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The Overflowing Bra

3rd, Dec 23
The saga continues once again! This is the largest and sexiest chapter yet. This chapter is about the trio's trip to the mall, where they run into some sticky situations... This is by far my favorite chapter I've ever written and I think you will see why after reading this. As always, make sure to rate with your feedback and follow me on deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites to keep up to date with story updates. Enjoy reading!
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3rd, Dec 23
In Part 3 of the Studpocalypse saga, our girls find themselves on a rescue mission for another group of women holed up in the city. As the makeup of their group turns more towards sluts than those unaffected, the stability of their home comes under threat. Feel free to contact me at if you want to ask any questions.
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24th, Nov 23
Megan shares her Halloween leftover candies with her best friend Mary. But when they eat some mysterious chocolates, they find themselves in for a treat. No tricks here!
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18th, Nov 23
Jason finds an abandboned lab and finds some magical potions
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12th, Nov 23
After a short hiatus, the saga continues! In this chapter, Venus grows some more and Celina finally begins her growth journey, which has an interesting start. Later, the girls get some girl time as they mend their bond. Hope you guys enjoy this shortish chapter. And sorry for the delay just been super busy with school lately. Happy with how this chapter turned out. For those of you who read the original, there's a surprise at the end of the chapter you will find oddly familiar ;). As always, make sure to follow me on Deviant art @oppaidragonwrites, rate this story with your feedback, and most importantly, enjoy reading!
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4th, Nov 23
Mia meets an old woman who gives her a mysterious wooden box inside she, and her roommate and best friend Sophie, find a magical red stone that grants wishes that let them change the others body in any sexually fantastic way they can think off. A lot of trust is asked of them though since the only one who can undo a wish is the one who made it. Edit: this contains part 1 & 2, i made some corrections to the first part since the grammar was atrocious. It still is terrible, but hopefully not as bad.
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1st, Nov 23
The sequel to Big Night Out. After a wild night of sex and growth, Lydia and Rachelle are horrified to find out that the fantasy didn't fully end. Unable to fix themselves, they rely on Thom and Nikki to get them out of their jam. They oblige, of course - but little do either of them know, its only the beginning of their ever expanding relationships. Thanks for your support :)
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25th, Oct 23
Daniel and Annie had always been close. So close, in fact, that it wasn't uncommon to assume they were dating. However, as their lives continued and they entered college, Annie became obsessed with WAP, a society of women dedicated to some mysterious cause. One day, Annie approaches Daniel and offers to tell him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about WAP. What follows changes the course of Daniel's life forever.
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22nd, Oct 23
John thinks this will be just another Monday at his boring job. However, when his coworker Emily tries to catch the same elevator he's in, they both find themselves in some tight spaces.
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18th, Oct 23
Josie and Charlie are coworkers who each notice an usual tingling, and begin to grow as they grow closer together. This is just the beginning.
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