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The Overflowing Bra

17th Mar 22
One day he discovers he has a special ability.
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17th Mar 22
Just a fun little story
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4th Feb 19
Super Short 750 word story for a competition over at Literotica. A young couple stumbles across a spell. Quick, hot and steamy, I hope you enjoy this little stand alone tapas bite.
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30th Jan 19
Faye realizes that she can't keep Cham all to herself so she recruits the help of her two horniest friends, Ilsa and Gwen. Despite their doubts, they may not be ready for what is in store.
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23rd Jan 19
We find ourselves back at the point where Mindy and John wake up. But this time it's told from Mindy's point of view. We also meet a new character (thank you Roid for the idea.)
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16th Jan 19
In a world where status and nobility is judged by the size of your breasts and your raw sexual attraction, Faye was quite possibly the ugliest woman in NorthGlen, the "Outcast" mining Village south of Noblash. Resigned to a life of servitude to her sexually abusive husband, she never dreamed that her world would be turned upside-down by an evil curse cast on her village by a passing Red Sorceress.
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7th Nov 14
With sleep comes a slow transformation for both John & Mindy. John can barely control himself but realizes that he needs to keep calm in order keep Mindy from withdrawing even more. Comments are welcome!
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23rd Oct 14
The Earth is gone. Intergalactic pleasure miners have gathered their small, sample group of humans to test and have destroyed the planet as they departed, per standard operating procedures. John and Mindy find themselves isolated in an incubation room without any answers and only each other to interact with. Unfortunately, they don't get along so well.. at least, at first.
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8th Jun 13
As a backwoods farmer in the archaic world of Noblash, Andrin can't seem to find a suitable mate. All of the women that he knows are definitely buxom.. but the only girl his age is rumored to have some sort of problem? Perhaps that is what causes him to go searching for the temporary lust found in the arms of a magical nymph. However, things aren't always as they seem.
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3rd Feb 12
We join Lieutenant Cassandra Gallo in this action packed sequel as she maneuvers her way through the ship's tight exhaust system on her mission to kill the Captain and regain control. Will her military training be enough to overcome the pheremone laden environment and suppress her lusts? What plans does the Captain have for the rest of the ship? Comments are welcome.
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16th Dec 11
Marvin hated Christmas.. especially since he worked at the mall. Little did he know what could happen when he was not only faced with having to stand-in for the Mall Santa on Christmas Eve, but also be confronted with the secret crush from his flat-chested co-worker, Mindy. It looks like a recipe for disaster.. but maybe.. just maybe.. the magic of Christmas will save the day.
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12th Jul 11
So there's currently 4 versions of Part 1, this is the continuation of my version which substitutes Aunt Danielle for his mother. Check out what happens with Timmy and his Aunt decide to Overdose on the pills. And since Sagger won the comment competition from Part 1, I included a big belly for him. Lots of hot expansion, sex, cum, lactation and orgasms.. just how I like it! Let me know what you think!
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5th Jul 11
I read this story on my lunch break and it was so bad that I just HAD to do something about it. So, I quickly rewrote it substituting Timmy's Aunt for his mom and cleaned up the story, spelling and grammar as best as I could in 1 hour. Credit for the story goes to DirtyMind, not to Foogo. Everybody do me a favor and re-read it just one more time and see if it plays out better. Timmy's a lucky little bastard. Don't forget to rate/comment. -BB47
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10th Jun 11
It appears that Mike is not the only one at his high school who was affected on his 18th Birthday (as seen in Chapter 1 of "The Touch"). Jacob is amazed when his own different power grants him sudden access to the lusty mind of a girl he had dismissed due to her 'flat' figure. Meanwhile, Becky, our super-hot cheerleader finds herself divided over how to handle the manipulative tactics of her perverted teacher. -- Stay tuned for more episodes! Let me know what you think!
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20th Apr 11
Mike is just a normal high school senior until his 18th birthday. However, when his powers begin to manifest, the most unlikely girl gets caught up in his problem. Or maybe it's fate? Perhaps she's the perfect candidate for his breast expansion fetish. Let me know what you think!
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13th Apr 11
Honestly, I really appreciate the feedback on Part 1! Thank you especially to those of you who don't normally comment. Hopefully, this next part is as enjoyable for you to read as it was for me to write. Suggestions are very welcome and helpful as I work on the next part. For those of you just coming on board, join us as we follow the story of Captain Rivers and his exposure to a very pervasive life form during his deep space mission. Part 3 should be ready in a couple weeks.
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6th Apr 11
My first foray into this type of writing. Please leave comments and suggestions. The second part will follow soon. This is the story of Captain John Rivers as he finds himself exposed to a foreign life form aboard his deep space military freighter. Enjoy.
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