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The Overflowing Bra

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22nd Sep 99
The sky rains a weird goo, and young Tina is affected.
bg big chem fa fast
10th May 15
Two lifelong friends are abducted and forcibly changed into bovine hybrids.
ag chem fa fast ft hg huge lac ment mg mm mpg multiple nc science tg weird
16th Jul 17
First time posting a story on this site and will fully admit this story has been posted on other sites. This is a story about Christina who is a mild mannered normal girl until she becomes aroused and Transforms into the the hyper breasted hyper sexxed She-Male super hero "The Fanatic Phallus" and uses her powers to stop crime around her college campus.(story contains vore) If you have any comments please feel free to email me at Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.
bg ag big cb fast hg lg magic mg mpg shem
1st Oct 20
A Story of a guy who hates his coworker only to discover she's really his super hero sex fantasy in disguise.
bg big cb fast lg magic mg mm mpg
1st Oct 98
Geeky high school boy gets revenge on classmates by giving them what they wish for.
bg fa fast magic mpg rc wow
29th Oct 98
Teenage boy uses new reality-bending power to reward and punish.
bg fa fast huge lac mpg rc
29th Mar 05
Two young women encounter a witch in a cave, then drink some of her 'special' tea and suffer the consequences... (old story of the acotto archive; not sure any more was ever written)
fast magic weird wow
24th Nov 99
Man is turned into huge-breasted sex-slave by a doctor in this brief tale.
bg big cb ment tg
12th Dec 22
A pilot gets some big and milky changes after a strange encounter on a standard flight.
bg big cb fast huge lac nc science tg
15th Jan 10
Megan has trouble controlling her urges when her mother Kathryn starts using a drug called Lactoril.
big chem fast inc lac
30th Jun 10
Monica receives a mysterious bra in the mail which causes an unexpected problem. Luckily, her son Josh is there to help.
cb fast huge inc lac science
17th Jul 99
Helping an old lady, a boy gets a magic swimsuit as a reward.
bg ag huge magic mg mm mpg
1st Feb 12
This is my first contribution. I didn't think I could write something of my own, so instead I versified something I had read awhile ago. I hope what I have done makes it make more sense. All credit goes to Yashmen Halfcount!
big cb fast hg huge instant magic ment tg wow
6th May 12
Pretty plain Jane with this one. Just a night at the opera gone swimmingly. Mrs. Merriweather, polite woman in her late 30's, experiences an out of body experience with her soon to be husband, Mr. Merriweather, bro not even out of college. The characterizations and language are fluid so be warned.
ag big hg instant lg magic
9th May 12
Mrs. Gagglecock has a slow day at the office where she relives her early days in the porn business and learns the true nature of length. A truly sordid work.
ag big fast huge lg magic weird
19th May 12
The kinky Hig gets her hands on a crystal ball from one of her husband's wizard friends. Her girlhood friends then are made to change, coming to a baby shower that will defy the ages.
ag big cb instant magic ment mpg shem tg weird
7th Aug 12
Three students christen the areas surrounding their breakfast table following a night of transformation.
ag big fast lac magic mpg nc shem asleep
4th Oct 17
In Stalinist Russia, a noble doctor, a slightly cynical scientist, and a simple Christian soldier venture to a village where there are thought to be female survivors of a devastating nuclear blast. The consequences are physically and spiritually embiggening for all three.
bg ag ar big cb gts hg huge hyp inc lac lg magic ment mg offstage science slow weird
5th Oct 17
Lena Gushman is a brilliant, acerbic university student with one problem; her breasts are too big! With the support of her lover Harriet, Lena opts for what she thinks is a straightforward breast reduction surgery. But Dr. Glaugurm's procedures have a way of... reversing themselves.
bg ag big cb fast gts hg huge hyp instant lac lg magic ment mg nc science slow weird asleep
28th Nov 15
Milk, milk, sex, milk, sex, and a bit of BE. The lactation-expansion is throughout, but there's a bit more BE in part III (all three parts are in this file.) This is also about resisting one's orgasm, slightly non-consensual forcing the guy to cum, plus MF, MFF, and MFFF. Hope you like it!
big instant lac science slow
14th Mar 98
A magic tape recorder will cause anything recorded with it to come true.
bg huge magic offstage
27th Oct 12
first story hope you like it... comments appreciated! hopefully ill make more!
big fa fast huge instant magic weird
22nd Sep 12
Sammie Richards' life was pretty ordinary - nothing really exciting happened. That was until she decided to help an old woman, Eliza, with her car one day. She didn't know that her life's excitement would become bigger ... way bigger.
ag big cb fa fast lac magic sc
25th Sep 12
Sammie Richards is back in another two FAT chapters! She finally meets her lover, uncovers why she got her 3 wishes even though there is many kind people in the world. Sammie also decides to have take-out for dinner ... I wonder how that's going to go ... (Chapters 1-4 with some changes in 1&2. Hope you guys with da food fetishes like it. :)
ag big cb fa fast lac magic sc
2nd Jan 22
An upload of a story I've been writing, parts 1-4, more to come. Appreciate any feedback... Chris has had a hard time of things and despite what some might consider a tremendous gift he has always seen as a dead leg; a third leg. Now at college things start to grow out of hand and that doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.
bg ag ar big bond cb fast huge lac ment mg mm mpg nc rc science shem wow
3rd Apr 22
The next part of Chris's journey into depravity. As his life gets more active nagging questions like what's right and what's good start to surface. What happens when you can do anything? I haven't figure out how to export just one chapter at a time so here's the whole thing-a-ma-jig. More to come!
bg big fa fast huge mg mm mpg nc rc science slow
7th Apr 20
After a stressful day at work, Jessica returns home to find her roommate gone for the weekend. With the apartment to herself, she decides to have a little "fun" with a lactation supplement. It doesn't take long for things to get out of hand, though. Note: There's really not much plot as this was mostly just a pet project to see how far I could take a breast expansion sequence before losing interest.
cb chem fast huge lac sc wow
16th Mar 00
Valerie keeps a secret about her breasts hidden beneath a custom bra, but Charles gets to find it out.
bg wow
16th Feb 00
A proper Victorian English gentleman meets an amply-endowed lady.
bg big
3rd Apr 00
A peasant girl tempts a cloistered monk with her growing breasts in this wonderful literary parody.
bg big
18th Aug 03
Joanna impersonates her Step Mom in the work chat room. This pisses her off one too many times, and so Joanna finds a 'large' lesson is needing to be learned.
fast huge magic asleep
2nd Jan 18
A married couple in a dry spell. Until now.
bg big chem fast mpg
24th May 11
T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a rhyme. Jack and his wife Jessie are visited by three spirits one Christmas Eve, each one bearing a very special gift. Why? ‘Tis the season, after all. I started this on Christmas Eve, but never got to finish it for posting on the 25th. So... Merry extremely late Christmas!... Enjoy.
