The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

5th Feb 15
The reality changing program is back in the hands of its rightful owner, and Jake has been punished for his impudence. But Catherine's program develops an unexpected 'glitch' as a result of the previous mayhem, causing widespread transformations and an unexpected emergent property.
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31st Dec 14
Maya and her friend, Kimmi, get invited to a party when they are approached by a local resident while moving into their new house on fraternity row. Maya isn't so keen on going, feeling her multi-breasted friend will outclass her when it comes to snaring a guy. But there seems to be a young man at the party who can help her with that, if she'll only ask. And what's this he's saying about this day having already happened before, but turning out different? Something about people having changed...
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16th Oct 14
Kim arrives home with news of Jake and his twisted influence over her, only to find that her friend Maya is less receptive to the news than she had hoped.
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8th Oct 14
Kim wakes up with a ripping hangover, unsure of what happened the night before.
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6th Oct 14
Kim and her friend Maya go to a party, where people start changing. But only Kim seems to see. Is she different?
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7th Jan 14
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16th Nov 12
Em finds out what happens when she doesn't use a breast cream as instructed. Sally, a fugitive hiding in a strip club, stumbles upon Em after her changes and finds out what happens to the women who use the breast cream. She, too, ends up feeling its effects first-hand.
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2nd Jan 07
A development of an idea: something is happening to the teens at Bennington's School for Young Women. Images from Cosmo Girl, Penthouse and Playboy start springing to life, only they don't emerge straight from the pages, but inside the girls who read them. Given the beauty standards of the time, it wasn't that great a leap anyway...
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