtf only (sorry people, I like word pad.) -Enjoy
ag big cb hg instant lac magic ment nc preg tg
20th May 04
Joseph slips in the shower and gains a great power.
bg big fast huge magic ment rc
27th Oct 10
big fast mpg preg rc science
4th Jul 11
For those of you who have been sticking with the series, (I’m talking to some of you out there who are sticking to my writing tighter than tempura to a frying pan), I’ve got a real sizable addition. Unlike the last two chapters, there’s actually a multitude of transformations in this one. And the humor and unique characters haven’t gone anywhere either. If, by chance, I am also addressing someone who is ducking my writings, I encourage you to take a peeking starting at page eleven. This part is low in cumulative plot-esterol but high in spontaneous sex and transformat-otonin. Then if you like what you see you can go back to page one or even the series’ beginning, “Creme Puff”. Whatever y’all are reading out there, keep it sleazy.
ag big bond cb chem fa fast inc instant lac lg ment mpg shem weird
17th Mar 22
One day he discovers he has a special ability.
chem fast huge lg ment
20th Jun 04
Sequel to Blind Date. The daughers are all grown up now!
huge sc slow
6th Jan 09
What happens when a nice guy with a strange talent runs into too many women at once. Straight-up BE this time, and the usual fun that goes with it.
aliens big fast sc science
2nd Jul 15
"Our Wild Adventures" Part 6. Posted at TOB by reader request. This is the sad story of how everything went wrong with Annie at Mardi Gras, and how she and her expanding big tits betrayed my trust. (Very long) Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this saga. This story is third from the end.
chem huge instant lac magic ment mpg science weird
12th Jan 10
Long time, no post. This is actually a 'failure'; I'd tried to write an 'evil' story, where the 'bad guys' win, but it seems I can't do evil...;) Still, it's another in the Master PC stable of 'what ifs?' Apologies for grammar and punctuation, I had the @#$ file on how not to make mistakes, but I can't find it..;) Have fun.
ag cb fast hg huge lg ment mpg nc rc science
7th Jun 22
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Queen Lidia Severina, sovereign of her nation, has found herself without husband or heir. Quite by choice, for the secret her heart will open only for a woman has been held close to her chest. Perhaps this mysterious Menagerie holds the key to give her that which she craves, and needs for her people: the love of a woman, and an heir to succeed her.
bg ag big cb fast instant magic mg nc offstage preg shem
17th Jun 23
Sara's girlfriend recently got a new job at a trendy new club called The Milk-Bar. The job pays great, but Sara's concerned something strange is going on when her girlfriend starts experiencing some milky growth. Contains: Lactation and Multi-boob.
bg big huge hyp lac multiple science slow
11th Feb 21
A Madam Materia commission. In a world where milk fuels magic, there are a gifted few who stand head and shoulders above their piers: milkmages. Follow the beginnings of a gifted novice's adventure, as she goes about her pilgrimage and winds up at her first stop. A quaint little inn called "The Leaky Teat" where she'll learn the name isn't just a coincidence of its proximity to the university.
bg big fast huge instant lac magic
17th Dec 02
Alex cleans out the kitchen cupboard and finds an unlabelled can. Thinking it's milk powder she quickly realises her mistake.
big chem huge lac slow asleep
25th Jul 18
A stranded astronaut has fun with giant alien insects. Major preggo and BE.
aliens chem fast huge lac ment preg
17th May 15
Six years ago, a strange event known as "the great growth" causes all women to grow into all powerful amazonian demi-goddesses while men degenerated and shrank to sub-humans. It is the story of a man, Frank, who live in this new world dominated by absolutely irresistible women.
ag big gts huge hyp ment mg offstage slow asleep
16th Dec 01
Here at last! The latest and biggest (in every way) from Richard O Steele.
big huge preg slow
11th Jun 07
My first work. breast expansion, lesbian sex, multiple partners,
science slow
28th Jul 12
Alex stumbles across a magic ring and becomes the girl of his dreams.
ag big fast hg magic sc tg
22nd Apr 13
The fourth and final chapter to The New Girl. A lot more of the sexual antics of Alex and his friends. We meet some new friends, and something bigger than whopping bosoms happens.
ar big fast ft huge instant magic mm mpg preg sc tg weird
15th Oct 12
Chapter two in the New Girl series! Alexis decides to change John and take her out for some fun with her friends Dean and James. Sexy times ensue! Sorry for the wait on this one. I have more in mind with this story than I did on my previous tales. So hopefully you don't have to wait long for part 3! I have put the first chapter in the zip file as well.
ag big cb fast ft hg magic mpg rc tg
29th Oct 12
Alex lets James and Dean in on some new fun. Then his cousin Faye shows up in a surprise visit! Some surprises are bound to be revealed. This one gets a little bit weirder. However it's all in good fun!
ag big cb fast ft hg huge inc instant lg magic ment mpg preg rc shem tg weird
22nd Apr 13
The entire New Girl story in one 'book'. Alex finds a magic ring that can transform himself and several new friends in any way that they want.
ag ar big cb fast ft hg huge inc instant lg magic mg mm mpg preg rc sc shem tg weird wow
23rd Feb 22
Inspired by Tall Vampire Lady from RE8. Takes place after RE8.
fast huge lac offstage science
28th Mar 24
Newlywed Wendy gets a rude awakening to her idyllic life with the arrival of their new neighbour; a young Latin bombshell with a pair of delicious fake tits who's looking to seduce Wendy's husband away from her. How far will Wendy go to stay on top?
big offstage science slow
29th Mar 20
The Newlywed Line Part 1: Getting High in the Sky (Other parts to be released on Amazon Kindle.) “A loving doe, a graceful deer- may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.” -Proverbs 5:19, New International Version The wonders of modern science have given us food out of thin air, accurate photographs of a black hole, self-lacing sneakers, and toilet paper. That’s the sort of stuff I saw in science fiction movies years ago! What I didn’t expect was for reality to turn out even more marvelous than fiction! On our honeymoon were holograms, ‘experimental’ sexually-fueled drugs, and explosions aboard our state-of-the-art luxury flight to Hawaii on a private jet, The Newlywed Line. This was but the start of a prolonged adventure that accepting this wedding present caused! Why hadn’t I heard of anyone predicting these for my future? The content of this document, what a certain legal advisor of mine says to call a ‘novel,’ is just your typical humorous autobiographical adult Christian romance novel featuring experimental drugs. Right?
bg ag big chem fast instant lac mpg sc science
13th Jan 11
Chloe finds herself trapped in a room filled with balloons. But someone is watching her from behind a window in the wall, eager to explain what is about to happen to her. (Illustrated by Nexus T)
fast huge ment nc preg science
30th Dec 05
cb fast huge magic sc asleep
2nd Jun 09
fast huge magic wow
19th Aug 10
Taking some hints from the feedback I have altered the story a little and made it available in PDF format. Hope you enjoy
fast huge magic wow
22nd Jul 04
A Palimpsest of a modern fairy tale in which an evil princess gains enormous breasts through magic.
huge lac magic mpg nc slow
20th Nov 04
This is the first BE comic uploaded to The Overflowing Bra, drawn by GammaRai. A office manager finds out that the coffee isn't quite what she thought! More can be found at her site
ag cb huge instant mpg nc science
7th Jul 03
In a near-future of cybernetics and sex-droids, a forbidden technology from Area 51 will reveal a lusty, busty threat to mankind, as a generation of bra-busting cyborg prostitutes turn the tables on their makers with expanding breasts and the powers of lusty mind control. A truly bizarre tale, be warned.
big cb fast hyp lac preg sc science weird
14th Jul 03
An army of lusty Whorebots is plotting the seduction of mankind. Each day, their numbers and sex-appeal continue to grow, along with their bust-sizes. What will become of the hapless humans that fall prey to these cybernetic sex-pots? Only those that download this story will behold the erotic doom that Celeste and her followers will inflict upon the women of the human race. This is really twisted stuff; where do I come up with this?
big chem fast lac ment preg sc science weird
21st Sep 03
The plot and breasts begin to thicken, the renegade whorebots become yet more powerful, and the captive humans seem helpless to resist the endless orgasms. The cyborg-sluts gain power through both boobs and pussy to enslave mankind, and when an innocent purchase becomes a super-sized boob-fest, the sexual peril seems even more dire. Can anyone resist the Whorebots? Does anyone want to?
ag big fast lac preg sc science weird
12th Jun 08
After long abstinence I decided to write something new. Here my latest endeavour. If you like the story I'll continue it. // A magical potion changes Michaels life significantly. With virtually unlimited powers he explores the depths of his sexual desires. Enjoy the story - feedback is more than welcomed.
