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The Overflowing Bra

7th Jan 18
Sometimes you're offered just one wish, but at a terrible cost. When Jeni is offered to have a wish for more attention granted, the payment appears to be exactly what she has always wanted, in a curvier, sexier figure. The game will only continue for every new sexual conquest she makes, and the growing lover finds herself wondering if she'll ruin herself before she truly gets what she thinks she wants.
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4th Jul 17
If your last relationship ended in a ball of flames because you have a hidden, secret desire, you tend to play it safe for a while. Imagine Jon's luck, then, that he immediately falls into the arms (and cleavage) of the mysterious Felicity Martinez, a woman who not only is fine with his little fetish for pregnant women, but revels in it, her body changing itself to sate his newfound unquenchable lust. But who is truly the lucky one, here? Jon finds himself locked into a game he didn't know he was playing while both he and Felicity give in to their growing desires and growing bodies.
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10th Feb 17
(Reuploaded from XYZ) Under the eternal neon lights of Chop City, Casey Donner is an expert cyberthief, but even her master skills and hacking know-how can't seem to keep her from being just above broke. When a beautiful and connected client makes an offer that's almost too good, Case jumps at the chance, without asking too many questions. Only when her mysterious benefactor and the people around her begin to change does she find this job goes beyond her wallet, or even her body's unexpectedly expanding curves.
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19th Oct 16
A fitness trainer and overall exercise enthusiast, Cameron has always been a little jealous of the effortlessly thin figure of her roommate, and has been waiting for the day that Olivia, and her metabolism, will catch up with her. When the chance to give it a jump-start presents itself in a new protein shake mix, Cam decides she is willing to do anything to see her plan through, even if it means she needs to put on some mass herself.
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19th Jun 15
"When your body wants something, it lets you know." But what happens when your body decides it needs something completely insane? Corey finds out as he discovers he's turning into a girl. But not ALL of him is changing, and as others discover this fact their own hidden wants start to come out of the woodwork.
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16th May 15
When a would-be model is given a mysterious opportunity to finally make as much money as she wants, she jumps at the chance--even if it means a few extra pounds. After all, she can stop any time she wants, and doesn't she look better with rounder hips and bigger breasts? Exponential growth of assets both liquid and physical can only lead to one question: how much is too much?
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15th Mar 14
In a slightly more conventional, traditional expansion story, Sam has always hated everything about her physical self. From her hair to her height to, of course, her breasts, there isn't one thing that she likes. When she finds out that she has the ability to make changes to herself, the cautious Sam sets about to do so in a careful, thoughtful manner. Things change, however, when she unexpectedly finds the limit to her abilities, and all of her small changes start to spiral out of control.
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28th Feb 14
The recently-single Morris is almost relieved that he can get back to what he does best: browsing and cataloging pornography from the enormous range of things he finds sexually fascinating. When every single erotic thing he has ever fantasized about starts to come true, and every woman in his life starts to fill a niche in his library of turn-ons, he finds that sometimes what you want can be a little creepier than you had imagined it would be. Only time will tell if he'll find the cause and stop it, or if he'll give in to the horde of women desperately trying to get into his increasingly full pants, losing himself to a world of pleasure.
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3rd Jul 12
In a world where the average cup size is somewhere around the modern-day G, where normal breast size has been so inflated many women can't walk without assistance, where about one in every five women has some sort of genetically-verified mutation that can cause a number of interesting and sexy effects, Penny Parson is so unremarkable that it's remarkable. Flat, skinny as a board, and quickly approaching the end of high school, she spends most of her days moping and grouching and jealously watching her friends and enemies, and most of her nights dreaming of what life could be like. But when her own belated changes start appearing, Penny is in for a few rather awesome surprises.
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9th Mar 11
The town of Rose Hills is and always has been super-conservative to the point of impossibility. When several graduating students at Rose Hills High begin to act out in a rush of pent-up emotions and suppressed hormones, they find that things start to change in their favor, and not in the ways one would normally expect.
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25th Jun 09
The story of Rose, a girl who loves nothing better than breaking innocent boys with no knowledge of sex. So what happens when she finds out the new boy in her class hasn't had so much as an erection in his 17 years? As it turns out, lots.
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7th Aug 08
It's an ordinary day in the life of love-challenged Greg, until the universe decides that he is, in fact, a female. Things quickly escalate when "Michelle"'s chest starts growing faster than Greg can keep up, among other, even more drastic changes.
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21st May 08
Photojournalist Landon doesn't know what makes some things happen, but they certainly start to when he and his longtime girlfriend finally get to third base. Soon neither of them fit their clothes very well, for different reasons. Good, wholesome BE and MPG.
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25th Jul 07
My second official BE story. Thank you for all of the positive feedback on the last one, I attempted keep all of it in mind. Please excuse me if there is excess character development; I can get carried away. In any case, in this story, a young man and his girlfriend get over there fight, and just in time, as strange things will soon occur down at the beech.
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11th Jun 07
The main character finds that, when he and his girlfriend have unprotected sex, parts of them grow for no apparent reason! They also find out that it can be quite addicting...
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