ag big fast lac lg magic preg
13th May 10
Laura, with her petite figure, never had much luck with boys. But when her brother, Brendan, makes fun of her small breasts, she decides to find a way to make even her brother pay attention to her. Not really my first story like this, but I feel I have more improvement to make. Please leave critique! Be brutal, baby.
ag cb chem fa fast huge inc lac lg ment mpg preg weird
10th Dec 10
Sue, a shy and homely girl, turns to a demon for help in getting the boy of her dreams. But what happens when the demon has plans of her own?... My second post here, and I tried to be more original. Please check the Read Me file before reading for a small request.
ag big cb fa fast lac magic multiple nc preg shem weird
18th Apr 11
Breath of Fire II themed story: Katt wakes Nina from a pleasant sleep, brandishing a strange spell book she found. Nina warns to use caution, but Katt seems to have other plans. Or rather, the book does. (Breath of Fire II is owned by Capcom, not by me.)
ag big fast huge lac magic ment mpg nc preg shem weird
11th Jul 11
Notice: Yeah. Let's try one more time. DirtyMind had a good concept, but the execution was really quite subpar. Nice try, guy, we all gotta start somewhere. Then Foogo gave us his attempt at revisiting the story, and did a little better, but it felt like the same, maybe a bit more rushed. Then comes BB47 who took the concept, switched it around some and gave his own little spin. Better, but didn't feel quite as whole. So I figure I'm bored enough, need something to get my gears moving again, and that I'd give it a try myself. I don't take credit for this, at all, it should all go to DirtyMind. Foogo and BB too, since they tried hard enough. Synopsis: Tim's Aunt is in town, and crashes over at his and his mother's place for her stay. When a package arrives, containing some rather bizarre pills, the family is curious and experiences their effects, effectively pushing the bounds of their libido... And their clothes.
ag big cb chem fa fast huge inc lac ment mg mpg
11th Jul 11
Notice: Yeah. Let's try one more time. DirtyMind had a good concept, but the execution was really quite subpar. Nice try, guy, we all gotta start somewhere. Then Foogo gave us his attempt at revisiting the story, and did a little better, but it felt like the same, maybe a bit more rushed. Then comes BB47 who took the concept, switched it around some and gave his own little spin. Better, but didn't feel quite as whole. So I figure I'm bored enough, need something to get my gears moving again, and that I'd give it a try myself. I don't take credit for this, at all, it should all go to DirtyMind. Foogo and BB too, since they tried hard enough. Synopsis: Tim's Aunt is in town, and crashes over at his and his mother's place for her stay. When a package arrives, containing some rather bizarre pills, the family is curious and experiences their effects, effectively pushing the bounds of their libido... And their clothes.
ag big cb chem fa fast huge inc lac ment mg mpg
18th Jul 11
This is going to be the start of a possible series of short stories (this one is 3 pages long) involving a look at bizarre and very sexual dreams by normal young women. WARNING, though, this is pretty weird and is not for everyone. Tonight's dream is unbirthing. You have been warned, I don't want any complaints.
ag ar big instant lac magic preg weird asleep
20th Aug 11
A powerful witch uses her prisoner and turns her into a hideous beast for her own sick pleasure. My first attempt at muscle growth, so bear with me here.
ag chem fast hg huge lg magic mg nc shem weird
9th Dec 11
Sally is exposed to some radioactive waste and is transformed into a catgirl. (9766 words)
ag big chem fa fast lac ment
14th Dec 11
Sarah's friend Ranki, an anthropomorphic tiger, bites her and marks her as his property, taking her on a little trip that's sure to have lasting effects. This is the original tale from 2007, and a revision is to follow. (6 chapters)
ag big cb fast hg lac lg magic ment nc
26th Feb 13
Not a lot going on here, just some character development and outlining possible antagonists, boring stuff. Growth and sex occur near the end. More to come later. Nerdy boy, Trevor, recounts the time where his and his best friend, Misty’s, lives met with some very drastic changes.
big fast
25th Jan 13
Lori made an offhanded wish for bigger breasts, and a mysterious cat-like man offhandedly had it granted. But the deal wasn’t quite so simple, and when Lori asks for her breasts smaller again, things don’t quite work out... (non-consensual refers to growth, not sex.)
big cb fast huge magic nc
31st Jan 13
The conclusion of Overfilling Cups. Comes included with a slightly revised part 1 which contains more description, I hope. Will Lori return to normal? Will Dark explain the method to his madness? How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop!? The world... is bound to know sooner or later. (NC = growth, not sex; mild AG and LG)
ag big cb fast huge lg magic nc
15th May 13
HEAVY EXPOSITION THIS CHAPTER; DON'T COMPLAIN THAT THERE IS TOO MUCH EXPOSITION, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN ADVANCE! Anyone remember this story? I almost didn't. So here's the next installment. After her mutation into a catgirl, Sally wishes to be left alone, but Mori Ankoku and her crew are out to expose the people who did this to her and find themselves in their own mess of trouble. (mild AG, LG and clothes ripping; and lots of exposition)
ag big cb chem fast lac lg ment
1st Sep 08
Freedom unknowingly purchases a magic bra.
ag big fast magic nc
2nd Sep 08
Wilbur discovers a book of devices from the future that can enhance your sex life.
big fast huge mpg science
3rd Sep 08
Further adventures with devices from the future that enhance your sex life.
big fast huge instant mpg science
24th Nov 15
One of my first stories. Please be gentle, but criticism is accepted! Email me at for any questions, comments, critiques and possible ideas!
ag big instant magic ment preg
24th Nov 15
Criticism is always accepted! Email me at for any questions, comments, or possible ideas!
ag big fa instant magic ment preg
29th Nov 02
Story removed by request of Author.

contact him at

big fast lac magic ment nc preg
30th Dec 13
A new shop opens near Whitmore High. Bethany, a student there, meets her first new friend in awhile and gets more than she bargained for. What do the shopowners have in mind for the unsuspecting girl? This is my first story of this kind, and I know it isn't perfect. Thanks for reading!
ag big cb chem fa fast magic ment preg
26th Feb 17
It's been a while since I wrote my first entry. I'm looking to see if there is still some interest. I cut it off early, so it's less than two pages in. People were asking for more detail, so I'm giving that. If this is well-received, then I'll finish this (hopefully soon) and conclude Bethany's 'little' pregnancy adventure.
ag cb huge lac magic ment offstage preg asleep
9th Mar 17
This is Part II of what should only be three. I know, I said I'd conclude it, and I was wrong. I'm working on more, and long stories aren't my thing. There is outstretched clothes, not so secret admirers, and a calm before the storm for Bethany. You will not have to wait nearly three years for the conclusion.
ag huge lac magic ment offstage preg slow
9th Mar 17
This time for sure! Bethany learns about her condition, and finds some not-so-secret admirers.
ag cb huge instant magic ment offstage preg slow asleep
23rd Apr 99
A young woman moves into a new apartment and encounters a man whom she just can't seem to disobey.
bg fa fast ment wow
13th Apr 12
A mysterious leak in the ceiling marks the beginning of a highly contageous infection that transforms men and women into air-headed nymphomaniacs.