big cb fast gts hg huge lg magic mg
25th Apr 15
Prose That Blows story entry.
big instant magic nc rc
30th Jan 11
Please rate it. It my first story ever
chem huge instant lac mpg science weird
21st Jun 20
Mikey tries to break in a new ballpoint pen, reality changes as a result. First part of a series I'm trying to do. First time poster so any feedback would be helpful.
bg ag big instant magic
14th Feb 19
A detailed story where a woman discovers a box of chocolates that make her expand whenever she eats one. It's what she's always wanted, except for one problem... she is stuck in the office, quickly outgrowing her clothes.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge lg magic sc
14th Sep 20
Jamie wishes he were more popular. Of course, he neglects to clarify HOW or with WHOM. A short one-shot written to go with a recent drawing. Non MLP fans beware
bg ag big hg magic ment nc preg slow tg weird
18th Jun 08
Jake loves big tits and computers, and ends with a winning combination.
science slow
2nd Feb 09
Can one man have too many iBods? Can he ever have enough? As Jake's inventory of fembots grows, so, too, do his worries - it’s enough to drive an evil genius crazy. Here follows the second book of the trilogy, but do be warned, this fucker is long.
ar huge inc ment mm mpg offstage science slow asleep
27th Oct 09
The third book in the trilogy finds Jake’s worst fears coming true when one of his fembots suffers a breakdown, new abilities manifest themselves, and psychotic behavior begins running rampant. But then who ever said cyborg ownership is easy?
huge ment nc offstage science slow asleep
1st May 13
First story, feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the forums. Pretty strange transformations, hopefully you will like my twisted story. Summary: Ben stumbles across some fantastic body enhancement pills while on a trip to China. The transformation process invoked by the pills includes some very strange and unpredictable modifications. Astounded by the results, Ben manages to get the pills home to the US. His first call is to his sultry friend-with-benefits, Lisa. She loves his new body, what will she choose?
big chem fast huge lac mpg weird
21st Jun 20
A Short story about taking a singular pill to fix all your problems
bg ag big chem fast ment mm mpg rc
12th Jul 12
Summary: Naruto goes to see a Fortune Teller for a view into his luck however after his insult he'll find that he has a big problem and it's just getting bigger and bigger… There is some breast growth but you'll have to look for it... Next entry will contain a lot of breast growth also keep in mind this is a romance story and an alternate universe. All characters are over 21 in this story.
big cb instant magic mpg sc
13th Dec 12
The next chapter has been created! Reviews and Criticism are welcome! If you wish to see more of my works that are mainly non-BE send me an e-mail at make sure to label it as important or it'll go to the trash...
big huge instant magic mpg sc
22nd May 17
ag cb fast gts huge rc
26th May 17
The Pneumatic Pixies inflate at a concert. Involves extremely curvy women in latex and inflation in public. Version 2, fixed sentences, added more details and a docx version.
ag cb fast gts huge rc wow
22nd May 08
So this is my first story ever, I know it isn't the best but email me if you have any suggestions or put it in the comment box. In the story a kid gets the girl he has always wanted, but in ways he did not expect...
ag chem hg huge ment slow tg asleep
8th Dec 14
Lauren encounters her old classmate Matt, who had recently came back in town. Matt invites her to her new home to play a game of pool, only things are not as boring as they seem. The archive contains two versions of the story, with two different endings.
ag big fast hg lac lg magic ment
5th Jan 06
A girl tries out a device that puts on the pounds in all the right places. But when her stepmother does the same, she finds not one but two unlikely new partners.
ag huge inc instant sc tg
25th May 13
Kendra, encouraged by her college professor goes out in to the forest to try and re-enact an ancient Native American ritual. She never actually expected to meet the goddess it was supposed to summon.
big fast instant magic ment offstage
26th Mar 17
The princess Daphnia’s throne is usurped by a wizard, and she is transformed into an elfslut.
bg big instant magic nc
31st Mar 17
Daphnia's throne is usurped and she is transformed into an elfslut. Hi, I'm back again with the retooled version of my story! Based on the comments I've gotten I've decided to add more BE to it. I hope you enjoy! Just to be clear, the story is definitely heavier on the sex and plot than the BE, though the latter is definitely present. It's a multi-part story which I've posted on different sites, but the installments I post here will have more BE to them, so don't worry.
bg big instant magic nc slow
22nd Jun 09
A man relates the story of a professional older woman who seduces him then announces she intends to be part of a clinical trial of some new procedure that promises "breast rejuvenation."
ar big ment mm science slow
15th Jan 17
Continuation of "Big Changes for the Professor" Prof Lee comes back to college and 'infects' his TA and she in turn has an affect on her room mates. Part 1 -- more to come if people are interested.
bg big chem fast science asleep
20th Sep 21
A story of a girl with pumpkin allergies and what happens when she has to work at a pumpkin patch! Spoiler alert: her own pumpkins do some growing
bg big cb chem fast huge magic nc science slow wow
10th Aug 14
There is no update to the story, just the inclusion of a non-.pdf file, as per someone's request.
big instant magic ment multiple rc shem tg weird
30th May 13
In the second chapter of the long-delayed story The Puzzle Box Curse, our heroine Violet and her friends nearly resign themselves to defeat, but a new hope arises. That hope comes with forbidding troubles for the world, but weird transformations, breast fixation, and passionate sex await in their next stage of the adventure!
ar big instant magic ment multiple nc rc shem tg weird
8th Aug 14
This is the 3rd and final installment of "The Puzzle Box Curse." Violet and her allies take on the wicked demon Hamamelis and try to save the world from sexual enslavement. Can they stop her? What are the costs? Find out in the exciting conclusion herein. Note: This series is intended to set off a new setting that I will try to get around writing about.
big instant magic ment multiple rc shem tg weird
20th Nov 09
This is the first in a new series about a woman who finds an unusual artifact containing an unusual entity. She has to deal with this creature as well as her busy life, learning about others and herself along the way. There is some sex. Note to BE Archive readers that there is little BE in this part, but I am posting it here, because I have other stories in this archive.
ar big fast instant magic ment mpg multiple nc rc tg weird
19th May 11
My first story in english - A young warrior in a fantasy world gets power-hungry. The more power she has, the more her breasts grow.
huge instant magic offstage sc slow wow
23rd Feb 12
The Kingdom of Nordia suffers a treacherous attack from its neighbors causing creation of a revengeful being wrecking havoc on the earth I believe that a story similar to this can not be completed by the thoughts of one author , and it should feed from the thoughts of others. Thus I but it in your hands for your review, and wait for your inputs on it. you can always contact me on . and I would really appreciate it if you inform me of any sequel
hyp instant lac magic mg shem weird wow
17th May 04
A real life story about true love, big tits, and finding "the one".
22nd Nov 11
This story was written to maximize a score on any and all "Mary-Sue" tests. Let me know what my score is. Description: Mary-Sue's is already perfect in every way, yet she still feels something is missing from her life. Could she be meant for more? Follow her on her journey to become more perfect, more powerful, more superior, and hopelessly loved by all. "Hopelessly" being the key word here. Abandon hope all ye who read here.
aliens big bond gts instant magic mg science slow
6th Nov 12
A young man making his way in the Radio Industry discovers it's best NOT to sleep with the manager's girlfriend!
big instant magic ment nc offstage tg
13th Feb 24
Sam is tired of her job and someone online gives her a way out.
ag big chem lac ment offstage slow asleep
7th Sep 09
This is one of my favorites, just because it's so unrelentingly nutty. I also think it has some of the best expansion sequences in it that I've written. Plus I like the moral message that it sends. I don't have a reliable time stamp on this, but it must have been written in 1999 or 2000.
cb fa huge instant science
19th Sep 23
Mia meets an old woman who gives her a mysterious wooden box inside she, and her roommate and best friend Sophie, find a magical red stone that grants wishes that let them change the others body in any sexually fantastic way they can think off. A lot of trust is asked of them though since the only one who can undo a wish is the one who made it.
huge instant magic multiple weird
4th Nov 23
Mia meets an old woman who gives her a mysterious wooden box inside she, and her roommate and best friend Sophie, find a magical red stone that grants wishes that let them change the others body in any sexually fantastic way they can think off. A lot of trust is asked of them though since the only one who can undo a wish is the one who made it. Edit: this contains part 1 & 2, i made some corrections to the first part since the grammar was atrocious. It still is terrible, but hopefully not as bad.
