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9th Mar 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. For your enjoyment today the tale of a photographer, envious of her models and seeking some change in her life. Though what she's truly after may not be as hard to achieve as she once thought.
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19th Feb 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. For your fancy today, I suggest this story of a young girl, Sam, and her overwhelming desire to win the heart of her best friend Kassie. Though she may learn the exact cost and consequences might be bigger than she thinks.
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26th Mar 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Quite an interesting little tale today of a housewife aiming to get revenge on her cheating husband. But she may come to realize the true cost of such selfish goal is more than she bargained for.
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16th Apr 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Today we have the tale of a young couple looking to spice things up and take them to the next level. They may come to learn much more than expected about each other in the process.
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6th May 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. I see you there. Today for your viewing pleasure is the story of a mischievous little voyeur, not content anymore with the shows she peeps. She'll come to see though that getting more has a heavy price.
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26th May 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A woman trapped in a man's body wanders into our midst this fine evening, seeking the power to release her inner self to the world. However is such a world ready who they really are?
bg ag big cb chem fast hg huge magic sc shem tg weird
28th May 19
A Madam Materia commission. Materia recieves a mysterious invitation to meet doctor Lessien Viris. As women of similar interests they decide upon a little competition, pitting the doctor's science versus the Madam's magic in a public setting, to do their best. Or would it be considered their worst?
bg ag big cb fast gts huge instant lac magic nc offstage science weird
15th Jun 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Today we look at the tale of a mother and daughter, always there for one another. Unfortunately they may come to realize that placing the other's wants constantly above your own can have dire consequences.
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5th Jul 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A misguided nun makes her way into our midst in today's story, searching for more than what her life has offered to her thus far. Will it truly be what she's after however?
bg ag big bond fast magic
25th Jul 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Visiting today is a small girl, dealt the worst by genetics, who wants to correct her misfortune. Unfortunately you can't change who someone is at their very core.
ag fast gts huge magic
14th Aug 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A star is something beautiful to see, as our little customer can attest with his star-struck infatuation. Will it turn out to be a blessing however, or a curse to be so taken by perfection?
bg ag big instant lg magic rc sc
13th Sep 19
A Madam Materia commission. Thirty years after a social revolution altered the very structures of a nation, women are visions of extreme perfection. Men on the other hand have been divided into two castes, those with the confidence and charisma to be Alphas, and those who never grow out of being just boys: the betas. Follow the story of Eric, a boy wanting to take on the world before the opportunity is swept away from him, and he starts on the path to becoming a cuck to his own life.
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12th Oct 19
A Madam Materia commission. "True love is coming," words that James has seen his whole life. With nothing but struggle to look forward to, our protagonist suddenly finds himself with a decision to make. Continue trying to climb the ladder for a better life, or take a monster for his bride and give up his world to her.
ag bond cb gts huge instant lg magic offstage
19th Nov 19
A Madam Materia commission. Jake and Lene have a perfect relationship, but a new drug trial will put their love to the test. Will Jake find a solution, or be left behind as Lene grows further and further beyond his capability.
bg ag big cb chem huge ment mpg offstage science slow
19th Dec 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Pride and spite, a terrible combination today's guest has in spades. Sprinkle in jealousy and you have a perfect recipe for my type chaos, as she learns perhaps it isn't what it's cracked up to be being on top.
bg big cb fast huge instant magic
3rd Feb 20
A Madam Materia commission. Sequel to A Night Out, Lessien Viris gives Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie a visit, under the pretense of getting a little payback. The desire is mutual, as once more these lascivious, lying ladies have themselves a little competition to try and turn the other into the object of their fantasies. It would seem both of them have some tricks up their sleeves however to take this round of their game to a new level.
bg ag ar big bond cb fast gts hg huge instant lac magic science weird
5th May 20
A Madam Materia Commission. The world has changed a lot, with the advent of lab grown meat having taken off, hopes for a greener world are looking to be a reality. Just one more thing to find a solution for: milk. Follow Nora, as financial troubles start her down the path of becoming Humane Production's answer to the problem. A Milk Girl.
bg big chem lac slow
7th Jul 20
A Madam Materia commission. Welcome to Japan, a land of delicious food, pop idols, and trying to figure out how you're going to make rent as a foreigner trying to eke out a living in the land of the rising sun. Meet our hero Sam, who finds himself in the position of acting as a historical consultant for an oddly themed idol group, the Liberty Girls. A job that may have just a bit more going on beneath the surface of those flashy costumes than he was bargaining for.
bg ag big cb chem lac ment offstage slow
9th Aug 20
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Today a begrudged lover wanders into our midst, wishing for an end to the one-sided lifestyle that's developed between her and her partner. Perhaps some big changes will help turn the situation on it's head?
bg ag big cb gts huge magic offstage slow asleep
6th May 21
A Madam Materia commission. It isn't easy staying on top, and the transition from high school to college has made it even harder for Karen with a professor immune to her wiles. She's not one to give up though, no matter how big the man's tastes, she's determined to fill them, and get a grade that'll keep her on he throne as number one.
bg ag big cb fast gts hg huge magic
7th Jan 21
A Madam Materia Commission. Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. My poor Alice, so hurt by this foul man's rejection, too blind to see what he has right in front of him. Perhaps a bit of the Madam's signature is necessary to help him realize the gifts he has? Or that his selfish desires have consequences he may be too naïve to see.
