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The Overflowing Bra

25th Sep 15
This is a short (only 1,700 word) story I wrote as an exercise. It's a first-person expansion story about a woman that goes to an experimental booth to reduce her breasts. Don't worry-- it has a happy ending. ;) I'll admit the main reason I'm posting this is to communicate that all my stories are Microsoft Word Documents. (.docx) If you're dumb enough to try and open one in notepad and expect it to work, good on you, but don't downrate my stories because of your own stupidity. If you don't have Word, you can convert the story with free software or upload it to Google Drive. If you don't ant to bother with conversions you can also read my stories at . Thanks -- SB
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19th Jul 15
Chris lets the power granted to him by the Boob Note, a magical notebook capable of enlarging breasts, go to his head. He toes the line between popular playboy and dangerous sociopath. Chris quickly learns the book can not only enlarge breasts but shape reality itself. He finds a girl willing to help him experiment, but one just isn't enough for Chris. Is he going to far? Or is he just taking his new role as a modern 'Boob God' too far? Boob Note is an ongoing story being posted in smaller parts at When larger chunks of the story are finished it will be posted here. However, if you'd like to get little bits of the story sooner (and maybe even contribute to Chris' fate) check out my DA page. --SB
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24th May 15
A 10,000 word short story (one of three parts). Chris, a waiter and college Junior, finds a mysterious notebook in the back room of his restaurant. To his surprise, it holds the power to enlarge or shrink breasts without any risk of detection. Doe Chris use it for the good of mankind? Or is it just a tool to score him some tail? Maybe Both.
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5th May 15
A story I made for a writing contest. For you literary nerds out there, no, it's not a mice and men fan fiction. (Names were changed from the original file.) A twenty something girl gets a weird package she (or her roommate) didn't order and things get out of control thanks to a mischievous little invisible mouse.
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18th Apr 15
Part Three of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game NINE Persons, NINE Doors. (So it's been years since I played it... bite me) Four more strangers show up, bringing the total to Eight. The announcer seems hesitant to help them until all the players are in place, where could they be? This is a bit of a slow burn, please give me some time to get some quality excuses for Boob growth. I'm also open to suggestions for particular contestants. Find me on Deviant Art if you want to ask me questions. (ShamusBaran)
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7th Apr 15
A story inspired by the game Seven Persons Seven Doors /Zero's Last Escape. No growth (yet!) just setting the stage for a twisted game that puts it's captives through all sorts of torment. This is effectively a teaser chapter before the fun begins.
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7th Apr 15
Part Two of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game Seven Persons, Seven Doors. Four strangers (so far) are thrown into a twisted game where the stakes are their very bodies' identity. Vulis (Vulture) and Chess come across two more contestants and the first game is launched.
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6th Apr 15
A digital log found while exploring a hastily abandoned research station. It was covered in unidentified semen and human milk.
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3rd Apr 15
Odd Request is a first person tale of tale spun by a prostitute named Mira. It's a story of a very special client with peculiar tastes. Not only does she get the chance to make an obscene amount of money, but she gets a chance to fatten her lady bumps without implants. Win. Win.
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