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29th Oct 08
I finally got around to adding the third part. Many more to come! I am also taking much of the advice I have been given. Thanks to all who commented last time!
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18th Jul 07
a balloon scientist with a transdemental viewer that also allows the user to remove things and persons from that dimention Saving the balloon girl from being popped for good.
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10th Sep 18
a short, easily digestible BE quickie. for those here to see tits get big, in as few words as possible. A young man obtains a dose of concentrated breast growth formula for his girlfriend... or was it four doses? Best to just give her all of it.
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19th Dec 22
Rebecca shows up for a modeling gig expecting to spend a couple hours in a bridal dress and an unusually high modeling fee. What she gets may be considerably more than she expected.
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12th Jan 06
ag cb instant nc wow
20th Oct 10
Oh Samantha! She's been a good girl her whole life, then some PUNK invites her to a party... She grows in ways she least expected to, and her poor roommate has to get off her high horse (to possibly mount something else). Chapter 2 will be done soon, enjoy!
chem huge shem slow asleep
18th Oct 17
A commission I did for Fillerbunee where his wife and her best friend both take Bimball and end up giving him the best birthday ever.
ag chem fast huge instant lac ment
19th May 12
An ex-girlfriend, a guy who feels jilted, and a magic device to make her his permanent little sexpot. Maybe. Or not. Or sometimes, if you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em? Other than losing your intelligence and having your personality irreparably altered.
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5th Nov 15
A science nerd and a sexy classmate's science fair project trigger a scientific breakthrough that will have unintended consequences later. This is the opening act and a slow burn as far as the actual growth is concerned.
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18th Apr 17
Sorry it took so long to get this here. Time for the transfer part!
bg big bond huge instant mpg nc rc sc science
10th Aug 20
New to town, and already sick of it, a girl stumbles upon a quaint little bookstore in Brighton where she figures out where all the curves in the city came from. A quick story written in reference to a lovely caption. Everything is cited in the doc.
bg big fast huge magic
30th Aug 12
My first story. Chrissy tries to seduce James only to learn that he won't cheat on his girlfriend. That quickly changes when Chrissy leaves something behind.
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20th Jul 02
A successful man finds himself enthralled by the slowly swelling breasts of his manipulative new girlfriend.
big chem hyp lac lg slow
24th Feb 14
Layla, a waitress, has infuriated an ill-tempered old woman. Now, every tip she gets seems to make her bra tighter and tighter... As always, feedback and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.
ag big cb fast huge magic nc slow
6th Feb 14
A story about a woman accused of a crime. She is interrogated using a new form of torture system, which causes her breasts to expand with every lie she tells. Please note that this is not political/ethical commentary in any way, and is meant to be purely a BE story.
big fast huge instant nc rc science slow
26th Nov 07
A magical journey which changes one person's life for the unexpected better. My very first attempt at story writing. Hope someone finds it interesting.
big fast magic nc tg
22nd Jul 07
Gloria keeps getting packages in the mail with new clothing that changes everything about her life.
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7th Jan 23
Anything that Claire writes down becomes true.
bg big cb huge instant magic ment nc rc sc weird
1st Jan 21
A shirt-stretching twist on a classic holiday tale!
bg big cb fast huge lac rc science
16th Dec 11
Marvin hated Christmas.. especially since he worked at the mall. Little did he know what could happen when he was not only faced with having to stand-in for the Mall Santa on Christmas Eve, but also be confronted with the secret crush from his flat-chested co-worker, Mindy. It looks like a recipe for disaster.. but maybe.. just maybe.. the magic of Christmas will save the day.
big cb huge instant lac magic mpg
20th Jun 11
May doesn't feel the need to really treat her maid with respect. After all, what's the worst that could happen?
big fast magic ment nc weird
17th Sep 03
CyberMine Inc needs the services of Motoko and her team of Antiviral specialists to get rid of an anomaly that has been lurking in their data warehouse. The purpose of the anaomaly becomes a growing concern when it breaks into the security files and sends out instructions to every female worker.
fast huge science slow asleep
10th Jul 04
A new series. This is a short chapter, later chapters will be longer. A modern day setting with some lingering super-natural elements from the dark ages.
magic ment slow weird asleep
3rd Dec 20
Subjected to an experimental serum, a sad nerd's genetic structure warps itself to the subconscious desires & fetishes of horny tiddy-obsessed bronies.
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29th Jun 11
A estudante inglesa Abigail vai até o médico para um check-up.
13th Aug 05
First part of an epic I'm in the middle of. What happens when magic reenters a world that has not known it? Things begin 'growing' out of control!
big chem fast magic ment sc
13th Aug 05
A deal has been made, and a brave new world has been entered... but now our nubile med student must TEST her formula... can we say 'girls night'?
big cb chem fast huge magic ment rc sc
30th Nov 09
The Farfalla family has a ritual: when the women of the family turn 18, they get boob jobs. This is the story of Roxy Farfalla and her first boob job.
big huge inc science slow
1st Apr 02
Told from the first person view as one would relate a story to a group of friends. It follows our protagonist Alan after a night of partying to his home with his new friend Brittany. He falls asleep, only to 'wake up' dreaming an odd dream.
big cb fast huge hyp mpg
13th Jul 14
The aliens came matter-of-factly, and they left behind a meteor that gives everyone powers (the titular gift and test). Graduating senior Jack has dreamed of getting a Class Meta power like Metaman and becoming a superhero, so it's a bit of a disappointment when he finds out he's strictly Class X. But he soon realizes that having a superpenis has a lot of upsides... (This is the slow-burning Part 1 of an intended 3-part series)
aliens big fast instant magic mpg science
9th Aug 14
(Also includes Part 1) Aliens, superpowers, metapenis, you know the drill. An increasingly ravenous and desperate Kandi has brought Jack on a Caribbean pleasure cruise - but how much pleasure is too much? Jack stretches the limits of his newfound powers as Kandi stretches the limits of the dresses and bras she stole from her mother, and both stretch the limits of their relationship to the breaking point. (Part 2 of what I now think will be a four- or five-part series in the end. This seafaring section of the plot kept expanding - pun intended - as I wrote it. Thanks for the kind feedback on the first part, and enjoy this one!)
aliens big cb fast huge instant lac magic mpg science
28th Oct 14
The much-delayed third chapter! Given fantastic dick-related, breast-expanding powers by the titular Gift and Test, Jack starts a new life in Las Vegas, where a mysterious woman known as The Madame has created The X, the largest brothel for empowered prostitutes in the world. He meets new friends, gains new powers, and uses his abilities to make thousands upon thousands of girls bustier, earning disgusting amounts of cash all the while. Yes, things are looking up for our hero - but an errant act of actual superheroism may prove to be his undoing. Also contains Part 1 and Part 2.
aliens big cb chem fast huge instant lac mm mpg slow
30th Oct 14
Apologies for the double upload, but it came to my attention that I had accidentally included an incomplete earlier version of the third chapter of A Gift and a Test, one that left off the most plot-relevant scenes and the biggest (if silliest and slapstickiest) BE! My apologies for this carelessness. The complete version was included in the plain text version in the last download package, but I decided to reupload with the complete one in Microsoft Word for your convenience. Enjoy the five new pages!
aliens big cb chem fast huge instant lac mpg science slow
23rd Dec 14
Granted a superpowered, breast-growing dick by the titular Gift and Test, Jack enters into a business arrangement with The Madame, mysterious owner of The X Brothel. While she works on a secret project, he tests the limits of his powers in his endless bacchanalia of a life. But all good things must come to an end - The Madame has bigger plans, and soon Jack will be affecting the whole country - or, when his old friend Andy, now a superhero, shows up, the entire world. Also contains parts 1-3. (Fair warning: This part focuses much more on extreme penis growth, but there's a lot of BE too. And never fear: the final chapter is going to be all about the boobs! Whenever it comes out...)