huge instant lac magic multiple weird
21st Dec 23
Chapter 3 is here, I'm sorry it took so long but here it is. Unfortunately, it is also the smallest chapter so far, but don't worry chapter 4 should be up sometime next week.
huge instant lac magic multiple weird
9th Jan 24
Chapter 4 is here it took a little bit longer than I thought but I hope you like it. Also thank you a lot for the comments. Feedback, be it positive or negative, is always appreciated. I also started posting the chapters on deviantart under the name Adain77. Feel free to check it out!
ag huge instant magic multiple nc weird
12th Jan 24
Chapter 5 is here! This time with a few more transformations ;-D
ag fast huge magic ment multiple nc rc weird asleep
14th Feb 24
Finally found time to write again. Next part will come Monday!
big fast huge instant magic multiple nc rc weird
5th Mar 24
Hey, I'm really sorry for the delay unfortunately I was stuck in bed with covid for the last few weeks. If you want more information i explained myself a bit more thoroughly over on deviantart (Adain77). I've also included the full version of the story, which I've partially rewritten and edited to the best of my ability, to make it a bit more readable. Thank you for your understanding.
huge instant magic ment multiple nc weird asleep
18th Nov 03
A small tale of a woman who's rescued from her loneliness by a stranger. She's overworked and underpaid. So her body releases its stored bounty of hormones and rebels against her in a spectacular way.
cb fa huge nc
29th Aug 18
(This is more of a writing experiment: I randomly chose a list of transformations (there is BE but it’s not the point), their durations and then strung together scenes based on them. So “the story” is rather disjointed.) Tamara is a college student, a nerdy young woman with thick glasses, no curves to speak of and mostly wearing shapeless clothing. Today she goes to the mall with a new piece of jewelry: an antique ring she found in old unopened letter from her grandmother with promise that it will change her life. This is the Ring of Expectations, it magically tries to project on its wearer qualities over people find most attractive but the ring is not too strong and works somewhat randomly.
bg big fast magic nc rc
23rd Jan 10
Mark is just your average high schooler, great friends, loving girlfriend, and an overall normal life. But when he receives his new ring in the mail, the world begins to change around him into one filled with buxom beauties and large bosoms everywhere he turns. How will he handle himself? (This is part one of what is expected to be a trilogy.)
ag ar big fast hg instant lg magic ment mm offstage slow asleep
22nd Aug 15
It's day two of women transforming into busty beauties and just when Mark thinks he is finally getting used to his new world, things take an unexpected turn. NOTE: Includes a revised version of Part I as well.
ag ar big fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mm mpg offstage tg asleep
24th Nov 15
Criticism is always accepted! Email me at for any questions, comments, or possible ideas!
ag big fa instant magic ment preg
20th Nov 16
Mark agreed to magically lend his roommate some masculinity for a track meet. But while his roommate gets beefier, Mark finds himself getting more and more feminine.
bg ag big huge instant magic sc tg
1st Jun 07
This is the first part of my latest story. There will be more parts to come as I finish them. I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to any comments.
big chem fast
30th Apr 07
This is part 1 of my new story. I hope you enjoy it, and I welcome any comments at
chem huge ment mpg shem slow
28th Oct 07
big bond chem lac ment science shem slow tg
12th Apr 08
Part 5 of my ongoing saga involving massive BE, PE, sex, and other weirdness.
chem fast huge lac ment mpg nc science shem slow
22nd Oct 13
Jealous of Harry's new-found proficiency in sixth-year Potions, Hermione moves to take some drastic measures in order to reclaim her position as top student. However, events do not unfold how she had planned, and she quickly finds herself losing her mid as the forbidden magic she uncovers takes control. Expansion, lactation, and several more intense, magical events soon follow.
cb fast huge hyp lac magic ment nc sc
13th Sep 02
A Travel Journalist student's obsession takes her to England and then into trouble as she finds out what What Crop Circles Are.
aliens big huge instant magic science slow weird asleep
9th Dec 01
Katie certainly picked the right sorority!
chem fast gts huge mm mpg science
14th Oct 03
Lisa and her story. Don't get mad at me if it sucks, its my first time making a story of my own.
big fast huge lac magic
31st Oct 22
Tim's got a new a job with a new secretary. Too bad she's flat...or is she? Thanks for those who provided feedback on my first story. I Would appreciate the same courtesy for this one!
bg big cb chem huge lac offstage sc slow
1st Jun 20
A late-night stargazing incident leads to a girl returning home with a demanding and fertile new surprise for her roommate.
ag aliens chem fast huge lac ment preg shem weird
25th Jul 12
A man is unable to satisfy his wife. But she has a solution... with some retribution.
ag big bond chem fast ft huge mpg nc science shem slow tg weird asleep
30th Sep 11
And what if you were able to invent an "immortality" serum?
ag big fast gts mg mpg science slow asleep
1st Oct 11
And what if you were able to invent an "immortality" serum? NOTE: This is a second upload. Word 2010 document, but file saved in the 97-2003 format. Used 7-zip application to zip it in regular .zip format. Hope everyone can download the story now.
ag big fast gts mg mpg science slow asleep
19th May 08
A story of olde about a pregnant girl and a lonely doctor. Not a lot of BE, but hopefully a good story.
big preg slow
13th Apr 13
First effort. TG plus BE. In .doc format with pictures. Story of a cross-dresser who carries his fantasies a bit too far and becomes the object of his fantasies.
ag big cb fast hyp lac science slow tg
2nd Sep 08
Wilbur discovers a book of devices from the future that can enhance your sex life.
big fast huge mpg science
3rd Sep 08
Further adventures with devices from the future that enhance your sex life.
big fast huge instant mpg science
23rd Mar 05
The first few chapters of a story about a teenager named Alex Anderson who comes across an ancient ring of magical origin (given to the Tuatha de Danan by the Sidhe in Ireland during the time of King Solomon), which gradually brings about some unwelcome changes in him.
ag hg magic shem slow tg asleep
3rd Dec 11
My tribute to the writers of the web. A story from a world where being on the wrong side of a war can put the daughters of nobility into a compromising position... NOTE: contains inflation.
bond fast magic mpg nc rc wow
5th Nov 05
Meet Victor Forrest, a common Citizen in the city of Sirenus, whose day starts out like every other, but something happens that will change his life forever.
big fast gts lac mg multiple preg science
26th Aug 14
Reed's wife has discovered his sketchbook full of curvy giantess fantasies. What on earth will she do?! A mini-giantess story with BE and AG.
ag cb fast gts huge magic
15th Aug 08
This is chapters 1-4 of The Slut's Panties. I hope you enjoy. Read the notes before each chapter for a quick overview.
ag big fa ft hg hyp inc instant magic ment mpg preg shem weird
22nd Mar 05
Tom comes home with a special formula to try out on his girlfriend. - My apologies for the first upload, Im new to this. This is in HTML format.
big chem nc slow
9th Dec 01
Magic Books, Catgirls, Bad spells, Good spells...
fast lac magic mpg tg weird
2nd Jun 13
I've browsed this archive before, but haven't ever found something truly tailored to my tastes, so I decided to write my own. The setting of this story is an alternate history where the Central Powers win World War 1. It's very plot heavy and the expansion is very subtle, being implied by description and reaction (which I like). My first story, so please don't throw me to the wolves, at least not yet. Critique is very welcome. Rest assured that once the second part comes out, the expansions will be a little more blatant.
fast huge science
4th Jun 13
I'm not sure how fast one should update these things, but response to Part 1 was positive, so I decided to move forward with part 2. This part focuses less on the backstory and more on the characters as well as the expansion. Critique is very welcomed. A simple review goes a long way.
fast gts huge science
19th Oct 16
Matt discovers something interesting about the special baby sitter.
bg big fast instant lac mpg slow
11th Nov 02
Caroline trys self improvement through second hand magic on a indescript college campus
gts magic wow
2nd Mar 10
Something odd happened to this on the way to posting; an actual story got stuck in it before I could put a stake through it's heart and get it to press...;) Sheesh, 9 chapters. To spare our gentle readers, I've put in something I call 'waltzing the tilde', just Edit|Find, and search for ~, and you can escape the pesky plot development, long-winded romantic scenes, etc...;) (Don't you wish EVERYONE would do this?...;) Usual warnings of possessives, contractions, bad grammar, word usage, and plu-perfect split definitives apply. Have fun
cb fast huge lac magic mpg preg sc
17th May 10
When Paula discovers the path to femininist bliss involves a bimbo fucktoy there is world wide repercussions.
ag ar ft hg huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg tg
A unsuspecting guy brings home a big tited women from the club. Little does he know she has has other plans for him then sex.