ag aliens big cb chem fast hg huge lac ment nc offstage tg
10th Jun 03
A new STD gets let loose with some desirable and bizarre results.
bg big fast gts huge instant lac lg ment mg mm mpg sc science shem tg wow
14th Sep 03
Meagan is a biology student who is not quite satisfied with her figure and finds a hormone to solve her problems.
bg big chem fast huge science slow asleep
1st Sep 04
Sequal to Growing Up at College.
gts lac lg mpg offstage preg asleep wow
19th Mar 07
Two sultry, sexy women introduce young Mia into a supernatural world of expanding breasts, hot hermaphrodites and a power over regular people she never thought possible. Part 1 of a first attempt.
ag fast hg huge lac magic shem
19th Jun 08
Part Two of the epic tale of supernatural sluts of the night and their newest member, Mia, who has her first encounter with sex as one of the big-breasted beauties, and more fully develops her new body...
fast huge magic shem
25th Sep 07
In the second installment of this tale of the busty, lustful, super-sexual women called the Slutpires, Mia experiences her first day among their kind. She quickly learns to adjust to her new body and its new desires... (Parts 1 and 2 included)
cb fast huge magic shem
9th Oct 07
Jo discovers Mia's true nature... and what pleasure a magically enhanced slut can bring someone. Mia learns more about what it means to be what she is, and even more about her amazing abilities as a very special Slutpire.
big fast huge magic mpg nc sc shem
17th Jan 08
A young, inexperienced adventurer is captured by a kinky sorceress and turned into the perfect sex slave.
ag bond fast huge magic nc
24th Apr 09
Mia, the fledgling Slutpire, unleashes her new-found sense of self-assurance and limitless sexual power on an unsuspecting world in what is just the beginning of an orgy of swelling breasts, shifting bodies and an eternity of unending arousal.
ag big cb fast hg huge magic ment mpg nc sc shem
26th Jan 10
A man's desperate experiment with a prototype aphrodisiac goes far, far beyond his expectations.
ag big cb chem fast hg huge mm mpg slow
2nd Jan 10
When a dumpy officewoman insults one of her company's new hires, she gets a lot more than she bargained for in return.
ag big fast hg magic ment weird asleep
26th Jul 11
A failed science experiment holds bizarre and erotic consequences for a small team of researchers. (WARNING: Extreme transformations!)
ag cb fast huge lac lg mpg multiple nc science shem tg weird
19th May 12
Dealing with the aftermath of their transformations, one mutated researcher has a plan to help them fit in again. (WARNING: Extreme transformations!)
ag cb fast gts hg huge lac multiple nc science shem tg weird
21st May 12
In response to a comment on my most recent story, I've decided to go back through all my old stories and fix up the formatting and paragraphing to make them all nicely readable. This collection contains all my current uploads on the site in a simple, cohesive HTML design with my utterly shocking use of paragraphs (or lack thereof) fixed up for actually knowing how to write now.
ag big bond cb chem fast gts hg huge lac lg magic ment mm mpg multiple nc sc science shem slow tg weird asleep
27th Jul 13
When a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower brings with it shocking transformations, two girls find themselves trying to keep control of their lives as they lose it over their bodies. They begin to find that the truth of their condition is a lot deeper than they first thought...
ag aliens big fast gts hg huge lac lg mpg nc science shem
27th Apr 14
A short, sexy teaser from the new and improved Wish Upon A Star. If you like my work, if you're looking for a massively rewritten and far improved story of erotic transformation, BE, futa and mini-GTS and above all if you'd like to help support me, I'd love for you to check it out at Smashwords! Link inside.
ag aliens big bond cb fast gts hg huge lac science shem
13th Feb 16
An overzealous diet advocate's chance encounter with a witch sees her undergo a sexy, sticky, incredibly sweet transformation that gives her a whole new perspective on life.
ag big cb fa fast hg lac magic ment mpg weird
25th Mar 16
A farmboy discovers that some of the women in the big city are very, very different - and their outsized breasts and coloured hair are just the start! How will he navigate life and love with a woman whose uncontrollable urges deny her a normal life?
bg ag big hg ment nc slow
12th Apr 19
When a loveless maieusophile gets set up on a blind date, he isn't expecting to meet the girl of his dreams (and deepest fantasies).
bg ag big hg lac nc offstage preg science slow
19th Apr 19
An alien first encounter and a galactic crisis of fetish-driven psychic powers transform one woman's life and body forever.
bg ag aliens big cb fast gts hg huge lac lg magic multiple preg shem tg weird
24th Aug 19
A size-queen's experimentation with body-modifying drugs leads to mutually-beneficial growth for her and her boyfriend.
bond cb chem fast huge mpg
2nd Feb 20
One woman searches to find happiness and companionship after an industrial accident creates an outbreak of bloating bosoms and mounting libidos in a small college town.
bg ag big bond chem hg ment mm mpg slow asleep
15th Mar 20
A transgender test subject for a new hormone treatment finds herself growing far more than she'd expected as she vlogs her progress.
bg ag big cb huge offstage science shem slow wow
1st Jun 20
A late-night stargazing incident leads to a girl returning home with a demanding and fertile new surprise for her roommate.
ag aliens chem fast huge lac ment preg shem weird
24th Apr 06
This is my first real attempt at writing BE. This is the story of Mandy McKiver, your average girl until she comes to a myserious acupuncture shop.
big cb fast hyp offstage science slow asleep wow
20th Aug 04
Second story in the series. More breasts gettin huge, but how? Read and find out.
big huge instant lac sc science wow
31st Jan 04
Laura and Claire find a working breast growth formula that works and grow freakishly large tits. Now Laura's sister wants in on the fun, but takes it way out of control. UPDATED FROM MY PREVIOUS VERSION.
big fast huge instant sc science wow
7th Aug 04
I was still uneasy with my "rewrite". So, I followed the tutorial on the BEA and created more plot, character development, and hopefully made a better story. Still the same story, sequal almost finished. Thanks for all the previous feedback.
big chem fast huge instant sc science wow
14th Nov 03
If you found a crate of mammatropic unguent, what would you do with it?
big chem fast gts huge slow wow
19th Nov 03
This is a romance, really, a romance, with adult characters, adult concerns, and a plot. It doesn't have a lot of sex. Actually, its kind of between PG-13 and R. It deals with emotions, betrayal, love lost and love found. Put down your washcloths and pick up your hankies. 7 comments out of 2200 downloads is disgusting. No wonder no one writes for you guys.
big magic slow
24th Dec 03
This is the first story of three about two Salvadoran girls, cousins, who share an interesting heritage.
big huge ment slow
26th Dec 03
Some social commentary and some transalation to asist in the enjoyment of my recently posted story.
