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9th Jul 15
When Suzy picks out a massage oil from the supermarket, she certainly gets a bang for her buck, or at least she plans to.
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12th Jun 15
cb fast wow
12th Jun 15
Your dick is pumping up her tits.
cb fast wow
12th Jun 15
After a passionate night with Tom, Joan is still horny. A minigts growth sequence which contains BE.
ag cb fast gts hg huge lg
12th Jun 15
The music played in this obscure Dutch nightclub will blow your mind... among other things.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge hyp lg mg mm mpg science slow wow
12th Jun 15
Your girlfriend is taken a growing interest in a video game you're playing... and so have her boobs. A story inspired by a breast expansion version of the 2048 game.
big cb fast huge magic offstage wow
24th Jan 19
Job interviews are always stressful and stress can have adverse effects on the body. That is, if one could consider Mabel's condition 'adverse'. Her roommate Peggy is the one to answer her call of distress, but will she be able to deal with Mabel's growing problem? And will it be resolved in time enough for Mabel to meet the most important interview of her life?
fast huge lac
25th Jan 19
So sit right back and you'll hear a tale... Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! How will they get home? Will they even want to? Part of an ongoing series.
bg big fa fast huge lac magic wow
30th Jan 19
Two stories packed into one. The first introduces us to a girl with a rare disease that causes her to lactate uncontrollably and her young scientist roommate who doubles as a caretaker. The second delves deeper into the life of our lactating cutie, Odette, and follows her to her job at the local college.
bg big fast huge lac science slow
9th Feb 19
A three part series about Odette, Pari, and a friend from college. It’s enough that Odette has to worry about her growing chest, but what happens when one of her best friends enters into Odette’s secret world for the first time?
bg big cb chem fast huge instant lac ment
3rd Apr 19
Infidelity leads to a confrontation of former friends. In the aftermath, will there be a friendship, a relationship, or just lust? Can milk heal the conflict?
chem fast huge instant lac
1st Mar 19
Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! We meet the Queens of the Blessed Isles and explore their culture while making some shocking discoveries about how expansion works in this exotic paradise. Part of an ongoing series.
bg big fast huge instant lac magic nc slow wow
21st Mar 19
A barista's crush receives a special coffee blend. The special ingredient: breast milk. Warning: very puny story.
bg big fast huge lac
17th Jun 19
An ostracized Island Princess takes foreigners to a forbidden, sacrificial space. Our protagonists receive the offer of a lifetime. Holy scriptures change hearts and cup sizes. Part of an ongoing series.
bg ag big chem fast huge lac magic
18th Aug 19
Good sisters can share anything, right? What about their bodies? Explores expansion and attribute borrowing.
bg big cb fast huge instant magic rc
19th Feb 20
Olena discovers the true reason for the season: love, sex, and curves. Written as a holiday story in several parts.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic offstage sc slow
3rd Apr 20
A struggling couple make amends over a breast milk business. Or do they? How far will Jessica let Faye's antics and promises take her despite her growing apprehension? A BE and Lactation Novella
cb fa fast huge lac offstage slow asleep wow
21st Apr 20
Olena discovers the true reason for the season: love, sex, and curves. The second half of the story. Thank you for reading.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic slow
24th May 20
Welcome to ForeverAge2, an online fantasy world. Meet Wysteria, a beautiful shaman and her group of adventurers, including the latest thorn in her side, Luvvy. When a raid takes a turn for the worst, will Wysteria's mysteriously acquired potion of lesser enchantment turn the tides?
bg ag big cb fast huge magic
10th Aug 20
New to town, and already sick of it, a girl stumbles upon a quaint little bookstore in Brighton where she figures out where all the curves in the city came from. A quick story written in reference to a lovely caption. Everything is cited in the doc.
bg big fast huge magic
25th Apr 21
A small collection of short stories about breast expansion and friends-to-lovers relationships that I have written over a several months. Contains 3 short stories.
bg big chem fast instant magic offstage rc science slow
11th Nov 21
Officer Ruby Granger is supposed to keep an eye out for suspiciously milky wedding guests. When one walks into her, she's surprised to find that it's her ex-girlfriend.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic asleep
25th Apr 02
A young woman working for a genetics company comes up with a brilliant new product. This is *the* epic drama of the BE community.
huge science slow
9th Feb 05
Doesn't quite live up to the claim of the title, but in a funny way.
instant mpg preg wow
12th Nov 01
Steve finds a Witch Doctor. He gives Steve three wishes to make him go away. Surprisingly, Steve wants a girlfriend with bigger tits!
fast huge magic nc
9th Apr 24
Part 1 of a companion piece and prequel to the Mallory series. Cousin Madison packs the biggest tits in rural Elk County and isn't shy about using them to get what she wants, leaving a trail of human wreckage in her wake. But as a new threat to her reign takes shape, Madison is going to have to sink to new levels of guile and ruthlessness - and she's gonna love every minute of it.
big offstage sc science slow
26th Sep 13
A young woman's determined quest to achieve her lifelong fantasy of producing milk meets some twists and turns along the way.
big lac science slow
1st Oct 13
Lucy is at last lactating, and experiences her first full day adjusting to the changes in her body.
big fast lac science
4th Nov 13
Lucy experiences her first day back at work since her expansion, but how will she adjust to working with her new milk-swollen breasts?
ag fast huge lac science
12th Nov 13
Lucy and Vincent sit down to talk about the recent experiences of Lucy's life, as she adjusts to her recently expanded breasts.
ag huge lac science slow
9th Jan 14
The longest, and most plot heavy chapter of Lucy's story. Vincent's greatest secret is revealed, Lucy continues her growth, and Neil returns with a sinister agenda.
ag fast huge lac science
20th May 14
Lucy and Vincent finally meet the first woman who endured Neil's incredible breast growth procedure. Meanwhile, Neil uses Lucy's milk to give him and a friend an incredible night on the town.
ag fast lac mg science wow
23rd Aug 14
The final chapter of Fullfillment. Lucy struggles to resist the growing cravings for more milk and more growth, while Vincent works tirelessly to find a cure for Sarah and Lucy's conditions. Also includes Chapters 1-8, so you can enjoy the entire story all at once!
ag fast lac science wow
15th Nov 14
A woman spends an evening chatting with a friend, unaware that he is experimenting with a "new program" that he recently found. This story involves the 'Master PC' reality-altering computer program that was created in JR Parz's original 'Master PC' story.
ag cb fa fast hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg multiple offstage science slow weird
27th Feb 07
big cb fast huge instant magic nc offstage
23rd Oct 04
This package includes Part 3 of 'The Superweapon' series as well as the previous 2 parts. It's the shortest so far, but it may be made longer once part 4 is finished. Comments, suggestions and reviews are appreciated(Check bottom of Part 3 for instructions on how to get them to me).
bg big cb fast huge instant nc science
30th Aug 05
Here it is folks, part 4. No long-winded description this time, just read it and find out. Note: There are four separate doc files, 1 for each part.
cb fast nc science wow
4th Jun 07
I have been reading here at Overflowing Bra for a while and I have been irritated that each story comes close, so i figured i would type this and see how it does. If you all like it i will make a few sequals. This takes place in some random suburb and is about Jessica and Tiffany, two competing gardeners who get a surprize when something grows that they aren't expecting. more breast growth to come for certain. tell me what you guys think.
aliens big chem fast nc
4th Jun 07
Thank you all (5) for the great words of praise and encouragement. This is the continuing story with more fantasy scenes than setup. for all of you who asked, yes there is lactation although not as much as will be in the next few chapters. Again, I will ask you to send your suggestions. This file has chapters one and two. also, at the end, the new character is unnamed. please send some ideas so that readers can play a part in this story. they are short so i can probably make one every day or so, but i will need breaks. Happy reading.
aliens chem fast gts hg huge lac ment nc weird
5th Jun 07
Another huge transformation occurs, this time for Tiff. Theres nothing quite like a giant, crazed plant with a voice like James Earl Jones and a sense of humor, as you will all find out. Please, everyone, if you read and enjoy the story leave a comment. It isn't hard and it lets me know you care. otherwise, happy reading.