bond chem fast hg huge hyp nc tg asleep
27th Oct 12
first story hope you like it... comments appreciated! hopefully ill make more!
big fa fast huge instant magic weird
9th Dec 10
Another Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle," continuing the story of "Grandma Annie's Sea Journal." William and Arianna's adventures continue in America, where they also encounter trouble. (Very long) Includes drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook. (I'm not partial to writing sequels, so if you would like this series to continue, please leave some feedback.)
chem fast huge lac mpg
25th Jul 21
This is my first story at all, so don't be too harsh. Thanks for your understanding, pleasant reading)
bg big cb chem fast gts lac multiple nc science
30th Aug 04
It's 2015. A fictional earthly continent discovered in the 1800s has changed the history of the world. Now, a third world war has broken out. Follow a group of soldiers as they attempt to foil a secret plan before it's too late. This contains Part 1(Intro, no BE) and Part 2(The first real BE). I still recommend you read Part 1 for a description of the world and a good-sized backstory.
big cb fast nc science wow
30th Aug 05
Here it is folks, part 4. No long-winded description this time, just read it and find out. Note: There are four separate doc files, 1 for each part.
cb fast nc science wow
23rd Oct 04
This package includes Part 3 of 'The Superweapon' series as well as the previous 2 parts. It's the shortest so far, but it may be made longer once part 4 is finished. Comments, suggestions and reviews are appreciated(Check bottom of Part 3 for instructions on how to get them to me).
bg big cb fast huge instant nc science
20th Feb 21
Olivia is tired of being in Isabella's shadow. The school's prettiest and bitchiest girl, Isabella enjoyes lording her many advantages over the smaller, less-endowed girl. But the tables may be turned when Olivia discovers some experimental pills...
bg ag big chem hg lg mg slow
16th Sep 14
A new era has come upon the earth! The Swap has changed the lives on each and every single person on the planet and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This is the first part of an ongoing story that I write in my spare time. Please do not expect Part 2 to come anytime soon. Be warned the Swap is extremely weird (for some) and is not a normal one. This is also my first story I've tried to write so comments and criticism is welcomed.
big magic ment shem slow weird asleep
9th Oct 14
Part 2 of the Swap is here!! After the cliffhanger of the last part we get to see just what has been happening to Mia and the rest of the women in the world. Plus, Michael goes to work for the first time after the Swap. What surprises are in store for our protagonists? Please rate and comment. I take into account everything and thanks to the user Russian Judge I have added new story elements. (Included are parts 1 and 2. Part 2 starts on page 11.)
big magic ment offstage shem slow weird
9th Mar 15
The Swap continues right where we left off last time! Are men growing boobs now? What does that mean for our daring protagonist? Will women's boobs shrink? Just how much did the Swap affect the male half of the species'genitalia size? Find out in the new chapter of the ongoing series! (Parts 1&2 included.) Enjoy the new chapter and leave a review and comment!
cb fast huge magic shem weird
31st Oct 16
Previously uploaded to, here is the much anticipated Part 4 of The Swap saga by jmsnowy10. Feedback and ideas are much appreciated
bg big cb fast magic ment shem weird
2nd Dec 14
Here is a re-upload of the first two parts of The Swap due to requests from multiple people. Part 3 is coming along slowly and should be out soon
big instant magic ment nc shem weird
11th Mar 10
A ship's hand and a young noblewoman are castaway on an island with a remarkable fruit. (Very long)
chem fast huge lac mpg
20th Apr 10
A ship's hand and a young noblewoman are castaway on an island with a remarkable fruit. (Very long) This version includes drawings from the long-lost sketchbook of William Gillingham.
chem fast huge lac mpg
24th Jun 11
Still another Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle," continuing the story of "Grandma Annie's Sea Journal" and "The Story of Our Homecoming." Bill and Annie establish their secluded homestead in the "Stoney Mountains" where they reestablish their melon crop. (Extremely long) Illustrated with drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook. Thank you to everyone for your nice words and support of this series. Sorry for the long wait.
cb chem fast huge lac mpg wow
12th Oct 03
The first two chapters of a BE horror series.
bg huge mpg nc
16th May 06
An introductory chapter into a longer 'novel' detailing one man's journey into the sexual world of werecows, or Tauros. Reality begins to take on a whole new meaning as he discovers his sexual fantasies of gigantic, expanding breasts is real!
cb fast huge lac magic sc
16th May 06
The next chapter in the story detailing the world of the Tauros, or werecows. A bit more is revealed about this mysterious sect of magical, sultry creatures.
cb fast huge lac magic sc
18th May 06
Kate reveals the secret world of the werecows by showing off her body in its many forms. All of them hugely endowed and full of milk.
fast gts huge magic mg multiple sc weird
18th May 06
Kate shows off the true power of a werecow by deflowering a virgin and swelling her breasts up with copious amounts of milk. The saga of the Tauros begins!
fast gts huge lac magic multiple sc weird
18th May 06
The ritual of the First Transformation is complete and a new werecow is born. But a strange twist reveals inexplicable secrets to the newly changed.
ag fast hg huge magic mpg nc shem tg weird
18th May 06
The newborn Tauros acclimates to her new body as Kate accelerates the therapy with a healthy dose of feminine knowledge and a mind-blowing quickie.
fast huge magic ment shem
21st May 06
Kate gives the newborn Tauros her first taste of swelling up with milk.
ag fast huge lac magic sc
18th Jul 07
21st May 06
Kate teaches the new werecow how to shift forms before engaging in a bout of mind-blowing sex. Breasts and bellies swell outrageously in this final (for now) chapter to the Tauros saga.
fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple sc shem weird
1st Jun 06
The next few chapters in the tale of Mercury, the newborn Tauros. Mercury learns more about her body and fulfills a deep-seated need while performing magic never before seen by the others. Afterwards, she's introduced to a world of violence and intrigue as she struggles for survival!
ag cb fast gts huge lac magic ment multiple preg sc shem weird
18th Jun 06
The next few chapters in the life of Mercury, the newborn Tauros. In these chapters she learns a little bit more about her magic, her body, her self... and a great new sport!
ag fast gts hg huge lac magic mg multiple preg sc shem weird wow
4th May 07
A few later chapters in the tale of Mercury and Kate, the sexiest werecows ever. ;) The timeline is a bit disjointed, due to a loss of data, but there is plenty of BE for the fans, as well as a letter from the author.
ag fast huge lac magic multiple preg shem tg weird
24th May 06
The new Tauros learns about her new life and the Tauros society after finding a suitable name. Then the two lovers go shopping, furthering her transition from male to female. Afterwards, she's taken to the home of a trustworthy kinfolk to further learn the ways of the werecows... and fully break in her new body!
ag fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple preg sc shem weird
16th May 09
When a tear in our reality forms, it allows a creature with power beyond comprehension to slip through into the real world. It feeds off of the erotic energies created by mankind, and it will do anything to get more – even if it means turning all of humanity into mindless sex slaves! -- Slightly rough, but entertaining nonetheless.
ag aliens big fast magic ment mpg
9th May 08
In a world similar to ours, a young man meets something ... older. Much older. And rather ... flexible. Is it magic? Or just science too advanced? A first try, comments welcome.
ag instant magic mg science
19th May 08
The Creature is back, and her high priestess is about to learn the hard way that tricking a goddess can inflate the ego in the short run, but letting her find out she's been duped for a decade may very well lead to other parts inflating out of control... or is there more to it than just painful revenge? (Part 2 of most likely 3)
fast instant science
27th Jun 08
Five years after the events of part 2, Saphina the ex-priestess, and Dawnielle aka 5PH-1NX, her former sphinx goddess turned Morphing Alien Robotic Researcher, find themselves pitted against rogue grave robber/archaeologist Belinda "the witch with the whip" Carlyle, possessed by the brain of B1-TCH, the only ‘bot ever to turn psychotic. Will their determination and technology be a match for B1-TCH's thirst for world domination, and the ancient magic poisons that she has now learned to wield...? The last part of the Temple Treat series is a 34.000 words wannabe epic including some more Altaerna universe background, boobs, fedora hats, peril-filled underground mazes, boobs, evil potions, morphing microbots out of control, boobs, explosions and a tearful farewell. And boobs. :)
ag fast magic multiple science
15th Sep 08
If you read the original TTT part 1, then in this Director’s Cut of my very first story there still is Him as the nameless, hapless guy trapped in an ancient temple, there still is Her as the strange shape-shifting Creature, and there is hopefully much more of a kinda-sorta story line now. Add to this (hopefully) a lot less typos, thanks to a friendly proof-reader who shall for now remain anonymous, and you’ve got the reasons why I re-uploaded this before moving on to bold new endeavors in the world of smut writing. :)
ag aliens fast gts huge magic sc weird
19th Dec 07
From the secret, forgotten archives of XXXecil comes a post-apocalyptic tale of sweaty, naked warrior women, uncontrollable breast growth, and the brave men on an impossible journey to escape eternal sexual slavery between the pumping thighs of sex-starved, mutant amazons. With more to follow!
