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The Overflowing Bra

29th Apr 03
Jessie gets more than a price for working out a puzzle in a temple. She becomes a Goddess of Love and Pleasure. Her life becomes a lot bigger than she expected and she loves it.
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15th Mar 03
Kelly finds a book of spells at a second hand book store. With interest she finds it relatively easy to cast spells but so does her sister Ruth
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23rd Dec 02
An up and coming movie star finds herself with a big problem. Helping out an Elf in her dreams finds that problem has become more real. Was the elf really a dream? Who knows?
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17th Dec 02
Alex cleans out the kitchen cupboard and finds an unlabelled can. Thinking it's milk powder she quickly realises her mistake.
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9th Dec 02
Patricia is in need for something interesting in her life. She tries out a special moisterising creme but unknown to her she is also trying out some special pills. She gets worried when she balloons over DD size.
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3rd Dec 02
Getting drunk at a halloween party can have surprising consequences if you wish for something.
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13th Sep 02
A Travel Journalist student's obsession takes her to England and then into trouble as she finds out what What Crop Circles Are.
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28th Jul 02
A computer scientist makes a significant breakthough. Problems and pleasures follow when his son hacks into his system and uses his research file as a basis to his morphing assignment.
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19th Jul 02
A stressed out Business women ventures into using an experimental pill. The results do not have timing but are highly effective. It's a story that is stranger being true rather than fictional
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