big cb chem fast huge instant lac mpg offstage sc science slow
14th Apr 15
The long wait is over! Jack and hundreds of other Gifted individuals have been summoned by the mysterious power behind the PMB to participate in a last-ditch effort to pass the Test. But not all is as it seems, and Jack and friends soon find themselves embroiled in action, intrigue, cheating, and superpowered sex games like you've never seen before. Also contains parts 1-4.
ag big cb fast huge instant lac lg magic mpg sc science wow
2nd Jul 15
The sex is always kinkiest just before the dawn. Or... something like that. Jack & co. are in a race against time to track down some final crucial powers and put together a fucking-based cure for world hunger - but there is a lot standing in their way, from the remnants of a PMB army to none other than Kandi Young. (Download contains all 6 parts of the now-complete story - the length of a novel in all! Thanks to everyone who read along with Jack's ludicrous adventures.)
ag aliens big bond cb fast huge instant lac lg mpg offstage sc science wow
19th Mar 19
Cara got a promotion at work, and to congratulate her, James bought her some workout pills to help her fulfill her fantasies. However, they didn't realize just how effective - or addictive - the pills would be... I'm a first time writer, and this is part one of what I hope will be a short but enjoyable series. Thanks for reading!
bg ag big chem fast gts lg mg sc slow
16th Sep 18
A very studious girl, the pride of her parents, find a magical lamp... maybe she's not such a good girl as even she thought she was.
bg big huge instant magic ment sc
15th Mar 24
Your gorgeous goth girlfriend has been seriously blessed in the chest department. But despite everything she has already, she seems to want even more... A breast growth story involving expansion via implants, and a greedy girl who gives in to her most hedonistic desires.
cb huge rc sc science slow
11th Jul 23
An arrogant guy gets forcibly reincarnated into a maid, in another world. As if that’s not enough, her new breasts keep slowly growing… A fun little romp with slow, tender growth.
big magic ment slow tg
18th Jul 07
Sequal to "The Dream". Danielle's breast inflation is out of control, and she consults an unbelieving doctor on how to solve the problem. But first she has to prove it is actually happening.
chem fast huge sc
30th Jun 10
Monica receives a mysterious bra in the mail which causes an unexpected problem. Luckily, her son Josh is there to help.
cb fast huge inc lac science
20th Jan 11
A short first story I made in my free time about a young couple that experiences a whole new level of love
cb gts huge instant mm mpg
7th Jan 21
A Madam Materia Commission. Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. My poor Alice, so hurt by this foul man's rejection, too blind to see what he has right in front of him. Perhaps a bit of the Madam's signature is necessary to help him realize the gifts he has? Or that his selfish desires have consequences he may be too naïve to see.
bg ag ar big cb fast hg huge lac magic ment nc preg sc slow
29th Mar 12
A continuation of MrGrey's "Well Spent" stories. The story of MrGrey and his newly wed wife MsGrey go on a honeymoon in Hawaii to relax. Or do they? (Just in case you want to give me some feedback. ;) )
ag ar big fa fast instant magic ment weird
18th Dec 17
Kate is a young woman with a lactose intolerance problem. Except unlike other people, this causes a slightly different effect on her, and she can't get enough.
cb chem fast huge lac magic science wow
4th Jun 18
A women takes a job in a strange, conservative town.
bg ag big cb chem hg ment nc preg science slow asleep
7th Jul 18
Mark, a postgraduate biologist, uses his knowledge of newly developed bio-chemistry to give an unsuspecting friend "a little boost" in sexual appeal. Will Mark take it too far? Mark intends to take it too far.
bg ag big chem huge ment nc slow
26th Mar 03
A cosmetic surgeon lets his personal preferences interfere with his professional judgement, resulting in... well, a very busty teenage girl, and some pretty weird dreams.
big fast huge nc rc science asleep
23rd Oct 16
Elsie turns down a summer job on a berry farm, but she soon finds she might be getting the job whether she wants it or not.
ag cb fast huge magic weird
15th Oct 09
This is a story I wrote years ago, found it gathering dust on an old HD backup, figured I'd throw it up here. ...And yes it's furry. It was originally written for submitting on a furry site. As far as I know I haven't seen anything against furry submissions here. Anyway it's a story of myself and a very good friend of mine going through some expansion shenanigans. Hope it's readable and any feedback is always appreciated. P.S. It's a part 1, because I wanted to expand on the concept later, but haven't had much of a chance
fast huge lac magic rc
21st Apr 18
A story written by a non-english speak. Arrogant Dr John Bowson has a machine able to bend reality itself. He just needs a guinea pig to try it on humans. His maid will do the job!
ag ar gts huge instant ment science
6th Jul 13
A new story, based on a doujin I read. One man lives a solitary life, with no friends or girlfriends but that all changes when he's visited by a tiny Oni. Warning this is a original story using fanfic characters.
ag big cb hg huge instant lg magic ment mpg
30th Jul 10
By request. Twin sister's on a vacation with their Mum meet a strange trio of women at a beach resort. Stella and Bella have their issues, but how will they react in the presence of three sexed up women and a magical, bust enhancing dildo?
big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc shem
7th Nov 10
A quick story I wrote trying to get the story in under 1000 words. When Janey sets out for her first night of prostitution, her john changes not just her outlook but her life. My second attempt to upload this.
ag big fast huge lac ment nc rc
18th Jan 11
A single moment in time, featuring two lesbians who experience an unexplained breast and butt expansion. These are written as a writing exercise and as such are not supposed to have much in the way of plot or character detail. Please rate and critique accordingly.
ag big fast huge
7th Dec 18
A mother contemplates the offer she got from a less than forthcoming merchant.
cb fast huge magic sc
4th Aug 05
My first upload and story to the site, A story with love, sadness, death, revenge and a pair of happy endings (no pun intended) if you want part two mail me, see my e-mail address inside the story, if any spelling errors come up please let me know!
big cb hg instant magic preg tg weird
10th Jun 03
A new STD gets let loose with some desirable and bizarre results.
bg big fast gts huge instant lac lg ment mg mm mpg sc science shem tg wow
22nd Sep 02
When Keely and Elisha have a accident at the chemical wherehouse where they work, they find that they can do all sorts of things with their bodies.
ag chem gts lac nc sc weird wow
28th May 19
A Madam Materia commission. Materia recieves a mysterious invitation to meet doctor Lessien Viris. As women of similar interests they decide upon a little competition, pitting the doctor's science versus the Madam's magic in a public setting, to do their best. Or would it be considered their worst?
bg ag big cb fast gts huge instant lac magic nc offstage science weird
8th Jul 05
It was a beautiful summer day in Goshen, Connecticut. Woodridge Lake was quiet, and so was the house. Mom and Dad were going to be in Hartford for tonight and most of tomorrow... and I was bored out of my mind. Emphasis on was. That was the day my inner child wept with joy. That was the day I discovered that magic was real.
ag cb fast huge instant lac lg magic mm mpg sc
25th Aug 05
CHAPTER 01 REVISED, CHAPTER 02 ADDED. It was a beautiful summer day in Goshen, Connecticut... and I was bored out of my mind. Emphasis on was. That was the day I discovered that magic was real.
ag big cb fast huge instant lg magic sc
12th Jun 15
After a passionate night with Tom, Joan is still horny. A minigts growth sequence which contains BE.
