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The Overflowing Bra

6th Jul 13
A new story, based on a doujin I read. One man lives a solitary life, with no friends or girlfriends but that all changes when he's visited by a tiny Oni. Warning this is a original story using fanfic characters.
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13th Dec 12
The next chapter has been created! Reviews and Criticism are welcome! If you wish to see more of my works that are mainly non-BE send me an e-mail at make sure to label it as important or it'll go to the trash...
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4th Sep 12
Because I forgot to add 1 and 2 for the premise... Naruto is a pilot and Hinata an heiress to a powerful company. When a trip to home goes wrong these two must survive a island with unknown flora and fauna. Can they get off the island fast enough to go home? Can they manage to work together long enough to achieve the goal?
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3rd Sep 12
This is Silenteye but I will now be going under the name Silent Soul Ken or SSK. The reason for this is to unify all my stuff under one name. So Silenteye, Soul Teller and Kentenko are me. Now for the summary of events. Naruto and Hinata are trapped on an island. Hinata has noticed slight changes in their behavior and body. Suspicious she goes to find the cause. Naruto tired of being stranded to one part of the island decides to explore the mountain. Will Naruto climb the mountain? Will Hinata find out what is wrong with her and him?
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