The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

25th Apr 15
"Please Master, if I have pleased you...?" Her buttons opened, and her breasts seemed to plump up a few sizes like creamy honey-dew melons - with moist nipples. Kitten's tended to be especially intoxicating. However, his virility was truly superhuman, and he came to regret not ravishing his chief sperm scientist. But that was a problem easily remedied... A prim and proper blonde with hair in a tight bun stumbled moaning out of a door onto the street - clutching, tearing at her silky blouse as her once slim belly surged into a taut dome of fertile ripening. All the while her clawing hands clutched at the throbbing swell within her traitorously fecund flesh. She squealed as her bra-straps strained into her shoulders, mountainous boobs already darkening the front of her blouse with the gush of milk needed to feed the brood sprouting within her laboring body.
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24th Apr 15
The young soldier barked a command, waving the pistol - until a whisper intervened. From behind him sauntered a glittering feminine fantasy resembling a pornographic version of Scarlett Johanssen. She put a hand to his shoulder, and whispered in his ear from behind. The black soldier moaned, but shook his head in defiance. Gun drooping in shaky hands. Until the Hollywood-worthy beauty sashayed in front of him, putting herself in the path of the potential bullet. Her voluptuous splendor swayed in a dick-hardening stripper dance, dainty hands gathering up her platinum-lemon hair in a sparkling cascade; diamond-dusted skin glittering. The howl started low, rose, and then slowed down into a relieved moaning - Xavier knew it immediately as the cry of surrender when a man succumbs completely to the prospect of a SheMorph harem.
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22nd Apr 15
"My sisters and I represent freedom. A man's freedom to feel his dick hardening; and seize any woman he pleases, to force his sperm into her. Freedommmm..." her voice lowering to a growl. "You want to sire your seed, into every woman you can grab!" His hands tightened around her hips. "Freeee your dick!" "Wanna... be free..." he murmured as his pulse raced. Out in the car, January switched on the radio: ".... Radio Free Earth; exposing the secrets of the Invasion!" rasped a quavering female voice. "Men think that these creatures are their loyal servants; but they are Loyal only to their most probable source of sperm!
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20th Apr 15
Part 1 of a sex-drenched epic. What happens when a man who prides himself on luring women into bed finds himself in a world invaded by bra-busting nymphomaniacs that crave men and sperm more than the randiest teenaged fondler? The government underestimated the terrible truth, and men everywhere find themselves seduced by a lusty race of beings for whom pleasure is a weapon. Will Xavier be able to reunite with a circle of allies who vowed to resist? Or will he succumb to the new world of surreal beauties that grow stronger with each fucking.
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27th Jul 10
Part 7 and the explosive finale! Schemes and orgasms come to fruition as I struggle to out-maneuver my erotic enemies. Time is short as the terrible secret of my ever-increasing penis is revealed. I must weather an onslaught of nymph(a)mania more numerous and busty than I feared possible, against a backdrop of salacious betrayal. As humanity succumbs to the escalating plague of limitless sexual indulgence, I will find myself asking if I am fighting on the right side...
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22nd Jul 10
For daring to explore the mysteries of the Nympha, I risk a maddening existence of ejaculating sperm-slavery. My only hope is a bra-busting weapon that will turn their own sexuality against them. With my life, sanity, and sperm on the line I shall attempt to rescue an ally who has unlocked the secrets of the aliens. But who will save me from my own lusts?
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21st Jul 10
The first four chapters of a sprawling, sex-drenched epic. I have sacrificed everything for my covert war against an insidious alien menace infiltrating society and bedrooms across continents. I dare not be swayed by glistening curves and expanding, milky breasts. Worst of all, as my dick grows vastly more potent, I can foresee the same fate for myself as those that surrender to the multi-orgasmic lures of never-ending alien orgy sex.
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6th Jul 10
The complete epic! (Illustrated) The first two chapters plus the final, third installment! At last the secret is revealed; who really stole Lisa's human dildo spell? What schemes will be hatched by those already enchanted by her sexual sorcery? Nerds will get laid, Fae will breed, humans will descend into nymphomania, with a stadium full of lusty, busty victims of libido-magic gone wild! (Illustrated!!!!!)
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26th Jun 10
Part 2 of a 3 part Faeophobia epic I was commissioned to write. Orgies explode and hypersluts multiple as the mysterious 'PFF' continues. Matt will be sent on a secret, salacious quest, and both students and faculty of Madison University will be corrupted by sexual sorcery no mere mortal can hope to resist.
