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5th Feb 12
Ok, the last one for a while (unless I get Katya book two taken care of, still have to shoehorn the BE into that one...;) Tried to pay more attention to typos, and hopefully the punctuation is better this time. The light-hearted tale of Soviet science, and how they go about BE. Note - some deliberate errors, just to play around with. Some grow, and some are just large to begin with. Have fun...;)
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8th Jan 12
Another story, more of a situation. Bonus Mind-control at the end, but still should have some fun. ~ of tittilation still in effect
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8th Jan 12
And another...more of a 'what if' than hardcore, but hey, free's free, right?
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8th Jan 12
And that's it for a while. Everyone else should get a chance. Two hours later, you'll be horny again...;)
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7th Jan 12
Hi, I'm back. Spent 5 months off the Internet (long story),'s a long story. Two versions; 1 short story with BE, and then, because of way too much time on my hands, a 'novella' of around 190 pages. For those looking for the good stuff - look for the 'tilda of tittilation', and skip all the stolen quotes, snappy patter, light humor, and plot and character development. Tilda = ~, just search for that. Have about another 6 stories (working on the 7th) for this site alone. Have fun, and more to come.
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7th Jan 12
Ok, this reads as a comic (was originally for a site that does comics of BE, that shall remain nameless...;) but the '6 months before you see it' kinda takes the fun out of it. So it's kinda two-dimensional ('ceptin' the BE...;) and the 'politics' aren't meant to be taken seriously. It's all fun, so
big fast science
7th Jan 12
Final story for the day...this is what I should be writing 'she gets in, she gets big, she gets out' that everyone is hoping to find. Have fun...;)
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17th Jul 11
Hokay, been a long time with nothing of mine to show here. Following is another attempt at Erotic Steampunk, actually Oriental this time. This is the 5th part of the Sarissan trilogy, so it's a little heavy on story. Once again, do a search on ~, and you can skip the romance, plot development, bad puns, borrowed dialog, and get right to the 'good parts'. You don't have to read the other stories to follow this, unless you want all the references... It's a bit long (hey, be glad I didn't include the book cover piece), but hopefully some fun.
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27th Oct 10
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8th May 10
Ok, I managed to sneak another one out. Much more fappage than story in this one (some folks might have been cheated on the last one...;) Have fun, this one isn't as serious as the previous ones....
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31st Mar 10
Whoa, Nelly. 190 odd pages. It's time to put this puppy to bed. This is the final (no, really this time...;) forth part of the two-part series. It's gone from a simple idea about BE to a novel where everyone just happens to get laid...;) There's some BE here, but it's not fair to HHH and the others to call it a BE story as much, so once again, the ~ is your friend. I've got to cut back some, this was getting out of hand. It's time for other people to have a shot (thought anyone could post something any time, and I like reading 'em as much as I like writing 'em...;) I'm not going to stop, but it will probably be about June before I can pick up again. And I'm out of ideas at the moment. Still, it's been fun, have fun, and I'll be lurking around out there. Thanks to all.
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25th Mar 10
Gad, I gotta give this a rest...;) 153 pages and counting....ok, as promised, here's Part 3 of the 2-part series. There's a little BE, but it's not a major part of the story, compared to other parts. Plenty o' sex, but 50 pages just for this part...whoosh! Ok, I'm thankful for all the comments, you've been very nice. Part four...I have a problem; I've pumped up everyone, so I have no flesh left to plump Actually, there's hardly any SEX in it at all. These things happen. I'll have to find somewhere else to publish it, but it will be a while. In the meantime, have fun
big cb instant magic mpg preg
23rd Mar 10
Sigh, another story that ran away with the plot instead of fappage..;) Ok, there is some BE in here, but it's a bit more slow-paced, and subtle, so be forewarned.Was responding to a thread in another forum called 'Steampunk Erotica', so I thought...why not? Usually ~ stuff for those with more on their hands than time...;) Sarissa 3, the 3rd part of the 2-part series is done as far as the story is done, just have to shoehorn in the BE scenes. Has to be done by next week. See you...out there...
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11th Mar 10
Ok, done, finito, finished, shot the engineers and began production...;) This just became a such a 'bug' that I had to finish it. Not as much BE as it should (but the principals are mostly already 'expanded', but plenty of good clean dirty fun. Once again, use the ~ to avoid any wasted fappage...;) This mainly ties up loose ends, though the story kept breaking out into the action. Have fun. On to the next one, some old faces, some Steampunk erotica(maybe I'll be the first).
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2nd Mar 10
Something odd happened to this on the way to posting; an actual story got stuck in it before I could put a stake through it's heart and get it to press...;) Sheesh, 9 chapters. To spare our gentle readers, I've put in something I call 'waltzing the tilde', just Edit|Find, and search for ~, and you can escape the pesky plot development, long-winded romantic scenes, etc...;) (Don't you wish EVERYONE would do this?...;) Usual warnings of possessives, contractions, bad grammar, word usage, and plu-perfect split definitives apply. Have fun
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4th Feb 10
I'm back. Always been an admirer of XXXecil's work, so I thought I'd take a trip through the Faephobia universe (after checking with him, of course...;) Here's a little something, on how it all might have begun. Have fun.
big fast lac magic mpg preg sc
12th Jan 10
Long time, no post. This is actually a 'failure'; I'd tried to write an 'evil' story, where the 'bad guys' win, but it seems I can't do evil...;) Still, it's another in the Master PC stable of 'what ifs?' Apologies for grammar and punctuation, I had the @#$ file on how not to make mistakes, but I can't find it..;) Have fun.
