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The Overflowing Bra

24th Mar 16
William Quincy, the would-be heir to the cosmetics empire "Touch of the Succubus," wishes to run the family company one day. There's just one problem - His mother would never turn over the company to a man! William searches high and low for a mysterious store that might be able to help him make a change. Will he find what he's looking at the mysterious shop, or do the fates have bigger plans for him?
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26th Nov 14
Kim's pregnancy continues. She's at the mercy of her body as it changes, but she loves it! Especially how huge her breasts keep growing! Also, Gina starts seeing the appeal of all of Kim's fetishes and quirks. The conclusion of the "My Sated Curiosity" tale.
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4th Nov 14
This story contains a ton of pregnancy, TG, and breast expansion themes. A man is fixated on his obsession with pregnant women and growing breasts. He doesn't just think they're attractive, he is dying to know what it feels like to have sex as a woman, and get knocked up. He wants to watch his body change, and his breasts to grow to ridiculous proportions!
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11th Feb 14
The world of magic had been dormant for ages, but prophecy foretold of another source of magic - a new weave. This new source of magic can be quite hard to control, especially for a poor guy who just found out he is the next Arch Magus (tg story with lots of breast growth and a touch of shrinking!).
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30th Apr 12
Genie of the Beanie? That sounds ridiculous. Let me guess, a guy makes some wishes and they all get twisted?! Oldest story in the book!! Don't make me laugh! --A couple of friends have been given the chance to use some wishes to change their lives forever, but the genie has a few tricks up her sleeve!-- Warning -- TG!
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9th Jun 11
dr. Steven Rogers wakes up to find himself being interrogated about the events surrounding the hospitalization of his girlfriend. Was he to blame for the tragic events, or was the science simply beyond his comprehension. This is the first one I have put together in a while. Just a BE story chocked full of science. Don't worry about any jargon that sneaks it way into the story, just enjoy it for what it is folks!
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9th Jul 09
Even though the story is on the short side, I feel like the story elements were more of the focus than the TG/BE. The BE is a bit on the light side, with a larger emphasis on the TG. I enjoyed writing it, so I hope someone enjoys reading. Let's hope I don't have so many errors this time eh?
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