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The Overflowing Bra

9th May 21
Lillian makes a deal with the devil, giving up her immortal soul to become more wealth, powerful, and beautiful. However, he grants her wish in his own way, only allowing her to improve with every climax she induces in others. Once she realizes this, Lillian takes full advantage of her newfound ability.
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28th Feb 21
As the strongest, sexiest superpowered girl in school, Lilly takes full advantage of her status. But her world will be rocked when a far more beautiful and powerful girl, Fiona, arrives...
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20th Feb 21
Olivia is tired of being in Isabella's shadow. The school's prettiest and bitchiest girl, Isabella enjoyes lording her many advantages over the smaller, less-endowed girl. But the tables may be turned when Olivia discovers some experimental pills...
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12th Feb 21
When Matt partners up with the most beautiful girl in school for their senior project, he has no idea that he's about to develop a formula to make her even hotter...
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11th Feb 21
Smarter. Sexier. More athletic. Jenny Clay has always wished she were any of those things. Instead, she is just her plain, unremarkable self. When Jenny finds herself becoming far more gorgeous and far less intelligent, she realizes that her lecherous boss is attempting to make her into his next trophy wife. That wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she wished to become more! Will Jenny be able to escape Anthony’s transforming desires? Can she find a way to turn the tables on the man and become the smart, sexy, athletic woman of her own fantasies? Or will her new transformation ability give her all of those things to a degree she never imagined possible.
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7th Feb 21
Rachael's brother, Chad, has come up with a serum that enhances feminine attributes. She and her friends try it. Sexy hijinks and other developments ensue. ;)
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6th Feb 21
Jake has longed to date his friend Megan all his life and now has his chance. The problem? Somehow her younger sister has become attached to his Supergirl fantasies, her looks and abilities growing closer to those of his dream woman every time he sees her.
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4th Feb 21
A New Jersey housewife with a troubled family, Dee's life hasn't turned out as she would have imagined. After a visit to the doctor, however, strange things begin to happen to her body. She begins to become more attractive, stronger, and smarter than she ever imagined possible.
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28th Mar 20
Tired of languishing behind less qualified, prettier women in the administrative assistant pool, Ashley begins to envy their looks and outgoing personalities. Then, she begins to change...
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