ag cb fast gts hg huge lg
2nd Jan 10
When a dumpy officewoman insults one of her company's new hires, she gets a lot more than she bargained for in return.
ag big fast hg magic ment weird asleep
21st May 14
A regular guy with a regular life wakes up one day to discover he has breasts. Worst of all, they continue to grow. He decides to make the best of it, tries to go through daily life with them, and realizes it may not be as bad as he first thought. Very plot and character heavy, but still with plenty of BE. One of my longest stories to date. In both .html and .txt format.
big fast huge instant magic nc
12th Apr 19
When a loveless maieusophile gets set up on a blind date, he isn't expecting to meet the girl of his dreams (and deepest fantasies).
bg ag big hg lac nc offstage preg science slow
21st Oct 08
Ok, you're probably getting pretty fed up of me by now. This is the last try to get this working. Hopefully the mods will delete the last two attempts.
ag big chem fast hg huge instant lg nc sc slow
19th Jul 15
Finding a girl who can change her shape to suit your every fantasy isn't something that happens every day.
ag fast huge weird
27th Oct 10
A young woman participates in a controversial medical study promising a cure for breast cancer and gets more than she bargained for. This is the sequel to An Ounce of Prevention It is helpful to read the first (shorter) story, but not necessary. This is the corrected final file and includes one image.
big hyp ment science slow
19th Jun 10
Marsha O'Malley has everything, or does she? A rash decision and magical mayhem confuse the usually confident, cool wife of a banker. What does she really want?
cb fast huge magic ment
13th Sep 09
This is a story about Breast Expansion through breast implants.
science slow
19th Jun 08
Just a short story about some girls and a mysterious man. Read on and please do comment! You can IM me on either Yahoo or AIM at benadams1980.
ag big bond hg hyp magic ment slow
23rd May 08
Malcolm meets a girl in the subway whose breasts grow when they get wet. She doesn't like her peculiar abnormality, but maybe Malcolm can convince her it's not so bad? My first ever story, all comments welcome.
big chem fast
27th Mar 15
In a world where live implant filling shows can make a girl famous, Audrey is determined to make herself the biggest star there is, but even the most gifted performer forgets at her own risk that her fate ultimately lies in the hands of her audience.
cb fast huge science
16th Dec 03
A short about a woman who gets a shot at being young, for the second time, and curvy, for the first time, and goes overboard making up for her unhappy youth. This is Part One with future parts to be released in the future. Visit too, now celebrating 5000 hits in it's first week.
ag big fast
25th Oct 11
I wrote this for a /d/ thread about your fetishes becoming real, I've fantasized about this for a while now. there's no plot and I don't intend to write one; I just thought I'd share it instead of just letting it get deleted. if it inspires someone your welcome to use it.
ag big cb fa fast gts hg huge instant lac lg ment mg mm mpg multiple nc preg shem slow weird
20th Feb 22
Jillian and Abby could be described as two fairly normal British college girls. They were different in many respects, but also inseparable. Accordingly, when Jillian left her friend behind for an exchange year in Wuhan, China, Abby could not wait to see her again. So she paid Jillian a visit, days before her return home. On the last day of their joint stay abroad, accompanied by Jillian's host sister Janet, a shopping tour would end with a strange incident that may or may not have unprecedented consequences down the line... Note: no explicit BE in this story yet, mainly establishing the setting
bg big offstage science
22nd Mar 22
I've listened to your valid criticism and revised Part 2 of Jillian's and Abby's story. As some pointed out rightfully, the focus should stay on those two character mainly. As well as on actual BE. This is what you'll find in this - hopefully improved - version and this is how the series will continue. The controversial part of the original version will be released on my deviantart page shortly, as a one-off, because some people happened to like it after all. Enjoy :) PS: New render included.
bg big chem offstage science slow asleep
20th Jun 11
A shape-shifting thief learns that stealing from a wizard might not be a good idea.
fast huge lac magic ment nc weird
20th Jun 11
Maybe Serene should think twice before calling on a demon to satisfy her own selfish needs, especially when she can't watch her mouth...
fast huge magic ment nc weird
27th Feb 24
Emma and Mark get carried away experimenting with new pills. Contains female shrinking, giantess growth, hyper lactation and breast expansion as well as male penis & ball expansion. If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & SwellTales as Ophirexpansion!
ag fast gts huge lac mpg science wow
20th Jun 11
A haughty elf is taught a little lesson about bigotry.
fast huge magic ment nc weird
11th Feb 18
A story that focuses on in depth expansion description. A woman is working at an archaeological dig site when she finds a fertility statue. She keeps it for herself, which results in some welcome changes.
bg ag big cb fast magic
26th Nov 13
A story of jealousy. Two girls, extremely jealous of one of the popular girls and her bust size. One of them crafts a serum that will make them bigger, but with somewhat unexpected and over the top results. This was an RP I did with another writer, named AlphaVragg735
ag big cb chem fast huge instant
10th Jun 10
Short standalone story. Posted previously in elit at 7chan.
big fast lac magic shem
11th Jul 11
Masturbation made Marra into a sexy red-head. More to possible come. Four page story. Happy fapping!
ag big chem hg instant lg nc
22nd Sep 20
A nice relaxing night at the beach turns into a surprise experiment. One in which Corae finds she cannot resist.
ag cb fast huge magic nc
19th May 18
Gary has it all : fame, money, and a brand new contract with a big football team. What about spending his last summer before the real start of his football career back in his small hometown? What could go wrong?
bg big huge magic ment offstage slow
4th Dec 03
Do you believe in fairies? Keeto didn't either until she freed one from a century trapped in a cave. Her gift, gives her the ability to manipulate body shapes. Sounds like fun except you are a now a girl that is strangely obsessed with breast enlargement.
bg big fast huge magic mpg offstage weird asleep wow
30th Aug 08
big bond ft lac ment nc science slow tg
22nd Dec 08
big chem lac science slow tg
8th Feb 10
big lac nc science shem slow tg asleep
14th Sep 08
Thanks to everyone who commented on my first writing attempt. I'm not a writer, just having fun. After the few first comments I was close to giving up, the comments were harsh to nasty and without any advice. I hope part II is enjoyable. More to come!
big cb chem ft lac nc science slow tg
26th Jun 09
big bond huge lac nc science shem slow tg weird asleep
31st Jan 11
A new breast cancer cure has the happy little side effect of enlarging breasts. Now that the majority of women have been vaccinated (some more than once) the world is changing. This is the final chapter of a three part tale. If you'd like to read the first two parts go back and find 'An Ounce of Prevention' (pt. 1) and 'A Pound of Cure' (pt.2)
big chem huge lac ment mpg nc science slow tg
31st Oct 22
Tylla, a novice priestess, is sent to assist a group of adventurers seeking to assault a werewolf-infested castle. She ends up growing from the experience!
bg ag big cb fast huge lg magic ment mg
7th Dec 13
Searching for a way to keep her husband from looking at more voluptuous women, Diane agrees to be a test subject for a machine that promises to turn her into the woman of his dreams, little knowing that it may be her own fantasies that she ends up fulfilling.
ag cb fa fast huge sc science
15th Oct 05
A man wakes up beside is soulmate - but does he really know her as well as he thinks?
fast huge magic sc
17th Jun 04
Two lads get lost on a country road and their car runs out of fuel just outside a village. When they go into the village in search of help, things look somehow unusual. Then they meet this woman....