23rd Feb 11
Plain Rachel finds a mysterious scroll in an old second hand bookstore and soon discovers that mind really does triumph over matter. Only not her mind!
ar big fast hg lg magic nc
3rd May 11
Laura had always felt like she was invisible. She was so unremarkable people rarely noticed her at work or anywhere else. Then one day she found a mysterious scroll which changed everything...
ag ar big hg lg magic nc offstage slow
16th Nov 12
Keith is a man who has lost his voice, but his wife has found a solution. What side effects could this solution possibly have? This my first story so be sure to comment and rate!
ag big cb fa hyp instant magic
9th Jan 99
A man helps his wife re-achieve her lactation after her pregnancy.
bg big lac slow
3rd Sep 10
Once she started lactating, she gave more and more milk - and her breasts just kept on growing. (Hardcore sex scenes included.)
huge lac slow
8th Oct 10
In the conclusion, Cara's lactation gets completely out of control. Her breasts start to push us around!
lac science slow wow
4th May 12
Just a bit of BE, but a LOT of PE. Our protagonist finds that each orgasm makes his cock grow. Can his wife's girlfriend help?
big magic mpg science slow
2nd Jul 14
School's just started up again, and every girl in the school has gotten taller and sexier over the summer, and they're still growing. Josh isn't sure how this is happening, but he's enjoying every minute of it. But will the growth stop before the girls get too big? (Mini-giantess story, nothing taller than 10 feet)
ag big cb fast gts hg huge lac magic slow asleep
5th Jul 14
A duo of short stories involving Josh and his after-school adventures. While this is the same setting as New School, this involves different characters, and each is its own separate "timeline" (i.e. the stories aren't explicitly related). Anna: Another student invites Josh over to help her on an essay, but soon turns into more of a handful than he could've imagined. Extracurricular Activities: A teacher gives Josh a very special reward for his hard work in her class.
ag big fast gts hg huge magic mg
20th Jul 14
Mitchel meets with his friend Grace; a small, cute, peppy girl. However, she doesn't stay small for long, as Grace starts growing taller, bustier and more flirty throughout the day, and no one notices but Mitch! Will he be able to help her before it's too late? (Note: Only available in .odt and .docx formats, mini-GTS only. Sorry, guys.)
ag big cb fast gts huge instant magic
20th Aug 14
A few short BE stories I've come up with over the last few weeks. Enjoy!
ag big cb chem fast hg huge instant lg magic sc science
27th Dec 02
An early classic of relatively realistic (physically anyway) BE and bimboization.
big huge hyp ment slow
27th Dec 02
Early genre classic by the Orangutang
big chem huge inc ment slow
27th Dec 02
Early genre classic by the Orangutang.
big chem huge inc ment slow
25th Aug 10
A tweaked and edited version of the rewrite of the Mowermandave story Get Closer. Two women are still taught a lesson by a jilted wizard.
big fast huge magic ment nc rc sc slow
14th Jun 11
A big blond, a big cock, and pink aliens on parade.
aliens cb fast gts lac ment mpg science weird wow
5th Dec 11
Yoga-loving Odetta Lucessi gets stung... and stung... and stung...
ag big cb fa lac preg science weird
12th Dec 11
Another Word Version for the rest of us. Thanks to Geoff K
aliens big chem fast instant lac ment preg weird
6th Dec 11
Yoga loving Odetta Lucessi gets stung...and stung...and stung... A corrected version in ODT format. Hopefully it works.
fast lac preg science weird
9th Dec 11
Nude sunbathing...with protoplasm.
big fast instant lac nc science weird
11th Dec 11
A sexy milf versus a self-explanatory title. An older story with something extra.
aliens big chem fast instant lac ment preg weird
12th Dec 11
A Microsoft Word version for the rest of us.
big fast lac nc preg science weird
1st May 12
Two sequels to Big Big Blob with a tweaked version of the story included. Alice emerges from the lake, a changed woman, shows a nasty redneck a good time, and "patches" things up with Roy.
bond fast lac mpg science weird
17th Jun 12
How the hell'd they get this big?!
ag big chem instant lac science weird
7th Dec 14
An ancient alien spacecraft gives three curvy MILFs some new curves. In parts one and two, Charlotte is first.
aliens chem huge nc preg science slow weird
25th Jul 18
Two hot naked women and an island of giant mutant slugs. Slime, preggo, and a little BE. Simple as that.
bg big lac nc preg science slow
25th Jul 18
A milf's aftermath of an intimate encounter with a giant mutant hagfish (aka slime eel). A sequel to a story by Doc Dweeb. Story can be found on his site on Hentai Foundry.
bg big lac preg science slow
25th Jul 18
A hot blonde and a giant octopus. Pretty basic.
bg big lac nc preg science slow
25th Jul 18
An old story of mine. A milf takes a lavender scented bath with a sweet smelling alien. A bit of preg and a little BE.
bg aliens big chem lac nc preg science slow
25th Jul 18
A stranded astronaut has fun with giant alien insects. Major preggo and BE.
aliens chem fast huge lac ment preg
1st Aug 18
A young woman in a swamp full of giant mutant frogs. An old story of mine and a sequel to Doc Dweeb's Victim of A Frog. Frog boinking, preggo, tadpole popping, and a bit of BE. Ribbit.
bg big lac preg science slow weird asleep
24th Jul 19
Marissa's idiot boyfriend rubs the lamp. What could possibly go wrong?
bg ag big fast lac magic ment mg nc preg weird
28th Mar 20
The third and fourth (final) chapters of Curves. Maria and Lynn meet the same curvy fate as Charlotte.
aliens chem fast huge lac ment nc preg science weird
15th Sep 21
Emma Burgess and her boyfriend Doug head to the Pacific to look for her missing sister. Stranded on Wongo Island, they find insects. Big, big insects. Sequel to "Big Honkin' Slugs".
chem huge lac ment mpg preg slow weird
15th Sep 21
Ah Boracay Malit. The sun! The beach! The Milfs! The hot male surfers! The giant Sand Squids!
bg big chem fast lac nc preg asleep
15th Sep 21
A nude swim in the ocean, interrupted.
bg aliens big ment nc preg science slow weird
5th Mar 99
Mary explains how she got her enormous breasts as the story of Eleven continues.
bg big chem inc lac nc slow
5th Feb 99
A man meets his older sister again after a number of years, and sees she's grown quite large! Sex ensues, of course.
bg big chem inc nc offstage
4th Jul 07
Out of my disatisfaction with expansion stories on the web I made this! Molly finds an interesting way to get back at her skinny tormenters from higschool. It involves a lot of ripping and button popping along the way........
ag big cb fa fast huge instant lg magic nc
28th Nov 07
Molly is back and soon boobs are snapping bras butts are tearing out of jeans and fat is seeping out of every corner- mostly for her own amusement at her victim's expense.
ag big cb fa fast huge lg magic nc
7th Mar 05
This story is about a girl who meets a stranger that changes her body and mind into the worst nightmare she can imagine. Slightly revised and cleaned up with a third part. Input appreciated.
ag fast instant magic science
15th Apr 05
A stranger changes Ann into her worst nightmare (part 5). Comments welcome.
big fast magic nc science weird asleep
13th Apr 05
A stranger makes Ann's Worst Nightmare come true, part 4. Comments welcome.