big bond fast lac ment nc science
16th Mar 05
A slightly new direction. A different and perverted tale of the aftermath of a salacious, sexual apocalypse. Who is the mysterious, desert wanderer? Why is he being chased by nubile, half-naked hotties who can't seem to stop their breasts from growing? And why is he running away?
big chem fast huge hyp instant nc rc sc science weird
30th May 12
A thief climbs into the queen's palace to do a bit of the old plunder-and-loot, but finds herself becoming a bit more enamored with the royal wardrobe than she was expecting. Medieval fantasy bimbo/BE. Because why not?
ag big fast hg lg magic ment
28th Aug 23
A modest, rather unremarkable princess finds a long-forgotten tiara in preparation to celebrate her betrothal, not knowing the curse bestowed upon it.
big cb fast hg lg magic ment nc
13th May 22
A college girl gets a visit from her future self, who gives her some pills that will help her make better use of her excess calories.
huge sc science slow
5th Jun 05
A woman finds a tinder box which allows her to make some wishes, which she uses to grant herself size-changing powers.
cb fast gts huge magic mpg sc wow
24th Sep 02
First attempt, be kind. Debbie buys a Tinderbox at a local store and unlocks it secrets!
bg big cb gts huge magic mpg
6th May 10
This is a quick story for you guys, concerning the fate of a shipwrecked sailor. Enjoy!
ag bond fast huge lac magic tg weird
28th Apr 10
Imagine if the midas touch created breasts instead of gold. That's the concept, I'm sure something similar has been done before but I hammered this out one evening. Hope you enjoy!
big fast magic ment sc tg weird
20th Apr 11
Mike is just a normal high school senior until his 18th birthday. However, when his powers begin to manifest, the most unlikely girl gets caught up in his problem. Or maybe it's fate? Perhaps she's the perfect candidate for his breast expansion fetish. Let me know what you think!
ag big cb fa fast hg instant magic mg mm mpg sc weird
10th Jun 11
It appears that Mike is not the only one at his high school who was affected on his 18th Birthday (as seen in Chapter 1 of "The Touch"). Jacob is amazed when his own different power grants him sudden access to the lusty mind of a girl he had dismissed due to her 'flat' figure. Meanwhile, Becky, our super-hot cheerleader finds herself divided over how to handle the manipulative tactics of her perverted teacher. -- Stay tuned for more episodes! Let me know what you think!
big cb hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg
7th Jan 07
Steven's heart is filled with frustration about a female friend. Is that the reason why he reacted the way he did upon touching an old relic, and why everybody since that moment reacts so strangely on a touch of his hand? Is the cause even important when the effects are so interesting!
big fast magic ment
13th Jan 07
With Steven taken over by his own corrupted touch, things are not looking well for the pure and innocent Nicole when she's invited by Steven to come by. Effects completely dominate over causes as we witness the happenings of this fateful night. (part 2 concludes this story)
big fast hg magic ment
17th Sep 10
Gina's life is going through some changes. Hopefully bigger breasts will just be the start of an incredible journey.
big chem offstage slow asleep
1st Oct 10
Gina's breasts have doubled in size and they show no sign of slowing. A month later she has to come to terms with her new found body and its complications.
big slow asleep
1st Nov 10
As Gina slowly adjusts to life as a large breasted woman she makes a horrific discovery about her condition. (Folder contains PDF files. If you dont like it dont download.)
big chem huge hyp ment nc offstage rc sc science slow asleep
1st Dec 10
Revelations about Gina's growing breasts change things forever. But is this really what she wants?
big chem fast huge hyp instant offstage rc sc science slow
1st Jan 11
Gina's breasts are as large as their going to get, but is she really happy with her new life?
huge offstage rc sc slow asleep
22nd Jan 21
Luke comes home from college to find his younger brother and sister have grown closer than ever. Luke feels left out and confused. He'd always been attracted to to his sister Kim, but now Danny is looking more like his sister every day, and Luke is sure that something unusual is going on.
bg big chem inc ment offstage slow tg
3rd Jan 24
A lonely man during the holidays receives and unexpected gift, that changes his life forever. This was a commission I did. Feedback and comments always welcome!
ag big fast hg magic tg
2nd Jan 18
A married couple in a dry spell. Until now.
bg big chem fast mpg
19th Jul 21
Penny plans to give her husband a big surprise on Valentine's Day, but it soon turns out to be a much bigger one than she was expecting.
bg ag big cb fa fast lac magic
20th Apr 15
Since I've had some hints about putting more expansion in stories, here's one that's all expansion. There's a minor amount of 'world building' that can safely be ignored. Sadly, there's not any 'real' sex in it (mainly kissing and groping), though I could tack something on the end, if people really want it. But then it wouldn't be expansion. Just an experiment in getting a woman's point of view, and a different way of doing it. Have fun
big fast magic
30th Dec 18
Liam found a magic wand in a well-known shop. It can do anything. What about showing it to his best friend Dave and change Dave's little sister, Kitty, to make things funnier?
bg big gts hg huge instant magic ment mpg nc rc slow tg
10th Dec 19
Roy's neighbor has a perfect body. The problem is : she's a nerd, she's shy, and worse, she's married. Nothing a visit to HellMart cannot solve.
bg ar big huge hyp instant lac magic ment mm nc rc slow
22nd Dec 18
Kimberly is a pale short chemist and materials scientist who is tasked with discovering a new substance for heat insulation. Her company needs this thick gel material for a top secret engineering project. She has found a suitable candidate and to her surprise, the gel can make very realistic breast implants. But how long can she keep it secret from her aggressive and superficial boss Holly?
bg big cb chem fast
19th May 11
Sarah has fallen in love love with her best friend, Andi. Soon after, she learns that Andi and her family are special. Their love blossoms as changes begin to happen to Sarah, for the better.
ag big cb gts hg lg mg mpg preg science shem slow
11th Feb 14
The world of magic had been dormant for ages, but prophecy foretold of another source of magic - a new weave. This new source of magic can be quite hard to control, especially for a poor guy who just found out he is the next Arch Magus (tg story with lots of breast growth and a touch of shrinking!).
fast huge magic tg
27th May 17
Brooke, an insecure, emotionally needy and recently dumped woman, has been invited to a pool party by her ex's girlfriend who also happens to be her grade school nemesis. Brooke is going to the party, but not without the help of some magic beanstalk seeds, courtesy of her best friend, Fern.
ag cb fast gts huge magic
2nd Jan 24
This is my version of a story from a long time ago. That story started my love of BE. Let me know what you think.
big cb fast huge magic mpg slow
8th Nov 16
Dean saves a crazy person that walks out into traffic. His reward, a doll for his girlfriend, seems strange at first, but he eventually figures out how it works.
ag fast huge instant magic ment nc sc science asleep
8th Dec 01
Anne finds out this horrifying fact: That her new college turns women into incredibly sexy women! She flees in a panic, but does she make it?
huge ment nc science slow
16th Oct 17
When Wendy asks for a conference room to use for her group project, reality goes a little unhinged.
bg ag big instant lg magic ment
22nd Nov 09
A man uses a strange stone to make his fantasies come true and change the collective fate of an entire family.
big instant magic slow tg
21st Jun 11
Brittney called form all her friend " Love " but what here happen some day is more than a dream .....
big cb fast magic offstage
21st Jun 11
Brittney called from all her friends “ Love “ what her here happen some day is more than a dream ….
big chem fast hyp offstage
4th Feb 15
A very quick story about a witch and her apprentice. After neglecting her duties, the witch finds her apprentice has decided to take matters into his own hands.
big cb fast hg lg magic nc
20th Aug 11
A powerful witch uses her prisoner and turns her into a hideous beast for her own sick pleasure. My first attempt at muscle growth, so bear with me here.
ag chem fast hg huge lg magic mg nc shem weird
19th Aug 11
This is my first story. It is about Garet. A Young man who has recently moved to San Diego Cali, when his girlfriend, and other friends begin telling him about a strange dark place that is haunted Garet wants to prove to them that a true man doesn't get scared. What's the worst that can happen.... Right?
