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The Overflowing Bra

The Pinnochio Effect
Summary: Naruto goes to see a Fortune Teller for a view into his luck however after his insult he'll find that he has a big problem and it's just getting bigger and bigger…

There is some breast growth but you'll have to look for it... Next entry will contain a lot of breast growth also keep in mind this is a romance story and an alternate universe. All characters are over 21 in this story.
Average Scores:

Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

To see: Technical Quality, but it's better than if I would do it, so continu, :D
Good : Elaborate story, good character developpement and a lot of possibility.

I wait the next part, and thanks for your good work.

Overall= 5, BE= 3, Characters= 3, Technical= 4

when does the next part come out please write dont listen to the morons that say its bad IT IS NOT BAD

Overall= 3, BE= 4, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

The writing is good for the genre, and the story has lots of potential (as you said, the sky's the limit). It's too bad you set them in 'modern world, not ninjas', that made it harder to enjoy than if you'd used original names. I'd like to see you do a proper Naruto pornfic sometime.

Overall= 1, BE= 1, Characters= 1, Technical= 1

Get an adult to help you edit this and put it all in one simple text file.

The Almighty Popo
Overall= 2, BE= 2, Characters= 2, Technical= 1

I couldn't finish it. Learn to write before writing stories. The grammatical errors were numerous from beginning to end.

Overall= 5, BE= 4, Characters= 4, Technical= 4

i really like this story please write more parts

mr K
Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

ggreat sorry please write more to it

Overall= 3, BE= 1, Characters= 3, Technical= 5

Good quality writing and character development, but this part is really mostly background and introduction, not much BE. The PE added in is a nice touch though. Looking forward to the next installment when things should hopefully get interesting!

Overall= 3, BE= 3, Characters= 2, Technical= 3

I'm normally a fan of Silenteye, but this story is really quite a tease. I'm immensely looking forward to the next part for the sure-to-be-great BE and MPG but this contains a lot of romance without any pay-off, which makes it hard for me to rate it highly.

Please do continue the story as I know from your previous work that I'll enjoy it once it gets going :)

Overall= 5, BE= 4, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

I can`t wait for the rest of the story because You was stopped the story in best moment.

Please give the authors feedback, I can not emphasize enough how important it is to them.
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