aliens chem fa fast huge lac ment multiple preg rc weird
6th Jun 07
I, II, III, and IV all here with some pictures I drew of Leana. If you are a construction worker, i urge you to be understanding. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the cum filled, sex crazed chapter IV of Miracles Grow. SEND COMMENTS!!
aliens cb chem fa huge instant lac ment mpg nc shem weird
3rd Jul 07
Back from break. Here is the next chapter of Miracle grow. Things begin to turn a bit. If anyone has ideas about where the story should go or things they want to see, tell me. e-mail or comments, they really do help. happy reading.
aliens fast huge lac ment multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
12th Nov 07
The final entry in the Miracle Grow Series with a link to a new thread. I need your help to decide what to do next. Have fun with the read and Email or comment to tell me more. thanks
aliens fa gts hg instant lac ment mpg multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
26th Sep 07
The final episode of this series with a link to the next. Please leave comments or E-mail.....tell me where you think the story should go.
aliens fa gts hg instant lac ment mpg multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
22nd Oct 13
Jealous of Harry's new-found proficiency in sixth-year Potions, Hermione moves to take some drastic measures in order to reclaim her position as top student. However, events do not unfold how she had planned, and she quickly finds herself losing her mid as the forbidden magic she uncovers takes control. Expansion, lactation, and several more intense, magical events soon follow.
cb fast huge hyp lac magic ment nc sc
24th Feb 19
The women of a local Medical Complex are one of the holdouts against the Studpocalypse, a virus that turns all men on Earth into zombie-like sex studs literally hung like horses, with infected seed that transforms women and slowly addicts them permanently.
bg ag big chem fast hg lac ment mpg
6th Oct 19
The newly-formed Omega Team makes its first expedition! Along the way, they meet a new face and pack on some more weight in all the right places. Afterwards, a pair gets a bit ambitious off-duty, and meets another character who might have some interesting ties to their group. Included in the .zip is a barely-edited version of the first part, as well.
bg ag big cb chem fast hg lac ment mm mpg
10th Oct 19
No prior reading required. Follow the tough and cool Jill as her world descends into chaos, men transforming into zombie-like studs that in turn change women into curvaceous sluts. With little to her name and no help in sight, how far can she go before succumbing to desire?
bg ag big cb chem fast hg ment
3rd Dec 23
In Part 3 of the Studpocalypse saga, our girls find themselves on a rescue mission for another group of women holed up in the city. As the makeup of their group turns more towards sluts than those unaffected, the stability of their home comes under threat. Feel free to contact me at if you want to ask any questions.
ag big cb chem fast hg lac ment mm mpg
26th May 05
Amanda Zonn uses super-science to change her plain body into that of a ravashing goddess. But what happens when she turns the dial too far?
ag fast gts hg lg science
24th Aug 22
Welcome to the world of Domina: a femdom religion with all-powerful goddesses. Olyria, goddess of breast worship, arrives on a distressed cruise ship and changes the lives of several aboard.
bond huge hyp instant magic
1st Jul 00
Accident gives a woman the power to drain men's muscles, strength, and size.
bg gts huge mg nc sc science
31st Dec 00
Strange magical balloons merge with Sophie, giving her the power to inflate.
bg gts sc wow
11th Nov 01
Plans to cheat at a high school women's basketball game go wrong in breast possible way!
huge magic wow
4th Dec 01
Just a quickie to alleviate the stress. Based upon a couple of drams i have been having recently
bg fast lac wow
31st May 02
Jealous of her sister's expanding bustline Chelsea drinks a bust enhancing potion. All of it.
cb chem fast lac multiple sc wow
5th Jul 02
The Already swollen Chelsea tries to help out her swelling sister, she will regret it...
chem huge lac multiple wow
25th Apr 02
A short story involving a thief turned super sexy bioenhanced secret agent.
ag cb fast gts hg sc wow
22nd Nov 11
Not my story, but I liked it and cleaned up the grammar from the climax.
bond chem fast gts instant sc wow
5th Feb 08
A Female Member of a forum finds her body being shaped into another member's ideal woman in this short Tale
ag big cb hg instant lg magic nc
15th Dec 15
big fast hg lg magic ment mg mm mpg
15th Dec 15
Cleaned up some spelling errors. This is my first try. I hope you enjoy it. There are several more chapters to follow. Subsequent chapters will include some gender changes.
big ft instant magic ment mg mm mpg nc tg
15th Dec 15
Chapter Two. Reality changes again as a lady remembers the peak of her sexual awakening.
ar big instant magic ment nc
17th Dec 15
big hg instant lg magic ment nc offstage tg
17th Dec 15
big hg instant lg magic ment nc
18th Dec 15
After the last two chapters which included gender changes and BE, Sam is a guy again, but a biker chick at the bar turns him into her personal fantasy.
ar big instant magic ment mg mm mpg nc
19th Dec 15
In this episode Sam learns what it is like to be intertwined with the hippie generation and everything else connected to the 60's
big hg instant lg magic ment mpg nc
18th Dec 07
Ron Weasley invents a new beauty potion that turns Hermione into quite the hott little witch
ag chem hg instant lg magic
27th Oct 07
"I had to strain myself with a sleepless night of marathon sex to reassure all of my willing alien sex slaves that I did not mean to play favorites." What began with a lonely hitch-hiker soon grew into a non-stop orgy of nymphomaniac supermodels addicted to my sperm. They give blow-jobs, kinky sex, and breast-expansion theatre on demand... and I intend to show them off to the world...and my Ex-wife!
aliens big cb huge instant lac mpg multiple sc science slow weird asleep
27th Jul 08
Nine drop-dead gorgeous nympho-babes that loved me, served me, and were eager to fuck me on my terms! And I had to escape! Would I retain my freedom, or would I become a sperm-slave for a legion of alien sluts?
ag big hyp instant lac lg ment mg mpg multiple sc science slow
27th Aug 08
Part one of a bodyshifters epic. Alien women with incredible powers are giving all men everywhere the sex of their wildest dreams, but when an old friend sends one of his harem as a gift, a dark and disturbing discovery is made by a lonely Shifter outcast. Will the newcomers to the harem disrupt their lives of mind-boggling pleasure? What sexy, big-busted secrets lie behind, The Vegas Strain?
aliens big chem fast hyp instant lac ment mg mpg multiple preg sc science weird
29th Aug 08
All is not well in the sweat-drenched harems that are popping up around the country. A lonely, Shifter-exile discovers a menace to her world, and the pleasure of her Master. There will be orgies, gigantic boobs, and sexual urges to drive a man insane! (reformatted)
aliens chem fast huge hyp instant lac ment mpg multiple preg sc science weird
4th Sep 08
The complete archive! Reformatted chapters 1 and 2 plus the unreleased Part 3! Trina has undertaken a journey to the birthplace of the mutant Las Vegas Strain. There, she discovers a town overrun by Shifters, and a pleasure great enough to freeze the heart. (and expand the boobs) She survives by seduction, flourishing on sex, but the true key to the prosperity of Trina's offspring relies on Porn. No man can resist the alien invaders that use pleasure as a weapon, but can such an alien save mankind from her own species?
aliens big chem fast huge hyp instant lac mpg multiple preg sc science weird
10th Mar 19
A girl discovers her ability to take the breasts of others.
bg big instant magic sc
28th Mar 19
Liz begins her new life as "the girl with tits bigger than her head" but quickly finds she's not as in control as she expected.
fast huge magic offstage slow
19th Apr 19
Liz continues to succumb to her lust and desire to grow bigger.
ag fast huge instant magic
6th Nov 05
Young girl orders "Instant Pregnancy Pills", pills that cause a fake but realistic looking pregnancy and breast growth, and overdoses on them, thinking they're not real. Well... never assume...