ag big cb gts hg lg magic ment slow tg asleep
24th May 10
This is my first multi-chapter story where I actually tried to setup a universe I could write in. It's a 5 chapter tale of the strange things happening in the secluded community of Latex Hills. Mostly a lovedoll tale again, but there's nice BE in chapter 2 and chapter 4. I understand the type of transformation therein isn't for everyone, but feedback on my other story made me want to share this. The follow-up to this is the multi-chapter 'The Girls of Latex Hills University (LHU)'
fast huge magic ment nc science weird
15th Apr 04
huge magic
24th Dec 23
One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did, their clothing did not change. Men develop breasts, those old enough grow them near instantaneously.
ag big ft instant magic ment shem tg weird
9th Feb 05
Doesn't quite live up to the claim of the title, but in a funny way.
instant mpg preg wow
1st May 23
Rob wants nothing but to marry his goddess of a girlfriend. He'll just have to prove to her family that he's worthy, by whatever means necessary. Authors note: Hello, sorry for the long absence, life gets in the way sometimes. Hope you enjoy my first story in awhile. Just an FYI the major focus of this one is cock growth (there's still lots of BE of course) so if that's not your thing be advised. Cheers!
bg big fast huge lac magic mpg offstage slow wow
24th Jul 10
Erin is looking for that extra “umph” to her figure that will drive her boyfriend wild! She then learns about her boyfriend’s obsession with huge breast implants and realizes if she wants him to look at her the same way he looks at porn stars then she has to get implants too.
big fast hyp offstage sc science slow
8th Oct 10
In the conclusion, Cara's lactation gets completely out of control. Her breasts start to push us around!
lac science slow wow
3rd Sep 10
Once she started lactating, she gave more and more milk - and her breasts just kept on growing. (Hardcore sex scenes included.)
huge lac slow
4th Oct 17
In Stalinist Russia, a noble doctor, a slightly cynical scientist, and a simple Christian soldier venture to a village where there are thought to be female survivors of a devastating nuclear blast. The consequences are physically and spiritually embiggening for all three.
bg ag ar big cb gts hg huge hyp inc lac lg magic ment mg offstage science slow weird
18th Dec 06
Short story where a patient finds a bottle of BE body wash.
big chem fast nc
16th Apr 06
big fa fast magic preg
12th Apr 15
I am going to try some new ideas for an illustrated story series. Written and illustrated by me! Let me know what you think, I believe illustrated stories are quite popular!
huge instant magic nc
26th Jul 03
Just a traditional straight-forward BE romp with an aggressive curvacious heroine.
ag big fast huge
3rd Jan 23
A quick and dirty frantic expansion. Your goth ex rocks up at your house desperate for your cum! but each load makes her already voluptuous bod larger and larger!
ag fa fast gts huge magic ment
20th Nov 01
A magic coin makes the owner more busty, by taking it away from other women!
fast huge
3rd Apr 00
The strip club Think Big has become so famous, it's a natural to be a feature story on a talk show during sweeps. But will their secret get out? (Reformatted)
bg fa fast huge magic sc
31st Dec 00
Bobbie the Stripper is back, and she's been invited to career day at the high school. How open-minded of them!
bg fa fast huge magic
10th Jan 00
Bobbie comes up with a BE version of America's favorite game show.
bg fa fast huge magic
3rd Apr 00
An audition at a strip club lures a young woman with a remarkable talent. (Reformatted)
bg fa fast huge magic sc
13th Jun 99
A fortuneteller woman casts a spell on two women: when their men think of them, their busts will grow.
bg fa fast magic wow
1st Oct 09
Bill's Date gradually becomes a horny big titted bimbo.
ag huge magic ment slow
19th Nov 01
Crystalynne casts a spell that changes her looks to what men want. Obviously a fantasy story.
ag fast hg huge magic ment mg nc
23rd Aug 17
Mark, Betty, Jenny, and Angela have taken nanotech pills that allow them to enhance themselves. They are really enjoying the effects. However, Jenny is getting bigger faster than everyone else, and Betty is jealous of her. If three people temp boost a woman, how big will her boobs get? What does the overdrive ability do? What does the oddly named feedback-feedforward do? Can a nano-enhanced Mark keep three lusty women satisfied? Includes part 1. Feedback encouraged. Tagging corrected. Part 3 to come later. I have ideas for it but no coherent outline as of 2017-08-22. Mail to .
bg big fast huge instant mg mm mpg offstage sc science wow
21st Aug 17
Mark and Betty find some nanotech enhancement pills. They take them, are amazed at the results, and then give two of the pills to Jenny and Angela. All of the women end up with enormous breasts.
bg big mm mpg sc science slow
11th Oct 11
boobies to the max with tities to boot
ag big cb chem fast gts lac
2nd Apr 24
Abi and Mia go on a vacation in an attempt to forget about their past woes. But the problems they faced at home seem to follow them regardless. A collaberation between mysteryguy9215 and capdjinn.
big cb magic nc slow
31st Jul 05
(Book One in a series of at least two.) In a small mountain town laden with urban myth, Keiji Itoh has been missing for several weeks. [Warning of a bloody ending.]
ag big cb fast gts huge inc magic ment mpg tg
28th Apr 99
A teenage boy gains ultimate power over the world when he releases a nanite plague.
bg fa fast huge ment mpg rc
4th May 08
Plot? Who the heck needs plot?
huge instant magic weird
10th Oct 22
Megan has her eye on the local baker. And with the help of a magic pill and some pastries, she's going to get his undivided attention.
ag fa fast gts lg magic sc wow
16th Aug 07
Now that the truth of the invasion is revealed, I look forward to my stud-slavery by an empire of big-boobed alien nymphomaniacs who eschew clothing and morality alike. Their power seems absolute; is Earth doomed to a fate of eternal ejaculations as a captive of an Empire of Orgies?
aliens big hyp instant ment multiple preg sc science weird
14th Oct 09
A twisted tale by Fahzbehn. Amy, Bonnie and Charisse all have a reputation for not putting-out and all three have taken advantage of William Kalebra. When he creates a bimbo ray-gun, the three prudes find themselves being hunted by the big bad wolf. This is part one (Amy). Pt 2 to come later.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lac ment nc rc science
27th Feb 07
big cb fast huge instant magic nc offstage
26th Jul 98
Getting a magic ring for Christmas has unexpected side effects.
bg fa fast huge magic tg
12th Nov 01
Steve finds a Witch Doctor. He gives Steve three wishes to make him go away. Surprisingly, Steve wants a girlfriend with bigger tits!
fast huge magic nc
30th May 17
A college students is magically granted three wishes, and gets more than she bargained for when she wishes for larger breasts. My first story, would love to get feedback.
bg big huge instant magic ment offstage preg asleep
12th Sep 07
A Tale of the Nymphocalypse. The Complete Archive! Both editions including the massive, pussy-moistening conclusion! (now in rich text for easy viewing) The Earth is ruled by a salacious empire of Shape-Shifting, nymphomaniacal aliens. What can one man do? More like who can one man do! But I have a plan; a plan to use the alien's system against them, in an explosive climax of blossoming boobs, slickened pussies, and lusts too powerful to be denied!
ag aliens big bond chem huge hyp instant lac ment mpg multiple preg rc sc science weird
14th Oct 10
What happens when Tia Halibel and the Hogyoku's power to make desires a reality mix?
big cb fast lac magic ment
25th Oct 99
Tim Doogan experiments with super growth hormones.
bg chem fa fast gts huge
29th Jun 08
The conclusion of the Tim The Enchanter saga. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics.
ag big fast lac magic ment weird
7th Aug 07
The Tim The Enchanter saga continues with a new author taking the reigns (with the original author's approval). Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics.
ag big fast instant lac magic ment weird
16th Sep 07
The Tim The Enchanter saga continues with Chapter 9, to be concluded with Chapter 10. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics. Comments and suggestions welcome.
ag big fast lac magic ment multiple weird
7th Aug 07
The first seven chapters of the Tim The Enchanter short stories. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics. Series continues with Chapter 8 by Twisted Transformer.
ag big cb fast hg hyp instant lac lg magic ment mpg multiple preg shem tg weird
29th Mar 24
WEll, after a 25 year hiatus, Austin Powers is back with his second story. What of you could change your fate? What if all you needed was a diary, an ink well and an old pen...
ag hg huge magic mg mm mpg offstage slow
18th Dec 06
There's BE, and Time travel, and, uh, more BE. It's hard to descibe. Read it already.
