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The Overflowing Bra

XXXecil's: Empires of Flesh
 An older, secret story I've been sitting on for awhile. The time to release it is now. A student with a love for ancient mysteries become ground-zero for a plague of bra-busting nymphomania. Is it a blessing, or Curse? Will his supernatural sexual prowess allow him to save mankind from a Halloween Horror?
Average Scores:

Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

Once again, another gem from XXXecil! I loved this story.

Overall= 3, BE= 4, Characters= 5, Technical= 3

The Latin for "I'm the goddess of sex" is "Dea coiti sum." You seem to mixing Spanis or Italian there. Otherwise I enjoyed it immensely like always.

Overall= 4, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

Great stuff. A few grammatical errors (I don't think that is such a word as "beknighted") but excellent nonetheless. The plot kept my interest and nicely built up the expectations for when the two protagonists finally meet.
Liked the pregnancy scene but not too keen on the wierd offspring. I would have prefered "normal" babies.

Overall= 4, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

Better than your usual and that if very very good.


Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

Great story for this Halloween holiday! A few grammatical errors, but who is counting. Good to see you again XXXecil!

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