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The Overflowing Bra

12th, Apr 24
Josie and Charlie get to appreciate their growth and grow more as they grow bolder. (Includes parts 1 and 2)
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9th, Apr 24
Part 1 of a companion piece and prequel to the Mallory series. Cousin Madison packs the biggest tits in rural Elk County and isn't shy about using them to get what she wants, leaving a trail of human wreckage in her wake. But as a new threat to her reign takes shape, Madison is going to have to sink to new levels of guile and ruthlessness - and she's gonna love every minute of it.
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7th, Apr 24
Mallory's aggravation gets flipped on-head as an old (and busty!) menace is reintroduced into her life.
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6th, Apr 24
A Madam Materia commission. Our hero Sam's journey into idol-dom begins! Or, more aptly, the first step is one they've been shoved down as The Injection starts to take its course. Sam's life, whether he intended it to or not, is getting flipped upside down as the man Sam becomes the woman Sammi.
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4th, Apr 24
Mallory lives a dismal home life with her miserable mother. Her methods of escapism are, however, quite curious...
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3rd, Apr 24
This is a short story about the girl Marilou. Her tits grow unexpectedly.
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3rd, Apr 24
Retail was one of my first stories, it features breast expansion and lactation content. It started back in November 2021 and finally it has been completed. Dan works in a tech department within a supermarket. He has a new co-worker, Mandy, who is incredibly beautiful but there is something more to her. Over time he swears he sees her already impressive bust get bigger, little does he know what he is in for.
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2nd, Apr 24
Abi and Mia go on a vacation in an attempt to forget about their past woes. But the problems they faced at home seem to follow them regardless. A collaberation between mysteryguy9215 and capdjinn.
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2nd, Apr 24
Somewhere in the southern seas, there is an island where women get to choose their bust size.
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29th, Mar 24
WEll, after a 25 year hiatus, Austin Powers is back with his second story. What of you could change your fate? What if all you needed was a diary, an ink well and an old pen...
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28th, Mar 24
Newlywed Wendy gets a rude awakening to her idyllic life with the arrival of their new neighbour; a young Latin bombshell with a pair of delicious fake tits who's looking to seduce Wendy's husband away from her. How far will Wendy go to stay on top?
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27th, Mar 24
A middle-aged gold-digger tries to use the Juice to snag herself a rich young CEO, but things do not go as planned...
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20th, Mar 24
A BE-obsessed writer writes her own expansion story, starring herself, hoping it might come true if she hits "upload".
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