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The Overflowing Bra

2nd Apr 13
14 + 9 pages | BE driven Story ( not story driven ) | Both stories in RTF ONLY | Little Diabolical Girl get's another addition to it's pool | The second part of the Story was checked by "The editor" | The first is still the version checked by "Trixielle Lunare" | Special thanks to the editors | I hope "the editor" and I have a fruitful cooperation in the future as well. | As always I hope this inspires other writers to post their stuff on this site.
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16th Mar 13
[BE] [PE] | 5 pages | This one has been laying around for Trixielle Lunare to check for 2 months, however she's disappeared. | I checked this myself the best I could. I did try to find a replacement editor but failed | I hope that this inspires some better authors to upload their stories.| Enjoy if you can.
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3rd Jan 13
[BE] | REWRITE / SECOND EDIT | 7 Page story | -EXTREMELY STORY DRIVEN- | This is the second version of SEogB ( Sacrice Everything or go Bust) It makes A LOT more sense with explanations | Story follows the live of a princess in distress in a -very- BREAST SIZE orientated world. | Small lesbain scene is still mostly the same | This was edited by friendly request; i.e. the only type that works | REQUESTED REVISION | SMALL VERY BUSTY GIRL included as is my signature character type| HTML included but NOT advised | ( now with less grammar errors and a logically explained story :P | Please enjoy!
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3rd Jan 13
[BE] | LESBIANS | 15 Page story | -VERY STORY DRIVEN- | The story of a girl fighting against her unjustified nickname | NO MALES IN THIS | This was checked by A SWEDE | SWEDEN ON TOP | SMALL BUSTY GIRL AGAIN | | TXT included but not advised ( because bad formatting ) | Find grammar errors and I'll hate you forever ( The swede ) | Merry lesbian day! | Don't make little girls cry. | Realistic size at normal ending, unrealistically huge in epilogue | Please enjoy! |
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2nd Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 5 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before. In equal amounts. Includes a fairly realistic problem and the simple means of overcoming that problem. | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | Please enjoy | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy.
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2nd Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 3 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before favouring [PE] over [BE] but has larger breasts than. | LACTATION | There is hardly any story to this. It's mostly perversion | Not enough yuri | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy | No cruelty |
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1st Jan 13
Written on new years eve do to lack of sleep this story might contain quite a few grammar errors. The story's central theme is Penis expansion on a Male. However it features quite a lot of Breast expansion as well. Despite being noted as magical it's actually supernatural unexplained growth rather than related to magic. Also features chemical growth on Penis. The growth is over 8 pages but is continues so depending on where you stop it's >any< of the amount of growth tags. I hope this isn't too much of a waste of your time. In addition this is: Medium length male on Below average length female.
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1st Jan 13
Another 8 Page story. Again this includes Breast Expansion and Penis expansion. This time in about the same proportions. This is more STORY/COMEDY and less SEX/EXPANSION heavy it's also more realistically sized in the end. ( well duh, I went overboard in the last one. ) It's also written better I believe ( and hope ) , but no second checker once again.
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1st Jan 13
A very story driven, EXCLUSIVELY [BE]story 6 Pages. | No CANNON sex scenes are in this BE story > but A non cannon one is included at the end. ( albeit it isn't a complete sequence. ) | Short big breasted girl included ( as it usual for me ) | FANTASY & DRAMA |
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1st Jan 13
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