bg ag ar big cb fast hg huge lac magic ment nc preg sc slow
11th Feb 21
A Madam Materia commission. In a world where milk fuels magic, there are a gifted few who stand head and shoulders above their piers: milkmages. Follow the beginnings of a gifted novice's adventure, as she goes about her pilgrimage and winds up at her first stop. A quaint little inn called "The Leaky Teat" where she'll learn the name isn't just a coincidence of its proximity to the university.
bg big fast huge instant lac magic
27th Oct 21
Everwynd is a land of many tales, and strange magical oddities, one such cursed artifact owned by the sorceress Farah. An unsuspecting Del has fallen to the buxom, growing, enchantress's charms, and without a hint of reluctance has found herself pulled into bed with her and her lover. The young elf's first time, though she's hardly in the mind to let that stop her from enjoying a night with two lovely ladies and their shared destiny.
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7th Jun 22
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Queen Lidia Severina, sovereign of her nation, has found herself without husband or heir. Quite by choice, for the secret her heart will open only for a woman has been held close to her chest. Perhaps this mysterious Menagerie holds the key to give her that which she craves, and needs for her people: the love of a woman, and an heir to succeed her.
bg ag big cb fast instant magic mg nc offstage preg shem
16th Nov 22
A Madam Materia commission. Two roommates, one with an all consuming affection for the other, willing to do what it takes for her heart, and her eye. Violet has studied the occult for some time now, and knows her way around the mystic arts that lie just below the mundane. When she finds a spell to alter herself, she thinks it's just what she needs to finally win the love of her life, only for things to not go exactly to plan.
bg big cb lac magic shem slow
21st Dec 22
A Madam Materia commission compilation. It's been some time now since the initial discovering of the ELVII-21 condition. The pandemic spread as quickly as the legs of the ELVII sluts that carried it, and the world is in the state of trying to maintain control, down to the individual citizen. Follow Cat, a little restaurant manager just trying to get by, as she contracts this contagious virus, and begins a transformation unlike any ELVII before her.
bg ag big cb fast gts hg huge lac magic ment offstage science slow tg
8th Jan 23
A Madam Materia commission. Nowhere left to go for her little "problem", Marcie seeks out the mysterious Alluress in order to give her the body she's always wanted; or at least the most important part to her. Upon finding the place though, she may end up getting a bit more than she initially intended in a few ways.
bg big cb huge instant lac magic
6th Apr 24
A Madam Materia commission. Our hero Sam's journey into idol-dom begins! Or, more aptly, the first step is one they've been shoved down as The Injection starts to take its course. Sam's life, whether he intended it to or not, is getting flipped upside down as the man Sam becomes the woman Sammi.
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27th Mar 15
I wanted to share fantasies I've had with the community, so I decided to post this. It's not good, I'm not a writer, but If I get any sort of feedback, I may continue this series of one-offs to provide some content for once. Be brutally honest if you comment please.
big bond fast magic asleep
31st Mar 15
Second part in my possibly endless series. I wanted to get this full story posted tonight, but it turned out being alot longer than my first story, so I decided to do 2 parts. This is a huge teaser for the main event, and I apologize. If you want the full story, Youll just have to comment on this story and my previous one. I need feedback to know Im on the right track. Be brutally honest in comments please.
big fast sc shem
7th Feb 16
2nd in a series of fantasies or dreams I have had. Please comment with feedback. I am sharing these stories to grow as a writer. Any and all feedback is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy.
big fast magic nc rc sc shem
19th Aug 11
This is my first story. It is about Garet. A Young man who has recently moved to San Diego Cali, when his girlfriend, and other friends begin telling him about a strange dark place that is haunted Garet wants to prove to them that a true man doesn't get scared. What's the worst that can happen.... Right?
ag big cb gts hg lg magic ment slow tg asleep
19th May 11
This is a sketch aimed at a feedback.... All ideas, suggestions, feedbacks and criticism please send to me - This short story may contain content unappropriated for normal person, be aware!!
big bond cb chem fast
26th Mar 06
a lil' comic showcasing of the positive, breast enhancing effects of remotely controlled orgasm inducing devises.
cb huge instant lac rc science
17th Nov 99
Michelle uses a potion to make her boyfriend's dick grow enormous, and her tits three times as huge!
bg fa fast magic mpg wow
16th Mar 22
My first attempt trying anything like this, please let me know what you think - and what I can do to improve!
bg ag big cb instant sc science
25th Apr 02
Jennifer grows up into a woman.
big offstage science slow
2nd Mar 08
John finds a magic ring, and transforms the girl he loves, but can't get. all changes are temporary. BE, Increased sensitivity, Magic, slow, some mind control
ag bond fast huge hyp magic ment nc rc weird
21st Jan 09
Unexplained expansion on the way home from school. Or was it just a dream?
ag cb fast hg huge lac magic ment multiple nc weird asleep
22nd Mar 09
Twins experience breast expansion. As well as a few other changes.
ag bond cb fast huge inc magic weird asleep
10th Oct 99
Tongue-in-cheek tale of a dense Norse god and his battle with a dwarf. And, oh yeah, he gets some manly rewards at the end!
