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The Overflowing Bra

Please email any questions to

Q. Where do I submit my Story?
A. Email it to I will email you a receipt, then post it to the judges area.

Q. Where is the blank HTML form? Can I just make my own?
A. Here. You can also make your own. My only request is that you put the story in a frame that takes up 90% of the width.

Q. What's TOB?
A. The Overflowing Bra.

Q. I've seen a lot of stories that have a good concept, but due to poor grammar, and an inability to connect words in a logical sequence, are very hard to read. And often the writer's excuse is 1- that they're not a native speaker, and 2- that they either don't have software capable of spellcheck/grammarcheck, or don't have friends willing/able to proof for them.

How will this come into play?

A. Those things are considered part of writing. If you know you're not good at those things, you need to find someone who can help, or get better. Feel free to ask for help on any of the forums, but be careful not to post the story to a public area, that will disqualify you.

Q. What are the ownership/usage terms on submitted stories? Do they become the exclusive property of TOF, regardless of whether they win or not? Or is it an exclusive use agreement, or some other such arrangement?
A. It's not exclusive to TOB. TOB will post all entries in the library though. And the BEA pay story site also has the option to turn it into an illustrated story.

Q. TOB isn't a pay site, where are you getting the money for this?
A. From the banners to the BEA and their pay story site. Sign up for either of those sites and for each month you're a member, TOB will get a portion of your subscription fee. Plus you get access to all the BEA members-only material!

Q. Could the prize be claimed without revealing identifiable information? As in, could the prize be converted to an gift certificate and e-mailed?
A. Yes. If you have another way you would like your prize delivered, just request it and I'll see if it's possible. However, any fees that are charged to us, will be subtracted from the total winnings sent to you.

Q. Can I submit more than one story?
A. Yes. Keep in mind that all submissions are final. If you want to make a change to a story you've already submitted and resubmit it, it will not be accepted.

Q. When did you announce the contest?
A. June 1st 2006.

Q. I am someone who doesn’t want the world to know I like BE, how can we do this without announcing my real name or email?
A. In the blank HTML form I provided, there’s a spot that says “Put authors name here”. You don’t have to put your real name there. A pen name is fine, and is expected. Your email address will only be known to me. When I get around to posting the contest entries on TOB, I’ll only put in the contact email if you put it in the HTML file.

Q. I want to put a lot of emphasis on making an interesting and compelling story, rather than mindless sex. Is this ill-advised? Will the story's ability to titillate count more than the story's ability to interest the reader?
A. Some readers it will, some readers it won't. Some authors stay away from the sex scenes because they're not any good at writing them. And some of them are visa-versa. If you have time, my suggestion would be to write two entries. The one you want to write, and the one you think will win.

Q. What are the Judging rules/criteria?


1-5 points for breast content. How much of it, how good is it, how relevant to the story does the author make it

1-5 points for plot and theme. Is the plot clever, does the story make a point? Is the story about something interesting?

1-5 points for characters and attention to detail. Are the characters interesting, are they true to life. does the author know what he's talking about

1-5 points for technical ability. Is the grammar good, does the story read well? Does the story have a beginning, middle, and ending?

1-5 points for originality and fun. Is the story fun to read? Does it appeal to you personally, did you find it sexy?

The points will be added up and averaged out between the judges. The final score will sum all 5 points for the story. Final score will be between 5-25 points, the highest three scores are the winners.