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The Overflowing Bra

4th Jun 13
I'm not sure how fast one should update these things, but response to Part 1 was positive, so I decided to move forward with part 2. This part focuses less on the backstory and more on the characters as well as the expansion. Critique is very welcomed. A simple review goes a long way.
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2nd Jun 13
I've browsed this archive before, but haven't ever found something truly tailored to my tastes, so I decided to write my own. The setting of this story is an alternate history where the Central Powers win World War 1. It's very plot heavy and the expansion is very subtle, being implied by description and reaction (which I like). My first story, so please don't throw me to the wolves, at least not yet. Critique is very welcome. Rest assured that once the second part comes out, the expansions will be a little more blatant.
fast huge science