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The Overflowing Bra

13th, Jun 24
Darren tries to keep things platonic with his increasingly busty roommate as the Slut Screen epidemic runs rampant around them. Note: This chapter doesn't have any BE, but the previous and following chapters do!
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12th, Jun 24
For every story I complete and post, there are two that I start and never finish. Some of them I get further along than others. Within are a collection of some of those drafts. (I was doing a purge of my hard drive and thought I might as well post them rather then fully delete them) Please keep in mind that theyre unfinished and just drafts, so they havent received my normal editing. If youre reading one and think there may be something worthwhile there or you really wanted to see how one would end, let me know and I may take another crack at it.
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12th, Jun 24
Alexia goes to a new yoga class with her best friend Mandy. She finds the experience...fulfilling
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7th, Jun 24
Hiya Darlings! Please look forward to a very, special type of stream tonight. Let's just say, tonight's stream will help me grow as a streamer! Can't wait to see you all there!
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29th, May 24
Desiree's breasts have a mind of their own...literally
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28th, May 24
Mallory gets a humiliating lesson from Madison on what a "real" H-cup is. Then after sulking for a week gets some practical revenge to reset her track.
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23rd, May 24
Clara's breasts swell with milk when she touches water, a condition she's ashamed of. That is, until she meets Sarah, who's all too eager to explore what Clara's body can do. Contains breast expansion & lactation. Suggestions for future chapters or other story ideas are always welcome. If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & SwellTales as OphirExpansion.
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19th, May 24
a story about a magic roll-on deodorant that has the power to make breasts grow in sexy ways how will the events turn out? there is a mystery but... what is the meaning of the mystery?
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13th, May 24
Enclosed within are the written transcripts documenting the recovered video footage found within the wreckage of Dr. Cynthia Lennox's laboratory, home of the infamous trial of "Formula 078125". (This was my entry to the Maternal Pressure contest over at Swell Tales that's now concluded. Main focus beyond BE is cumflation)
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6th, May 24
My take on the classic 'magic board game causes expansion' plot line. Contains breast expansion via lactation, giantess growth, shrinking and some tame magical control of others. If you have feedback or ideas for future stories, don't hesitate to comment! If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & SwellTales as OphirExpansion.
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