big weird
16th Nov 22
A Madam Materia commission. Two roommates, one with an all consuming affection for the other, willing to do what it takes for her heart, and her eye. Violet has studied the occult for some time now, and knows her way around the mystic arts that lie just below the mundane. When she finds a spell to alter herself, she thinks it's just what she needs to finally win the love of her life, only for things to not go exactly to plan.
bg big cb lac magic shem slow
22nd Mar 09
Twins experience breast expansion. As well as a few other changes.
ag bond cb fast huge inc magic weird asleep
10th Feb 07
When a random gothic kid puts a curse on Ally, Sean comes to the rescue, only they both begin to like the effects of the curse. What happens when water becomes a growing problem? (First story, go easy on me.)
cb fast gts magic sc asleep
11th Feb 07
(Got done with some stuff early, so I decided I would write another part to my story.) When Ally and Sean go on a trip with some friends, truths are revealed and water is spilled. Get ready for an adventure as Brent and Jenny are introduced to a Watery Fate.
cb fast gts magic nc sc asleep wow
4th Mar 08
I found your site years ago and I read in from time to time (especially to practice my English :o) ). So I decided to participate in writing a little. This is my first story in English (I'm from Russia). If anyone enjoy, others would be translate soon. This story is about a girl in our office. How we met, and what happened else… Consider big overdeveloped breasts and constant investigation process. For those who enjoy to look and to take part in big breast action. To contact me:
big slow
4th Aug 07
Seven short stories about growing breasts and the women attached to them.
ag aliens big cb chem fast hg huge lac magic ment multiple nc preg sc shem slow weird asleep
22nd Dec 05
a balloon fetishist with a dimental viewer that allows him to reach in to rescue a balloon girl who's about to be popped there is breast expansion
huge instant magic
12th Apr 10
Searching for a birthday present for her chubby-loving husband, Gina finds something that will make her everything he desires and then some.
ag cb fa fast huge magic sc
29th Aug 15
I'm uploading this anonymously for I3reacl. I recently did some digging in an internet archive and, through some page sources, I was able to get the original text to many of his stories. This one was one of my personal favorites. Keep in mind that the source I got this from was a coded muddled mess, so if there are some odd symbols in places, I apologize for not catching those. Also, remember that I3reacl's first language wasn't English, so there may be some grammar/spelling errors within the story. Either way, enjoy!
big cb fast huge instant magic nc sc
1st Oct 18
A fair maiden, unsatisfied with her breast size, visits a manipulative wizard. We all know what happens next!
chem fast huge magic
13th Mar 03
The little girl who had a crush on him is grown...and wants to see what this new body of hers can do.
big gts lac slow
7th Mar 02
I'm sending a group of breast expansion stories. The last one is an aside that doesn't follow the rest of the timeline. Although I'm not totally sure what all the abbreviations mean. You might want to check my stories to see if I left out anything.
cb lac lg multiple preg science tg wow
7th Mar 02
Agent Scarlet Black continues her ongoing mission to track down the Daughters of Lilith. As always, wild sex ensues. Her enemies reveal powers of supernatural eroticism that pose a terrible, (if enjoyable) threat to small-town suburbia. (and the world!)
huge lac ment preg sc science tg
2nd May 02
The obsession of an insane gynecologist becomes a powerful new weapon for the legendary sex-demons that have yearned for centuries to subjugate mankind. Can Agent Scarlet Black contain her supernatural libido long enough to stop them?
big chem fast inc instant lac magic preg slow
7th Mar 02
The Agency for Special Security exists to hunt down the sex-demons that have lurked around the edges of civilization. The sexual awakening of a young girl reveals a new twist in the demons' strategy.
ag cb fast gts lg mg multiple science weird
7th Mar 02
A mysterious agent delves into a paranormal containment facility that houses some of the most outrages sex-demons ever captured. Will he be able to restrain his own lust and fulfill his mission?
lac multiple preg science weird wow
7th Mar 02
The Agent has 'penetrated' deeply into the organization of the sex-demons. He describes their sinister, sexual experiments in lurid detail. Demon 14 is now hugely pregnant. But to who (or what) will she give birth to?
cb lac multiple preg science weird wow
25th Apr 02
Kylie purposefully injects herself with her experimental drug; the results are not what she expected.
chem hyp ment science slow wow
4th Sep 19
It’s been a over decade since Amanda and Andy fled the scene of the massacre outside Andy’s apartment. Eleven years since we last saw our two protagonists exploring magic and each other. Well, the over eleven-year drought is over. I present to you Chapters 21-23 of A&A. The events within pick up right where twenty left off. I hope you all enjoy it. I also would like to invite you to stop by the Patreon we have set up. The stories there are free to including a redux of the first twenty chapters of this story that have been better proofed and updated to more exacting standards. You can find it at slash Coffeetank If you decide to be a Patron, you will get access to images inspired by the stories you find there. Finally, Coffee Pilot and I do this for feedback. We want to know what you like, what you don’t like, and how we can improve. Thank you!
bg big fast huge instant lac magic mg mpg sc
17th Apr 01
Happyguy returns with a hilarious satire about writing BE stories. I mean, a true story about how he was abducted by aliens. I mean, a thought-provoking probe into our shared fetish. I mean... what the hell do I mean?
bg aliens lac nc preg
17th Feb 98
A British schoolgirl with an ill-fitting uniform has her self-esteem improved by her teacher.
15th Nov 01
Modification of Larry Niven's short story "Convergent Series"
cb fast huge magic nc
24th Aug 15
A short story I wrote for a friend and my first BE story. Lupe struggled with freedom as her parents controlled her every move growing up. In college, she finally experiences freedom until she discovers her "master" who has the ability to maker her do whatever he wants. Given the option to stay or leave before their first sexual escapade, she chooses to stay.
ag huge hyp lac ment slow
4th May 14
A woman works at a salon, and gets an odd coin as a gift from a parting friend. This coin ends up causing a lot of trouble, and not just for her!
ag big cb fast huge instant magic nc
19th May 08
Part one of a new series. Melanie was once an ordinary girl. Now her life is a paradise of sex, lactation, and ever growing tits. A tale told to set the stage.
big chem lac sc slow
22nd May 08
Continuing adventures of Melanie, this time we focus in on Tiger. Who gives up their life to serve a Goddess? This cool cat. Building up to much more growth in Part 3.
chem huge lac offstage sc slow asleep
22nd May 08
The Legend of Melanie grows, as does her flock. Could this be something more than just a chemical reaction? Could she really be a Goddess?
chem fast huge lac rc
20th Feb 05
big instant
17th Jul 05
An extremely inhibited high school girl stumbles across a magic remote control and quickly finds herself wondering why her body is tingling and her bra won't fit.
big cb instant magic ment
29th Apr 09
Warning contains furrys and male breast expansion. A gypsy curse is a couple's delight?
fa fast huge lac magic offstage slow asleep wow
23rd Apr 99
A woman becomes addicted to lactation.
bg big lac slow
13th Sep 04
A guy is addicted to turning into a girl.
bg big chem instant tg
22nd Sep 99
Addictive chewing gum has bimboizing and transformative effects.
bg big chem ment slow
4th Sep 07
Diane's secret is out and Patrick quickly gets her to try to revert the extreme growth he, she and Callie have experienced. Callie has other plans, though...
ag big fa fast huge magic mpg
16th May 22
The body of a living god turns out to be a lot more of a burden than one man was prepared for.
bg big cb chem fast huge ment mm mpg science
2nd Feb 20
One woman searches to find happiness and companionship after an industrial accident creates an outbreak of bloating bosoms and mounting libidos in a small college town.