bg big fa fast lac magic
16th Dec 98
A woman who wants to be loved trades some of her inner aspects to a wizard for better outer aspects in this fable.
bg big fa fast lg magic ment
25th Mar 99
A horror story about new life, plants, and a widower.
bg ag instant ment offstage
9th Jan 99
A young woman has an unusual problem, and her boyfriend wants to help.
bg big fa fast
26th Jul 98
A hacker/spellcaster has an e-mailed spell backfire on her.
bg fa fast magic wow
26th May 00
The shortest BE story ever written, complete with mystery and ironic twist.
bg nc science wow
26th Jul 98
Getting a magic ring for Christmas has unexpected side effects.
bg fa fast huge magic tg
26th Sep 04
Just a fun little role playing session I had over several nights.
bg big cb fast lac mpg nc preg science asleep
19th Nov 01
Christine meets her cousin Clarice, who's become a sales rep for a most unusual "body makeover" company. The ensuing treatments cause much growth!
huge mg science slow asleep
20th Jan 11
A short first story I made in my free time about a young couple that experiences a whole new level of love
cb gts huge instant mm mpg
17th Nov 98
Splashed with a mysterious chemical, a girl grows insanely huge.
bg chem fa fast gts mpg wow
17th Nov 98
Unknown forces cause a girl to absorb water - straight into her breasts.
bg fa fast lac wow
28th Apr 99
A teenage boy gains ultimate power over the world when he releases a nanite plague.
bg fa fast huge ment mpg rc
22nd Jul 07
Gloria keeps getting packages in the mail with new clothing that changes everything about her life.
ag ar big chem hg inc lg ment slow asleep
15th Nov 01
Modification of Larry Niven's short story "Convergent Series"
cb fast huge magic nc
15th Nov 01
Stephanie discovers the family curse. Breasts that grow when she has sex before marriage! Why is this a curse?
ag cb fast huge nc wow
26th Jan 05
Scientist husband returns home full of mischief and a mysterious canister!
big fast preg science
26th Jan 05
Maternity clothing store of the future! Try on new fashion, experience how you'd really look preggers!
fast huge preg sc science
26th Jul 98
A fictional story of how Wendy Whoppers reversed her breast reduction.
bg fa fast huge magic
7th Apr 00
A visit to a clothing optional BEach has beneficial effects.
bg fa fast huge mg mm mpg
25th Mar 99
A waitress gets a strange tip at a restaurant one night.
bg big chem fa fast mg mm mpg
25th Jan 99
The Bra Busters battle international terrorists!
bg big fa fast gts magic mg
20th Feb 99
DiDi and the Bra Busters take on DiDi's visiting cousin, magically transformed into a rampaging giantess!
bg fa fast gts huge magic mg
19th Sep 98
A set of magic bras and a birthday wish combine to give five girls the power to transform into superbusty superheroes!
bg ag big fa fast gts hg lg magic mg
23rd Jun 99
A boy buys a spell to make his girlfriend a busty love slave.
bg fa fast huge ment
14th Feb 00
The WWF swimsuit competition goes too far.
bg chem fa fast huge
12th Jul 98
A fictional story of how Pandora Peaks got her huge boobs.
bg fa fast gts huge magic mg sc
29th Aug 98
An advanced android proves to be a little too much for its new owner in this horror short story.
bg gts huge instant mg mpg nc science
15th Mar 01
Jackie takes a growth formula prior to stepping into the ring.
bg chem fa fast mg mpg
26th Dec 07
Clare never imagined the benefits she could get by working on a bra store.
big magic slow
14th Feb 21
An old story of mine featuring a wife stealing the breast size of three mean women as a present for her husband to celebrate Valentine's Day. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story
bg big fast magic
14th Feb 21
My lastest story dealing with a wife whose husband retired from adult movies after getting married. Unfortunately his co-stars wanted him back and send him their bras to lurk him in. Being severaly outclassed by women bustier than her, our lovely wife used the help of her friend and a magic bra to own the competition in an spectacular way. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors in the story
ag cb fast huge lac lg magic ment sc
25th Mar 21
A shy girl gets the unique oportunity to work side by side with her high school's crush. But what possibilities she has to catch his attention when he is surrounded by hot women. Fortunately a strange woman has what she needs to boost her confidence. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors in the story
bg ag big instant lac magic mg
3rd Jun 21
Two girls got into a fraternity at night ready to feed on men desires and use those to improve themselves and become more than they could possible imagine. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story. Thanks for all the feedback shared in my previous stories. It's well appreciated.
ag cb fast huge lac magic mg
1st Jul 21
A busty detective investigates the cases of two of her friends who had mysteriously lost their breasts. She seeks the aid of her also busty friend who is the only witness. The detective must rush to find the responsable behind this before her friend will be next, or worse, herself. A fair warning, this story is based on the previous feedbacks, so it's a bit darker than my usual stories My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story.
