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The Overflowing Bra

17th Jun 19
A milky tale of two space-faring adventurers, Davis and Viv, who cross the galaxy for their next combat job. Viv's meds react to the travel...In ways neither of them ever would have expected! A commission by anonymous.
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9th Feb 19
Inori & friends get into all sorts of trouble with their busts at their first Expansion Fest event, how will the girls end up looking by the end of it all? Commission for & using OCs of Akemi Expansions
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27th Nov 16
Still at the frat house, Bree finds her changes increasing in number and absurdity. When she finally makes it out, what state will she be in? Contains parts 1 and 2.
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5th Mar 16
Bree's ID Card continues to change her as her life--and body--quickly spiral out of her control. Contains part 1.
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6th Jan 16
Bree's new college ID card comes with a devilish twist that changes her into whatever people say about her. Part 1 of many. Spiritual successor to The ID Card, and re-uploaded in a better file format.
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3rd Jan 16
Spiritual Successor to The ID Card. Bree's new campus ID card changes her into whatever is said about her. When the changes take her to a rowdy frat party, what will she leave like...?
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28th Oct 15
Alex finds one day that his ID card has been replaced with one that changes reality...But only for him?
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