cb chem fa fast huge preg science
4th Sep 20
After cruelly injuring her assigned partner for a school project, Amy learns the hard way that revenge is a dish best served with a side of hot, steamy sex. Cursed to grow a dick over a foot long and given an inflatable body, Amy is first put through the wringer by the vengeful Mandy and then left to stew in her own juices. And OH BOY are there a lot of juices! There's also a lot of soap, suds, humiliation, mental gymnastics, mindfucks, and reluctant rape. (I mean, after all, how ELSE is Amy supposed to set up the perfect world where she and her best friend can just be happy together?) Not covered by the tags available here: belly inflation & cum inflation (both oral and vaginal) that will very likely LEAD to pregnancy. The bulk of the story takes place in an afternoon, so you'll just have to wait and see if anyone ACTUALLY gets pregnant. Tagged with pregnancy just to be on the safe side, though, since it's discussed a bit.
bg big bond fast huge hyp lac magic ment nc preg rc shem
8th May 23
Carrlie is a tomb raider who life goes from rags to riches and flat to fabulously huge boobs through a series of goofy and very fortunate circumstances. This is a silly fantasy series I wrote way back in 2006! I'm not sure why I never posted it here, but Ive recently updated the spelling and grammar, as well as located missing story images provided by the incredible Sidneymt! Please check out to see more of Sidneymt's amazing artwork. If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account! Thank you!
bond fast huge hyp lac magic multiple
8th May 23
KC is hyper-boobed mutant in a world full of sexy mutants. Her mutation isn't even that extreme compared to some, but she still faces lots of social anxiety due to her unnatural features. She just wants to stay in her room, play videogames, and masturbate all day, but life in college eventually introduces KC to a new best friend, and life only gets more sexy from there! These stories are inspired by and set in the incredible universe of Accessworld! To see more of this world and its sexy mutants, check out @INemmed on twitter or Ivan Nemmed on patreon! If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account. Thank you!
fast huge lac multiple science weird
17th Jun 23
Sara's girlfriend recently got a new job at a trendy new club called The Milk-Bar. The job pays great, but Sara's concerned something strange is going on when her girlfriend starts experiencing some milky growth. Contains: Lactation and Multi-boob.
bg big huge hyp lac multiple science slow
4th Feb 24
Beth recently mutated and gained a third boob, but something inside her has compelled to find a way to grow more! She acquired some illegal mutagen from the mob to help make her dreams a reality, but her friends Kat and Angie think this is a bad idea. Multi-boob chaos ensues! This story is pretty weird and contains lots of Multi Arm, Leg, Head, and especially Boobs, as well as some other stuff. You've been warned!
chem huge lac ment multiple science weird
23rd Jan 15
ag big cb gts science slow asleep
24th Jan 15
Jordan heads to her favorite spot in the world.
ag cb huge offstage science slow asleep
24th Jan 15
Join Jordan in her struggles through everyday life. Sometimes when your built like this girl, regular activities become a workout.
ag cb gts huge offstage science slow asleep
26th Jan 15
Time for an appointment with the doctor. What news will she have for Jordan.
ag cb fast gts huge science asleep
5th Feb 15
The moment Jordan's been waiting all day for. Date night. Hopefully her body can cooperate for just one special night. Hopefully
ag cb gts huge science slow asleep
1st Mar 15
The day after Jordan's date is not quite what she expected.
cb fast gts huge science
30th Mar 15
Just an alternate chapter 5. Most likely will have no bearing on chapter 6.
ag big offstage science slow
17th May 04
A high school student gets a strange invitation and uses it to reconcile with his ex.
fast huge mpg science weird
7th Apr 15
A story inspired by the game Seven Persons Seven Doors /Zero's Last Escape. No growth (yet!) just setting the stage for a twisted game that puts it's captives through all sorts of torment. This is effectively a teaser chapter before the fun begins.
big science slow
3rd Apr 15
Odd Request is a first person tale of tale spun by a prostitute named Mira. It's a story of a very special client with peculiar tastes. Not only does she get the chance to make an obscene amount of money, but she gets a chance to fatten her lady bumps without implants. Win. Win.
ag big fast huge hyp instant ment science
6th Apr 15
A digital log found while exploring a hastily abandoned research station. It was covered in unidentified semen and human milk.
aliens big chem ment science slow
7th Apr 15
Part Two of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game Seven Persons, Seven Doors. Four strangers (so far) are thrown into a twisted game where the stakes are their very bodies' identity. Vulis (Vulture) and Chess come across two more contestants and the first game is launched.
big chem hyp instant nc rc science
18th Apr 15
Part Three of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game NINE Persons, NINE Doors. (So it's been years since I played it... bite me) Four more strangers show up, bringing the total to Eight. The announcer seems hesitant to help them until all the players are in place, where could they be? This is a bit of a slow burn, please give me some time to get some quality excuses for Boob growth. I'm also open to suggestions for particular contestants. Find me on Deviant Art if you want to ask me questions. (ShamusBaran)
big hyp instant ment rc science
5th May 15
A story I made for a writing contest. For you literary nerds out there, no, it's not a mice and men fan fiction. (Names were changed from the original file.) A twenty something girl gets a weird package she (or her roommate) didn't order and things get out of control thanks to a mischievous little invisible mouse.
ag big cb chem fa huge lac ment nc science
24th May 15
A 10,000 word short story (one of three parts). Chris, a waiter and college Junior, finds a mysterious notebook in the back room of his restaurant. To his surprise, it holds the power to enlarge or shrink breasts without any risk of detection. Doe Chris use it for the good of mankind? Or is it just a tool to score him some tail? Maybe Both.
ag big fa hyp instant lac magic nc science
19th Jul 15
Chris lets the power granted to him by the Boob Note, a magical notebook capable of enlarging breasts, go to his head. He toes the line between popular playboy and dangerous sociopath. Chris quickly learns the book can not only enlarge breasts but shape reality itself. He finds a girl willing to help him experiment, but one just isn't enough for Chris. Is he going to far? Or is he just taking his new role as a modern 'Boob God' too far? Boob Note is an ongoing story being posted in smaller parts at When larger chunks of the story are finished it will be posted here. However, if you'd like to get little bits of the story sooner (and maybe even contribute to Chris' fate) check out my DA page. --SB
big fast hyp instant lac magic preg science slow
25th Sep 15
This is a short (only 1,700 word) story I wrote as an exercise. It's a first-person expansion story about a woman that goes to an experimental booth to reduce her breasts. Don't worry-- it has a happy ending. ;) I'll admit the main reason I'm posting this is to communicate that all my stories are Microsoft Word Documents. (.docx) If you're dumb enough to try and open one in notepad and expect it to work, good on you, but don't downrate my stories because of your own stupidity. If you don't have Word, you can convert the story with free software or upload it to Google Drive. If you don't ant to bother with conversions you can also read my stories at . Thanks -- SB
big fast sc science
5th Sep 15
Chris has learned most of the ins and outs of the Boob Note, but he's only scratched the surface of what is capable with it. He uses his date with Penelope as an excuse to see what it can really do and makes his first real misstep with the Boob Note. Has he let his powers as a new found Boob God go to his head? Only time will tell.
big bond fa fast huge hyp instant magic ment
11th Feb 21
Frank is conscious of his extremely small penis, and orders a product off the internet that will help this condition. It works better than expected, and his roommate takes notice.
bg ag big cb chem fast mg mm mpg
3rd Feb 07
This is the full first volume of the Yuki and Naru stories It contains Yuki's first encounter with breast expansion and Naru's sudden addiction to it
cb chem huge sc
4th Feb 07
This is the third storie in the Yuki and Naru series. Yuki meets a man at the beach and taking the oppertunity she follows him into a house and does something. But as this is happeneing Yuki's breasts expand once again
big fast magic
28th Jan 12
Alex Wright was an ordinary guy in a mundane world. But, one day after a car accident, he finds himself, the only human suddenly in a world full of large breasted elves. Many sexual adventures begin for him afterwards.
huge inc magic ment
14th Feb 12
As Alex's harem grows he receives a magical ring that only humans can use from his sisters-in-law as a gag gift. He uses it in various ways.
ag huge inc instant magic ment preg
26th May 12
Keith Sheers was a cat guy; that is he was a single man who kept a cat to take care of his loneliness. But, one day a chemical accident changed the two forever. Now Keith must deal with a hot and horny cat woman living with him. (I was going to write the whole thing before putting it here, but realized that this is going to end up being a long one. Enjoy!!!)