bg ag big cb fast lac magic ment nc
17th Aug 21
Suzy visits an old lady looking for a way to make herself prettier. She is shown transfer spell with complicated rules to fulfill for it to work without getting punished. Still, Suzy takes it feeling confident that she could use the rules on her favor and make the best of it. This story was a comission from Burningfield. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story
cb gts huge instant lac magic mg nc
20th Aug 21
Juniper has a stepbrother that is quite a jerk, so she decided to use a protective spell that will take away from him what he value the most. Unfortunately, she didn't expect the spell to work or that her stepbrother was so prideful (Warning. This story contains a female developing a dick) Another story commissioned by Burningfield. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story
bg big cb fast lac magic mg shem
24th Sep 21
Two roommates totally opposite. One succesful and sexy, the other an underdog and not so attractive. One desires what the other has. Can a fortune cookie change their fates? This story was a commission for Bryony. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story
bg ag big magic slow
27th Sep 21
This is my first atrribute theft mini comic and I'm quite happy how it came out. It contains breast theft, curves theft, height theft, muscles theft, and a few more. The images were commissioned to GOW34 and he did a terrific job. If you want to see the images in higher resolution, visit GOW34 gallery in DeviantArt. The link is included in the comic. Hope you enjoy this little comic. Comments and feedback are always welcome.
ag fast gts hg huge lac magic mg
30th Nov 21
Millie finds strange her younger sister is getting bigger and sexier than her so fast. But when her mom and neighbor are also changing, she wonders what is going on.
bg big magic slow
15th Feb 22
Rebecca got into a website that allowed her write 10 statements that can help her improve her body by comparing herself to others. These lines can change reality making them true. With such power at her hands, what she will do, specially if she want to mess up with her hubby. Author note: Many thanks to Codexdrinker and MoreFriction for their ideas and help in editing this story.
cb fast gts huge lac magic ment mg sc
6th Oct 22
Two roommates got the magical Dictaphone and will use it to change their lives, and relationship, for the better. This story was custom written for The Penguin as part of a story commission.
bg ag big hg instant lac lg magic ment mg
30th May 17
A college students is magically granted three wishes, and gets more than she bargained for when she wishes for larger breasts. My first story, would love to get feedback.
bg big huge instant magic ment offstage preg asleep
1st Jun 17
A notorious sexual harasser angers a righteous witch, and she transforms him into a woman with cripplingly huge breasts.
cb fast huge magic nc tg
13th Mar 12
My First story. This story is not for anyone under the age of 18 ( all though this is probably cleaner than most other MPCs) This is not child erotica although it does feature Age progression from as young as eight. This story does mention incest briefly although show disagreement with the concept. There is not allot of explicit details but does contain amounts of small erotica. Inspired by Master PC (yeh i know, very original). Jessica finaly got a chance to go on her bros Pc but she unearths a dark lie by doing so.
ar big cb hg instant lg ment nc rc sc science
22nd May 23
A young woman with big career goals finds herself in a temp assistant position at a soulless company. Soon she realizes that she may be getting the changes she asked for in an unexpected way. Bit of a slow burn story focused on characters. Images generated using StableDiffusion.
bg ag big hg ment science slow
3rd May 02
A quickie BE with the unfortunate Mia getting the ultimate gift.
fast huge magic
27th Apr 09
Ignore growth-pill warning labels at your own peril! This is my first attempt at erotic fiction, so forgive me if my writing is not in line with this website's usual standards.
instant mpg multiple wow
28th Dec 21
An ordinary college student is suddenly thrust into the life of different, bustier version of herself. Will she be able to gain control her dimension spanning powers or will she give in to her base desires? [First Person Narrative]
bg big bond cb huge instant lac magic ment nc
28th Dec 21
First upload did not covert correctly. An ordinary college student is suddenly thrust into the life of a different, bustier version of herself. Will she be able to gain control of her dimension spanning powers or will she give in to her base desires?
bg big bond cb huge instant lac magic ment nc
5th Jun 22
Greetings dearest reader. I'm a new author to TOB but have been a hobby writer for some time. Submitted for your digestion is a 25k word tale of Breast Expansion and Bimbofication that I pray will delight you. A fancy new bakery has opened in the small college town of New Billington. When stressed out Pageant Mom; Candice walks through the shop's doors, she doesn't know that what she is purchasing are more than just innocent pastries. A tale of naughty MILF Bimbofication where a high-strung woman learns to really let her hair down and have a little dirty fun.
bg ag ar big cb chem hg lg ment mg sc slow asleep
5th Oct 22
Greetings dearest reader. Submitted for your digestion is a 7.4k word tale of Breast Expansion and Stepfordization that I hope might thrill you. A fancy new bakery has opened in the small college town of New Billington and the sweet confections it sells do more than simply tantalize the taste buds. When a young white collar worker returns home to deliver good news he finds his wife to be a very different woman to the one he knew that very morning.
bg big chem fast hg lac ment offstage preg
1st Jun 05
The story of Angela Bonnet's coming of age, as told by her friend and secret admirer.
gts huge mg slow
6th May 06
This story is dedicated to Amandda L., who's been the inspiration for much fantasy in my life. That said, this is the story of Amanda, a novice wizard, and her adventures with it and a fellow college boy named Andy who she's got a thing for.
big fast magic mg mpg asleep
28th Aug 06
The continuing saga of Andy and Amanda. Amanda is getting a better hang of magic, while Andy is just trying to adjust. Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in Nebraska. Oh, and IHOP was never so much fun. Input is welcome.