big cb fast magic ment nc science
18th May 05
A stranger makes Ann's worst nightmare come true. Comments appreciated.
ar big cb fast ment nc weird
29th Nov 05
A continuation of Ann's Worst Nightmare. Open to suggestions and helpful comments.
ag cb chem fast huge nc science weird
30th Dec 05
Another chapter to Ann's worst nightmare. Those of you who don't like the series, nobody is forcing you to read it. The writer is not focusing on perfect english, but still appreciates some of the helpful comments. Keep them coming. For those who like the story, enjoy.
big fast nc science
3rd Jan 06
Another chapter of Ann's worst nightmare. Comments appreciated.
ag ar big fast nc rc science
16th May 06
Helpful comments and suggestions apprciated.
big fast nc science
16th Jan 07
Ok, this one will work. Please delete the previous uploads. Helpful comments appreciated.
ar big fast science slow
22nd Feb 07
The conclusion.
big fast instant ment nc science slow
16th Jul 02
Katy is a story I wrote ages ago. Hope you like it. Please tell me what you think. The Tycoon
big huge magic slow
22nd Jul 02
My second story. Charlotte is about to leave for school when she stumbles across a magic potion which brings her to within a few bra sizes of her life.
cb fast huge magic slow wow
27th Jul 02
The fourth story in the collection. Claire is invited to a sleepover where a practicle joke using inflatable bras causes Claires bustline to grow without one. This story is a bit longer than my usuals. Hey, enjoy and tell me what you think!
cb fast huge magic sc slow wow
24th Jul 02
My third story. Jessica has a rather rare alergic reaction to chlorine at her local pool. I won't give too much away but it leads to some serious overstretching of a black swimsuit. Enjoy and please tell me what you think!
chem fast huge wow
7th Jul 07
"Here is buried the cursed one. If any man disturbs this place the curse shall fall on him and all who touch anything inside." Go easy on me this is my first attempt. Please let me know what you think.
big fast magic nc shem tg
1st Aug 08
Jake is accidentally hit with a strange new chemical. What new things does this mean for the young scientist? This is my second attempt at writing. This is much better written then my first attempt. If you like it let me know, I will add more chapters.
big chem fast mm mpg
19th Oct 16
Matt discovers something interesting about the special baby sitter.
bg big fast instant lac mpg slow
25th May 15
ag fa fast hg huge lg magic mpg shem
7th Jul 18
Mark, a postgraduate biologist, uses his knowledge of newly developed bio-chemistry to give an unsuspecting friend "a little boost" in sexual appeal. Will Mark take it too far? Mark intends to take it too far.
bg ag big chem huge ment nc slow
10th Sep 18
a short, easily digestible BE quickie. for those here to see tits get big, in as few words as possible. A young man obtains a dose of concentrated breast growth formula for his girlfriend... or was it four doses? Best to just give her all of it.
bg ag big chem huge ment science slow
6th Feb 24
I've been playing around with some AI assisted story creation on Spicychat. It often descends into mindless repetition, but occasionally a coherent story comes through. I cleaned this up slightly, but here's what it came up with following some prompts. There was a weird section at the end where things started catching on fire that I cut, but this seemed like a decent ending spot.
cb fast huge mg
25th Aug 10
My first story. What's the worst that can happen to a faulty cursed love doll? Answer is a lot!
ag cb fast hg huge lac lg magic mpg nc
3rd Jan 24
A husband receives a unexpected gift from a East Indian coworker. It's a fertility idol that is supposed to bring good luck and blessings to his home. But when the idol arrives home, it does more than the husband and his wife could ever imagine with expansive results! My first story posted here. Feedback and comments welcome!
big cb fast lac magic mpg preg
3rd Jan 24
A handsome man, finds himself the victim of a strange new affliction called "Second puberty" and falls prey to the more "extreme" and curvy side of its effects. Feedback always welcome!
ag big chem fa fast hg tg
3rd Jan 24
A lonely man during the holidays receives and unexpected gift, that changes his life forever. This was a commission I did. Feedback and comments always welcome!
ag big fast hg magic tg
4th Jan 18
A short story about a woman named Lilith. One night, she finds that her latest partner's semen can cause her breasts to grow.
chem fast lac ment offstage sc science asleep wow
22nd Dec 02
A Corinne Meadowlark story. Some thiry years in our future, Cee, intrepid reporter for the Tecumseh Trumpet, is assigned to interview the famous DNA genomorphing genius, Dr. Anne Corben for a feature article. The results are profoundly disturbing.
ag ar big bond cb gts huge lac mg mpg multiple offstage preg science slow weird asleep
29th Dec 02
A Corinne Meadowlark Story. What happens to Cee when she becomes involved in a Genetic Engineering startup? She is a genome-donor, a test-subject -- and something more as well. With her help, there will be more hugely busted women everywhere, and they will be able to walk a little easier. (This story is not related to the alternate future of 'Silly Season.')
ag big hg huge lac ment mg mpg multiple offstage preg science slow weird
8th Jan 03
A Corinne Meadowlark story. In this sequel to "Corinne Centauress" follow a day in the life of Jack Massenhoven many years later. He is the only male in a menage-a-trois. And what happens when a little money can buy a girl perfect, natural, H-cup breasts? Or a lot of money buys you clones (sort of!) of yourself? Step right up: here is a disturbing tour of the future with something for almost everyone.
ag ar big bond cb fast gts hg huge lac lg ment mg mm mpg multiple nc offstage preg science slow weird asleep wow
12th Aug 14
Story of an underachiever, achieving the unachievable when it comes to boobs. Part 1 of a multi-part story. My first time. I have no idea what I’m doing, so be gentle. Some of the idiosyncrasies of the writing are intentional and attributable to the Character telling the story. BE becomes more pronounced and prominent in the parts yet to come.
big fast magic
19th Aug 14
Part 2 of the story. It's the day after. Chad just wants to relax and smoke up, but Sky has other plans. Includes part 1.
big fast magic
30th Aug 04
It's 2015. A fictional earthly continent discovered in the 1800s has changed the history of the world. Now, a third world war has broken out. Follow a group of soldiers as they attempt to foil a secret plan before it's too late. This contains Part 1(Intro, no BE) and Part 2(The first real BE). I still recommend you read Part 1 for a description of the world and a good-sized backstory.
big cb fast nc science wow
25th Dec 03
Growing up in a world that's been hit with a gene modifying virus, and finding love.
huge ment nc science slow
2nd Jan 24
This is my version of a story from a long time ago. That story started my love of BE. Let me know what you think.
big cb fast huge magic mpg slow
23rd Jan 14
Lucy buys a new kind of body wash that has... unexpected results.
chem fast huge ment sc asleep
9th Jul 15
An updated version of "Lucy's Life Changing Shower" with a few added bits. As before, Lucy buys a new kind of body wash that has... unexpected results.
big chem fast huge lac ment sc asleep
9th Jul 15
I've had a lot of free time recently, so here's another story I wrote. This one shows how a girl named Jessalyn gets her ex-boyfriend back... by growing huge boobs.
