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The Overflowing Bra

2nd Apr 24
Abi and Mia go on a vacation in an attempt to forget about their past woes. But the problems they faced at home seem to follow them regardless. A collaberation between mysteryguy9215 and capdjinn.
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6th Mar 24
A selected assortment of ten of my stories, written over the past five or so years, not previously available on OFB. Stories included: Adding Pounds to Peaches, Cake for Her Birthday, Growing Intelligence, Milk from the Tap, No More Fruit (a collab with chambersuit), So Much for Squats, The Breast Gummy Bet, The Laundromat, Three Short Expansion Stories, and When Science Goes Wrong (a collab with expansionprocess). All BE and AE focused and in PDF format. Enjoy!
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1st Nov 23
The sequel to Big Night Out. After a wild night of sex and growth, Lydia and Rachelle are horrified to find out that the fantasy didn't fully end. Unable to fix themselves, they rely on Thom and Nikki to get them out of their jam. They oblige, of course - but little do either of them know, its only the beginning of their ever expanding relationships. Thanks for your support :)
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3rd Dec 22
Lydia and Rachelle plan on having a fun night out at a concert when they bump into another couple there. This couple offers them a hotel room and some casual conversation...until they reveal their true intentions. A night Lydia and Rachelle could never dream of soon ensues. Based off true fantasies. Side note: Its been some time since I've posted on here, so far be it from me to say anyone remembers me. But for those who do, and weren't too big on my older stories...consider this one a peace offering.
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18th Oct 17
Two roommates bicker and strange things seem to happen as a result...
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9th Feb 16
Butt expansion focused. .txt, .html, and .odt format. Enjoy.
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14th May 15
This is a bit of an older one, but I forgot to put it up. A story of a woman trying to please her husband's desires...using very risky methods of experimental, self-produced lotion. In .txt and .html format. Fair criticism is always welcome.
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9th Feb 15
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28th Dec 14
Late Christmas story due to a bit of a bit of a delay on my part. A story of...well, why elves don't decorate Christmas trees. Right there in the title I guess. I'll give you a hint as to why: it involves growing boobs. Included in the .zip file are: .txt and .odt files of the story, as well as a sketch that inspired the story, made by CRUBAT. You can find more of his stuff on deviantArt.
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29th Nov 14
Just a silly 5 page Breast Expansion story using Zero Suit Samus in a Smash Bros. setting. In .txt and .odt format, let me know if the files are messed up and I'll upload in a different format.
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8th Aug 14
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24th Jul 14
Ashley is an adventurer and treasure hunter. She finds a lead on a mysterious technology she has been trying to find for years, and goes to investigate. The technology she finds does things that even she couldn't predict... Short 7 page story in .txt, .html and .odt format.
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30th Jun 14
A young girl meets another older girl online and they become friends. The older tells the younger of a certain miracle drink...but does it really do what she leads on? Or does it do something much, much more? Another short story written in about an hour. No real plot, just some good old fashioned BE. In .html, .txt and .odt format.
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24th May 14
A simple little one shot involving a hot babe and some hot coffee. This is a nice break from the incredibly plot heavy and character driven story that I recently wrote, so if there are mistakes in there in places, I apologize. This was just a quick thing written at around midnight in about an an hour and a half to two hours. In .txt and .html format.
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21st May 14
A regular guy with a regular life wakes up one day to discover he has breasts. Worst of all, they continue to grow. He decides to make the best of it, tries to go through daily life with them, and realizes it may not be as bad as he first thought. Very plot and character heavy, but still with plenty of BE. One of my longest stories to date. In both .html and .txt format.
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4th May 14
A woman works at a salon, and gets an odd coin as a gift from a parting friend. This coin ends up causing a lot of trouble, and not just for her!
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13th Apr 14
A very short story written in about an hour, used as a way of flexing out the ideas for my next story. Simple, to the point, and, hopefully, still very fun.
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6th Feb 14
A story about a woman accused of a crime. She is interrogated using a new form of torture system, which causes her breasts to expand with every lie she tells. Please note that this is not political/ethical commentary in any way, and is meant to be purely a BE story.
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3rd Jan 14
(File is in txt format. Please alert me if there are any errors with the file and I will re-upload in a different format.)
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5th Dec 13
Angela becomes displeased with her figure, and finds supplements that may shape her to her desires. Invloves weight loss and breast expansion. And if I may say something real quick: I don't mind any criticism. Not in the least. And I suppose I should have said this in prior story uploads, but I neglected to, so I'm saying it now: Many of the stories I am uploading were written YEARS ago, before I had any sort of reference to BE writing. All I had were vague ideas in my head to lead me. Is it an excuse for poor quality? Certainly not. I could always go back and re-edit some of them (and for most of them, I do before I upload, but not to a high degree). But I just wanted to say that. Again, this should not deter anyone from giving criticism or feedback, I just wanted to clarify and give some perspective is all. I appreciate any words or ratings of any kind, as long as they are constructive. Know that I am always working to improve my writings. Thank you.
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26th Nov 13
A story of Jessica and Kyra. One day, one of them finds a strange bra with the power to increase her bust size. But how far will it go?
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26th Nov 13
A story of jealousy. Two girls, extremely jealous of one of the popular girls and her bust size. One of them crafts a serum that will make them bigger, but with somewhat unexpected and over the top results. This was an RP I did with another writer, named AlphaVragg735
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24th Nov 13
A story of Michelle, jealous of another girl named Lyza for her assets. She uses a spellbook to improve her figure, but gets more than she bargained for.
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22nd Nov 13
This is a story of a certain Aela. Addicted to technology, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a peculiar curse. (Note: Please inform me if there are still errors with the download, I am trying to figure out the best format to upload these in. Thanks.)
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21st Nov 13
Two girls entering a virtual world encounter a mysterious enemy with a strange and powerful ability.
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21st Nov 13
The main character finds a book that can control women's bodies.
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21st Nov 13
Aisha discovers three ancient slabs, each with some unexpected powers. Will she be able to control what happens? Or does she even want to?
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