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The Overflowing Bra

18th Jul 12
Ariane is preparing for a possible evening out when her busty breasts begin expanding even bigger for no apparent reason. This is a narrative light scene focused entirely on Ariane's extreme breast expansion. A delightful romp about Ariane becoming little more than a human factory for making milk. Enjoy!
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22nd Mar 11
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Jin is a young witch casting a ritual in the basement of her house. What powerful magic is she using and what toll will it take on her body? A quick and to the point story about breast and belly expansion. Readers get to decide in advance how far the expansion goes :)
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21st Mar 11
Jin is a young witch casting a ritual in the basement of her house. What powerful magic is she using and what toll will it take on her body? A quick and to the point story about expansion with audience participation! That's right, readers will be able to adjust some elements of the story themselves :) This is a prologue story to the upcoming Magic School stories that include voting to shape each installment.
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6th Mar 11
An Illustrated story about growing up as friends with a girl named Ari whom easily grows the biggest pair of breasts in both elementary and high-school. A short light-hearted feel-good story. Story is inspired by artwork I've done for Ariane Saint Amour and includes samples as illustrations for the story and visual imagery of the breast growth.
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24th Feb 11
With Tom's confession comes the opportunity for Caroline to release all her inhibitions and embrace a freedom of sexuality she's never known.
This is the final chapter in Teenage Dreams. Many thanks to everyone that helped steer the story and drive it to its conclusion. Read the instructions at the end on how to vote for the next story arc.
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16th Feb 11
Caroline's body begins growing in excessive ways according to the whims of her boyfriend Tom's wishes. Yet even as reality warps around her to trick her into believing these changes have always been there, she still can't shake the funny feeling something is going on. Many thanks to everyone who voted for the wishes to be made in this story. I've attempted to accommodate the most popular requests, and voting for Chapter 3, the last chapter, is now open.
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14th Feb 11
Caroline and Tom are 18-year-olds whom have been dating for two years, but Caroline has always been too shy to let things get serious physically. After Tom discovers a Fountain that grants wishes, he begins to wonder what this could do for their relationship. Readers get to weigh in on where they'd like the story to go in Chapter 2.
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27th Dec 08
A christmas tribute to Helia Melonowski that I've written in poetic form. While waiting up for Santa Helia drinks some magical eggnog and becomes her own best present.
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11th Apr 08
Karen is a somewhat shy new girl getting used to life at college. After she begins taking a new birth control she finds over the weeks that she's begun to fill out her bras and her new friends begin to encourage more lustful behaviors. Part 1 spends a lot of time trying to develop the characters as best I can so it's a little lighter on the sex and changes than Part 2 will be. Much more intense situations to come.
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