The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

15th Nov 14
A woman spends an evening chatting with a friend, unaware that he is experimenting with a "new program" that he recently found. This story involves the 'Master PC' reality-altering computer program that was created in JR Parz's original 'Master PC' story.
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23rd Aug 14
The final chapter of Fullfillment. Lucy struggles to resist the growing cravings for more milk and more growth, while Vincent works tirelessly to find a cure for Sarah and Lucy's conditions. Also includes Chapters 1-8, so you can enjoy the entire story all at once!
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20th May 14
Lucy and Vincent finally meet the first woman who endured Neil's incredible breast growth procedure. Meanwhile, Neil uses Lucy's milk to give him and a friend an incredible night on the town.
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9th Jan 14
The longest, and most plot heavy chapter of Lucy's story. Vincent's greatest secret is revealed, Lucy continues her growth, and Neil returns with a sinister agenda.
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12th Nov 13
Lucy and Vincent sit down to talk about the recent experiences of Lucy's life, as she adjusts to her recently expanded breasts.
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4th Nov 13
Lucy experiences her first day back at work since her expansion, but how will she adjust to working with her new milk-swollen breasts?
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1st Oct 13
Lucy is at last lactating, and experiences her first full day adjusting to the changes in her body.
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26th Sep 13
A young woman's determined quest to achieve her lifelong fantasy of producing milk meets some twists and turns along the way.
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