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The Overflowing Bra

Nymphs in a Wood
Two hikers camping out in the woods, soon find themselves in the clutches of a harem of sex crazed hotties.

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Not Anonymous
Overall= 4, BE= 1, Characters= 5, Technical= 5
So I liked it a lot. Except the BE was kinda not where it needed it be for a story here, I think it was like a paragraph tucked away in the second half. It was a lot of fun buildup leading to a meh.

I also read it a British accent, so I think I enjoyed it more.
Giant Fuzzy Pig
Overall= 3, BE= 3, Characters= 3, Technical= 3
There's so much unrealized potential here.  I mostly agree with what others posted, use this as a learning experience and try again.  Search this site for 'Faeophobia' for some reasonably good tales involving the Fae.  Also, it's simple for me to turn this into plain text or HTML, .
Overall= 3, BE= 3, Characters= 3, Technical= 3
Can we get a more easilyaccessible option, like .txt, .rtf, .pdf, or something?
Overall= 4, BE= 4, Characters= 4, Technical= 4
That was... fine, I think is the best word for it. The style was a little distracting, a little too selfaware, like someone overtelling a story and grinning like a maniac as they do so. The coy little ending sentence is completely unnecessary  you've already been plenty explicit about the danger the woods pose, no need to beat around the bush.
Please give the authors feedback, I can not emphasize enough how important it is to them.
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