bg ag big bond chem hg ment mm mpg slow asleep
10th Apr 09
An advertisment for Master PC
ar big hyp instant ment science
7th Jan 14
After a long day of work, a woman relaxes and fantasizes about an erotic encounter. Soon her fantasy is becoming reality.
big cb fast
5th Jul 14
A duo of short stories involving Josh and his after-school adventures. While this is the same setting as New School, this involves different characters, and each is its own separate "timeline" (i.e. the stories aren't explicitly related). Anna: Another student invites Josh over to help her on an essay, but soon turns into more of a handful than he could've imagined. Extracurricular Activities: A teacher gives Josh a very special reward for his hard work in her class.
ag big fast gts hg huge magic mg
26th May 00
As punishment,a woman talks the man who killed her husband into seeing a therapist.
bg huge hyp instant ment mpg nc offstage science tg weird
4th Jul 14
"What happened, Luke?" Shannon asks as she stares at her boyfriend's now 8 inch cock. Shannon and Luke wake up one morning to discover that all of their sexual acts have unexpected after-effects...
ag big fa fast gts huge magic mpg sc asleep
29th Aug 12
[The original sexual pregnancy fantasy epic! (Sadly unfinished.) Written by Invictusvoxfini in the days of yesteryear.] The world is called Maljestic and its lands are in turmoil. The immortals that benevolently, though sometimes mischievously, watch over the many races of the realm are under siege by one of their own. Using their powers against them the powerful beings can do nothing to help those they protect. It is up to the mortals to free their immortals and themselves. This is a tale of an age where sexual desire runs rampant among the immortals and those mortals whom they guarded, good and evil. Their only salvation lay between the mammoth breasts of the beautiful half- elven female, of a mysterious decent, Raylenethos and her two companions, the dashing rouge elf, Khambien and the gorgeous elven gypsy Charlize. Standing against them and the mastermind of the immortals lose of inhibition is the dark Lord Epyon and his minions. Unknown to the companions, Lord Epyon has abducted the Lady Lethan, the immortal of Lust. With out her presence all inhibition and control is lost and wild lust is freed, even amongst the best of people and races, including the immortals. The three companions, with the aid of a beautiful but flighty nymph and an immortal swords master and a dragon feared by all, they will have to fight and fuck their way across the lands to face the deadly Epyon and free both mortal and immortal from his sexual siege. Let our tale begin.
ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic offstage preg slow wow
18th Mar 22
Extreme breast expansion story I did awhile back.
instant science wow
17th Jan 06
Helia tests out the capacity of a dealership car.
fast huge sc
1st Feb 98
Happyguy says: This one is inflation, and it's a little more experimental; I was playing with the Gothic/Romance novel sort of... wait, that's just bullshit. Maybe it's just a bad story.
2nd Jun 98
Teenage girl becomes apprentice to an air mage.
bg big magic preg
2nd Jun 98
Teenage girl gives birth to an other-dimensional balloon.
bg big preg
12th Dec 22
A pilot gets some big and milky changes after a strange encounter on a standard flight.
bg big cb fast huge lac nc science tg
10th Jul 10
Alex, an average and skinny working girl, has her breast start expanding out of no where whenever she ever eats and it causes some unexpected results.
cb huge ment sc asleep wow
4th Oct 02
Alex discovers that growing her mind brings similar physical benefits.
cb fast gts huge instant offstage sc
9th Sep 09
A quick story I did this morning. His girlfriend having just dumped him, Alex is surprised when his best friend, Carry, shows up. When they both lament about not finding finding the perfect girlfriend, Carry does something to fix the situation. More to come most likely.
ag big chem fast nc tg
14th Mar 05
Sydney Bristow has to beat her archnemesis, Anna Espinoza to get possession of a mysterious Rambaldi device. Can she beat Sark and Anna to it? What happens to her when she accidentally sets it off?
big cb fast huge offstage science asleep
19th Dec 06
A short recollection of a lucid dream I experienced and wrote down several years ago, and only now decided to publish. In it, a girl has supernatural or magical body modification abilities, as well as telepathy. When reading this, there are some weird/random occurrences, but like I said... It's a dream. I've been reading sites like this for a while, so maybe that's some of the inspiration for the original dream... who knows? This is also my first ever submission to a story site like this, so please leave me your honest thoughts on my work; whether it's about the subject matter, my writing style, or anything else, I want to hear about it.
big fast magic mm mpg sc weird
1st May 12
Two sequels to Big Big Blob with a tweaked version of the story included. Alice emerges from the lake, a changed woman, shows a nasty redneck a good time, and "patches" things up with Roy.
bond fast lac mpg science weird
31st Dec 98
Alice finds that clothes in Wonderland cause her to grow bustier.
bg big fa fast magic multiple rc
31st Dec 98
Alice continues to transform in Wonderland.
bg big fa fast hg magic
5th May 04
With apologies to Lewis Carroll and to brassiere size aficionados for the Bra Code Violations. I really should know better...
chem huge magic wow
29th Mar 98
Alien shapeshifter falls in love with lonely spaceman.
bg fa fast huge
11th Jul 11
aliens big fa fast lac magic ment mpg
25th Jul 11
Phil goes shopping and gets much more than he bargained for. He meets a size obsessed car saleswoman and a lactation obsessed nurse. The girls figure out the breast pump with the nurses help. Phil gets into the nurse.Danni continues to grow and get inflated.Phil does some god deeds. The girls move in with Phil and go house shopping for a bigger house.Kim starts lactating.The girls all get their modifications and have fun with them.
ag aliens big fa gts instant lac lg magic mpg
28th Jul 11
The Girls enjoy their changes. Milk production increases. Phil buys a new house. Clara lets the girls try out her new addition. Phil visits an island of Amazons who need servicing. Cindy gets a taste of what Danni is hooked on.
ag aliens big bond fa ft gts huge instant lac magic mpg preg sc
7th Aug 11
This is it for now. I will be out of the country for 3 months. I will probably finish the story while I am away but might not be able to upload it until I return. Phil returns to the Island and meets the elders. More Amazon sex ensues. Back at home the girls continue exploring their new gifts and Phil services all the women in the packers club. I hope you all enjoy the story so far. I'm still at a loss as to how it will end. I may wind up with 30 more chapters by the time I return. I hope it will be good. Feedback welcome at Enjoy
aliens ar big bond fa ft gts huge instant lac lg magic ment mpg preg sc slow tg
12th Jul 11
aliens big fa gts magic mpg
18th Jul 11
This is the next 4 chapters of Alien Research. Phil explores more possibilities with body modification, lactation, pregnancy, and fun with horny Amazons. Danni joins the family. Phil lets the girls in on his secret abilities. There is some unbirthing and Phil punishes Danni's father for molesting her. It's a little violent but he deserves it. If you'd rather skip the violence just skip chapter eleven. The girls get to make some changes to themselves in chapter 12 and the fun really starts. Please feel free to send feedback to This is my first piece of erotic fiction so I need all the criticism I can get. Thanks
ag aliens big fa fast gts lac magic mpg nc tg
24th Sep 03
A story of a UFO crash that grows a girl reporters boobs to science fiction size and her lust for sex!
aliens big
5th Jul 11
My first attempt at the genre. I hope people find it pleasing. This story is about a cunning boy that, finding himself in very unusual circumstance, uses manipulation to active his desired end. I hope people find it a refreshing twist on an old theme. Contact me with comments or criticism:
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science asleep
6th Jul 11
This version has less errors in it, please delete the other one. My first attempt at the genre. I hope people find it pleasing. This story is about a cunning boy that, finding himself in very unusual circumstances, uses manipulation to achieve his desired end. I hope people find it a refreshing twist on an old theme. Please comment!