ag fast gts hg huge magic mg mpg weird
2nd Jul 07
Mandy comes over and helps Andy, and on the east coast, the Vatican gets involved. Meanwhile, the old world has gotten involved... Due to a reformatt, I lost 7 chapters of work, so I am recompiling the work. Here are chapters 11 and 12 (I know small update for 11 months of work) but more is one the way, I promise. Let me know what you think, and please continue to be patient.
fast huge magic mpg
8th Nov 07
Okay, as promised, the full five chapters of this section. Had to go on a deployment to Afghanistan to get some of it done (no distractions) but here it is, and the next three chapters are already complete, so less waiting (I hope). Story line continues. The Vatican has a Hit woman, Evil Mind Controling undead wenche finds a new Beau, and Andy and Amanda try to get measured... Did I mention the British are coming?
gts huge instant lg magic mg mpg sc
13th Jan 08
The fourth installment of the Adventures of Andy and Amanda. A lot happens in this section. I have to thank Musette for editing, and all of you for reading my stuff. The story wraps up in the next section. Only one thing I ask from all of you. Don't comment if you aren't brave enough to leave a name. Thanks and Enjoy!
big cb fast gts huge instant lac magic mg mm mpg slow weird
3rd Sep 09
While I await the final proofing of the final A&A submission, here is a story that I wrote whilst I was deployed to Iraq in 2005. I lost this when I submitted it to a proof reader and then had a hard drive crash. I amazingly found it two days ago in my sent mail box on hotmail (obviously I don't erase that folder often). This story hasn't been very throughly proofread, but I am submitting it as is. I am sure there are some "there should be their" and "its instead of it's" gaffs, but my read through yesterday was fairly easy. Finally, I was in the middle of a year long deployment when I wrote this, and I might not have been totally right in the head. As such, there are subjects in it that on the recent read through, I am not very comfortable with (incest mainly, but also a brief NC scene). If you don't like those things, then don't read it.
ar big hg huge inc lac lg mg mm mpg nc offstage sc science slow asleep
24th Mar 12
This is the Prologue for the newest Novella I a working on. I'd like to say I have a Muse for this, but this time around I think it's largely my own sick and twisted mind at work. It's the story of Natalie, an succubus with a concience, and her attempt to rise back to grace. The BE is off stage in the prologue, but I promise it will be better as the story continues. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK, AND DON'T POST A COMMENT IF YOU AREN'T MATURE ENOUGH TO OWN UP TO IT.
big magic mpg offstage slow
1st Apr 15
It's been a long time coming, but this is the Prologue (edited and posted here again) and Chapter I (new material) of my new story. Set in the same universe as Amanda and Andy, this story revolves around Natalie, a "reformed" succubus, and Matt, a guy who works in her office and the trials and tribulations of there lives. This has taken 3 years to write, edit, write some more, and edit some more. The good news is it's all done, the bad news is it's 200+ pages, so I am putting it up in little chunks. Constructive comments are welcome! Thanks for reading.
ag big fast huge instant lac magic mg mpg offstage sc slow
3rd Apr 15
This is the continuing tale of Natalie and her "growing" interactions with Matt and the people around her. As always constructive comments/criticism are welcome. Enjoy! I am caving in to popular demand and putting up Chapter II almost a month before I intended. I had not expected such a vociferous and positive response. That said, while the I should clarify that while the story is "done" it's not finished being edited past chapter III, and because my proof readers have real lives, I am going to continue to space the final 9 parts out after this release, at about 3 weeks between uploads to maintain quality control.
big fast huge instant lac magic mpg offstage sc slow asleep
17th Apr 15
The story of Natalie continues with the search for answers to her lack of magical control. Then, just when everything is starting to look up… I want to thank all of you for reading and leaving such overwhelmingly positive feedback. Like I said in the acknowledgements, this story is written for you. We writers work for your feedback, it’s what keeps us going. I have wanted to post this since I put up Chapter II, but I have to space it out, or you all are going to think I have pulled another Amanda and Andy. Lastly, if you all get bored reading my stuff, I must highly recommend Fitting in at the Ren Fair and Fantastic Desire by Coffeepilot. He’s one of my proof readers and a damn good writer in his own right. With out further ado-
ag big fast lac lg magic ment mpg nc slow
13th Jun 15
After much delay (due to real life issues) I am happy to present to you Chapter IV of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. I will let the story speak for itself, but I am very happy with the feedback I have received from my proofreaders. I welcome any feedback you all have to present here, and I am actively monitoring The Overflowing Redit for questions and more in-depth critiques and feedback. I should also say that Iwill be returning to a three week delivery cycle. So without further adieu, Chapter IV.
ag big fast lac lg magic ment mpg shem
3rd Sep 15
Chapter V in the story of Natalie and her on-again, off-again beau Matt. In this installment, Natalie make a new friend, and may have finally patched things up with Matt. She also gets a side job. Comments are welcome, either here or on the reddit. Please enjoy.
big cb fast hg instant lac magic mpg sc slow asleep
14th Nov 15
This is a re-upload of chapters 1 to 5 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus in the ebook format epub.
