The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

9th Dec 20
An ambitious pair of scientists create an hourglass expansion formula but encounter a few problems along the way. The expansion is focused on with detail as each trial of the formula goes ahead.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge sc science
14th Jun 19
Tess arrives at an abandoned building to take part in a trial for a new pill. She had been promised that her desire to grow taller and taller would be fulfilled, but the pill has an unexpected extra effect.
cb fast gts huge science wow
7th Jun 19
A girl wakes to find herself locked in a room. Soon, a strange gas makes her body hyper-fertile, making her breasts and ass grow. The reasoning for this becomes all too clear as she is pumped full of eggs and made to grow huge.
ag bond cb chem fast huge lac ment nc weird
14th Feb 19
A detailed story where a woman discovers a box of chocolates that make her expand whenever she eats one. It's what she's always wanted, except for one problem... she is stuck in the office, quickly outgrowing her clothes.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge lg magic sc
30th Oct 18
April comes home to find her roommate struggling to contain her breasts as they expand. She says it is because of some chocolates that were left at the door. April gets jealous and makes herself expand too, but neither girl is prepared for just how potent the mystery chocolates are.
cb fast huge magic nc wow
28th Oct 18
Sophie becomes jealous when she discovers her friend has taken a potion to become more curvy. She takes things into her own hands when she steals the potion and takes it along to a dinner party. She intends to make quite an impression on the dinner guests.
ag cb fast huge magic
1st Sep 18
When Nancy's boyfriend tells her about his expansion fetish, she immediately sets to work on creating a machine that will let his fantasies become a reality. There is one thing she didn't plan for though... how much it would mess with her mind.
ag chem huge ment sc science slow asleep
24th Jul 18
Lucy makes a potion to give her what she has wanted for all of her life - a curvaceous body. However, before drinking it, she fails to notice a blueberry fall into the concoction...
bg ag big cb fast magic
6th Jul 18
When Kimmy gets jealous of a work colleague and the size of her bust, she tries to find a way to make her breasts bigger by looking on the internet. She finds a strange way to do it that leaves her in a tricky situation. The main focus is on detailed expansion and clothing destruction.
bg big cb fast magic ment
1st Jul 18
Zara suddenly starts expanding while with her boyfriend in his car. She does not know what caused the expansion, and it swiftly gets out of hand as she tries to hide it from anyone who might see!
ag cb chem fast huge lac lg magic preg
1st Jun 18
A reserved woman buys enhancement products to spice up her sex life. She finds it hard to resist going wild as her body changes.
bg ag big cb chem fast ment mpg science
11th Feb 18
A story that focuses on in depth expansion description. A woman is working at an archaeological dig site when she finds a fertility statue. She keeps it for herself, which results in some welcome changes.
bg ag big cb fast magic