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18th Jun 10
a XXXecil for Hire story. I was commissioned to write a continuation of Faeophobia: What Boys Like, revealing the future of a pixie named Lisa, with a tendency to cast spells that shrink men into living sex-toys. A mysterious phenomenon is sweeping through the city; putting any man with a cock between his legs at risk of massive, magical orgies. Nymphomaniacal transformations abound in this vast story that reveals the fate of Lisa, her boy-toy Matt, their friends, enemies, coworkers, parents of their enemies, nerdy friends, and a shady pixie that can match Lisa spell-for-spell! Breasts will expand, libidos will multiply, and a sex-drenched city will moan with magical delights.
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16th Jan 10
     "That silly Governor must have gone through with his stupid plan to declare a state of emergency." She scoffed. "Just because he's afraid at how fast we've been replicating lately. "Silly.... to be so afraid... of us..." Nora hissed as she ran hands across her own thighs and ass. "Men should stop worrying about where we came from, and just start fucking me more!" she moaned. Her skin darkened into a Hindu-Indian complexion as she attempted to grow five inches of jutting breast in less than ten seconds. Nora struggled to heft bowling-ball tits as she groaned her lust at the heavens.
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17th Mar 08
(The Complete Archive! Chapters 1 & 2, plus the new third chapter!) I have a plan, a plan to quench the seething lust that burns in my blood, and yet retain my freedom from a life as an alien sperm-stud. There are more Shifters than ever, and their nymphomaniacal urges will drive them to turn the tables on those that would curtail their erotic rampage. Can one man retain his sanity against a legion of luscious, shape-shifting beauties determined to get their chance at my cock? (Take a wild guess!)
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15th Mar 08
The true nature of the Shifters remains a mystery, but it is clear that they are unrepentant nymphomaniacs with a libido to shame the most jaded whore. Cara and Clara near the completion of their cycles, and not a drop of sperm will be left as they go into Heat. Their breasts, and my cock will continue to grow - and if my harem has their way; I'll no longer be a dignified scientist, I shall become nothing more than a sperm-factory put to stud!
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8th Mar 08
(Thanks to JS for creating the Body Shifters Universe: I wasn't told where the alien came from; My job is to study it. But how long can I remain a neutral scientist when confronted by a sultry entity that can take the form of a man's greatest desires? The alien seductress has bra-busting powers of busty eroticism that make my cock harden just to imagine it. And she is cunning; not content to merely wait to entice me, she has a plan to escape, seduce, and increase. And I, I will be the one to help her.
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19th Dec 07
From the secret, forgotten archives of XXXecil comes a post-apocalyptic tale of sweaty, naked warrior women, uncontrollable breast growth, and the brave men on an impossible journey to escape eternal sexual slavery between the pumping thighs of sex-starved, mutant amazons. With more to follow!
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12th Sep 07
A Tale of the Nymphocalypse. The Complete Archive! Both editions including the massive, pussy-moistening conclusion! (now in rich text for easy viewing) The Earth is ruled by a salacious empire of Shape-Shifting, nymphomaniacal aliens. What can one man do? More like who can one man do! But I have a plan; a plan to use the alien's system against them, in an explosive climax of blossoming boobs, slickened pussies, and lusts too powerful to be denied!
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16th Aug 07
Now that the truth of the invasion is revealed, I look forward to my stud-slavery by an empire of big-boobed alien nymphomaniacs who eschew clothing and morality alike. Their power seems absolute; is Earth doomed to a fate of eternal ejaculations as a captive of an Empire of Orgies?
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5th Aug 07
A Tale of the Nymphocalypse: Nothing is the same after the naked babe in my shower sucked my cock; I'm getting hornier, the world is getting sexier, and a conspiracy is underfoot that no one seems to notice. How long can I hold out against nude nymphomaniacs that can match a man's every sexual fantasy? Long enough to unravel the mystery and save mankind? Perhaps not.
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31st Oct 06
An older, secret story I've been sitting on for awhile. The time to release it is now. A student with a love for ancient mysteries become ground-zero for a plague of bra-busting nymphomania. Is it a blessing, or Curse? Will his supernatural sexual prowess allow him to save mankind from a Halloween Horror?
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14th Aug 05
Why are the women in Todd's apartment building becoming so horny? Why do their breasts begin to swell and expand even as their lusts increase? Something is wrong in the city; It's trouble with a capital T&A as an unprecedented orgy erupts! But the real question is: Why does Todd avoid the sex-crazed, drop-dead gorgeous sluts, clamoring for cock? What secret is behind their bloated, enlarging, milk-laden boobs? Bring your libido and find out in, The Siege!
