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The Overflowing Bra

17th Jan 10
A quick little scene about a bartender who learns to be a more gracious hostess.
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2nd Jul 09
Scarlet and Maria are two friends who are forever changed by the were-breeder curse. These two ladies are the first victims, though they seem to be enjoying it just fine. Read on for more transformative action!
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23rd Jun 09
"A gust of wind flipped the book to a page with bold letters that spelled out the following, 'Warning! After you awaken your breasts, you must provide direction with one of the methods detailed in this chapter. Otherwise, your breasts will accept all inputs with unpredictable results.' Sophie didn't notice the book's warning because she was already fast asleep."
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11th Jun 09
Four special nuns and a Vicar attempt to go up against the ancient Goddess Tiamat and fail. I think Tiamat really enjoys corrupting clergy.
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26th Mar 09
When two friends, Mark and Rachel, get stuck in the jungle, they stay at a charming little inn and find a most intriguing beverage.
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25th Mar 09
John finds out that his girlfriend is a Were-breeder, cursed spend the night of the full moon as a pregnant woman. He also finds out that this is a sexually transmitted condition and also has to spend the night of the full moon as a pregnant woman.
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23rd Mar 09
Meet Bill. Bill is an Anglican Vicar who encounters a woman under the effects of Tiamat's Lust Spell. Watch as he investigates the growing woman, For Science! Also, Nyomi, Sara, and Jennifer "Prepare" for an encounter with Tiamat.
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9th Mar 09
Phase 1 of Tia's plan swings into full effect and Mary and Jennifer get caught up in the fun. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a threesome!
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2nd Mar 09
Sara and Nyomi are back and dealing with the effects of being fertility priestesses.
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23rd Feb 09
Heather, a mousy little college student, gets some divine help in the dating arena. After undergoing a few confidence boosters, she goes on her first date. Sara and Nyomi are mostly absent (See if you can't spot Nyomi's cameo appearance), but they'll return in the next chapter. Sorry, no milk in this chapter, but ch3 is on the way.
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16th Feb 09
Sara begins experiencing some delightfully pleasurable changes and begins a sex filled odyssey of the milky variety.
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