The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

11th Nov 21
Officer Ruby Granger is supposed to keep an eye out for suspiciously milky wedding guests. When one walks into her, she's surprised to find that it's her ex-girlfriend.
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25th Apr 21
A small collection of short stories about breast expansion and friends-to-lovers relationships that I have written over a several months. Contains 3 short stories.
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10th Aug 20
New to town, and already sick of it, a girl stumbles upon a quaint little bookstore in Brighton where she figures out where all the curves in the city came from. A quick story written in reference to a lovely caption. Everything is cited in the doc.
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24th May 20
Welcome to ForeverAge2, an online fantasy world. Meet Wysteria, a beautiful shaman and her group of adventurers, including the latest thorn in her side, Luvvy. When a raid takes a turn for the worst, will Wysteria's mysteriously acquired potion of lesser enchantment turn the tides?
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21st Apr 20
Olena discovers the true reason for the season: love, sex, and curves. The second half of the story. Thank you for reading.
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3rd Apr 20
A struggling couple make amends over a breast milk business. Or do they? How far will Jessica let Faye's antics and promises take her despite her growing apprehension? A BE and Lactation Novella
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19th Feb 20
Olena discovers the true reason for the season: love, sex, and curves. Written as a holiday story in several parts.
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18th Aug 19
Good sisters can share anything, right? What about their bodies? Explores expansion and attribute borrowing.
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17th Jun 19
An ostracized Island Princess takes foreigners to a forbidden, sacrificial space. Our protagonists receive the offer of a lifetime. Holy scriptures change hearts and cup sizes. Part of an ongoing series.
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3rd Apr 19
Infidelity leads to a confrontation of former friends. In the aftermath, will there be a friendship, a relationship, or just lust? Can milk heal the conflict?
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21st Mar 19
A barista's crush receives a special coffee blend. The special ingredient: breast milk. Warning: very puny story.
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1st Mar 19
Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! We meet the Queens of the Blessed Isles and explore their culture while making some shocking discoveries about how expansion works in this exotic paradise. Part of an ongoing series.
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9th Feb 19
A three part series about Odette, Pari, and a friend from college. It’s enough that Odette has to worry about her growing chest, but what happens when one of her best friends enters into Odette’s secret world for the first time?
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30th Jan 19
Two stories packed into one. The first introduces us to a girl with a rare disease that causes her to lactate uncontrollably and her young scientist roommate who doubles as a caretaker. The second delves deeper into the life of our lactating cutie, Odette, and follows her to her job at the local college.
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25th Jan 19
So sit right back and you'll hear a tale... Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! How will they get home? Will they even want to? Part of an ongoing series.
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24th Jan 19
Job interviews are always stressful and stress can have adverse effects on the body. That is, if one could consider Mabel's condition 'adverse'. Her roommate Peggy is the one to answer her call of distress, but will she be able to deal with Mabel's growing problem? And will it be resolved in time enough for Mabel to meet the most important interview of her life?
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