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14th Aug 05
Todd fears the gorgeous sluts that are becoming increasingly frequent wherever he goes. As the world around him devolves into a breast-expanding, cum-crazed sex-fest, he must survive the consequences of a bosomy betrayal to remain true to himself. What the hell am I talking about? Read book 2 of the Siege!
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14th Aug 05
Lies and conspiracies come to light as the salacious secret of the sex-plague is revealed! Todd faces his worst fear, as a host of hotties take pussy-pleasing advantage of his moment of weakness! Yet all hope is not lost; as Todd manages to turn the tables on the alien force behind the bulging boobs and explosive estrus! He finds himself surrounding by willing, wanton, whores desperate for his cock, and yet manages to pave the way for a new, lustful age! Read book 3 of the Siege for answers to the questions burning in each crotch.
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28th Jul 05
Official Prequel to a story to be posted July 29th in the B.E. Storyclub! What sexual secret rules the life of Janet Hardwicke? Why does she plot vengeance against Professor Lily of Madison University? Does it have anything to do with her extraordinary, expanding breasts? Read Curse of the Forest Nymph, subscribe to the B.E. Story Club, and then get the whole truth by reading 'Sweet Revenge', to be released July 29th.
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27th Jul 05
(Contest Entry) Mrs. Cox, unassuming, prudish housewife leads a dangerous, secret double life of ballooning boobs, supernatural sex, and alien invasions? A dark and disturbing epic in three parts.
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27th Jul 05
The threat to humanity gathers converts as Mrs. Cox's secret troubles and vast boobs continue to grow. Book 2 of a story in three parts.
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27th Jul 05
Events come full circle as the Earth unwittingly moves closer to a big-boobed, nymphomaniacal, lesbian apocalypse. The future of mankind shall be decided by a salacious contest like no other. The disturbing conclusion to the Hell's Housewife story arc.
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27th Jul 05
Mrs. Sarah Evans Cox is an unassuming, flat-chested, prudish housewife that leads a dangerous, awesome, magical double-life of ballooning boobs, toe-curling sex, and.....alien invasions? Book 1 of a dark and disturbing epic.
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16th Mar 05
A slightly new direction. A different and perverted tale of the aftermath of a salacious, sexual apocalypse. Who is the mysterious, desert wanderer? Why is he being chased by nubile, half-naked hotties who can't seem to stop their breasts from growing? And why is he running away?
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6th Feb 05
A vast, collected addition of Faeophobia Spring Break tales, including the never-before-seen Part 5!!! Irresistable sex-monsters prowl the beaches, Violet shoots to the head of the Bosom-Builders competition with an outrageous feat of boob-mastery. And everywhere, breasts are sprouting and libidoes are exploding, bigger and sluttier than ever. This installment contains both an announcement, and a terrible, terrible surprise! Only those that download this bra-busting collection will understand what awaits our beloved, magical sluts.
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29th Oct 04
Dark forces lurk in Sunny Paradise to drown mankind in nymphomanical madness. A secret legacy from the land of Faerie has been unleashed on Earth, with breast-growing, bra-bursting consequences. As the plague of Breeding-Sluts grips the city, the Bosom-Building Competition shifts into high gear! (And higher cup-sizes!) Those that would learn more of the slut-fest rising to a climax must download this story.
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14th Oct 04
Just a quickie; Should you ever find yourself a student in the Biology department at Madison University, and your professor invites you to go on a Field trip, say yes. Only those that download this wild romp will discover the jiggly, slutty, wanton reasons why.
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27th Mar 04
The magical Spring Break shifts into high gear as sinister forces swirl around your favorite fae; who are content to spend their time causing public, mass-orgies amongst the beach-going humans. Tempers and bosoms flare, as the Bra-busting chaos continues unabated. Those that would discover a very fun way to get out of jail have only to download this picturesque tale.
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27th Jan 04
"It will present hundreds of fantasy women, an army of sluts looking like each guy's walking wet dream! With enough of them, they'll have two or three for each guy! By the time anyone notices the truth, Tyra Banks will be sucking his cock already! And it'll be too late!"
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16th Dec 03
The Madison University Spring Break continues! Many threads of a vast, erotic plot are culminating in the final, bra-busting finale. Your favorite Fae are having the times of their lives; The breasts have increased to a Double-KK cup, The Bosom-Builders are in town, and Professor Lily is all set to become the most erotic being on Earth.
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24th Sep 03
It's just a quickie. Those that wish to download this lurid tale will learn of the true nature of Madison University's all-time favorite professor. No man has ever seen the full powers of her growing, lactating tits. Few indeed understand her wanton lusts; As her boobs and ripely pregnant belly grow larger yet, she will cross a boundary into impossible fertility.