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6th Aug 09
If I could write sci-fi, I'd actually make a story with the preface. Thought it'd be a good idea. Still, this idea gelled around a couple of other stories I've read (not necessarily here), and I thought I'd take a crack at it. There is BE, apologies, but it's a while before it shows up. Put some other things in to keep people's attention until you get there...;)
aliens big mpg science slow
6th Aug 09
This was original meant for another type of site, but it's been a while, and no answer, so a few tweaks, and presto-chango, it's here... I've got about another week of 'freedom', and then I'm not going to be able to write for some time, and only infrequently. It's a shame, but sometimes real life intervenes. Another Sci-fi story, shorter, but more BE (though mostly in the background). Have fun.
big fast sc science
25th Jul 09
This one has a convoluted history. I created another Master PC story, exploring some aspects I didn't think had been addressed. The originator of the series kindly suggested some changes, which I probably didn't get right...;) Still, it's got some breast expansion, some fun, and I thought you guys might like it. It's another 'what if the girls found the Master PC program?' types. Have fun with it
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10th Jul 09
Yes, boys and girls, once again plot and character development get in the way of some serious fappage...;) Those how have not read my 'The Girl with the Hands' might want to read it, although it's not required. It picks up literally where the last one left off, and takes our heroes off to Jolly 'ol England to meet up with some more enhanced enhancers...;) Worked slightly harder on descriptions, but if there's any suggestions, please sing out.
ag aliens fast huge lac magic mpg
15th Jan 09
Well, someone asked for be careful what you ask for. This is part 2 of the Man with the it's more centered on her story. Some BE, but some enhancements of another sort, sauce for the gander, if you will...;) Have fun.
aliens fast huge lac mpg preg sc science
6th Jan 09
What happens when a nice guy with a strange talent runs into too many women at once. Straight-up BE this time, and the usual fun that goes with it.
aliens big fast sc science
20th Dec 08
Boy has it been a trial trying to find enough 'supervised' time to get this done and zipped. It's the sequel to my last story, so you might like to check that out first. It can stand alone, but if it gets confusing...;) Set in the Bimbo series of stories (well...barely...;), it has a bit too much plot, but I tried to keep it spicy enough to fit in here..;) have fun, comments and criticisms welcome.
big lac offstage science slow
21st Jun 08
just a quicky. gonna lose access to this place for a couple months, so I'd better post quickly...;) Some BE, but not central to the story. Still, might be fun. Enjoy.
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13th Jun 08
A sequel to Dr. Gonzaga, a posting I made a few months back. May help to read it, but not necessary. What happens when modern science can unravel the secrets of that lusty Victorian elixer? What happens when a lovely young botanist samples the women's plant, and has an expanding experience.
big chem preg slow
10th May 08
A sequel to an old submission of mine, 'Dr. Gonzaga'. What happens when modern science comes in contact with the lusty Victorian extract that causes everything good to expand...;)
big chem preg slow
13th May 07
The Literary equivalent of fruitcake; incredibly dense, much too sweet, gets passed around a lot, and takes forever to get through..;) Actually, a 'botched' attempt at a Bearchive challenge. Read that they wanted a story to illustrate, went back, and found just a comic-book-length description. I'm about 21 pages over that. Victorian setting, and tried to convey the eroticism without having to use all the shopworn words...possibly the only story subitted here not containing the word 'pussy'..;) Enjoy. checked for spelling, but may have occasional dings..mea culpa
chem huge mpg slow weird
19th Dec 06
Ok, something with some actual breast expansion. There's a subcult of erotica out there, based on mind control. A lot of it is, uh..well, never mind. Some of it, however, is not all that bad. There is a subcult of THAT subcult, called 'Master PC', where the stories are written that you can use a program to design anyone to look or act anyway you want. A lot of that is stranger than fiction, no telling who wants what nowadays..;) Where this all got started? well, I just thought I would give it one of those 'origin of' stories. Sci-fi, a bit too much plot, but hopefully the naughty bits will make up for that. Run through Word spell and grammar check (word 2003). Read through a couple of times as well. With luck, it is not too off. Have fun
big cb fast sc science weird
2nd Dec 06
Ok, due to underwhelming demand..;) here's the whole story. I have sent this through Word Spelling and Grammar check, and have taken all the suggestions from the last version into account. Still, I'm sure there's something 'wrong' with it. To coin a phrase, this is Porn, not Proust..;) Now there's a couple of other 'kinks' in here; nothing too out there, but still, you may want to skip the second 2 thirds of it, depending on your level of interest. I conceived of this as a story that could be placed at multiple sites, depending on what segments would 'fit'. I even submitted this to an 'editor' at one of the other sites. I did get one revision back, but that was almost 3 weeks ago, and the 2nd proof has not been responded to. If anyone wants to do a word by word, line by line attack of misspellings and grammatical errors, do your worst. At least I'll learn 2 things, 1) Where the grammar's off, and 2) what words are being misspelled (which can be added to my Word dictionary. Have fun.
big instant lac magic mpg preg
26th Oct 06
just part of a larger story. This part has BE, though at the end. There's 2 other parts that aren't so they're not in this version. Should be Amusing
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