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The Overflowing Bra

18th Jul 07
Three girls go on a Carribean Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island they acquire some ecstasy and a local island potion. The results are largely uncontrollable.
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10th May 07
From the semi-warped mind of SkeetSkeet: Candice suddenly finds herself held hostage in a plot to extort $250,000 from a lawyer. As the kidnappers grow impatient, so grows poor Candice. Enjoy!
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19th Feb 07
Sequel to my first Saw BE-type story. The mysterious woman captor claims another set of victims, causing them to expand to enormous proportions for her own personal enjoyment. Can she be stopped or will she live to inflate others for another day? Not gruesome per se, but definitely not for those looking for a love story. 3rd attempt at a story, hope you enjoy!
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13th Jan 07
Read all the feedback and completely redid the ending of the original story so that it wasn't disappointing. Over 9 pages of new ending material with some additional features (see new story codes). New description: Three Seniors go on a Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island, they acquire ecstasy which, when coupled with a native potion, leads to some out-of-control growth. How will they deal with their new proportions? By setting up a fantasy webcam service where the fun can continue.
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30th Oct 06
No death/gore, but lots of non-consensual BE in a Saw plot-like style. This is my first BE attempt so be nice. Send all feedback to
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