The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

6th Dec 21
Flat yet beautiful Hannah Michaels has always been envious of the girls with larger busts than herself, taking offense from the smallest slight. All that changes, and then some, when she goes in for a shady, experimental cosmetic surgery...
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4th Sep 21
Sarah, a senior in high school with the largest breasts in the student body, flaunts her assets and rules over the school. But three of her teachers are even larger, more powerful, and more dominant than her. That's all about to change... and what does flat little tormented Eclair, constantly bullied by Sarah, have to do with it?
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28th Aug 21
Amanda and Brad are at a costume party, and a warlock casts a spell to make everyone become what they're dressed as. And Amanda is a busty, superpowered genie.
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28th Aug 21
Mary lives a lonely secluded life, but has dreams of alien abduction. Every morning, she wakes up, more beautiful, more powerful, and more concerned with the dreams that are haunting her...
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28th Aug 21
Jackie has always been able to instantly learn and master anything she sets her mind to. But her mind has always been set to video games. What if she tried something else, such as exercising, changing her appearance, or becoming a goddess of sex...
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28th Aug 21
A greedy insatiable wife who wants nothing but to be admired, worshipped, exalted, finds a special artifact from Heaven that grants her her every wish without her realizing it. Can anyone figure out in time to stop her?
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