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The Overflowing Bra

7th Aug 12
Three students christen the areas surrounding their breakfast table following a night of transformation.
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19th May 12
The kinky Hig gets her hands on a crystal ball from one of her husband's wizard friends. Her girlhood friends then are made to change, coming to a baby shower that will defy the ages.
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9th May 12
Mrs. Gagglecock has a slow day at the office where she relives her early days in the porn business and learns the true nature of length. A truly sordid work.
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6th May 12
Pretty plain Jane with this one. Just a night at the opera gone swimmingly. Mrs. Merriweather, polite woman in her late 30's, experiences an out of body experience with her soon to be husband, Mr. Merriweather, bro not even out of college. The characterizations and language are fluid so be warned.
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1st Feb 12
This is my first contribution. I didn't think I could write something of my own, so instead I versified something I had read awhile ago. I hope what I have done makes it make more sense. All credit goes to Yashmen Halfcount!
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