The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

26th Feb 08
Jade pushes to see how far she and Susan can take their ‘Secret Fuck’ to amazing results. Then Jade visits Stacy Palmer to make amends for breaking her arms. Finally, we see how Tina is handling the lost of her sister.
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20th Feb 08
Jade learns a lot more on how lust affects her and how she can use it. Then girls must deal with the fall out of Gwen.
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17th Jan 08
Jade’s first day at school plus a sleepover at Mary’s house leads to all sorts of fun.
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17th Dec 07
Jade finally gets her papers to leave the house. After a quick bit of shopping, she gets to go to school for at least the end of the day.
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19th Mar 07
The first day of Jade’s new life and she is stuck at home for the whole weekend. Whatever will she do?
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21st Dec 06
Discover the fate of James and the truth of how he gain his powers.
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14th Dec 06
James give the bad news to the girls that the party is a no go. The girls doesn't take the news well & Ming's mother gets involved to make sure the party happens. This spells trouble for James.
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3rd Nov 06
Day 3: James and Sally finally get together. James learns a lot of new insight on how his powers work. Finally, James meets Ming’s mother.
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22nd Sep 05
Day 2. James discovers more about his powers.
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23rd May 05
James is a high school student, when one day he finds he has strange powers that he is not sure how to control. How will James and his classmates react? First Chapter to a new series. I have a new editor, so hopefully the grammer will be better.
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10th Jul 04
A new series. This is a short chapter, later chapters will be longer. A modern day setting with some lingering super-natural elements from the dark ages.
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25th May 04
Next chapter in this spinoff series. You get to see what Cindy has been up to. I introduce Jamie, Katy, Jean and Lois along with a few more characters. And Nancy gets her revenge.
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16th Apr 04
The 4th Chapter in this spinoff series. Victor, the morning after and Nancy plots her revenge.
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8th Apr 04
We finish up with Sam, introduce Cindy's best friend Nancy, have an adventure in the bar "Slippery When Wet", finds out what happenes to Brandy, oh and finds out what Victor has been planning sense Chapter 1. And thanks again to OddWerid for starting this series.
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22nd Mar 04
The 2nd story in the spinoff serie that OddWerid started. Another test is performed. You get to see some action in the mutant slum at the Tentacle Tavern. Side note: For all of you who note that I'm not a good technical writer, just be glad my wife spellchecks this stuff. Otherwise, every 15th word will be a puzzle to try and figure out what I'm trying to say. Oh and thanks for the rating, I like the feedback.
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11th Mar 04
My first story. You will need to read Dodsons Dream: Haileys Awakening or the story will make no sense. Thanks to OddWerid for starting this series.
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