big chem instant lac ment mpg weird asleep
28th May 12
Sandra and Keith learn new abilities, two more Catwomen are born, and Keith contemplates whether to comply with the morals and values he was raised on, or to give in to his sexual desires. (Added part 1 too. Enjoy!)
ag big chem fast huge lac ment weird asleep
30th May 12
Of which Keith gives in to his desires; Jamie meets Sandra; and Amy discovers the existence of the cat women in a most painful way.
ag big chem fast huge instant lac ment mpg offstage weird
1st Jun 12
Of which more cat women are created; Keith has a date with Katie and gets bugged; and Sandra and Eve play a sneaky trick on their landlady. (Sorry if I tend to mix up names from time to time. I am rather bad at that, but try my best not to. lol Also included parts 2 and 3)
ag ar big chem fast huge lac ment mpg offstage weird asleep
4th Jun 12
Of which Keith tells Katie all about the cat women; Keith starts his new job at the animal clinic; Sandra and Katie meet; and Keith's rather unpleasant brother, Sam, makes an appearance.
ag big chem fast hg huge lac ment mpg offstage slow tg weird asleep
16th Jun 12
Of which Keith buys some fake IDs, a new home, and a strip club, naming it, "The Cat's Meow"; the number of cat women in his pride practically double; and Katie finally tells Jamie about her relationship with Keith. (This one ended up becoming twice as long as the others. Also, I may have overdid it with the number of cat women additions this chapter. Enjoy!)
ag ar big bond chem fast huge lac ment mpg nc offstage tg weird asleep
25th Jun 12
Of which things come to a conclusion, and a new beginning, for Keith and the Cat Women. (The final chapter and epilogue are pretty short, but should still be enjoyable. I also included the full version of it on .html as well as in .doc, which was what I originally wrote it in. Thanks for reading!)
ag chem fast huge instant lac ment mm mpg offstage tg weird asleep
21st Jun 12
Of which Katie's cat is catnapped by Inutech; Jamie becomes a cat woman, and researches the cat women to develop a formula to create more; and Keith struggles with his growing urges.
ag big chem fast huge lac ment offstage weird asleep
30th Jul 12
Just your typical story: Girl get kidnapped to be transformed into a sex genie. Girl escapes, makes her boyfriend her master, and begins to change reality around them to fulfill all of his fantasies. Girl also inadvertently starts a zombie apocalypse. (This one is really dark, so it may not be for the feint of heart.)
ag big bond gts huge instant ment mm mpg nc offstage science asleep
19th Sep 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. Part 1 of an ongoing series.
big instant magic sc
24th Oct 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. Part 2 of an ongoing series.
big instant magic
15th Mar 01
Will talks to a therapist about the trauma he's put his girlfriend through.
bg fa fast nc science wow
4th Jul 04
This is the first story from writer sick of life. About a young girl and her jaded boyfriend. When she decides to take drastic measures to keep him he finds out what it's like on the receiving end of criticism.
bg cb
26th Feb 04
In a desperate effort to conceive, Claire and David try an experimental drug that brings out the animal in both of them.
chem fast huge lac ment mpg
3rd Jul 04
He learns an after-hours secret about a pretty coworker.
ag cb fast huge ment mpg
2nd Jun 98
Teenage girl becomes apprentice to an air mage.
bg big magic preg
2nd Jun 98
Teenage girl gives birth to an other-dimensional balloon.
bg big preg
28th Jun 98
In the far future, the sister of a jilted boyfriend gets revenge on the hussy who ruined her brother.
bg nc preg science wow
2nd Jun 98
Woman inflates in a clown suit.
bg ag wow
2nd Jun 98
Beauty contestant gets revenge on a cheating winner with an inflatable suit.
bg wow
2nd Jun 98
Alien man turns girl into inflated toy balloon-girl.
bg aliens wow
2nd Jun 98
A scientist gets revenge on a cruel ex-lover.
bg ag hg nc science wow
3rd Mar 98
When she finds her new implants are adjustable, a young lady discovers the dangers of remote control.
bg fa fast nc rc science wow
8th Jun 11
Same story just with Microsoft word previous versions instead of the new version... I'm so tech savy huh? A simple Story based on a picture said picture is with the story give a read and a review let me know if I did something right or not... E-mail is or Either or now the Summary is this... Dr. Frink, local mad scientist tests a new growth drug he calls the Arousa Growth. It's a pill that grows a persons breasts and cocks grow bigger depending on how aroused they get. And who does he test it on but one Bart Simpson? What will Bart do with knowledge of this growth drug?
big chem fast huge inc mm mpg science slow weird
8th Jun 11
A simple Story based on a picture said picture is with the story give a read and a review let me know if I did something right or not... E-mail is or Either or now the Summary is this... Dr. Frink, local mad scientist tests a new growth drug he calls the Arousa Growth. It's a pill that grows a persons breasts and cocks grow bigger depending on how aroused they get. And who does he test it on but one Bart Simpson? What will Bart do with knowledge of this growth drug?
big cb chem fast huge inc mm mpg science slow weird
10th Jun 11
A story based on the X-Men movie... the movie not the cartoon series. This is a experimental story like the Simpson one to see how well it would be recieved... I hope that this will be recieved well. Anyway... Summary: When Mystique finds that she is regaining her powers however she only gets some of her powers back wanting all her powers she sneaks into a lab to retrieve the mutant regenerator… or does she?
big bond chem fast huge ment science shem weird asleep
11th Nov 11
This story I hesistated to put up... for various reasons... You'll see why when you read it... Not my best work but good enough that I want to upload it... Leave some comments and I'll work on the next one...
ag big cb chem fast hg huge inc lac mpg preg science shem
12th Jul 12
Summary: Naruto goes to see a Fortune Teller for a view into his luck however after his insult he'll find that he has a big problem and it's just getting bigger and bigger… There is some breast growth but you'll have to look for it... Next entry will contain a lot of breast growth also keep in mind this is a romance story and an alternate universe. All characters are over 21 in this story.
big cb instant magic mpg sc
14th Aug 12
Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann: A series of events happen that change both the history and events of the series. Growth comes in the end of the entry more will be put in and other pairings might be possible if suggested... Enjoy
big instant
14th Oct 03
Lisa and her story. Don't get mad at me if it sucks, its my first time making a story of my own.
big fast huge lac magic
17th Oct 09
What happens when a young woman prays for larger breasts?
big huge slow asleep
26th Jul 09
Harley Quinn, mistress of the crime prince in Gotham, finds a curious chemical. Results ensue...
cb chem fast huge
9th Jan 10
What happens when a fetish becomes sound-induced? Purposely obscure and more artsy than most BE stories.
ag big cb instant
24th Nov 11
big instant magic sc
24th Nov 11
Yuffie wants to become the main conquest of the party. Does this materia hold the key...? Apologies for double upload.
big instant magic sc
10th May 12
Pamela Isley is tending to her (rather odd-looking) new plants... what will happen if they react oddly to her favour?
chem fast huge lac nc
17th Jul 23
Final Fantasy VII fan fiction where Jessie and Barret have almost porn-like sex. Features cumflation for both breasts and belly, lactation, milk-stuffing, self-sucking, dick and ball growth, and an immobile cum-stuffed woman. Written purely for smutty fun.
cb fast huge lac magic mpg
16th Mar 01
Jessica gets a magical nursing bra with spectacular results.
cb huge lac magic nc slow
27th Dec 12
For every outbreak there must be a patient zero. When Daniel Turner stumbles upon an experiment gone awry in his father's lab he unwittingly becomes the carrier of one of the most bizarre plagues the world has ever seen, and plunges the country into a state of emergency. Based on the world of Dexter Sinister. Comments welcome.
big cb fast ft huge lac mpg offstage science shem weird asleep
30th Oct 06
No death/gore, but lots of non-consensual BE in a Saw plot-like style. This is my first BE attempt so be nice. Send all feedback to
chem lac nc slow asleep wow
18th Jul 07
Three girls go on a Carribean Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island they acquire some ecstasy and a local island potion. The results are largely uncontrollable.
