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The Overflowing Bra

1st Sep 11
Nut thought she wanted a nose job. But something snapped inside her when she saw a woman sporting some giant breast implants. Her obsession was awaken. Now she wants to be the bustiest ever and nothing will stop her. (Implant story if you don't like then don't watch)
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4th Aug 11
I realized 2 things: the authors name was wrong and the description was extremely lame. This is a story i wanted to keep as real as possible. Expect the use of pink concations to increase the bustline of an already epic proportioned main female char and her 'nemesis' which is desperate to stay bigger. Still no sex applies.
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31st Mar 10
Well the first story i complete. It's so different from what i originally intended it to be :/. Katt is the Lone Wnaderer of some Fallout fan. She always tries to help those in need. But this time her unintentional help would extend well beyond the wasteland.
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