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The Overflowing Bra

30th Jun 13
Chuck is your average guy with a bit of crush on a famous busty porn star. After a ‘chance’ meeting that Chuck ‘arranged’ the two hit it off, realizing that two very different people can connect in a way that neither of them thought possible, not the least of which is their mutual love for her huge sensitive breasts . But after things fall apart as they often do, the connection they share refuses to go away, especially when she returns to town with a surprise for him.
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29th Sep 12
A shy, awkward, nerdy girl comes to terms with her obsession and addiction to huge breasts.
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28th Jul 12
This is the story of TITania, a girl so filled with boob greed that she will stop at nothing to get the biggest implants she possibly can. But when she meets a girl who can seemingly make her own breasts grow at will, TITanias life takes an even more drastic turn. This is a follow up to my story “Juggernauts”. It takes before, during and after the events of the Juggernauts contests, all told from the perspective of TITania.
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22nd Jul 12
Jen knows how much her fiancé loves huge breast implants, so Jen sets out to give her lover exactly what he wants … even if he doesnt know its what he wants.
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16th Apr 11
A very short story with Breast Implants. In this letter to my wife I go through the history and some of the details or her miraculous expansion using saline expanders!
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30th Jul 10
A personal story about my love, obsession and addiction to huge breast implants. These are my real life experiences and dreams told through flashbacks and fantasies.
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24th Jul 10
Erin is looking for that extra “umph” to her figure that will drive her boyfriend wild! She then learns about her boyfriend’s obsession with huge breast implants and realizes if she wants him to look at her the same way he looks at porn stars then she has to get implants too.
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22nd Dec 09
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14th Nov 09
A man buys a strip club and wants to turn it into the biggest and best strip club in the world, so he decides to buy all the dancers breast implants!
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6th Sep 09
BE via breast implants. A socialite tries to get rich by going after an oil tycoon and exploiting his weakness for ultra huge fake boobs. But the oil tycoon has his sights set on another even bustier girl. My first BE story. Adam Plantz.
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