The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

1st Jun 20
A late-night stargazing incident leads to a girl returning home with a demanding and fertile new surprise for her roommate.
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15th Mar 20
A transgender test subject for a new hormone treatment finds herself growing far more than she'd expected as she vlogs her progress.
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2nd Feb 20
One woman searches to find happiness and companionship after an industrial accident creates an outbreak of bloating bosoms and mounting libidos in a small college town.
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24th Aug 19
A size-queen's experimentation with body-modifying drugs leads to mutually-beneficial growth for her and her boyfriend.
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19th Apr 19
An alien first encounter and a galactic crisis of fetish-driven psychic powers transform one woman's life and body forever.
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12th Apr 19
When a loveless maieusophile gets set up on a blind date, he isn't expecting to meet the girl of his dreams (and deepest fantasies).
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25th Mar 16
A farmboy discovers that some of the women in the big city are very, very different - and their outsized breasts and coloured hair are just the start! How will he navigate life and love with a woman whose uncontrollable urges deny her a normal life?
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13th Feb 16
An overzealous diet advocate's chance encounter with a witch sees her undergo a sexy, sticky, incredibly sweet transformation that gives her a whole new perspective on life.
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27th Apr 14
A short, sexy teaser from the new and improved Wish Upon A Star. If you like my work, if you're looking for a massively rewritten and far improved story of erotic transformation, BE, futa and mini-GTS and above all if you'd like to help support me, I'd love for you to check it out at Smashwords! Link inside.
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27th Jul 13
When a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower brings with it shocking transformations, two girls find themselves trying to keep control of their lives as they lose it over their bodies. They begin to find that the truth of their condition is a lot deeper than they first thought...
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21st May 12
In response to a comment on my most recent story, I've decided to go back through all my old stories and fix up the formatting and paragraphing to make them all nicely readable. This collection contains all my current uploads on the site in a simple, cohesive HTML design with my utterly shocking use of paragraphs (or lack thereof) fixed up for actually knowing how to write now.
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19th May 12
Dealing with the aftermath of their transformations, one mutated researcher has a plan to help them fit in again. (WARNING: Extreme transformations!)
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26th Jul 11
A failed science experiment holds bizarre and erotic consequences for a small team of researchers. (WARNING: Extreme transformations!)
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26th Jan 10
A man's desperate experiment with a prototype aphrodisiac goes far, far beyond his expectations.
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2nd Jan 10
When a dumpy officewoman insults one of her company's new hires, she gets a lot more than she bargained for in return.
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24th Apr 09
Mia, the fledgling Slutpire, unleashes her new-found sense of self-assurance and limitless sexual power on an unsuspecting world in what is just the beginning of an orgy of swelling breasts, shifting bodies and an eternity of unending arousal.
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19th Jun 08
Part Two of the epic tale of supernatural sluts of the night and their newest member, Mia, who has her first encounter with sex as one of the big-breasted beauties, and more fully develops her new body...
fast huge magic shem
17th Jan 08
A young, inexperienced adventurer is captured by a kinky sorceress and turned into the perfect sex slave.
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9th Oct 07
Jo discovers Mia's true nature... and what pleasure a magically enhanced slut can bring someone. Mia learns more about what it means to be what she is, and even more about her amazing abilities as a very special Slutpire.
big fast huge magic mpg nc sc shem
25th Sep 07
In the second installment of this tale of the busty, lustful, super-sexual women called the Slutpires, Mia experiences her first day among their kind. She quickly learns to adjust to her new body and its new desires... (Parts 1 and 2 included)
cb fast huge magic shem
19th Mar 07
Two sultry, sexy women introduce young Mia into a supernatural world of expanding breasts, hot hermaphrodites and a power over regular people she never thought possible. Part 1 of a first attempt.
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