The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

2nd Nov 09
Due to the actions of an unscrupulous corporation, an innocent woman is chosen to be a test subject for a device that turns females into the perfect sex partners.
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21st Sep 09
We come to it at last. The homecoming dance is here, but the more interesting events will occur after the dance. Bethany and Ryu will each emerge from their respective after-parties differently.
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7th Sep 09
As her plans near fruition, Bethany continues to witness Ryu's effect on the people around her. It seems that everyone is finding that special someone.
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24th Aug 09
Bethany enacts the next part of her plan to get revenge of Melanie, which strangely involves Ryu and the girls in her gym class.
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10th Aug 09
Ryu continues to work his magic on the people in Bethany's life, namely her teacher and her mother.
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28th Jul 09
Through the use of a magic scroll, an unpopular girl summons a powerful god in order to obtain love, popularity, and revenge.
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2nd Jul 09
This is the revised version of Part 6. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here; better late than never.
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19th Jun 09
At last, Jason discovers the mysterious catalyst for Mary and Cindy's transformations. Armed with this knowledge he decides to try it out on some Catholic schoolgirls!
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21st May 09
Intent of seeking revenge on Kaley, Gerda is charged by Amalthea to bring peace to the world. Can she accomplish both at the same time? The thrilling, milk-filled conclusion of the Lusty Cow saga.
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25th Feb 09
Having been liberated from her slavery, Gerda arrives in the Nyarl city, where she finds a possible explanation for the growth of her breasts.
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26th Jan 09
Jason and Cindy finally meet Roger and Sheila when they, plus Mary, go away for a weekend in Grand Cayman. Let the five-way begin!
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11th Jan 09
Ashanta features Gerda in a sex show to highlight the arrival of a visiting princess. Along the way, she learns a secret that could prove very useful to her.
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4th Jan 09
Betrayal! Following the incredible success of their breastmilk business, Kaley proceeds to sell Gerda into slavery. Arriving in a new land, Gerda meets her new owner: the busty, nymphomaniac Queen Ashanta, who has big plans for the lactating young girl.
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21st Dec 08
Desperate to be noticed by the men of her village, Gerda goes to see a witch, who gives her a special potion. After drinking the potion, Gerda finds that it works all too well...
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17th Dec 08
While preparing to leave for her trip to Florida, Cindy finds her chest beginning to grow! What will she do when she finds herself away from home and beginning to lactate?
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17th Dec 08
While Jason and Cindy are away on Spring Break, Mary finds time to go to a psychologist, who attempts to explain the reason behind her ever-expanding bust. In the process, she gets more than a revelation...
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10th Dec 08
Cindy and Jason spend most their Saturday milking Mary's tits and appeasing her growing sexual appetite. In the end, Cindy receives some bad news.
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9th Dec 08
Jason, Mary, and newcomer Cindy all descend into a lactation-filled orgy (which includes a bathtub full of milk). But, when Mary gives Cindy a special gift, she unwittingly unleashes the beast within!
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8th Dec 08
Mary's tits grow bigger, she and Jason, grow hornier, and Jason's friend Cindy grows suspicious. What happens when she stumbles across these two lovers in a night of hot, passionate, milky sex?
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7th Dec 08
After a passionate night with a young man in her neighborhood, Mary wakes up to find her tiny chest has developed into a huge, neverending milk factory. She needs milking really bad...not to mention hot sex from the very same young man.
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