ag big fast instant lac lg mm slow
11th Feb 17
Chapter VI In this chapter, Natalie plays hookie from work, demonstrates boob malleability, takes Matt clothes shopping, goes to New York to get answers and do the churches work, and gets into a serious fight. More info in the header of the story. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
big fast hg huge instant lac magic mg mpg sc slow
4th Oct 17
Chapter 7 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. In this installment, we immediately follow up the events that ended chapter six, along with the introduction of some major players on the side of evil, then there's a mile high club induction, complete with some clothes bursting, and finally, the reemergence of Angela.
bg big cb fast lac magic
11th Oct 17
Authors note: I want to say I am sorry for uploading chapter 7 before chapter 6. That was a misstep on my part because chapter 6 already exists on TOB using my naming convention. So I had assumed it had already been uploaded. Natalie gets fitted for new foundations, then goes out of town on church business. If you read chapter 7 and felt like things were missing, this will explain all. Also, I have a patreon page now, where new stuff from Coffee Pilot and I goes up first. We would love your patronage. Additionally, we have art there that's is based on our stories (indeed that's why we set up the page). We hope to see you there too!
fast huge lac lg magic mg weird
9th Jul 19
Hello all, this has been a long time coming. I don't know why I never got around to posting this, but this is it, the end of SSS. All three of the final chapters are included, as is a picture we had commissioned of what Natalie looked like the day Matt met her. I hope you enjoy the story.
fast huge lac magic ment mg mpg nc sc slow
4th Sep 19
It’s been a over decade since Amanda and Andy fled the scene of the massacre outside Andy’s apartment. Eleven years since we last saw our two protagonists exploring magic and each other. Well, the over eleven-year drought is over. I present to you Chapters 21-23 of A&A. The events within pick up right where twenty left off. I hope you all enjoy it. I also would like to invite you to stop by the Patreon we have set up. The stories there are free to including a redux of the first twenty chapters of this story that have been better proofed and updated to more exacting standards. You can find it at slash Coffeetank If you decide to be a Patron, you will get access to images inspired by the stories you find there. Finally, Coffee Pilot and I do this for feedback. We want to know what you like, what you don’t like, and how we can improve. Thank you!
bg big fast huge instant lac magic mg mpg sc
2nd Oct 07
This is my first attempt at a story in nearly a decade, I am rusty, but I will warn you now, this is a story with many parts, i am already writing up chapters 3 and 4 and possibly 5 soon enough. There isn't as much BE in this as the generic story, I have decided to stretch this out because of a heaven for bid, an actual plot. Feedback is appreciated, I have attempted to catch all grammar and spelling errors, if I have missed any please contact me through the forum. The story itself is about a woman who through a spell has the ability to live forever. She is caught in-between heaven, hell and the chance to save her own soul. Enjoy.
ag fast hg lg magic mg mpg slow
1st Oct 98
Swimming in a hexed stream transforms three girls in three different ways in this short-short.
bg fa huge ment asleep
11th Jun 07
The main character finds that, when he and his girlfriend have unprotected sex, parts of them grow for no apparent reason! They also find out that it can be quite addicting...
ag big cb fa fast huge mpg wow
25th Jul 07
My second official BE story. Thank you for all of the positive feedback on the last one, I attempted keep all of it in mind. Please excuse me if there is excess character development; I can get carried away. In any case, in this story, a young man and his girlfriend get over there fight, and just in time, as strange things will soon occur down at the beech.
ag big cb fast huge magic mpg slow wow
21st May 08
Photojournalist Landon doesn't know what makes some things happen, but they certainly start to when he and his longtime girlfriend finally get to third base. Soon neither of them fit their clothes very well, for different reasons. Good, wholesome BE and MPG.
ag big cb fast huge mm mpg science slow
7th Aug 08
It's an ordinary day in the life of love-challenged Greg, until the universe decides that he is, in fact, a female. Things quickly escalate when "Michelle"'s chest starts growing faster than Greg can keep up, among other, even more drastic changes.
ag fast hg huge lac ment mm mpg preg tg
25th Jun 09
The story of Rose, a girl who loves nothing better than breaking innocent boys with no knowledge of sex. So what happens when she finds out the new boy in her class hasn't had so much as an erection in his 17 years? As it turns out, lots.
ag big cb fast huge lac mg mpg tg wow
9th Mar 11
The town of Rose Hills is and always has been super-conservative to the point of impossibility. When several graduating students at Rose Hills High begin to act out in a rush of pent-up emotions and suppressed hormones, they find that things start to change in their favor, and not in the ways one would normally expect.
ag big cb fa fast huge lac mm mpg preg sc slow wow
3rd Jul 12
In a world where the average cup size is somewhere around the modern-day G, where normal breast size has been so inflated many women can't walk without assistance, where about one in every five women has some sort of genetically-verified mutation that can cause a number of interesting and sexy effects, Penny Parson is so unremarkable that it's remarkable. Flat, skinny as a board, and quickly approaching the end of high school, she spends most of her days moping and grouching and jealously watching her friends and enemies, and most of her nights dreaming of what life could be like. But when her own belated changes start appearing, Penny is in for a few rather awesome surprises.
ag big cb fa fast huge lac mg mpg preg science slow wow
28th Feb 14
The recently-single Morris is almost relieved that he can get back to what he does best: browsing and cataloging pornography from the enormous range of things he finds sexually fascinating. When every single erotic thing he has ever fantasized about starts to come true, and every woman in his life starts to fill a niche in his library of turn-ons, he finds that sometimes what you want can be a little creepier than you had imagined it would be. Only time will tell if he'll find the cause and stop it, or if he'll give in to the horde of women desperately trying to get into his increasingly full pants, losing himself to a world of pleasure.
