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The Overflowing Bra

27th May 17
Brooke, an insecure, emotionally needy and recently dumped woman, has been invited to a pool party by her ex's girlfriend who also happens to be her grade school nemesis. Brooke is going to the party, but not without the help of some magic beanstalk seeds, courtesy of her best friend, Fern.
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22nd Jan 16
Nora gets a job nannying for infant twins. Alas, the twins' mother, Philippa, has much bigger plans for Nora. Bigger and milkier...
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27th Jan 15
Dora plans a private birthday celebration for her husband and gets a special delivery, just in time. But, unexpectedly, her generous gift might also help Dora with a lifelong problem: her incorrigible clumsiness. A helium inflation story with lots of BE and AG, more lighthearted in tone than the last couple stories.
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3rd Jan 15
Penny is on a late flight home after taking care of some touchy personal matters. But the weird girl next to her keeps saying the oddest things in her sleep...
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26th Aug 14
Reed's wife has discovered his sketchbook full of curvy giantess fantasies. What on earth will she do?! A mini-giantess story with BE and AG.
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11th May 14
Brandi is baking pancakes today and Alyssa is invited. But, how did Brandi get so crazily curvaceous? Hope you guys enjoy! As always, feedback and constructive criticism are appreciated.
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24th Feb 14
Layla, a waitress, has infuriated an ill-tempered old woman. Now, every tip she gets seems to make her bra tighter and tighter... As always, feedback and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.
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2nd Feb 14
Kate has no idea why her boobs are so much bigger than usual this morning but it may have something to do with what happened with Lil last night... My second story on TOB. GTS growth is pretty minor...
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11th Jul 13
Tori, a busty college girl, spends her summer vacation with two friends at Georgia’s family vineyard in California. A Violet Beauregard-type story, but with a pretty strong BE emphasis. My first story posted. Hope people enjoy.
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