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science asleep
8th Jul 11
Our nameless protagonist's appetites and ambitions increase in this story as he subjugates a race of willing female aliens. Don't read this one if you didn't like the first one. It is no doubt suffers from the same kind of technical errors and is a dark tale, which will only get darker.
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science asleep
6th Jul 11
I feel a little foolish uploading the same story for a 3rd time, but people seemed to have trouble with opening the other version, so this one is a PDF. Hopefully, people can view that format. I aim to please. I was thinking about possibly writing a sequel at some point, depending on people's response. However, I can only see this story becoming MORE over-the-top if it continued, so doing so might take away instead of add to the quality of the story. A good story should leave you wanting more, not less. I hope that is the case here.
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science
24th Jul 11
Part 3: The Forgone Conclusion is included. The story gets out-of-hand as our nameless protagonist, who I am sorry if people thought was meant to be a hero of some kind, literally dominates and subjugates the Solar System itself. In this, the Complete Epic, parts 1&2 have been proofread by the lovely Yashmen Halfcount; please go check out her works if you have time. Part 3 was not proofread. I would just like to comment that I feel that part 1 is the best. I am worried that writing the other parts might have taken away from part 1, but I did have fun writing them. Some things are, after all, meant to be taken too far. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
aliens big cb fast gts hg huge instant lac lg ment mg mm mpg science asleep wow
12th Jul 98
Aliens give Colt the power to use his whole brain - and control other people.
bg big fa fast inc ment nc
31st Mar 10
Well the first story i complete. It's so different from what i originally intended it to be :/. Katt is the Lone Wnaderer of some Fallout fan. She always tries to help those in need. But this time her unintentional help would extend well beyond the wasteland.
aliens bond chem huge ment science slow asleep
12th Jul 98
Alison tries the new Flintstones Chewable Breast Enhancers. No, I am not making this up!
bg chem fa fast huge
5th Feb 99
Playing roulette turns magical when the bets start using wishes as currency.
bg huge magic preg tg
20th Dec 99
Santa grants a woman anything she wants for a Christmas gift.
bg fa fast huge magic
11th May 19
An aquarium worker has an unfortunate encounter with a blowfish and finds she can't handle stress quite the same after.
bg big cb fast huge magic science
15th Mar 22
An aquarium worker has an unfortunate encounter with a blowfish and finds she can't handle stress quite the same after.
bg big chem fast huge magic science
27th Jun 13
A domineering seductress makes demands on her target, with surprising (to him) consequences.
ag big fast ft mpg nc tg
31st Dec 00
Radio host Dr. Lorna experiences the power of the media, firsthand.
bg fa fast huge
17th Jul 05
A woman designs her own fantasy and vents her deepest darkest desires. She finds that every so often, she wants to do something crazy with her body.
fast multiple science weird
26th Feb 20
This is a story about a girl named Kelly.
bg big lac preg slow
29th Jul 22
Fun little short story with BE induced by a self-fulfilling bra. Jessica should be more careful about what she buys without trying it on first. (BE,LAC, Hucow, Subliminal Message)
bg big fast huge hyp lac magic ment
3rd Dec 06
A mini-series based on Rubbed. The neighbor of the original characters gets his hands on this miraculous cream, with HUGE side effects for his unwitting dream girl.
big cb chem fast
3rd Jul 98
A counterrevolution begins to fight the alien takeover of the US.
bg ment
26th Jul 98
The last 6 humans attempt a desperate plan against all odds after the Essence succeeds in conquering the Earth.
13th Jun 08
Michael is a nymphomaniac who is attending meetings for his "problem." One night after one such meeting a doctor approaches him with a much more radical treatment.
big bond fast lac mpg offstage science tg asleep
6th May 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. I see you there. Today for your viewing pleasure is the story of a mischievous little voyeur, not content anymore with the shows she peeps. She'll come to see though that getting more has a heavy price.
bg ag ar big gts hg hyp instant lg magic ment mg mpg rc
18th Aug 03
A darker story about a terrorist moral problem with their new weapon, a BE biological agent.
big huge offstage science slow wow
8th Dec 01
Duke convinces Amanda to try some cutting edge nanotech.
fast lg science wow
6th May 06
This story is dedicated to Amandda L., who's been the inspiration for much fantasy in my life. That said, this is the story of Amanda, a novice wizard, and her adventures with it and a fellow college boy named Andy who she's got a thing for.
big fast magic mg mpg asleep
25th Jan 99
A woman unhappy with her body finds herself changing mysteriously, much to her husband's delight.
bg big chem fa fast hg lac
8th Dec 98
Evil demon gets revenge on tribe of amazons by making their breasts grow to inhuman proportions.
bg fa fast gts magic wow
18th Feb 98
Amber is kidnapped by a vengeful businessman. She'll be turned into a pillow woman unless rescued by Lynnae and June.
bg huge nc science slow
13th Feb 05
A first contribution, co-written by myself and a friend. A rather-simple story of growth and subsequent sex. However, a warning--this -is- a chat log, for better or for worse, though I've taken steps to make it easier to read. Please review, leave criticism, something.
ag big cb chem fast ment shem
14th Mar 05
A woman wants bigger breasts ans her friend supplies them
ag cb chem fast wow
28th Aug 09
ag big magic ment slow
16th Aug 20
Amie, a traveling apprentice of the Scholar's Guild, is visited by two farm girls.
cb fast huge lac magic
10th Jul 21
Amie, Kara, and Jessa have a milky encounter with a priestess. Illustrations by the amazingly talented JessHavok and Boobdollz!
bg big cb fast huge lac magic
30th Nov 05
The second half of my first story, not as long as the first half, if you would like to see anouther installment please e-mail me and let me know
big cb instant lac magic mg mpg asleep
18th Feb 98
In this Police Blue episode Amber is sent undercover to a high school to nab a blackmailing pervert.
bg big nc science slow
29th Jul 98
Given an amulet which lets her transfer sexiness between people, a girl has many adventures.
bg fa fast gts hg huge lac magic ment mg mpg preg tg wow
27th Jun 02
A continuation of JB's 'An alien goes home' written with permission.
aliens huge instant lac preg science
27th Jun 02
The conclusion of JB's 'An alien goes home.' Steve is naked and defenseless in an alien prison with only his massively pregnant, incredibly horny girlfriend for company. Can Steve survive the wrath of the Pruudd empire?
aliens lac multiple preg science weird
8th Dec 98
Brenda meets an old man who grants her the power to alter her form, as long as she doesn't commit any of the Seven Deadly Sins.
bg fa fast huge magic
27th Oct 21
Everwynd is a land of many tales, and strange magical oddities, one such cursed artifact owned by the sorceress Farah. An unsuspecting Del has fallen to the buxom, growing, enchantress's charms, and without a hint of reluctance has found herself pulled into bed with her and her lover. The young elf's first time, though she's hardly in the mind to let that stop her from enjoying a night with two lovely ladies and their shared destiny.
bg big instant magic ment
31st Dec 99
A detailed introduction to the universe of Blue Undercover and the Police Blue series. Illustrated, and now updated to Dec 31 1999.