ag big fa fast huge lac magic ment mg mpg multiple offstage preg shem slow wow
15th Mar 14
In a slightly more conventional, traditional expansion story, Sam has always hated everything about her physical self. From her hair to her height to, of course, her breasts, there isn't one thing that she likes. When she finds out that she has the ability to make changes to herself, the cautious Sam sets about to do so in a careful, thoughtful manner. Things change, however, when she unexpectedly finds the limit to her abilities, and all of her small changes start to spiral out of control.
ag big cb fa fast hg huge magic sc slow wow
16th May 15
When a would-be model is given a mysterious opportunity to finally make as much money as she wants, she jumps at the chance--even if it means a few extra pounds. After all, she can stop any time she wants, and doesn't she look better with rounder hips and bigger breasts? Exponential growth of assets both liquid and physical can only lead to one question: how much is too much?
ag big cb fa fast huge magic slow
19th Jun 15
"When your body wants something, it lets you know." But what happens when your body decides it needs something completely insane? Corey finds out as he discovers he's turning into a girl. But not ALL of him is changing, and as others discover this fact their own hidden wants start to come out of the woodwork.
ag big cb fa fast hg huge hyp inc magic ment mm mpg preg shem slow tg weird wow
10th Feb 17
(Reuploaded from XYZ) Under the eternal neon lights of Chop City, Casey Donner is an expert cyberthief, but even her master skills and hacking know-how can't seem to keep her from being just above broke. When a beautiful and connected client makes an offer that's almost too good, Case jumps at the chance, without asking too many questions. Only when her mysterious benefactor and the people around her begin to change does she find this job goes beyond her wallet, or even her body's unexpectedly expanding curves.
bg ag big fa huge ment science slow wow
19th Oct 16
A fitness trainer and overall exercise enthusiast, Cameron has always been a little jealous of the effortlessly thin figure of her roommate, and has been waiting for the day that Olivia, and her metabolism, will catch up with her. When the chance to give it a jump-start presents itself in a new protein shake mix, Cam decides she is willing to do anything to see her plan through, even if it means she needs to put on some mass herself.
bg ag big chem fa gts huge lg mg mm mpg slow
4th Jul 17
If your last relationship ended in a ball of flames because you have a hidden, secret desire, you tend to play it safe for a while. Imagine Jon's luck, then, that he immediately falls into the arms (and cleavage) of the mysterious Felicity Martinez, a woman who not only is fine with his little fetish for pregnant women, but revels in it, her body changing itself to sate his newfound unquenchable lust. But who is truly the lucky one, here? Jon finds himself locked into a game he didn't know he was playing while both he and Felicity give in to their growing desires and growing bodies.
bg ag big bond chem fast huge lac mpg preg slow
7th Jan 18
Sometimes you're offered just one wish, but at a terrible cost. When Jeni is offered to have a wish for more attention granted, the payment appears to be exactly what she has always wanted, in a curvier, sexier figure. The game will only continue for every new sexual conquest she makes, and the growing lover finds herself wondering if she'll ruin herself before she truly gets what she thinks she wants.
bg ag big cb fast huge magic
31st Aug 07
The main character finds that, when he and his girlfriend have unprotected sex, parts of them grow for no apparent reason! They also find out that it can be quite addicting... With a new expanded ending by guhbone, filling in the weight gain segment (if you're into that kind of thing).
ag big cb fa fast huge magic mpg
17th Jul 05
A woman designs her own fantasy and vents her deepest darkest desires. She finds that every so often, she wants to do something crazy with her body.
fast multiple science weird
31st Jul 00
A bunch of teenagers experiment with a magical muscle cream.
bg big chem fa fast mg mm
28th Jun 98
A teenage boy discovers the power to cause women to grow hugely muscular and bosomy.
bg big fa fast magic mg rc
14th Aug 15
big cb instant magic mg nc
3rd Dec 06
A new magical girl appears to stop a dark force attacking the city will she be able to stop this enemy with her big belly and breasts?
huge instant lac magic preg
30th Mar 08
Bob tries helping his friend hold up her strapless dress better by jokingly suggesting his own power of hypnosis' effect on the body. Good times ensue.
ag big hyp lg mpg science slow
22nd Sep 11
When 16 year old Asian high school girl Jasmine's short younger sister is given growth hormone by her parents while being told they are vitamins, Jasmine also takes them. When she finds out what they are, she realizes she enjoys the side effects.
ag big chem lg mg slow
6th Nov 11
Brian bets his friends 500 bucks he can go without sex for a week. Unfortunately for him some of the friends are girls that try to seduce him and they use more than just their charms thanks to expired weight loss pills.
ag big cb chem mpg slow
3rd Jan 21
Dan offers to let his girlfriend Victoria and her sister move in during the lockdown of 2020. Victoria's sister Angie is a lot curvier, and she claims that women in their family tend to put on weight in all the right places. Dan soon enjoys watching the inevitable weight gain that comes from quarantine, but the temptation of his girlfriend's sister makes it hard. 30 photos mixed in with the story to add visuals.