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21st Sep 03
The plot and breasts begin to thicken, the renegade whorebots become yet more powerful, and the captive humans seem helpless to resist the endless orgasms. The cyborg-sluts gain power through both boobs and pussy to enslave mankind, and when an innocent purchase becomes a super-sized boob-fest, the sexual peril seems even more dire. Can anyone resist the Whorebots? Does anyone want to?
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22nd Aug 03
At last! Your favorite Faeophobia characters return for an erotic climax to the series! An untimely written tale in 3 parts of the most 'enchanted' Spring Break ever. Follow the burgeoning bustline of an elf bent on bra-bursting revenge. Download this story, that you may follow the fertile exploits of a certain professor, who has made sexual revolution her 'Personal Project.'
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14th Jul 03
An army of lusty Whorebots is plotting the seduction of mankind. Each day, their numbers and sex-appeal continue to grow, along with their bust-sizes. What will become of the hapless humans that fall prey to these cybernetic sex-pots? Only those that download this story will behold the erotic doom that Celeste and her followers will inflict upon the women of the human race. This is really twisted stuff; where do I come up with this?
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7th Jul 03
In a near-future of cybernetics and sex-droids, a forbidden technology from Area 51 will reveal a lusty, busty threat to mankind, as a generation of bra-busting cyborg prostitutes turn the tables on their makers with expanding breasts and the powers of lusty mind control. A truly bizarre tale, be warned.
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12th Mar 03
Nancy has used a powerful sex spell to revitalize her love life. As her libido and breast-size spiral out of control, she devises a twisted scheme of vengeance, causing ripples of Bra-Busting chaos to erupt all over Madison University. Only those that download this bosomy tale will experience the erotic grandeur of Nancy's enchanted boobs.
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23rd Feb 03
A favorite professor returns to inflict her supernatural lusts upon the students and faculty of Madison University. With her career in jeoporady, she receives an offer she can't refuse, after discovering that there are some problems she can't solve with her bowling ball-sized tits. Only those that download this shorter tale will savor the bulging boobs of the teacher you wish you had.
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2nd Jan 03
Vince's lust for a special cheerleader leads to a series of misguided magical wishes. The students of Madison University must contend with an elven porn-star, a Professor a bit too popular with her students, and a Goddess made flesh. Only those that download this massive tale will experience the busty climax.
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18th Dec 02
One month ago, a group of female college students disappeared in the hills surrounding Madison University. They were conducting research on a creature of legendary sexual prowess. Two weeks later, THIS tape was found....
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13th Nov 02
A short story of lurid lust. A certain Unicorn returns for a boob-burgeoning sex-fest. But a surprise is in store for her in the dormitory showers. A sick, sick tale. (I'm offended I even wrote it) Don't expect a classic of Western Literature; it's just a Quickie.
big fast lac magic preg shem
11th Nov 02
Caty loathes her bosomy, boyfriend-stealing roommate, but her plot for magical revenge goes awry. Now, she finds herself changing into every bit the cum-hungry, sex-starved, cock-slut. As breasts expand and bras fail her, she will reveal a wondrous world of sensual bliss. Only those that download this story will be able to blow their loads within this erotic vista.
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9th Oct 02
A sex monster stalks the campus of Madison University! Boobs are ballooning, and libidoes are exploding as the Beast shows the girls what they've been missing. Do the girls have the cunning to defeat the monster? Do they even want to? Only those that download this bra-busting tale will find the truth. (It's a little long, but give it a chance.)
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13th Sep 02
She thought it was over. She thought her breasts were done growing. She thought her breasts were done lactating. But after an encounter with a supernatural roommate, Violet knows how wrong she was. "Double K-cup breasts are big enough!" Or are they? Will she ever regain control of her gigantic tits? Only those that download this story will find out. (p.s.The file seems large because of the picture.)
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13th Aug 02
In a post-apocalyptic world, a mysterious wanderer possesses a mutant cock that gives him incredible power over women. How many orgasms can the village women withstand? What sexy secrets does the stranger's cock hold? Only those that download this tale will taste the pussies of the horny, village girls.
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8th Aug 02
Cindy and Nina are two magical sluts whose pussies drool with desire for their male classmates. But a magical betrayal takes advantage of Cindy's irrepressible breeding instinct. Will she ever be able to control her lust? Those milk-lovers that would see how large Cindy's milk-spewing breasts can get need only to download this truly bizarre tale.
