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4th Sep 19
It’s been a over decade since Amanda and Andy fled the scene of the massacre outside Andy’s apartment. Eleven years since we last saw our two protagonists exploring magic and each other. Well, the over eleven-year drought is over. I present to you Chapters 21-23 of A&A. The events within pick up right where twenty left off. I hope you all enjoy it. I also would like to invite you to stop by the Patreon we have set up. The stories there are free to including a redux of the first twenty chapters of this story that have been better proofed and updated to more exacting standards. You can find it at slash Coffeetank If you decide to be a Patron, you will get access to images inspired by the stories you find there. Finally, Coffee Pilot and I do this for feedback. We want to know what you like, what you don’t like, and how we can improve. Thank you!
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9th Jul 19
Hello all, this has been a long time coming. I don't know why I never got around to posting this, but this is it, the end of SSS. All three of the final chapters are included, as is a picture we had commissioned of what Natalie looked like the day Matt met her. I hope you enjoy the story.
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11th Oct 17
Authors note: I want to say I am sorry for uploading chapter 7 before chapter 6. That was a misstep on my part because chapter 6 already exists on TOB using my naming convention. So I had assumed it had already been uploaded. Natalie gets fitted for new foundations, then goes out of town on church business. If you read chapter 7 and felt like things were missing, this will explain all. Also, I have a patreon page now, where new stuff from Coffee Pilot and I goes up first. We would love your patronage. Additionally, we have art there that's is based on our stories (indeed that's why we set up the page). We hope to see you there too!
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4th Oct 17
Chapter 7 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. In this installment, we immediately follow up the events that ended chapter six, along with the introduction of some major players on the side of evil, then there's a mile high club induction, complete with some clothes bursting, and finally, the reemergence of Angela.
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11th Feb 17
Chapter VI In this chapter, Natalie plays hookie from work, demonstrates boob malleability, takes Matt clothes shopping, goes to New York to get answers and do the churches work, and gets into a serious fight. More info in the header of the story. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
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14th Nov 15
This is a re-upload of chapters 1 to 5 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus in the ebook format epub.
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3rd Sep 15
Chapter V in the story of Natalie and her on-again, off-again beau Matt. In this installment, Natalie make a new friend, and may have finally patched things up with Matt. She also gets a side job. Comments are welcome, either here or on the reddit. Please enjoy.
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13th Jun 15
After much delay (due to real life issues) I am happy to present to you Chapter IV of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. I will let the story speak for itself, but I am very happy with the feedback I have received from my proofreaders. I welcome any feedback you all have to present here, and I am actively monitoring The Overflowing Redit for questions and more in-depth critiques and feedback. I should also say that Iwill be returning to a three week delivery cycle. So without further adieu, Chapter IV.
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17th Apr 15
The story of Natalie continues with the search for answers to her lack of magical control. Then, just when everything is starting to look up… I want to thank all of you for reading and leaving such overwhelmingly positive feedback. Like I said in the acknowledgements, this story is written for you. We writers work for your feedback, it’s what keeps us going. I have wanted to post this since I put up Chapter II, but I have to space it out, or you all are going to think I have pulled another Amanda and Andy. Lastly, if you all get bored reading my stuff, I must highly recommend Fitting in at the Ren Fair and Fantastic Desire by Coffeepilot. He’s one of my proof readers and a damn good writer in his own right. With out further ado-
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3rd Apr 15
This is the continuing tale of Natalie and her "growing" interactions with Matt and the people around her. As always constructive comments/criticism are welcome. Enjoy! I am caving in to popular demand and putting up Chapter II almost a month before I intended. I had not expected such a vociferous and positive response. That said, while the I should clarify that while the story is "done" it's not finished being edited past chapter III, and because my proof readers have real lives, I am going to continue to space the final 9 parts out after this release, at about 3 weeks between uploads to maintain quality control.
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1st Apr 15
It's been a long time coming, but this is the Prologue (edited and posted here again) and Chapter I (new material) of my new story. Set in the same universe as Amanda and Andy, this story revolves around Natalie, a "reformed" succubus, and Matt, a guy who works in her office and the trials and tribulations of there lives. This has taken 3 years to write, edit, write some more, and edit some more. The good news is it's all done, the bad news is it's 200+ pages, so I am putting it up in little chunks. Constructive comments are welcome! Thanks for reading.
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24th Mar 12
This is the Prologue for the newest Novella I a working on. I'd like to say I have a Muse for this, but this time around I think it's largely my own sick and twisted mind at work. It's the story of Natalie, an succubus with a concience, and her attempt to rise back to grace. The BE is off stage in the prologue, but I promise it will be better as the story continues. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK, AND DON'T POST A COMMENT IF YOU AREN'T MATURE ENOUGH TO OWN UP TO IT.
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3rd Sep 09
While I await the final proofing of the final A&A submission, here is a story that I wrote whilst I was deployed to Iraq in 2005. I lost this when I submitted it to a proof reader and then had a hard drive crash. I amazingly found it two days ago in my sent mail box on hotmail (obviously I don't erase that folder often). This story hasn't been very throughly proofread, but I am submitting it as is. I am sure there are some "there should be their" and "its instead of it's" gaffs, but my read through yesterday was fairly easy. Finally, I was in the middle of a year long deployment when I wrote this, and I might not have been totally right in the head. As such, there are subjects in it that on the recent read through, I am not very comfortable with (incest mainly, but also a brief NC scene). If you don't like those things, then don't read it.
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13th Jan 08
The fourth installment of the Adventures of Andy and Amanda. A lot happens in this section. I have to thank Musette for editing, and all of you for reading my stuff. The story wraps up in the next section. Only one thing I ask from all of you. Don't comment if you aren't brave enough to leave a name. Thanks and Enjoy!
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8th Nov 07
Okay, as promised, the full five chapters of this section. Had to go on a deployment to Afghanistan to get some of it done (no distractions) but here it is, and the next three chapters are already complete, so less waiting (I hope). Story line continues. The Vatican has a Hit woman, Evil Mind Controling undead wenche finds a new Beau, and Andy and Amanda try to get measured... Did I mention the British are coming?
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2nd Jul 07
Mandy comes over and helps Andy, and on the east coast, the Vatican gets involved. Meanwhile, the old world has gotten involved... Due to a reformatt, I lost 7 chapters of work, so I am recompiling the work. Here are chapters 11 and 12 (I know small update for 11 months of work) but more is one the way, I promise. Let me know what you think, and please continue to be patient.
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28th Aug 06
The continuing saga of Andy and Amanda. Amanda is getting a better hang of magic, while Andy is just trying to adjust. Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in Nebraska. Oh, and IHOP was never so much fun. Input is welcome.
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6th May 06
This story is dedicated to Amandda L., who's been the inspiration for much fantasy in my life. That said, this is the story of Amanda, a novice wizard, and her adventures with it and a fellow college boy named Andy who she's got a thing for.
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1st Jun 05
The story of Angela Bonnet's coming of age, as told by her friend and secret admirer.
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