chem fast huge lac nc offstage sc asleep wow
13th Jan 07
Read all the feedback and completely redid the ending of the original story so that it wasn't disappointing. Over 9 pages of new ending material with some additional features (see new story codes). New description: Three Seniors go on a Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island, they acquire ecstasy which, when coupled with a native potion, leads to some out-of-control growth. How will they deal with their new proportions? By setting up a fantasy webcam service where the fun can continue.
ag bond cb chem fast huge lac nc offstage wow
19th Feb 07
Sequel to my first Saw BE-type story. The mysterious woman captor claims another set of victims, causing them to expand to enormous proportions for her own personal enjoyment. Can she be stopped or will she live to inflate others for another day? Not gruesome per se, but definitely not for those looking for a love story. 3rd attempt at a story, hope you enjoy!
ag bond cb chem fast huge instant lac ment nc wow
10th May 07
From the semi-warped mind of SkeetSkeet: Candice suddenly finds herself held hostage in a plot to extort $250,000 from a lawyer. As the kidnappers grow impatient, so grows poor Candice. Enjoy!
cb chem huge nc offstage slow asleep
15th Aug 08
This is chapters 1-4 of The Slut's Panties. I hope you enjoy. Read the notes before each chapter for a quick overview.
ag big fa ft hg hyp inc instant magic ment mpg preg shem weird
5th Jul 15
Change is a curious thing. We may not realize it, but over the course of our lives, we are in constant change both mentally and physically. This is the story of how one woman went from shy and dutiful to loud, proud and incredibly busty as the result of one fateful decision... Contains lots of breast implants and sex.
ag big cb fast huge ment offstage science slow
17th Sep 07
Michael has a few weeks free time between finishing his masters and the "real" world. Jena has found her grandmother's old game.
ar big cb fast huge lac magic shem
19th May 11
My first story in english - A young warrior in a fantasy world gets power-hungry. The more power she has, the more her breasts grow.
huge instant magic offstage sc slow wow
28th Jun 98
Space radiation makes women on Voyager grow huge breasts.
bg big huge nc science slow
4th Mar 12
This is a story about a brother and sister, their parents and friends. Issue No1 here is free but the sequels are on sale at I'm posting it because it can almost stand on its own and while the BE my be modest it is illustrated and this site doesn't have many of those stories. All characters are over 18 or celebrate their 18th birthday BEFORE the story gets sexy.
ag ar big chem fa lg mg mpg slow
17th Sep 10
Gina's life is going through some changes. Hopefully bigger breasts will just be the start of an incredible journey.
big chem offstage slow asleep
1st Oct 10
Gina's breasts have doubled in size and they show no sign of slowing. A month later she has to come to terms with her new found body and its complications.
big slow asleep
1st Nov 10
As Gina slowly adjusts to life as a large breasted woman she makes a horrific discovery about her condition. (Folder contains PDF files. If you dont like it dont download.)
big chem huge hyp ment nc offstage rc sc science slow asleep
1st Dec 10
Revelations about Gina's growing breasts change things forever. But is this really what she wants?
big chem fast huge hyp instant offstage rc sc science slow
25th Dec 10
‘Every woman deserves a body that can be worshipped.’ Happy Christmas Oveflowing Bra.
ag big fa gts instant preg rc science
1st Jan 11
Gina's breasts are as large as their going to get, but is she really happy with her new life?
huge offstage rc sc slow asleep
14th Mar 11
What happens when a worldwide multi-billion dollar electronics consumer company gets in on the bra industry?
big fast lac rc sc science
5th May 20
She was fed up of being ordinary. Fed up of being weak. The story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting.
bg lg magic mg slow asleep
1st Jun 20
She just wanted men to adore and respect her, what could be wrong with that? The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting.
bg big magic mg rc slow asleep
1st Sep 20
She just wanted to understand why the world was changing around her, why everyone was suddenly so obsessed with massive tits! The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting.
bg big huge magic ment offstage rc sc slow asleep
1st Nov 20
She just wanted to have the best tits in the world, but as that wasn't possible she was doing to get revenge! The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting. Episode four shows what happens when you cross a woman whose defined boob positive...
fast huge magic ment mg offstage rc sc slow asleep
1st Dec 20
Thankfully the one thing she was most scared off didn’t happen. She had dreaded being able to feel the kitchen floor pressing into the base of her flesh. It was probably a near run thing – standing as tall and straight as possible the two spheres hung so low there could simply not be much gap between their lowest point and the floor, but it hadn’t happened. If she could keep them clear of the ground then she could walk. It was as simple as that! The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting. Episode five averts their destiny in unexpected ways!
bg ag big huge hyp instant magic mg nc offstage rc sc slow asleep
28th Aug 99
Some wacky ""directions"" on how to make a hit porno video without any money.
bg big instant magic mpg
17th Jul 99
A highschool student finds her breasts grow at night when she dreams about sex - but why?
bg big asleep
22nd Feb 00
Stranded on a deserted island, a group find themselves being transformed by a mysterious beast.
bg fa fast huge mpg nc wow
1st Mar 02
This story was written for me (Double H) by my special friend Sofia. Any resemblance to real individuals may be correct.
big science
8th Mar 02
Another story written for me by Sofia. This story also deals with BE via breast augmentation. Any resemblance to real individuals may in fact be correct.
big offstage science
13th Oct 02
Quasi-biographical true story (I hope!) that Sofia wrote early 2002 before she had breast implants.
big science
3rd Apr 07
Short but to the point and very very sweet, this is the first literary work of Sofia in over 5 years. Featuring B.E via breast implants, a niche sorely lacking for material, in this genre. Perhaps we'll see more from her, or others? Writers, please indulge this story type. (breast implants and augmentation)
science slow
25th Dec 10
Brief, but telling. Romance, breast implants and augmentation
cb fast huge science
25th Dec 10
Brief, but telling. Romance, breast implants and augmentation.
big cb fast science
16th May 09
When a tear in our reality forms, it allows a creature with power beyond comprehension to slip through into the real world. It feeds off of the erotic energies created by mankind, and it will do anything to get more – even if it means turning all of humanity into mindless sex slaves! -- Slightly rough, but entertaining nonetheless.
ag aliens big fast magic ment mpg
12th Jul 98
New arrivals at the school provide an ideal opportunity for the Sexual Chemistry girls to carry out some vital r&d work.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
The St Cat's Chorus goes on tour!
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
A girl and her sister find a way of spending Saturday evenings.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
Shannie notices morals declining at St Cat's, and decides to organize a Moral Crusade to rectify matters.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
Christmas Holidays at Fillamore Deepleigh.
bg fa fast
26th Jul 98
A dangerous substance gets loose with devastating effect as the girls of the Fifth Form work on their holiday film project
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
The original St. Cats story that started it all! - text version
bg slow
12th Jul 98
The original St. Cats story that started it all!
bg slow
12th Jul 98
All 6 chapters of the original Golden Goose in one ZIP file.
bg slow
12th Jul 98
Grandma Trudy decides to send her granddaughters to St Cat's as soon as they're old enough.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
Miss Thunderbolt has a startling and radical plan for the appointment of the next Head Girl.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
A sort-of-spinoff of the original massive classic ""Dr. Hooters"", done in British style!
bg slow
12th Jul 98
They shouldn't allow those girls near the Sexual Chemistry Lab!
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
After an upheaval, even more new teachers arrive to teach at SCAPA, St Cat's Academy for the Performing Arts.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
All 12 RTF-format chapters of the Return of the Golden Goose in one ZIP file.
bg slow
12th Jul 98
All the girls in an English village begin to grow huge boobs astoundingly fast. Could it be... something in the water?
bg slow
26th Jul 98
Furious at restrictive school uniform regulations, Megan takes her revenge, which causes widespread breast-growth, rampant horniness and unscheduled lactation throughout Southern England.
bg fa fast
26th Jul 98
Smegs finds that a Dairy proprietor's lot is not always a happy one as Shan struggles with relationships.
bg fa fast
7th Apr 00
St Cats and St Angies exchange a pair of students.
bg fa fast
7th Apr 00
St Cats and St Angies exchange a pair of students.
bg fa fast
26th Jul 98
The main page with descriptions of all the St Cat's stories, listed in proper order!
