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The Overflowing Bra

4th Feb 24
Beth recently mutated and gained a third boob, but something inside her has compelled to find a way to grow more! She acquired some illegal mutagen from the mob to help make her dreams a reality, but her friends Kat and Angie think this is a bad idea. Multi-boob chaos ensues! This story is pretty weird and contains lots of Multi Arm, Leg, Head, and especially Boobs, as well as some other stuff. You've been warned!
chem huge lac ment multiple science weird
17th Jun 23
Sara's girlfriend recently got a new job at a trendy new club called The Milk-Bar. The job pays great, but Sara's concerned something strange is going on when her girlfriend starts experiencing some milky growth. Contains: Lactation and Multi-boob.
bg big huge hyp lac multiple science slow
8th May 23
Carrlie is a tomb raider who life goes from rags to riches and flat to fabulously huge boobs through a series of goofy and very fortunate circumstances. This is a silly fantasy series I wrote way back in 2006! I'm not sure why I never posted it here, but Ive recently updated the spelling and grammar, as well as located missing story images provided by the incredible Sidneymt! Please check out to see more of Sidneymt's amazing artwork. If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account! Thank you!
bond fast huge hyp lac magic multiple
8th May 23
KC is hyper-boobed mutant in a world full of sexy mutants. Her mutation isn't even that extreme compared to some, but she still faces lots of social anxiety due to her unnatural features. She just wants to stay in her room, play videogames, and masturbate all day, but life in college eventually introduces KC to a new best friend, and life only gets more sexy from there! These stories are inspired by and set in the incredible universe of Accessworld! To see more of this world and its sexy mutants, check out @INemmed on twitter or Ivan Nemmed on patreon! If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account. Thank you!
fast huge lac multiple science weird