chem fast huge sc
9th Jul 15
I've had a lot of free time on my hands, so here's another story I wrote, I hope you enjoy it. It's about how a not-so-busty girl named Jessalyn attempts to get back together with her ex-boyfriend... mainly by growing huge boobs.
chem fast huge sc
17th Jul 15
The sequel to "Lucy's Life Changing Shower," in which Lucy discovers the effects of her milk (on both men and women)
chem fast huge lac ment mm mpg
7th Aug 15
George comes back to find that Lucy's made another bimbo, and then he starts using her milk for his own purposes, and more bimbos are created... This is the final part of the series that started with Lucy's Life Changing Shower. Comments and criticism are welcome.
chem fast huge lac ment sc
17th Aug 15
Three friends experience an unusually spread method of breast growth.
big huge magic slow asleep
23rd Aug 15
The sequel to "Jessalyn Gets Her Man Back." Jess and Alex reunite, Jess's boobs get even bigger, and a good time is had by all.
chem fast huge sc
30th Sep 15
ag fast huge magic ment
17th Dec 15
In the same universe as the previous Lucy series, this is the story of Rebecca and her friends in a world where drinking bimbofying milk is normal. Critiques and criticism are welcome as always.
ag chem fast huge ment sc
13th Jun 17
In the same world as the Lucy series, a young woman believes her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate, and decides to use the bimbifying milk to get revenge... but things don't turn out the way she planned. Had this story sitting around for awhile, don't know why I never uploaded it.
ag chem fast huge ment mpg sc
13th Jun 17
Four friends are snowed in and play a very interesting game of Uno. Comments and criticism always welcome. Enjoy!
ag fast huge lac magic
16th Dec 18
A sequel to my first Uno story! The gist: a witch enchanted a deck of uno cards to cause growth and a few other changes! Some new card effects, some old ones, three new characters- two gals and a guy. With tumblr imploding, you can find me on twitter @ TierynBE
ag cb fast huge hyp lac magic mpg
26th Dec 18
The background to Hourglass Delights' recent story. Three friends get big & milky after finding a mysterious can in their groceries.
ag chem fast huge hyp lac
17th Jul 99
The original owner of the magical bra has kids, and now they're reaching puberty...
bg big multiple asleep
24th Jan 00
Until she guesses a gnome's name, a girl's breasts will keep on growing...
bg huge magic slow
20th Feb 98
A chemical factory, an accident, and laughing gas all combine to enhance a young lady's chest.
bg chem fa fast huge
20th Feb 98
Well, so it may have some unintended side effects...
bg chem fa fast lac wow
24th Feb 98
A recalled shampoo and some radioactive waste combine to form a potent chemical.
bg chem fa fast hg huge
20th Feb 98
A friendly but nearsighted witch messes up a magic potion.
bg fa fast huge lac magic
17th Jul 99
Winning at a strange videogame brings unexpected prizes for a teenage girl.
bg cb fa fast huge
20th Feb 98
Write the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
bg fa fast magic sc wow
20th Feb 98
The problem with magical bras is that they don't know when to stop...
bg big magic multiple asleep
14th Apr 08
What happens when Robin eats a Rumble Ball? BE of course!
big cb chem fast lac science
20th Sep 00
Lita finds a ring that can change her body shape.
bg fa fast huge sc
19th Nov 01
Laneys breasts grow when she's aroused. That's odd, it wasn't mentioned on her resume.
fast wow
31st Mar 20
A breast expansion story about a girl trying to deal with her nervousness.
cb fast huge magic
31st Mar 20
ag fast huge instant magic wow
9th Apr 20
A short story about an english teacher failing a spelling bee, and learning to be very happy with her results. Includes huge boobs, bimbo, and intentional grammatical errors.
bg big huge instant magic ment wow
14th May 20
A valiant knight goes to fight a dragon to rescue a princess...' assets. Maybe you shouldn't read this one to your kid.
cb fast huge instant magic ment wow
1st Jun 20
Nina meets the Goddess who is going she is apparently going to help make Earth a size at a time. This is the first chapter (mostly exposition) in a planned 10 chapter story, I hope you enjoy!
bg aliens big bond huge magic asleep
8th Jul 07
A blond hair fitness instructor out on a Sunday drive in the country,makes a mistake of her life stopping to fill up her gas tank.
ag cb chem fa huge lac mg nc slow
4th Dec 99
Evil professor kidnaps women and turns them into huge-breasted sex slaves.
bg chem inc lac ment nc slow
25th Apr 02
Saul creates a formula to enhance primary sexual characteristics. That's tits and cocks to you heathen. *Update* Part 2 added to zip.
big cb chem fast mpg sc science
1st Nov 03
Coming come, Amy finds her boyfriend in the arms of another woman. Amy makes it clear who's in charge.
cb chem fast huge science
7th Jul 18
My first work in this genre! A girl has become a test subject for new nanite body mods that can alter everything about her with controls on a phone app. Pretty tame in this one but later ones are sure to get weird!
bg ag big fast hg rc science slow
23rd Jul 11
Water has Magic power
big fast instant magic offstage wow
11th Jul 13
Tori, a busty college girl, spends her summer vacation with two friends at Georgia’s family vineyard in California. A Violet Beauregard-type story, but with a pretty strong BE emphasis. My first story posted. Hope people enjoy.
ag cb chem fast huge lac nc
2nd Feb 14
Kate has no idea why her boobs are so much bigger than usual this morning but it may have something to do with what happened with Lil last night... My second story on TOB. GTS growth is pretty minor...
ag cb fast gts magic nc sc wow
24th Feb 14
Layla, a waitress, has infuriated an ill-tempered old woman. Now, every tip she gets seems to make her bra tighter and tighter... As always, feedback and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.
ag big cb fast huge magic nc slow
11th May 14
Brandi is baking pancakes today and Alyssa is invited. But, how did Brandi get so crazily curvaceous? Hope you guys enjoy! As always, feedback and constructive criticism are appreciated.
ag cb fast huge lac nc
26th Aug 14
Reed's wife has discovered his sketchbook full of curvy giantess fantasies. What on earth will she do?! A mini-giantess story with BE and AG.
ag cb fast gts huge magic
3rd Jan 15
Penny is on a late flight home after taking care of some touchy personal matters. But the weird girl next to her keeps saying the oddest things in her sleep...
ag cb fast huge magic nc
27th Jan 15
Dora plans a private birthday celebration for her husband and gets a special delivery, just in time. But, unexpectedly, her generous gift might also help Dora with a lifelong problem: her incorrigible clumsiness. A helium inflation story with lots of BE and AG, more lighthearted in tone than the last couple stories.
ag cb fast nc sc science wow
22nd Jan 16
Nora gets a job nannying for infant twins. Alas, the twins' mother, Philippa, has much bigger plans for Nora. Bigger and milkier...