huge nc offstage science slow
18th Feb 98
Mr Big, supercriminal, goes back in time to shape the future to his own demented vision. The busty duo follow in an attempt to stop him.
bg huge instant nc science
20th Nov 01
Probably the best use of a time machine, ever!
huge offstage science
21st Dec 04
A remake of Noble Sword's story "Time Machine". Illustrated and converted to PDF as a Christmas gift from The Overflowing Bra to all of you.
chem huge nc offstage science
27th Jan 16
Jack has a unique problem that she's not sure how to handle. Every day, she's getting sexier and sexier, and nobody seems to notice the difference. This wouldn't be a problem for most women. The big issue for Jack is she used to be a man.
ag big fast hg lac magic multiple tg
18th Oct 23
Josie and Charlie are coworkers who each notice an usual tingling, and begin to grow as they grow closer together. This is just the beginning.
big fast magic mpg
13th Dec 23
Josie and Charlie are coworkers who each notice an usual tingling, then they grow again and faster.
ag big fast lg mm mpg
12th Apr 24
Josie and Charlie get to appreciate their growth and grow more as they grow bolder. (Includes parts 1 and 2)
ag big cb fast lg magic mm mpg
1st Nov 03
Coming come, Amy finds her boyfriend in the arms of another woman. Amy makes it clear who's in charge.
cb chem fast huge science
22nd Jul 02
Cecilia is alone on a hiking trip, and is attacked by a mysterious assailant! As her breasts swell with milk, and her belly expands, she must ask herself if she's been impregnated by an alien.
aliens lac lg multiple preg sc science slow weird
7th Jan 12
Ok, this reads as a comic (was originally for a site that does comics of BE, that shall remain nameless...;) but the '6 months before you see it' kinda takes the fun out of it. So it's kinda two-dimensional ('ceptin' the BE...;) and the 'politics' aren't meant to be taken seriously. It's all fun, so
big fast science
24th Jul 03
Kelly Mackay is popular and beautiful, but is unhappy with her small breasts. She then finds an advertisement that is just what she is looking for...
big chem fast huge science wow
10th Sep 04
Three young women use and abuse a breast-growth machine.
fast huge offstage sc asleep
28th Jul 15
Jade and her friends are confused about the sudden "growth spurt" of Destiny. Maybe they'll find out what exactly is going on... Hello all! This is the first story I've written. Hope you all like it and that it isn't too cringey :P
big chem fast ment asleep
10th Oct 99
Taking a formula for tit growth doesn't do what a young girl expects.
bg lac
29th Nov 01
This is a heavily edited and much rewritted story by an unknown author named Scott Thibodo, orginally posted in a magazine.
fast huge asleep
24th Feb 22
Your new girlfriends tits seem to be taking over her mind! Not that your complaining! Dialogue stolen from my life.
bg ag big huge lac magic ment science slow asleep
6th Oct 22
Inspired by true dirty talk, Megan is back and bigger than ever! will her and her friends be able to take back control over her living breasts before they devour her mind?? Part 1 is redone and included here with some new illustraitions. The real Megan hopes you enjoy!
bg ag big huge instant lac ment mpg nc science slow asleep
17th Nov 98
After dying, two girls find themselves in the devil's power, transformed into demonic succubae.
bg fa fast huge magic
22nd Apr 18
A commission story. A girl named Kay wants to have giant round tits and tries multiple methods to find the best way. Contains belly inflation as well
cb fa fast huge magic slow
7th Nov 99
Captured and transformed, a woman has her breasts enlarged.
bg big nc science slow
18th Dec 06
Maxine finds that volunteering for scientific trials can lead to strangely desirable side-effects...
big cb chem fast gts ment mg science slow asleep
18th Oct 05
Tom's friend refers him to an unnamed business that matches men's fantasies with women who have the same fantasies.
big fast ment mpg science
27th Feb 05
Lara Croft is sent out to retrieve the Necklace of Rah. But it is another relic, in evil hands, that will cause Lara a world of problems.
cb fast magic wow
25th Oct 99
Tony listens to a strange CD which turns him into a sexy woman.
bg big magic tg
7th Jun 13
Stacie steals from a Mafia boss and gets caught. He deals with betrayal a little differently than most. Like my other stories its erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more.
bond chem fast huge ment nc
7th Oct 20
Craig is having the hangover of his life when he wakes to strange scenery that is not any bed he has ever seen. Quite possibly his girldfriend has doomed the universe. Whoops. A short story of discovery.
instant magic offstage asleep wow
17th Nov 98
Splashed with a mysterious chemical, a girl grows insanely huge.
bg chem fa fast gts mpg wow
20th May 15
Discovering that just getting around is a challenge at her new size, Chloe still longs for more, and her new plan on how to grow even faster could easy fill her with too much even for her to take.
ag fa fast huge magic
2nd Oct 10
When Chloe suddenly finds herself with a wish to make, she never expects it to actually come true. It doesn't take her long though to realize that the possibilities are enormous.
ag big cb fa fast magic sc
28th Oct 10
Realizing how ample the opportunities in front of her are, Chloe can't help but overindulge. Soon however, she finds out that a wish fulfilled can become a wish overfilled.
ag cb fa fast huge magic sc
6th Jan 11
After going to whatever extremes necessary to fill out her new bathing suit, Chloe goes for a walk on the beach and decides that the moon isn't the only thing that ought to be full tonight.
ag cb fa fast huge magic
15th Oct 16
The two fairies most responsible for growing up happen to run into each other - literally! Hijinks ensue. Shame that I3reacl deleted his DeviantART account; he was an INCREDIBLE writer!I finally found this on one of my hard drives. Touched up the grammar some, but otherwise it_s all him. Personally, I consider this one to be his masterpiece.
bg big cb fast gts huge magic mg nc offstage weird asleep
31st Dec 98
A leprechaun grants some wishes in this lovely tale of Irish magic and comely lasses.
bg ar big fa fast lac magic
9th Jun 04
Alicia begins growing when she eats and works out. but her growth has more to do with it than that...
bg cb fast gts instant lg magic nc sc asleep wow
9th Jan 99
A wizard makes an ill-advised spell to create a familiar, and ends up with something unexpected.
bg fa fast magic ment tg wow
28th Jan 02
Mysterious transformations in the town of Hooterville.
ag big hg instant magic ment nc
2nd Jun 98
Alien man turns girl into inflated toy balloon-girl.
bg aliens wow
4th May 02
Tracy tries a new medical procedure to make her, well, you'll see.
hg huge ment science slow asleep
23rd Apr 99
A jolt of static electricity gives a teenage boy the power to affect reality. Guess what he does to his teacher's tits?
bg fa fast huge ment rc
9th Jan 99
A seemingly cruel gift of a bra to a flatchested woman could help her join her huge-breasted family.
bg huge offstage
24th Feb 11
huge ment nc science slow
17th Aug 21
Suzy visits an old lady looking for a way to make herself prettier. She is shown transfer spell with complicated rules to fulfill for it to work without getting punished. Still, Suzy takes it feeling confident that she could use the rules on her favor and make the best of it. This story was a comission from Burningfield. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story
cb gts huge instant lac magic mg nc
4th Dec 01
Just a quickie to alleviate the stress. Based upon a couple of drams i have been having recently
bg fast lac wow
6th Jun 20
Kendra breaks in her new house. And a few dresses...
bg big cb fast huge instant lac magic wow
2nd May 19
Kendra gets three wishes! Plus a little something on the house...
bg big fast magic slow asleep
4th May 19
Kendra makes her first wish. And makes full use of it. Includes Part 1.
bg big fast instant magic
11th May 19
Kendra uses her second wish and gives Mike a boost. Includes Parts 1 & 2
bg big cb fast instant magic mpg
25th May 19
Kendra makes a comment that she immediately regrets...or enjoys? Who knows...
bg big bond fast huge lac magic
16th Jun 20
Kendra punishes Mike and makes a new friend.
bg ag big bond cb fast huge lac lg magic slow wow
21st Jun 20
Amanda breaks up with her cheating boyfriend and decides to go for some yogurt.
bg ag big cb fast instant lg magic ment
6th Feb 23
Kendra services a client from her foundation but is left with a hole that cannot be filled... (Includes Parts 1-11 in a single doc)
bg big cb fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage shem wow
22nd May 20
Mike is left with a huge problem. He and Kendra goes to learn more about what's going on.
bg big fast instant magic mpg
22nd May 20
Kendra and Mike learns a little about her powers and tries it out.
bg big fast huge instant magic mpg
24th May 20
Kendra gets a little bored and Mike gets a little upset...