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5th Aug 02
"You shrunk me into…into a human dildo!� Lisa's eyes gleamed with wicked lust! "Your only function in life is to ejaculate.� A drooling curtain of my hot semen creeped in rivulets down the fertile dome of her swelling womb! Will Matt survive Lisa's amazing, sex-powered magic? Those that would taste the rich milk spurting from Lisa's velvety nipples have only to download this story.
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3rd Aug 02
The new Professor at Madison University is a Nymph in more ways than one. But one student, hot for the teacher, has a special gift for her - in his pants. Soon, bras are bursting, and nipples are spurting all over campus. Only those that Download this story can join the lusty, busty Professor for an evening 'pregnant' with possibilites.
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2nd Aug 02
A spell is cast upon Jack's cock. And a life of lactating, pregnant, sexual slavery awaits those women that drink his cum. Does Jack have the power to resist the seductive, giant-breasted females that are transforming him with magic? Or will he be forever changed by unrestrained sexual sorcery? Only those that download this lurid tale will savor the magic.
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31st Jul 02
A blind date becomes a magical fiasco of breast expansion and uncontrollable lactation. What secret does the busty, pregnant college co-ed conceal? Why do breasts mysteriously explode in size when she's around? Only those who download this story will experience the lusty powers she possesses.
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22nd Jul 02
Cecilia is alone on a hiking trip, and is attacked by a mysterious assailant! As her breasts swell with milk, and her belly expands, she must ask herself if she's been impregnated by an alien.
aliens lac lg multiple preg sc science slow weird
17th Jul 02
An amazon-growth, breast-expansion, muscle fantasy. How far will the mysterious stripper go to increase her powers of muscle and breast growth? An intriguing vision of future gender relations.
fast lac lg mg multiple sc science
16th Jul 02
"And what are we to tell the local authorities? Do we tell them that one hundred sex-starved, nymphomaniac, demon sluts have escaped?" It gets worse. Only by downloading this story will you discover the true erotic powers of the Daughters of Lilith. Pregnant demons and uncontrollable sexual urges bedevil the Agents! (It's not really as big as it looks: That's just the illustration I put in.)
ag cb fast lac magic preg sc slow weird
7th Jul 02
The finale of Steve's adventures from the 'An Alien goes home' storyline. Lies, lust, and sex await Steve on his journey. Steve thought he understood the sexual powers of the Breedarin race, but as Anja prepares to give birth, she manages to surprise Steve yet again.
aliens instant lac preg weird
2nd Jul 02
Agent Scarlet Black puts her sex-demon heritage to good use in a bust-bursting contest with a sultry spawn of Lilith. Will the Agency for Special Security unmask the secret behind the sinister cabal that turns women into nymphomaniac breeders? Only one way to find out. (by Downloading this story, duh!)
cb huge instant lac preg sc science weird
27th Jun 02
A continuation of JB's 'An alien goes home' written with permission.
aliens huge instant lac preg science
27th Jun 02
The conclusion of JB's 'An alien goes home.' Steve is naked and defenseless in an alien prison with only his massively pregnant, incredibly horny girlfriend for company. Can Steve survive the wrath of the Pruudd empire?
aliens lac multiple preg science weird
2nd May 02
The obsession of an insane gynecologist becomes a powerful new weapon for the legendary sex-demons that have yearned for centuries to subjugate mankind. Can Agent Scarlet Black contain her supernatural libido long enough to stop them?
big chem fast inc instant lac magic preg slow
7th Mar 02
I'm sending a group of breast expansion stories. The last one is an aside that doesn't follow the rest of the timeline. Although I'm not totally sure what all the abbreviations mean. You might want to check my stories to see if I left out anything.
cb lac lg multiple preg science tg wow
7th Mar 02
The Agency for Special Security exists to hunt down the sex-demons that have lurked around the edges of civilization. The sexual awakening of a young girl reveals a new twist in the demons' strategy.
ag cb fast gts lg mg multiple science weird
7th Mar 02
A mysterious agent delves into a paranormal containment facility that houses some of the most outrages sex-demons ever captured. Will he be able to restrain his own lust and fulfill his mission?
lac multiple preg science weird wow
7th Mar 02
The Agent has 'penetrated' deeply into the organization of the sex-demons. He describes their sinister, sexual experiments in lurid detail. Demon 14 is now hugely pregnant. But to who (or what) will she give birth to?
cb lac multiple preg science weird wow
7th Mar 02
Agent Scarlet Black continues her ongoing mission to track down the Daughters of Lilith. As always, wild sex ensues. Her enemies reveal powers of supernatural eroticism that pose a terrible, (if enjoyable) threat to small-town suburbia. (and the world!)
huge lac ment preg sc science tg