cb fast huge lac magic nc
27th May 17
Brooke, an insecure, emotionally needy and recently dumped woman, has been invited to a pool party by her ex's girlfriend who also happens to be her grade school nemesis. Brooke is going to the party, but not without the help of some magic beanstalk seeds, courtesy of her best friend, Fern.
ag cb fast gts huge magic
18th Apr 20
Ispin Fada is a lonely farmer in the wilds. A mysterious girl may be the answer to his problems. Send feedback to Hope you like it.
huge magic offstage slow
5th Mar 99
A jealous schoolgirl has aliens turn a nice girl into a topheavy bimbo.
bg ag aliens fa fast huge ment
28th Jun 98
X-Files story has Scully using an Atlantean machine to change her body.
bg fa fast huge lg sc
27th Oct 22
Two colleagues discover alien life, a symbiote that grows within human flesh. A competition begins of each girls desire to be the biggest. My first attempt at a story! Feedback would be appreciated.
bg aliens big huge offstage science slow weird wow
31st Oct 22
Tim's got a new a job with a new secretary. Too bad she's flat...or is she? Thanks for those who provided feedback on my first story. I Would appreciate the same courtesy for this one!
bg big cb chem huge lac offstage sc slow
1st Nov 22
Celeste discovers her boyfriend has a thing for unusually large breasts. Her determination to become the woman of his dreams leads her to the Expanding Horizons Clinic. Note: The 'preg' tag here is representative of just straight Belly Expansion. Enjoy and as always feedback is appreciated!
bg big chem fast huge preg sc
3rd Nov 22
Jackie's boyfriend Dave is training to be a bodybuilder, and takes a prototype growth hormone to help him build muscle, a growth hormone that spreads through bodily fluids. It makes them grow in ways they did not expect. Additional tags: Pussy growth, Cumflation. Enjoy and as always, I appreciate feedback
bg big chem hg huge lac mpg offstage slow
4th Nov 22
Cassandra is tired of being completely flat and decides to get a nice set of modest implants. Things go awry and she gets more than she bargained for...much more. Authors note: If anyone has a story idea they'd like brought to life please leave it in the feedback. I'm always looking for inspiration
bg big huge offstage science
7th Nov 22
The story of two twins: a brother with a mysterious secret, a sister who loves him trying to learn the truth, and their mother trying to stay on top. Additional tags: testicle growth, cumflation. Authors note: Thanks for all the story ideas, keep em coming! Those wishing to contact me please DM my reddit account (same as my author name here)
bg big chem fast huge inc offstage sc wow
8th Nov 22
June meets a charming man at a bar with a colossal secret. Having her fantasies fulfilled by him, she endeavors to fulfill his as well. Authors Note: Thanks to HyperPenisFan for the story prompt! I made a few adjustments to the concept but the general idea is still there. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I Really appreciate it!
bg ag big huge mpg offstage sc science
11th Nov 22
Sam and his crew set off an a deep space exploration mission, alongside an unexpected new crew member with an incredible genetic enhancement. Authors note: My apologies if this ends up being posted twice. I posted it once and it didn't show up so I'm reposting it. My longest story yet, bit of a slow burn at first but it ramps up quick. As always enjoy.
bg ag big chem hg huge lac mm mpg offstage preg slow
15th Nov 22
Humans make contact with an alien species while exploring the galaxy. Lance, a simple pilot,is chosen to be an ambassador for the humans for their first face to face contact with their new neighbour's. The experience with his alien counterpart is one he will never forget.
bg aliens big huge mpg offstage science slow weird wow
18th Nov 22
Ramona is a girl who's at the end of her rope. She's tried everything to try and get her breasts to grow and nothings worked. Her friend recommends some shady supplements that also fail to achieve results and so she turns to implants. Little does she know that she'll get much more than she expected. Authors note: thank you all for the continual feedback, it means a lot. Cheers and enjoy
bg big fast huge lac offstage sc science slow asleep
23rd Nov 22
Martin gets paired up for a science project with the resident queen bee of the school Sophia. She's a total bitch but he discovers She's got a pretty major insecurity; her breasts. Maybe he can help her out... Authors note: Major focus on Breast Envy in this one! Enjoy!
bg big fast huge magic sc wow
1st May 23
Rob wants nothing but to marry his goddess of a girlfriend. He'll just have to prove to her family that he's worthy, by whatever means necessary. Authors note: Hello, sorry for the long absence, life gets in the way sometimes. Hope you enjoy my first story in awhile. Just an FYI the major focus of this one is cock growth (there's still lots of BE of course) so if that's not your thing be advised. Cheers!
bg big fast huge lac magic mpg offstage slow wow
3rd May 23
6 inmates of the federation have agreed to serve their sentences by delivering alien symbiotes to a far off system. Things quickly go sideways for the commanding officer and her charges. Authors note: This is a sequel to my first ever story "Kendra and lucy" (not required reading). Hope you enjoy. If you'd like to see a sequel for any of my other tales please tell me!
bg aliens big cb huge offstage science slow weird
10th May 23
Teenage nerd Skyler goes on a new hormonal birth control. Should've read the warning label... Additional tags: Pussy Growth
bg big science slow
12th May 23
A secretary for a foreign ambassador is captured by a Russian colonel with unusual interrogation techniques. Authors note: This one isn't really a full story, more a little vignette that I typed out on a whim. Still, hope you enjoy.
bg big bond cb fast huge nc rc science
17th May 23
The saga of Skyler and Lily continues as the girls head off to college. Authors note: The people have spoken! More than any other story I've posted this received the most requests for a sequel and so here we are. I actually cut this one off before it got too long, meaning there will be a part 3 as well. Additional tags: Pussy growth, clit growth.
bg big offstage science slow
24th May 23
The finale of Skylers saga. Frustrated by the failure of the second pill to achieve results, Skyler and Joy come up with a plan to achieve her growth dreams. Authors note: Hope you enjoy the final chapter, thanks for all the feedback. As I've mentioned in the past If you wish to chat or discuss story ideas please feel free to DM my reddit account (same user name). Cheers!
bg big fast huge sc science wow
29th May 23
Gloria, a middle-aged divorcee, decides to hit the gym to try and meet a new man. What she gets is much, much more. Author's Note: First attempt at a Female Muscle Growth story (That is the main focus here, though there is some standard BE). Not as familiar with this material type so if it doesn't hit the right notes, I apologize. Feedback as always is appreciated.
bg ag ar big huge lg magic mg slow asleep
1st Jun 23
Ethan takes his girlfriend and her bitchy friends out to a new club. The experience changes all of their lives but he's the only who notices.
bg big cb fast huge hyp magic ment
15th Jan 24
Daphne is a mother who wants nothing more than to breastfeed her children. Her husband Zach provides her with a cure, a miracle pill to solve her ailment. But for the pill to work it requires her to eat...a lot. For the former anorexic mother this Is a difficult ask...or is it? Major theme beyond breast expansion is Belly Expansion and food stuffing. As always leave a review or drop me a dm.
big cb chem fa fast huge lac preg wow
23rd Jan 24
The tale of Duke Fenrod and Bryn continues. Authors note: I appreciate all those who offered suggestions, your feedback and praise means so much. There will definitely be a part 3, and probably more.