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
A new term at St Cat's bring new traditions and new teachers.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
Computers rewriting reality? So that's why St Cat's is such a strange place!
bg fa fast
7th Jan 14
After a long day of work, a woman relaxes and fantasizes about an erotic encounter. Soon her fantasy is becoming reality.
big cb fast
15th Oct 03
A short story about a girl and her magic box. Her music box, not the other one.
fast huge magic mpg
4th Jul 04
Sword and sorcery epic involving women trapped in a mysterious plant by an evil sorceress, plotting to cause chaos and... well... big boobs
bg ag big fast hg magic
8th May 05
story i found a while ago, unfinished but good
big fast magic tg weird
10th May 05
A woman has a dream about being in a grey place where her breasts are used as a canvas for alien art.
aliens fast nc weird wow
22nd Jul 17
An ugly nerdy girl finds herself befriending the highschool hunk. He's way too handsome and she's way too ugly for anything to happen. Right?
bg ag big instant lg magic asleep
13th Sep 17
Two hikers camping out in the woods, soon find themselves in the clutches of a harem of sex crazed hotties. Feed back is always appreciated.
ag bond instant lg magic mg mm mpg
31st Jul 13
Further tales of the cast of Milkmaniac's The Book of Spells. Claire visits Tim to try a new sexual position to double Tim's pleasure.
huge lac magic mpg offstage shem slow
10th Nov 01
Samantha recieves amazing weight-gain powers. She uses them on other women, and they gain in all the right places.
ag cb fa fast huge nc
10th Sep 10
Red-headed Heather Mcoule, a 39 year old single office worker, was bullied constantly by her coworkers about her age and for the unusual rate of her aging. However, all that's about to change when Marty, a 2 foot tall leprechaun, visits her one night at the office. After Heather finds out that she too is a magical being, both she and Marty go out and take revenge on her coworkers in various magical ways. It is obvious that one scene is somewhat influenced by the 1995 movie Leprechaun 3. This is part 1 of the story.
ag ar big cb fa fast huge instant magic ment mg nc rc sc weird
16th Feb 22
A sorceress uses magic and food to grow larger, thus increasing her magic ability. Vaguely based on the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown.
hyp magic sc slow wow
16th Mar 22
Four-part story of a girl named Claire whose stomach is in her breasts, and the scientists who take her to their lab to "run tests" on her.
bg big cb fast huge sc science slow
7th Apr 22
A short and sweet little bit of Star Trek WG BE fanfic.
bg big chem fa sc slow
13th May 22
A college girl gets a visit from her future self, who gives her some pills that will help her make better use of her excess calories.
huge sc science slow
10th Apr 23
A young man reunites with his childhood friend and first crush. She has an odd reaction to his loving touch.
bg big nc science slow asleep
10th Apr 23
Claire and her sister have something in common… A continuation of "Claires Testing" Contains stuffing and stuckage.
cb chem fast huge sc
19th Apr 23
900 DeviantArt Watchers Special. A young woman has a strange reaction to getting pregnant. Her roommate is into it. Contains feeding
bg big chem nc preg sc slow
4th May 23
My new girlfriend has quite the appetite, how big will she get? (Contains: Stuffing, Mini-Giantess, Lactation)
bg big chem gts lac slow
16th May 23
Grace tells her younger sister about the family secret. Much to her regret. Originally published on DeviantArt June '21. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain, Stuffing.
offstage sc science slow wow
23rd May 23
Laura finds an undiscovered tribe in the jungle, and they're all super nice to her. 3.8k Words, Originally published on DeviantArt September '21. Contains: Feeding, Stuffing, Breast Expansion as Weight Gain, Mini Giantess, Lactation
cb chem gts sc slow wow
1st Jun 23
Short setup chapter. Julie meets up with Catherine, an old friend from school, and is surprised by how much her friend has grown. 1300 Words. Originally published on DeviantArt November '17. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
bg big chem offstage sc slow
6th Jun 23
Catherine needs a place to stay. Julie is a culinary arts student. What will happen when one becomes the other’s full-time taste tester? 2.5k Words. Originally published on DeviantArt November '17. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
bg big chem offstage slow
14th Jun 23
Julie’s sister moves in with the girls. She has a talent for sewing and making clothes, which is lucky for the ever-growing Catherine. 1800 Words. Originally published on DeviantArt December '17. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
bg big chem offstage sc slow
28th Jun 23
The girls have a lot of Thanksgiving dinners to attend. Ruby has a surprise costume up her sleeve. 4.5k Words. Originally published on DeviantArt October '18. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
cb chem huge sc slow
9th Jul 23
The girls get an unexpected visitor on Christmas Eve. Santa needs help from someone with a big appetite… 3k Words. Originally published on DeviantArt December '19. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
cb magic sc slow wow
19th Jan 14
A young lady finds herself working a part time job at Christmas and feeling a bit overshadowed by her coworkers height and bust. All this changes when she gets her Christmas Bonus.
ag big cb fast gts huge lg magic mg sc wow
15th Feb 14
Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a collaboration between myself and 1cygnet over on DeviantArt. I cut this version down to only have BE and a bit of Belly, so I hope you all enjoy it!
ag big cb inc instant magic nc rc sc
28th Dec 16
This includes both Spectras Mind and All in the Tea Leaves. Due to issues trying to fix the mis-upload, this seemed the easiest route.
bg ag big fast ft hg instant lac magic mg mm mpg preg sc tg
23rd Dec 16
A couple with marital issues stumbles upon a mysterious antique store where they find a board game that changes their lives.
bg ag big ft hg instant magic ment mg mm mpg sc tg
11th Apr 19
A husband with writer's block comes across a mirror that helps him and his business savvy wife reveal who they were always meant to be.
bg ag big fast magic ment mm mpg
13th Nov 20
Shae is stuck in lockdown with her best friend Carly's boyfriend Nick. What's worse than Nick is that he's ranting and raving about some weird necklace he picked up at a store that lets him absorbed people's energy and change them. She can't wait for this lockdown to end.
bg ag big hg instant lac magic ment mm mpg
29th Mar 21
Your wife brings home a revelatory and enchanting work of art that is hypnotic in its beauty. This is a TG heavy story written in 2nd person perspective as a forewarning if that isn't your thing.
bg big fast hyp magic ment nc tg
27th Dec 02
An incomplete story from EMCSA.
big ment asleep
8th Nov 12
Your room mate Shilpa has received a shipment of tea from her Aunt, but when she tries the tea it has strange and delightful effects on her. Each tea causes a distinct change, and it isn't long before the cumulative effects turn Shilpa in to a living fantasy. This was originally a Choose-Your-Own adventure story posted to Deviant Art, so it is written in second person with illustrations. The epilogue has yet to be written, and OFB readers can leave feedback in the "Rate Me" section on what they'd like included in the Epilogue.
ag big cb fa huge instant lac magic ment nc preg rc sc
11th Oct 12
ag aliens ar cb fast huge lac ment mg mpg offstage science
3rd Sep 12
This is Silenteye but I will now be going under the name Silent Soul Ken or SSK. The reason for this is to unify all my stuff under one name. So Silenteye, Soul Teller and Kentenko are me. Now for the summary of events. Naruto and Hinata are trapped on an island. Hinata has noticed slight changes in their behavior and body. Suspicious she goes to find the cause. Naruto tired of being stranded to one part of the island decides to explore the mountain. Will Naruto climb the mountain? Will Hinata find out what is wrong with her and him?
big chem mpg slow asleep
4th Sep 12
Because I forgot to add 1 and 2 for the premise... Naruto is a pilot and Hinata an heiress to a powerful company. When a trip to home goes wrong these two must survive a island with unknown flora and fauna. Can they get off the island fast enough to go home? Can they manage to work together long enough to achieve the goal?
big chem mpg offstage slow asleep
13th Dec 12
The next chapter has been created! Reviews and Criticism are welcome! If you wish to see more of my works that are mainly non-BE send me an e-mail at make sure to label it as important or it'll go to the trash...
big huge instant magic mpg sc
6th Jul 13
A new story, based on a doujin I read. One man lives a solitary life, with no friends or girlfriends but that all changes when he's visited by a tiny Oni. Warning this is a original story using fanfic characters.
ag big cb hg huge instant lg magic ment mpg
12th Nov 09
Still tweaking her nipples she replies huskily, “So basically while I was with him, every time I climaxed, my tits grew? What’s the life cycle of the new bacteria?”
big mpg science slow
27th Jul 03
A man who fantasizes about his busty mother-in-law finally has his dream cum true.
bg ag big fast
27th Jul 03
Boyd finally gets his just desserts. (Mrs. Brown goes jogging too !)