28th Jan 02
April gets her birthday wish. All of them!
big fast magic mpg sc
16th Sep 07
A man obsessed with big tit porn becomes what he obsesses over..
big chem fa hyp lac sc shem slow tg
3rd Apr 15
Odd Request is a first person tale of tale spun by a prostitute named Mira. It's a story of a very special client with peculiar tastes. Not only does she get the chance to make an obscene amount of money, but she gets a chance to fatten her lady bumps without implants. Win. Win.
ag big fast huge hyp instant ment science
30th Jan 19
Two stories packed into one. The first introduces us to a girl with a rare disease that causes her to lactate uncontrollably and her young scientist roommate who doubles as a caretaker. The second delves deeper into the life of our lactating cutie, Odette, and follows her to her job at the local college.
bg big fast huge lac science slow
6th Oct 10
A young woman participates in a controversial medical study promising a cure for breast cancer and gets more than she bargained for.
big hyp ment science slow
24th Nov 99
Tongue-in-cheek tale where the author joins in the BE fun.
bg chem fa fast lac tg wow
8th Sep 18
During excursion to the mall Tamara was transformed by the Ring of Expectation from a nerdy girl into a vampire-looking bombshell and she started a loving relationship with her sports-obsessed friend Amy. Today they decided that Amy should try out the ring too. But its powers are random and unreliable the girls can’t even imagine the degree of that weirdness yet. (All previous disclaimers still apply.)
bg ag big instant lg magic mg rc
12th Jan 13
A short story. Meant to be good reading material in addition to a good wank. This is my first erotic story, so let me know if the BE/sex/description ratio needs work.
ag big fa fast huge magic
14th May 15
This is a bit of an older one, but I forgot to put it up. A story of a woman trying to please her husband's desires...using very risky methods of experimental, self-produced lotion. In .txt and .html format. Fair criticism is always welcome.
ag big cb chem fast huge instant nc sc science slow asleep
7th Jul 07
"Here is buried the cursed one. If any man disturbs this place the curse shall fall on him and all who touch anything inside." Go easy on me this is my first attempt. Please let me know what you think.
big fast magic nc shem tg
24th Mar 04
Inflatable Andrea invites a friend over for a "big" surprise!
ag fast huge instant nc wow
1st Dec 04
Someone suggested I add a redhead to the mix... Mmmm...Redheads! The group decides to invite an internet acqaintance for some breast-expanding fun.
ag instant wow
11th Oct 02
After an accident with an air hose, a flat chested girl discovers the joy of BE.
cb huge instant wow
28th Jun 98
A funny and sexy sequel to Andromeda Strain has the alien virus making women grow huge.
bg cb huge instant lac nc science wow
2nd Jul 07
Mandy comes over and helps Andy, and on the east coast, the Vatican gets involved. Meanwhile, the old world has gotten involved... Due to a reformatt, I lost 7 chapters of work, so I am recompiling the work. Here are chapters 11 and 12 (I know small update for 11 months of work) but more is one the way, I promise. Let me know what you think, and please continue to be patient.
fast huge magic mpg
8th Nov 07
Okay, as promised, the full five chapters of this section. Had to go on a deployment to Afghanistan to get some of it done (no distractions) but here it is, and the next three chapters are already complete, so less waiting (I hope). Story line continues. The Vatican has a Hit woman, Evil Mind Controling undead wenche finds a new Beau, and Andy and Amanda try to get measured... Did I mention the British are coming?
gts huge instant lg magic mg mpg sc
13th Jan 08
The fourth installment of the Adventures of Andy and Amanda. A lot happens in this section. I have to thank Musette for editing, and all of you for reading my stuff. The story wraps up in the next section. Only one thing I ask from all of you. Don't comment if you aren't brave enough to leave a name. Thanks and Enjoy!
big cb fast gts huge instant lac magic mg mm mpg slow weird
28th Aug 06
The continuing saga of Andy and Amanda. Amanda is getting a better hang of magic, while Andy is just trying to adjust. Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in Nebraska. Oh, and IHOP was never so much fun. Input is welcome.
ag fast gts hg huge magic mg mpg weird
21st Oct 07
Just a straight forward story about massive growth and enjoyment.
chem hyp lac sc science slow wow
19th Feb 17
James is a very lonely man, who's at the end of his rope. After 35 years without finding love, he's near suicide. But an act of divine intervention will seek to change all that... and his long lost love is just aching to make all his fantasies come true. This is part one, and it's the beginning of a novel-length story. This is my first attempt at writing a BE story, and I wanted to make sure it was different from anything I've ever read. Can't wait to hear everyone's comments.
bg ag ar big fast huge instant lac magic ment preg slow
28th Feb 04
The first of the tale of Angel Connors of Gravid Glen
big preg
28th Feb 04
Further adventures of Angel Connors
big lac preg
29th Oct 98
A mystical blue balloon inflates a girl bizarrely in her dreams.
bg fa fast preg wow
20th Sep 00
A birthday gift of a BE potion has fun effects!
bg fa fast huge magic wow
28th Apr 02
Angie and her roommate try a gimmick to make Angies boobs bigger, but mechanical difficulties ensue.
cb fast nc rc science wow
21st Nov 13
Aisha discovers three ancient slabs, each with some unexpected powers. Will she be able to control what happens? Or does she even want to?
ag fast huge magic
12th Nov 09
Still tweaking her nipples she replies huskily, “So basically while I was with him, every time I climaxed, my tits grew? What’s the life cycle of the new bacteria?”
big mpg science slow
12th Dec 19
A woman has a huge secret that she's ashamed of ( actually, two increasingly large secrets), but meets a guy who doesn't seem to mind so much! (HUGE breasts ahead! This is an upload of an old story from Ryver8's DeviantArt page. All 5 parts, and two artpieces are included)
fast huge instant science wow
3rd Jan 06
Another chapter of Ann's worst nightmare. Comments appreciated.
ag ar big fast nc rc science
13th Apr 05
A stranger makes Ann's Worst Nightmare come true, part 4. Comments welcome.
big cb fast magic ment nc science
15th Apr 05
A stranger changes Ann into her worst nightmare (part 5). Comments welcome.
big fast magic nc science weird asleep
18th May 05
A stranger makes Ann's worst nightmare come true. Comments appreciated.
ar big cb fast ment nc weird
30th Dec 05
Another chapter to Ann's worst nightmare. Those of you who don't like the series, nobody is forcing you to read it. The writer is not focusing on perfect english, but still appreciates some of the helpful comments. Keep them coming. For those who like the story, enjoy.
big fast nc science
7th Mar 05
This story is about a girl who meets a stranger that changes her body and mind into the worst nightmare she can imagine. Slightly revised and cleaned up with a third part. Input appreciated.
ag fast instant magic science
16th May 06
Helpful comments and suggestions apprciated.
big fast nc science
22nd Dec 04
Part 2 of Ann's Worst Nightmare. Ann meets a stranger who changes her body and mind into her worst nightmare.
ag ar big fast ment nc
16th Jan 07
Ok, this one will work. Please delete the previous uploads. Helpful comments appreciated.
ar big fast science slow
22nd Feb 07
The conclusion.
big fast instant ment nc science slow
29th Nov 05
A continuation of Ann's Worst Nightmare. Open to suggestions and helpful comments.
ag cb chem fast huge nc science weird
25th Jun 10
Having decided that she is huge enough already, Annie goes to bed, but an unexpected visitor has other plans for her
ag fa fast huge lac magic rc sc
19th Jul 10
With only hours to go before her fiance arrives home, Annie enlists Gina's help to get REALLY big. To her dismay though, she soon finds things to be getting out of hand as she begins to grow larger than she ever intended to, and worse yet, finds that she is enjoying it.