bg big cb fast magic mpg slow asleep
29th May 20
Natalie visits Kendra and learns something new about her college roommate...
bg ag big cb fast instant lg magic offstage
30th May 20
Natalie visits Kendra and learns something new about her college roommate... (Reuploaded because some people had troubles opening files)
bg ag big cb fast instant lg magic offstage
6th Jun 20
Kendra breaks in her new house. And a few dresses...
bg big cb fast huge instant lac magic wow
4th Apr 21
Melanie’s unruly nipples get into trouble around town, and Katrina’s growth magic spell doesn’t have the effects she expected…
fast huge instant lac magic rc sc wow
24th Oct 21
Going trick or treating is all fun and games until a hungry witch steals everyone's candy
bg ag big cb fa fast gts huge instant magic
30th Jun 14
A young girl meets another older girl online and they become friends. The older tells the younger of a certain miracle drink...but does it really do what she leads on? Or does it do something much, much more? Another short story written in about an hour. No real plot, just some good old fashioned BE. In .html, .txt and .odt format.
big cb chem fast huge instant nc wow
30th Jun 03
A pair of arrogant women are hounded by a mysterious trickster, one ends up making a lot of people very happy.
huge magic nc weird wow
23rd Jun 99
A visit to a Shinto shrine gives a guy a massive cock which has a mind of its own - one that loves to enlarge Japanese women's breasts.
bg big cb fa fast mpg
21st May 10
Candace, a bitchy feminist, is hexed by a vindicative stripper when she catches her boyfriend at the stripclub. Over the next few days, she discovers the triple nature of her curse as she's slowly turned into a hugely busted slut and later on fully transforms into a living, inflatable latex lovedoll. Comments appreciated. I have other doll stories, most have BE in a way but the focus is more on the doll aspect. I will post if people are interested in reading more.
huge magic ment nc slow weird
17th Oct 08
Based on a shorter piece by dawestside at and process-production, this is a quick growth scene with copious amounts of jiggling flesh and very little plot. In other words, right up your alley.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge lac lg magic
10th Sep 04
A young mother feels cheated to end up with boobs that are saggy and small after giving birth and her doctor provides an experimental solution.
chem huge slow
20th Feb 99
Magical trouble strikes a kingdom as men turn into women and other magical sex problems occur.
bg big magic ment tg asleep
12th Jul 98
Trudy's early years, before she became involved with St Cat's.
bg fa fast
28th Aug 21
Mary lives a lonely secluded life, but has dreams of alien abduction. Every morning, she wakes up, more beautiful, more powerful, and more concerned with the dreams that are haunting her...
bg ag big gts hg magic science slow
15th Mar 01
Collected and expanded from the Addventure, this tells the tale of businesswoman Marjorie as she picks out a sexy schoolgirl costume for a party and finds herself slowly changing.
bg ar ment slow
29th Oct 98
A husband's grief over the death of his wife threatens to destroy his new marriage until her spirit returns.
bg fa fast gts huge magic mpg
6th Sep 14
I3reacl was an old writer on deviantArt who disabled his account and left writing a little while back. All of his stories have since been erased. I managed to scour this from the deep corners of the internet and I am uploading it anonomously. This story follows a woman who discovers her husband's obsession over giant breasts. She then seeks out a way to fulfill his dreams, via the internet. Many miss I3reacl dearly, including myself, but I hope you all will be able to enjoy this story of his, for it is probably the last that remains on the internet.
big cb fast huge instant magic rc sc wow
10th Sep 04
A young woman discovers she has a medical condition which causes her boobs to grow larger when she gets embarassed.
fast huge nc
13th Sep 04
When James finally convinces his wife to go through with a three-way, she discovers that she likes girls better than guys. But they find a way around it.
big chem slow tg
29th Aug 98
A man who comes up short in a late-night convenience store finds some other way to offer payment.
bg fa fast huge nc
18th Jun 08
In a world of superheroes, Tracy is reluctant to use her powers, until one day the temptation is just too great. Candy, on the other hand thinks "if you got it - flaunt it.." +++Please leave comments, thank you.+++
big chem fast gts instant sc science
10th May 98
A magic man gifts two beautiful teens on their birthday.
bg fa fast inc magic ment nc
11th Apr 09
In a world of superheroes, Tracy is hypnotized by a supervillian, but that won't stop her from finally beginning to enjoy her own powers.. +Thanks for any comments.+
big chem gts huge hyp instant sc science
27th Dec 02
Arguably the sickest, most twisted piece of BE fiction there is.
big inc ment nc slow weird
16th Oct 08
Sara Pinter is approached by a shapeshifter who has an unusual request. This story was first posted on 4chan's /d/. There are three chapters.
ag cb huge instant lac magic sc science shem
31st Jan 04
Laura and Claire find a working breast growth formula that works and grow freakishly large tits. Now Laura's sister wants in on the fun, but takes it way out of control. UPDATED FROM MY PREVIOUS VERSION.
big fast huge instant sc science wow
12th Feb 18
In Eden, where women can't get married unless their breasts pin them to the ground, Ruth's growth has stalled far short. Searching for answers, she uncovers secrets about the town and her own body that she could never imagine. This is part 1.
chem fa huge lac slow wow
16th Oct 08
After a very long time of not hearing from me I present to you my completed work of Two Friends. The story begins with two kids, Gen and Peter, who begin a new path in their life that they could have never imagined. Please Comment or E-mail me @ about future stories or suggestions! Thank you!
ag big gts lg slow
15th Dec 07
My first ever story. Contains Mini-gts, slow-growth. A boy named Jake is secretly in love with a girl named Gen that lives next door. As their relationships grow closer so does their height and extacy for one another. This is just part 1 of many more to come (hopefully if people like it). PLEASE comment on this story whether it's positive or negative. I want to improve on my writing skills so that I may provide the community with great new stories. Thank you and enjoy :)
ag big gts science slow
15th Dec 07
Part 2, allready!?! Yea, well hope you enjoy. Jake and Gen continue to spend the day together even with her increased Size and bust. They find that their love cannot be changed by the physical differences that they have.
big gts slow
16th Dec 07
Jake and Gen continue their trip on the beach. PLEASE GIVE COMMENTS, I'm writing this for the readers. Help me write for you :)
ag big gts science slow
12th Jan 14
A little something I wrote for a BE Group on DeviantArt. It's set in the D&D universe and features a race of blue skinned ultra stacked humanoids known as Mammorians. That race belongs to another I just used it for this piece of fantasy.
big huge hyp instant lac magic nc offstage preg rc wow
12th Jan 14
A little something I wrote for a group on Deviantart. It features a D&D setting about a race of sexy humanoids called Mammorians who are all about huge breasts. let me know what you think, I love feedback!
big fast huge hyp instant lac magic nc offstage wow
4th Oct 09
Miriam gets inducted and meets her roommate, Kayla. I hope this is better than the first story I uploaded; I worked a bit harder on it. I'm working on a second part, so don't expect everything in this part. Please leave feedback; email any constructive criticism to my Yahoo acct, veryfree333.
huge lac science slow asleep
20th Aug 04
Second story in the series. More breasts gettin huge, but how? Read and find out.
big huge instant lac sc science wow
28th Sep 15
Everyone enjoys a BE story, but what about the nipples? Trying to come up with something I haven't seen before. There's BE here, but it's more...concentrated. Have fun As always, spell-check and Grammar in Word, punch-up in Edit Minion.
big sc science slow
7th Apr 20
After a stressful day at work, Jessica returns home to find her roommate gone for the weekend. With the apartment to herself, she decides to have a little "fun" with a lactation supplement. It doesn't take long for things to get out of hand, though. Note: There's really not much plot as this was mostly just a pet project to see how far I could take a breast expansion sequence before losing interest.
cb chem fast huge lac sc wow
10th Jan 00
18th Feb 98
Lynnae and June are put on the case to rescue two girls kidnapped by the Mob.
bg big nc science slow
30th Jan 21
Katie takes a mysterious drug to improve her plain figure. NOTE: features very, VERY extreme growth and body modifications; reader discretion advised.
ag cb chem huge instant lac lg ment weird
7th Feb 21
Katie takes a mysterious drug to improve her plain figure. Now includes accurate contact info and a less intense 'lite' version due to popular demand!
ag cb chem huge instant lac lg ment weird
26th Apr 00
Making a deal with an alien, a woman grows younger each time she sucks cock.
bg aliens ar big fa fast
3rd Mar 98
While out camping, some teenage girls have fun with hypnosis. Too much fun.
bg fa fast hyp preg wow