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The Overflowing Bra

13th Jun 23
It's been a long time, but here is the fourth part of The Ballad of Maggie in which Maggie and her friends face consequences for irresponsibility and gather bits of knowledge that something more is amiss than their own erotic shenanigans.
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2nd Apr 16
Part 3: Maggie struggles with her transformation, while her friends try to help her. Their efforts cause some trouble that will surely come back to haunt them all. (Includes parts 1-3 in .pdf and .html files) (Trigger warning: attempted rape)
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17th Mar 16
Maggie continues to navigate a Puzzling World of strange, erotic transformations with her friends, both old and new. She continues her new hobby of sowing her wild oats and attends a party where a friend of hers performs transformation magic. (Note: there is little BE in this chapter. Some characters have previously enlarged breasts, though.)
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21st Dec 15
This is part 1 of "The Ballad of Maggie." The story takes place years after the events of "The Puzzlebox Curse." It's a strange new world coping with random magical events that erotically transform and feminize. Maggie and her roommate Beth navigate college in this world, as Maggie is on a relationship rebound, and Beth is caught in a funk caused by her magical transformation from a year before. [Note to readers: this story is driven by erotic transformation and is not primarily a breast expansion story, though that is a theme.]
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10th Aug 14
There is no update to the story, just the inclusion of a non-.pdf file, as per someone's request.
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8th Aug 14
This is the 3rd and final installment of "The Puzzle Box Curse." Violet and her allies take on the wicked demon Hamamelis and try to save the world from sexual enslavement. Can they stop her? What are the costs? Find out in the exciting conclusion herein. Note: This series is intended to set off a new setting that I will try to get around writing about.
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30th May 13
In the second chapter of the long-delayed story The Puzzle Box Curse, our heroine Violet and her friends nearly resign themselves to defeat, but a new hope arises. That hope comes with forbidding troubles for the world, but weird transformations, breast fixation, and passionate sex await in their next stage of the adventure!
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20th Nov 09
This is the first in a new series about a woman who finds an unusual artifact containing an unusual entity. She has to deal with this creature as well as her busy life, learning about others and herself along the way. There is some sex. Note to BE Archive readers that there is little BE in this part, but I am posting it here, because I have other stories in this archive.
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11th Mar 04
This is the first chapter of a new series about a young woman cursed to travel the world, transforming people by proxie of an ancient evil fertility goddess.
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22nd Feb 00
William the wizard latches onto the new colors magic.
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20th Dec 99
A new sex magician gets revenge on a womanizer.
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13th Dec 99
A sex goddess gains a new follower who spreads her message through transformations.
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20th Feb 99
Magical trouble strikes a kingdom as men turn into women and other magical sex problems occur.
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20th Feb 99
When a woman ends up in charge of the magician's Flesh Alteration Kit and more, bizarre havoc ensues.
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5th Feb 99
Magician gives a woman in search of more pleasure some magic panties and condom.
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15th Jan 99
Boy gets a strange magic kit in the mail with weird machines that let him change body parts, colors, and more.
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9th Jan 99
Magical and menacing boardgame tranforms its players in weird ways. Warning: graphic and strange xforms!
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