13th Nov 03
A playful young woman seems to have her stomach in her cleavage. Her shocked male guest can't believe his luck.
ag big fast
13th Nov 03
A guy's dream girl gets some dream curves and an itch that only he can scratch.
ag big slow
10th Dec 03
This is a fragmented series of excerpts that form the story of Diane, a woman who gets big in all the right places when she gets horny. Its easy to follow the plot and theres enough button-popping, pants stretching, and belly rubbing for two stories of this kind. Visit for the growing collection of my works and tons of links to the best expansion on the Web.
bg ag big fast huge lac lg preg science
29th Oct 05
A skinny runway model becomes a curvacious hooker after her mysterious captor employs a magic air pump to end her career. is now revived and updated, drop by and revisit old favorites and discover new !
ag fast huge magic
5th Jan 06
A girl tries out a device that puts on the pounds in all the right places. But when her stepmother does the same, she finds not one but two unlikely new partners.
ag huge inc instant sc tg
9th Jan 99
Making a Christmas wish, a young woman taking a train over the holidays finds her wish coming true.
bg huge magic slow
8th Feb 03
"Every bust is potentially dangerous." Agent Louis A. Kerpalscheiker, FBGB
cb chem huge science asleep
21st Apr 03
A guy meets a girl with beachball sized boobs that grow bigger and bigger as the story continues
bg cb fast huge wow
28th Dec 04
Judy Wall tries an experimental breast enhancement procedure. Which was working well until she met Bud, who tries one of his home-made breast growth procedures.
fast huge sc science
20th Jun 04
Sequel to Blind Date. The daughers are all grown up now!
huge sc slow
1st Jan 05
Another story featuring the intrepid agents of the FBGB. Unzips into a three-part HTML story with illustrations. Unzip and click on index.htm
2nd Jan 05
Another illustrated story featuring the agents of the FBGB. Beware: extremely large breasts are involved.
huge wow
3rd Jan 05
With illustrations by Art Newman, a Steve Palmer story of a woman who becomes a model when her breasts start growing fast ... and faster. And they do not stop. HTML, unzip and click on the index.htm file.
big slow
25th Mar 07
A bunch of VERY busty ladies play some poker but instead of betting with chips, they bet with cup sizes. a lot of breast shrinkage, and a LOT of breast growth.
cb instant magic wow
13th Jan 09
Fantasy involving multiple women and vast breasts. Another masterpiece from Steve Palmer.
big huge instant magic offstage
13th Jan 09
Guy gets it on with his huge-breasted sister-in-law. Yet another great work from Steve Palmer.
25th Sep 09
A guy infects women with a special BE formula. Another nice story from Steve Palmer. (To those who've been commenting and rating, I'm not the author himself, just a fan who wants to share these hard-to-find stories with the community).
chem fast huge
25th Sep 09
A nursing mom finds that she keeps on growing and growing. (To those who've been commenting and rating, I'm not the author himself, just a fan who wants to share these hard-to-find stories with the community).
huge lac slow
26th Sep 09
"A guy infects women with a special BE formula. Another nice story from Steve Palmer." This is the same story as the other one, only in standard .html format.
chem fast huge
15th Oct 16
This rare gem features characters from the FBGB series, and includes long-lost illustrations that accompanied the original. The Mammaliens have landed - and they are the bustiest conquerors the world has ever seen! Who will save us from being willfully enslaved by these tit-goddesses from another planet? Why, the government, of course - as in Government Tit! (check out the file named Treasure Trove.txt for other hard-to-find stories!)
bg aliens big bond huge instant nc offstage science slow weird wow
1st Oct 18
A fair maiden, unsatisfied with her breast size, visits a manipulative wizard. We all know what happens next!
chem fast huge magic
1st Jun 19
Long-lost Steve Palmer story finally posted!!! An explorer trekking through the rain forest witnesses a female tribe's coming-of-age ritual utilizing an exotic spider, then brings it back with him to share with a female college. Check out the text document for a discovery I made involving
cb chem fast huge science asleep
3rd Jun 19
To reiterate: An explorer trekking through the rain forest witnesses a female tribe's coming-of-age ritual utilizing an exotic spider, then brings it back with him to share with a female colleague. Sorry about that last version. All files should be there this time. Thanks to "Someone" for pointing out the issue. Check out the text document for a discovery I made involving
cb chem huge science slow asleep
24th May 21
This is my first story in many years.
cb chem fast huge lac slow wow
6th Aug 22
The stories are The Magic Bra, The Ultimate Brassiere, and The Biggest Breasts in the World. I downloaded these stories from the internet years ago, and I just realized that can no longer find them online. I feel I have a responsibility to gett these back into the community. Enjoy!
bg big cb fast huge magic offstage rc slow wow
19th Feb 05
Nick is unfortunately successful at creating the perfect woman.
big fast ft science shem
16th Nov 06
An egotistical stud loses all his friends and ends up hanging out with his sister and her girlfriends. He becomes interested in his sister's Japanese friend that happens to be a skilled gymnast. When he begins mysteriously shrinking, the girl grows bigger in all the right places.
ag big chem gts hg inc lg nc science slow
16th Nov 06
Jack's Curse is a tribute to Stephen King's "Thinner". After crashing into an old hag, a man gets cursed. A horrible curse that shifts reality around him. This results in not only shrinking him, but causing his wife to grow... and grow... and grow...
ag big gts hg instant lg magic slow
4th Jan 17
This is my first story. I tried to correct the problems I see with the stories I read on here. Feel free to send me ideas or input to my email:
ag cb chem fa fast gts hg huge instant lg magic ment mpg
31st Dec 99
Luke is granted the power to change reality by a devil who wants to take over his body.
bg cb fa fast huge magic ment nc rc wow
8th Dec 01
Duke convinces Amanda to try some cutting edge nanotech.
fast lg science wow
19th Nov 02
Subbie find herself growing yet another cup size.
big science slow
17th Dec 08
While preparing to leave for her trip to Florida, Cindy finds her chest beginning to grow! What will she do when she finds herself away from home and beginning to lactate?
big fast huge lac slow
7th Dec 08
After a passionate night with a young man in her neighborhood, Mary wakes up to find her tiny chest has developed into a huge, neverending milk factory. She needs milking really bad...not to mention hot sex from the very same young man.
big instant lac
8th Dec 08
Mary's tits grow bigger, she and Jason, grow hornier, and Jason's friend Cindy grows suspicious. What happens when she stumbles across these two lovers in a night of hot, passionate, milky sex?
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9th Dec 08
Jason, Mary, and newcomer Cindy all descend into a lactation-filled orgy (which includes a bathtub full of milk). But, when Mary gives Cindy a special gift, she unwittingly unleashes the beast within!
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10th Dec 08
Cindy and Jason spend most their Saturday milking Mary's tits and appeasing her growing sexual appetite. In the end, Cindy receives some bad news.
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17th Dec 08
While Jason and Cindy are away on Spring Break, Mary finds time to go to a psychologist, who attempts to explain the reason behind her ever-expanding bust. In the process, she gets more than a revelation...
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21st Dec 08
Desperate to be noticed by the men of her village, Gerda goes to see a witch, who gives her a special potion. After drinking the potion, Gerda finds that it works all too well...
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4th Jan 09
Betrayal! Following the incredible success of their breastmilk business, Kaley proceeds to sell Gerda into slavery. Arriving in a new land, Gerda meets her new owner: the busty, nymphomaniac Queen Ashanta, who has big plans for the lactating young girl.