ag big fast hg huge magic slow
19th Jan 24
A young thief finds herself among the employ of Duke Fenrod, a powerful magic wielder and a man known for his fondness for top heavy women. How will she fit in, in this new world? Authors note: My take on a fantasy romance tale. Not sure what direction I'd like to take the next part. Open to suggestions.
big hg huge magic nc slow wow
25th Jan 24
The epic continues with Bryn and the Duke entering the lair of their enemies. Authors Note: Just a heads up this chapter doesn't have much actual expansion, just plot and sex. Part 4 is in the works!
ag big fast huge magic nc
29th Jan 24
Months later Bryn is confronted with an unexpected opportunity. Authors note: Once again thank you all for the feedback, it really keeps me writing. I do intend to write a part 5 but it will take me awhile as I'm still undecided how I want the next section to play out.
ag big fast hg huge lg magic mpg
1st Feb 24
In the height of a fertility crisis, Dr. Amy Vickers has invented a solution. It works...a little too well.
fast huge lac preg rc science wow
8th Feb 24
18 year old farm girl Lily is eager to follow in her mother's footsteps and compete in the Miss Midwest Milker competition. Authors note: This is one of the stories I started but never finished during my hiatus. Thought it deserved to see the light of day so I sat down and finished it.
big chem huge lac offstage slow asleep wow
28th Mar 24
Newlywed Wendy gets a rude awakening to her idyllic life with the arrival of their new neighbour; a young Latin bombshell with a pair of delicious fake tits who's looking to seduce Wendy's husband away from her. How far will Wendy go to stay on top?
big offstage science slow
8th Jul 05
It was a beautiful summer day in Goshen, Connecticut. Woodridge Lake was quiet, and so was the house. Mom and Dad were going to be in Hartford for tonight and most of tomorrow... and I was bored out of my mind. Emphasis on was. That was the day my inner child wept with joy. That was the day I discovered that magic was real.
ag cb fast huge instant lac lg magic mm mpg sc
25th Aug 05
CHAPTER 01 REVISED, CHAPTER 02 ADDED. It was a beautiful summer day in Goshen, Connecticut... and I was bored out of my mind. Emphasis on was. That was the day I discovered that magic was real.
ag big cb fast huge instant lg magic sc
11th Apr 05
Tom and Alison go to a nightclub where their fantasies are fulfilled. Some wierd content. Somewhat unfinished. If anyone wants to add to it, feel free. First story, comments/suggestions appreciated.
huge instant ment mpg science weird
18th Oct 05
Tom's friend refers him to an unnamed business that matches men's fantasies with women who have the same fantasies.
big fast ment mpg science
22nd Jan 09
A girl having problems with her boyfriend becomes a big-titted, sex-obsessed slut.
big fast ment mpg science
14th Jul 11
Vicky is torn between her need to fulfill her term as Wills sex slave or to escape. But does she really want to? Lots of: Sex, Anal, Bondage, Domination, Toys No: Scat, Pain Its a FAPping story, plain and simple. Its my first one so please leave comments. If I get positive feedback I might write more.
ag big bond chem fast huge hyp lac ment nc
21st Mar 12
A sadistic spirit has its way with a college girl living in a haunted house. 96 percent erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more.
bond fast huge ment nc
22nd Mar 12
A sadistic spirit has its way with a college girl living in a haunted house. 96 percent erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more. (fixed some formatting errors at ate my paragraph breaks and did a few minor fixes and additions, read this one)
bond fast huge ment nc
3rd Apr 12
96% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Part 1: a spirit possesses a college girl and uses her. Part 2: Christy bargains with the spirit to escape her predicament. Part 3: Christy goes to a strip club to celebrate the end of the semester. This came out so quickly because of all the positive comments on the first story. If you want more that's the best way to get it.
bond fast huge ment nc
18th Jul 12
83% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Christy goes to do one of her odd summer jobs, but finds some things are a little harder. There is more to come, the story was just getting too long to proofread so I split it in half. Advice and criticism appreciated.
big bond fast nc
22nd Jul 12
96% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Christy works to rekindle the spark for her part time employers. A good time is had by all. Comments, suggestions and criticism appreciated.
bond fast huge ment mpg nc
7th Jun 13
Stacie steals from a Mafia boss and gets caught. He deals with betrayal a little differently than most. Like my other stories its erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more.
bond chem fast huge ment nc
19th Aug 13
A young man's boring job suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when a pair of sexy twin sisters move into town.
ag big cb huge lac lg offstage science slow
23rd Aug 13
Jim's adventures with the twins continues as he transitions from one job to the next and the girls try to find something to wear in public.
ag big cb huge lg science slow
29th Aug 13
Jim takes the twins into town to buy some clothes to grow into and out of.
ag big cb huge science slow
16th Sep 13
Jim moves in with the twins as they prepare for the next major stage of their expansion.
ag huge lac sc science slow
10th Oct 13
Things get hot and (very) heavy as the twins grow bigger...
ag big cb chem huge instant lac science slow
22nd Oct 13
Jim finds himself in high demand as the other twin sister desperately needs attention.
ag big chem huge lac science slow
15th Nov 13
Things get serious and the twins get ever bigger. But are they getting too big?! (Answer: NO!)
ag big huge lac lg offstage science slow
22nd Mar 14
Jim is back and better than ever, and the twins are bigger than ever.
ag huge mm mpg science slow asleep
1st May 14
Big changes need to be made around the house, due to the twins' big changes. Fortunately, Jim is always around to lend a helping hand... and more.
ag big chem huge lac science slow
24th May 14
I really don't want to give too much away: Kara's in danger, Tara needs lots of help, and some major changes are going to take place...
ag chem huge inc lac science slow asleep
28th Oct 14
Contains one (1) final chapter. Serving size: far too much for one person to handle, but fun to try anyway. Contains 1000% of your daily value of BE and AE. Warning: story manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts.
ag chem huge instant lac mpg science slow wow
2nd Oct 21
What would you do if you gained the power to rewrite reality at a whim? (from the author formerly known as The Light Fantastic)
bg ag big ft gts hg huge instant lac lg magic ment mg mpg multiple offstage sc shem tg weird asleep wow
16th May 22
The body of a living god turns out to be a lot more of a burden than one man was prepared for.
bg big cb chem fast huge ment mm mpg science
25th Dec 22
A misread ingredient for a beauty potion results in some amplified effects that bring two roommates much closer together.
ag cb fast huge magic ment shem tg
7th Aug 07
The Tim The Enchanter saga continues with a new author taking the reigns (with the original author's approval). Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics.
ag big fast instant lac magic ment weird
16th Sep 07
The Tim The Enchanter saga continues with Chapter 9, to be concluded with Chapter 10. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics. Comments and suggestions welcome.
ag big fast lac magic ment multiple weird
29th Jun 08
The conclusion of the Tim The Enchanter saga. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics.
ag big fast lac magic ment weird