The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

29th Mar 21
Your wife brings home a revelatory and enchanting work of art that is hypnotic in its beauty. This is a TG heavy story written in 2nd person perspective as a forewarning if that isn't your thing.
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13th Nov 20
Shae is stuck in lockdown with her best friend Carly's boyfriend Nick. What's worse than Nick is that he's ranting and raving about some weird necklace he picked up at a store that lets him absorbed people's energy and change them. She can't wait for this lockdown to end.
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11th Apr 19
A husband with writer's block comes across a mirror that helps him and his business savvy wife reveal who they were always meant to be.
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28th Dec 16
This includes both Spectras Mind and All in the Tea Leaves. Due to issues trying to fix the mis-upload, this seemed the easiest route.
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23rd Dec 16
A couple with marital issues stumbles upon a mysterious antique store where they find a board game that changes their lives.
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