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11th Jan 09
Ashanta features Gerda in a sex show to highlight the arrival of a visiting princess. Along the way, she learns a secret that could prove very useful to her.
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26th Jan 09
Jason and Cindy finally meet Roger and Sheila when they, plus Mary, go away for a weekend in Grand Cayman. Let the five-way begin!
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25th Feb 09
Having been liberated from her slavery, Gerda arrives in the Nyarl city, where she finds a possible explanation for the growth of her breasts.
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21st May 09
Intent of seeking revenge on Kaley, Gerda is charged by Amalthea to bring peace to the world. Can she accomplish both at the same time? The thrilling, milk-filled conclusion of the Lusty Cow saga.
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19th Jun 09
At last, Jason discovers the mysterious catalyst for Mary and Cindy's transformations. Armed with this knowledge he decides to try it out on some Catholic schoolgirls!
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2nd Jul 09
This is the revised version of Part 6. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here; better late than never.
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28th Jul 09
Through the use of a magic scroll, an unpopular girl summons a powerful god in order to obtain love, popularity, and revenge.
ag big fast magic
10th Aug 09
Ryu continues to work his magic on the people in Bethany's life, namely her teacher and her mother.
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24th Aug 09
Bethany enacts the next part of her plan to get revenge of Melanie, which strangely involves Ryu and the girls in her gym class.
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7th Sep 09
As her plans near fruition, Bethany continues to witness Ryu's effect on the people around her. It seems that everyone is finding that special someone.
ag big fast instant lac magic mpg
21st Sep 09
We come to it at last. The homecoming dance is here, but the more interesting events will occur after the dance. Bethany and Ryu will each emerge from their respective after-parties differently.
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2nd Nov 09
Due to the actions of an unscrupulous corporation, an innocent woman is chosen to be a test subject for a device that turns females into the perfect sex partners.
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31st Dec 98
Goth boy gets revenge on girl who makes fun of him.
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28th Apr 99
Watering a special flower gives a teenage girl a chance to ""catch up"" to her peers.
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18th Jul 98
Wishing upon a comet makes your dreams come true in this short scene.
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27th Nov 16
Still at the frat house, Bree finds her changes increasing in number and absurdity. When she finally makes it out, what state will she be in? Contains parts 1 and 2.
ag chem fast instant lg magic nc
28th Oct 15
Alex finds one day that his ID card has been replaced with one that changes reality...But only for him?
ag big hg instant magic ment nc tg weird
3rd Jan 16
Spiritual Successor to The ID Card. Bree's new campus ID card changes her into whatever is said about her. When the changes take her to a rowdy frat party, what will she leave like...?
big instant magic ment nc
6th Jan 16
Bree's new college ID card comes with a devilish twist that changes her into whatever people say about her. Part 1 of many. Spiritual successor to The ID Card, and re-uploaded in a better file format.
big fast instant magic ment nc
5th Mar 16
Bree's ID Card continues to change her as her life--and body--quickly spiral out of her control. Contains part 1.
big instant magic ment nc
9th Feb 19
Inori & friends get into all sorts of trouble with their busts at their first Expansion Fest event, how will the girls end up looking by the end of it all? Commission for & using OCs of Akemi Expansions
bg big fast gts hg huge lac magic ment nc offstage
17th Jun 19
A milky tale of two space-faring adventurers, Davis and Viv, who cross the galaxy for their next combat job. Viv's meds react to the travel...In ways neither of them ever would have expected! A commission by anonymous.
cb fast huge instant lac science
9th Jul 19
A young woman, Julia, awakens in a very peculiar place--the City--and an ensemble of other characters have experiences which intersect hers. (This is a draft of the introductory chapters of a story intended to be much longer. I'd like to get feedback on what I have. There is a lot of groundwork laid here for action that will happen later on.)
bg ag big bond hg huge lac magic nc science asleep
12th Jul 19
Julia's experience in the city continues to unfold. (This is the draft of my next chapter as well as improved versions of the prior two. As usual, I'd be grateful for any feedback.)
bg big bond huge lac magic ment nc science weird asleep
16th Jul 19
Julia's time in the City heats up as trouble brews for both those in charge and the women held captive. New rumors motivate drastic action, and Torch makes a decision she may soon regret. (This is the fourth chapter of my ongoing story which weaves its narrative of BE and imprisonment from many overlapping perspectives.)
bg big bond lac magic ment nc offstage science weird asleep wow
24th Jul 19
Surprising developments are unfolding in the City though Julia is distracted by her own difficulties in the most recent chapter of the ongoing story, The City.
bg ag big bond cb fast huge lac magic nc offstage rc science slow asleep
4th Nov 18
At the height of the Roman Empire, Venus, the Goddess of Love, decides which women will become beautiful and which will be ugly. It is said that when puberty comes, she personally blesses every woman's bust. One priestess of Venus feels very blessed indeed.
bg big huge lac magic preg slow
12th Mar 19
This is a story about three women, each of whom wants to be slightly bigger than the others. Sometimes, when everyone tries to win, everyone loses.
bg big huge science slow
20th Aug 19
A simple story about a woman who wishes for bigger tits to win her husband's love, and gets a little more than she bargained for.
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12th Nov 19
April is a woman who wants to do something nice for her boyfriend. But as her breasts get bigger and bigger, she realizes it might be nice for her as well.
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26th Feb 20
This is a story about a girl named Kelly.
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13th Jul 20
Xeal was the first succubi to ever do porn.
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2nd Apr 24
Somewhere in the southern seas, there is an island where women get to choose their bust size.
gts huge magic slow
13th May 15
Two best friends find a magic shop and are given a special book. Sexy hijinks ensue.
ag ar gts huge hyp instant lac magic ment multiple preg tg weird asleep
16th May 15
Two best friends find a special book in a magic shop. Sexy hijinks ensue.
ag gts huge hyp instant lac magic ment multiple preg tg weird asleep
7th Oct 15
A group of friends try out a new game and find it's much more amusing than Monopoly. A fun little self-indulgent story with next to no plot I threw together for fun while working on parts for a much bigger story I'm working on!
ag cb huge hyp instant magic tg
7th Apr 16
Carmen invites some more friends over for another round! It goes about as well as you'd expect.
ag hyp inc instant magic multiple weird
30th Aug 21
Three girls. One Night. One very strange house party! Join Lin, Jennifer, and Stephanie as they explore the inner chambers of a magical mansion! How far will they go to "Party Hardy"?
ag cb fast huge hyp instant magic ment multiple preg shem weird
3rd Sep 21
The deeper into the mansion they go, the stranger things seem to get!
bg ag big cb huge hyp instant magic ment
22nd Jun 06
My first attempt. Two magic users meddle with the affairs of two doctors and three of their patients, AND GET BURNNED!
chem fast magic ment multiple nc tg wow
22nd Dec 07
Janice is kidnapped and her breasts are forced to grow.
hyp nc slow wow
21st Jul 11
Well, This is my first contribution after years of lurking. Thanks to everyone that helped with the proof reading. What diabolical plans does the magical mirror and it's inhabitant Luferra have for our main character? What revenge does our main character have in store for the bitch that wronged her? I have a feeling that there will be a lot of BE, AG, and even some pussy expansion. Please comment as you see fit. I will try and take comments to heart and shift future stories.
ag big fa fast magic nc rc
11th Jul 12
Our main character Sheila decides to get back at two more bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She sneaks into their room and adds some fun ingredients to their drinks while they are entertaining guys from the football team. "BJ Brianna" starts to fill into her name nicely as the changes happen. I had to split this and the next chapter up. They were far too big for one story... The next chapter will pick up where this left off and will revisit Cindy and the boys. All comments are welcome, and I especially love suggestions for future stories. Some of the suggestions from the Sexual Alchemy I comments are going to be incorporated into Chapter 4. Please keep them coming!
ag big fa fast magic ment mpg nc weird
19th Jul 13
Sheila continues to get revenge on the bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She has a plan to shrink down "Chesty Cindy" because Cindy stole her ex-boyfriend. But Sheila's plan goes awry. And why is she herself changing?
ag big fa fast lac lg magic mpg nc weird