ag fa fast huge lac magic nc rc sc wow
11th May 10
With some magical help from her voluptuous sister, Annie becomes a big girl, bigger in fact than she had ever imagined possible. (I'm still new at this, so feedback is definitely appreciated)
ag cb fa fast huge magic sc
1st Jun 10
Already enormous, and with week left to fill before her beloved returns home, Annie decides that too much is never enough.
ag cb fa fast huge magic
11th Jan 10
Annie undergoes a treatment for her delayed puberty with awesome results.
cb fast gts ment mg sc science wow
19th Apr 19
An alien first encounter and a galactic crisis of fetish-driven psychic powers transform one woman's life and body forever.
bg ag aliens big cb fast gts hg huge lac lg magic multiple preg shem tg weird
31st Dec 14
Maya and her friend, Kimmi, get invited to a party when they are approached by a local resident while moving into their new house on fraternity row. Maya isn't so keen on going, feeling her multi-breasted friend will outclass her when it comes to snaring a guy. But there seems to be a young man at the party who can help her with that, if she'll only ask. And what's this he's saying about this day having already happened before, but turning out different? Something about people having changed...
ag fast hg huge lac ment multiple preg weird
16th Oct 14
Kim arrives home with news of Jake and his twisted influence over her, only to find that her friend Maya is less receptive to the news than she had hoped.
big fast lac ment multiple
5th Feb 15
The reality changing program is back in the hands of its rightful owner, and Jake has been punished for his impudence. But Catherine's program develops an unexpected 'glitch' as a result of the previous mayhem, causing widespread transformations and an unexpected emergent property.
cb fast huge ment weird
1st Nov 23
The sequel to Big Night Out. After a wild night of sex and growth, Lydia and Rachelle are horrified to find out that the fantasy didn't fully end. Unable to fix themselves, they rely on Thom and Nikki to get them out of their jam. They oblige, of course - but little do either of them know, its only the beginning of their ever expanding relationships. Thanks for your support :)
ag cb chem fast huge nc sc wow
25th Jan 99
Adapted from Leviathan's entries in the BE Adventure, this is more about Jim and his adventures with magic shapeshifting pills.
bg ag fa fast huge magic
17th Jul 99
The original owner of the magical bra has kids, and now they're reaching puberty...
bg big multiple asleep
24th Jul 12
ag bond hg huge instant magic ment nc shem slow tg
7th Jul 13
A first person retelling of a ski vacation gone horribly right due to some magic milk! Watch as the narrator and his girlfriend discover the rules that govern the milk and its effects on bodies and minds, and find out how they come to terms with the results.
ag big fast ft hg lac lg magic ment mg nc rc sc tg
4th Apr 16
After an anxiety attack lands her in the hospital, Carol Crews finds relief while working out during recovery. She continues to go to the gym after the fact, anxiety fading as she grew stronger. But when working out stops showing results, Carol begins to feel her anxiety clawing back. When an opportunity to outgrow her plateau presents itself, she finds herself making a decision to pursue mental stability...
chem fast lg mg shem
20th Sep 00
Lita finds a ring that can change her body shape.
bg fa fast huge sc
25th Jul 07
My second official BE story. Thank you for all of the positive feedback on the last one, I attempted keep all of it in mind. Please excuse me if there is excess character development; I can get carried away. In any case, in this story, a young man and his girlfriend get over there fight, and just in time, as strange things will soon occur down at the beech.
ag big cb fast huge magic mpg slow wow
13th Nov 03
A playful young woman seems to have her stomach in her cleavage. Her shocked male guest can't believe his luck.
ag big fast
1st Oct 98
Swimming in a hexed stream transforms three girls in three different ways in this short-short.
bg fa huge ment asleep
12th Nov 19
April is a woman who wants to do something nice for her boyfriend. But as her breasts get bigger and bigger, she realizes it might be nice for her as well.
chem huge lac sc science slow
12th Dec 10
First story of its kind that I have attempted to make. Really would love feedback - I am aiming for a 8 part or so line.
big cb fast hyp magic ment
17th Nov 14
fast huge lac ment mpg nc
8th Jun 11
Same story just with Microsoft word previous versions instead of the new version... I'm so tech savy huh? A simple Story based on a picture said picture is with the story give a read and a review let me know if I did something right or not... E-mail is or Either or now the Summary is this... Dr. Frink, local mad scientist tests a new growth drug he calls the Arousa Growth. It's a pill that grows a persons breasts and cocks grow bigger depending on how aroused they get. And who does he test it on but one Bart Simpson? What will Bart do with knowledge of this growth drug?
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8th Jun 11
A simple Story based on a picture said picture is with the story give a read and a review let me know if I did something right or not... E-mail is or Either or now the Summary is this... Dr. Frink, local mad scientist tests a new growth drug he calls the Arousa Growth. It's a pill that grows a persons breasts and cocks grow bigger depending on how aroused they get. And who does he test it on but one Bart Simpson? What will Bart do with knowledge of this growth drug?
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7th Jun 13
A Collection of the stories in my "Art of Witchery" series, including(in order): "Trick or Treat", "Raspberry Rain", "Jelly Filling", and "Memories of Transition". What started as a collection of scenes of Dorothy the witch transforming various women is starting to gain a plot as Dorothy seeks out an apprentice in the art of magical transformations.
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12th Jul 98
Saving a magic man grants an artist the power to alter women's bodies - but it quickly gets out of hand!
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18th Jun 14
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18th Jun 14
When a girl with an inflation fetish finally gets her hands on a air pump that can bring her dreams to life, things get out of control in a hurry.
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31st Jul 14
Inflated to the point where all her fantasies are finally made flesh, and knowing she really ought to stop before she pushes herself too far, Colette discovers that instead wanting to stop as she nears her limits, she finds herself begging for more, even with her breasts stretched dangerously full already.
ag fast huge instant magic
11th Jan 15
Her breasts already dangerously overinflated, Colette wakes up to find them straining to hold much more, and is desperate to find a way to stop her expansion before it's too late.
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28th Mar 20
Tired of languishing behind less qualified, prettier women in the administrative assistant pool, Ashley begins to envy their looks and outgoing personalities. Then, she begins to change...
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8th Dec 01
Charlie just couldn't help himself when he realized that Bethany grows when she drinks milk.
cb huge magic nc
31st Dec 00
Naughty girls sneaking into the Science Fair get caught by some boys and pay the price.
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15th Oct 16
This rare gem features characters from the FBGB series, and includes long-lost illustrations that accompanied the original. The Mammaliens have landed - and they are the bustiest conquerors the world has ever seen! Who will save us from being willfully enslaved by these tit-goddesses from another planet? Why, the government, of course - as in Government Tit! (check out the file named Treasure Trove.txt for other hard-to-find stories!)
bg aliens big bond huge instant nc offstage science slow weird wow
15th Sep 21
Ah Boracay Malit. The sun! The beach! The Milfs! The hot male surfers! The giant Sand Squids!
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17th Jan 11
All Jeanine wants is a man to pay attention to her.
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3rd Apr 07
Short but to the point and very very sweet, this is the first literary work of Sofia in over 5 years. Featuring B.E via breast implants, a niche sorely lacking for material, in this genre. Perhaps we'll see more from her, or others? Writers, please indulge this story type. (breast implants and augmentation)
science slow
19th Sep 98
Twelve-year-old Monique wants to grow bigger breasts than her arch-rival at school, and her aunt has some advice.
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5th Feb 99
Can't find that perfect story for you? Why not make your own, with the help of Quasi's BE Story Generator!
31st Dec 99
Luke is granted the power to change reality by a devil who wants to take over his body.
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13th Jun 99
Jo Ann's story continues, from Healing Hooters chapters 4 and 5.