bg ag big cb fa lac preg science slow
21st May 06
Kate gives the newborn Tauros her first taste of swelling up with milk.
ag fast huge lac magic sc
18th Jul 07
16th May 06
An introductory chapter into a longer 'novel' detailing one man's journey into the sexual world of werecows, or Tauros. Reality begins to take on a whole new meaning as he discovers his sexual fantasies of gigantic, expanding breasts is real!
cb fast huge lac magic sc
16th May 06
The next chapter in the story detailing the world of the Tauros, or werecows. A bit more is revealed about this mysterious sect of magical, sultry creatures.
cb fast huge lac magic sc
18th May 06
Kate reveals the secret world of the werecows by showing off her body in its many forms. All of them hugely endowed and full of milk.
fast gts huge magic mg multiple sc weird
18th May 06
Kate shows off the true power of a werecow by deflowering a virgin and swelling her breasts up with copious amounts of milk. The saga of the Tauros begins!
fast gts huge lac magic multiple sc weird
18th May 06
The ritual of the First Transformation is complete and a new werecow is born. But a strange twist reveals inexplicable secrets to the newly changed.
ag fast hg huge magic mpg nc shem tg weird
18th May 06
The newborn Tauros acclimates to her new body as Kate accelerates the therapy with a healthy dose of feminine knowledge and a mind-blowing quickie.
fast huge magic ment shem
21st May 06
Kate teaches the new werecow how to shift forms before engaging in a bout of mind-blowing sex. Breasts and bellies swell outrageously in this final (for now) chapter to the Tauros saga.
fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple sc shem weird
24th May 06
The new Tauros learns about her new life and the Tauros society after finding a suitable name. Then the two lovers go shopping, furthering her transition from male to female. Afterwards, she's taken to the home of a trustworthy kinfolk to further learn the ways of the werecows... and fully break in her new body!
ag fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple preg sc shem weird
1st Jun 06
The next few chapters in the tale of Mercury, the newborn Tauros. Mercury learns more about her body and fulfills a deep-seated need while performing magic never before seen by the others. Afterwards, she's introduced to a world of violence and intrigue as she struggles for survival!
ag cb fast gts huge lac magic ment multiple preg sc shem weird
18th Jun 06
The next few chapters in the life of Mercury, the newborn Tauros. In these chapters she learns a little bit more about her magic, her body, her self... and a great new sport!
ag fast gts hg huge lac magic mg multiple preg sc shem weird wow
4th May 07
A few later chapters in the tale of Mercury and Kate, the sexiest werecows ever. ;) The timeline is a bit disjointed, due to a loss of data, but there is plenty of BE for the fans, as well as a letter from the author.
ag fast huge lac magic multiple preg shem tg weird
31st Jul 00
One ex-Survivor contestant gets revenge on another.
bg chem huge ment
7th Jun 09
First story about a woman life as she realizes she is meant to be a cow.
huge lac ment offstage science slow
1st Mar 98
Going off the pill has milky side effects.
bg big lac nc science slow
16th Aug 23
A young woman goes for a late walk, only to quickly regret it when she encounters a peculiar plant. NOTE: the pregnancy element is not very significant and only shows up at the end. I only tagged it as pregnancy so it would be excluded if you exclude the pregnancy tag when searching.
ag bond cb chem fast huge lac lg nc preg
19th Sep 98
Claire gets a book of magic spells and experiments with the fertility ones.
bg lac magic shem asleep
1st Jun 07
This is the first part of my latest story. There will be more parts to come as I finish them. I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to any comments.
big chem fast
30th Apr 07
This is part 1 of my new story. I hope you enjoy it, and I welcome any comments at
chem huge ment mpg shem slow
25th May 07
Here is part 2 of the story. More to come...
chem huge shem slow
3rd Aug 07
The continuing tale of Amy and Brynn and the changes they go through.
chem huge lac science shem slow tg
28th Oct 07
big bond chem lac ment science shem slow tg
12th Apr 08
Part 5 of my ongoing saga involving massive BE, PE, sex, and other weirdness.
chem fast huge lac ment mpg nc science shem slow
20th Oct 04
Chronicles the four last days of the world in a dawn of the dead style situation, except there are no dead people, only people with big breasts. The survivors of the end hole up in a barn in a battle to remain fully human.
bg ag ar big cb fast hg huge lac lg multiple nc tg
21st Oct 04
A Short scene involving a Girl whos boobs grow for no told reason. She spends the night having fun with herself. A BE scene for lactation fans.
bg fast huge lac ment
21st Oct 04
A mean female lawyer makes a deal with the devil but falls into his trap. This is one of my earliest works that I went back and fixed up.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic nc preg
29th Oct 04
The Second Pt. Story still isn't finished, But this does a good job a carrying the story farther. Sarah finds her self changed back into a human, or is she? And she finds herself halfway across the galaxy. The cause of the end of the world is revealed, and the fate of the Earth is told.
bg ag aliens big cb fast huge lac multiple science slow wow
20th Feb 15
My first story, very inspired by the MasterPC series. Jake is visiting his inlaws with his wife Alice. He comes across the Word Power Processor. Already having fantasized about breast expansions and reading many stories, he has some ideas on how to make this a wonderful trip. Witness what happens when a man has ultimate control over four already busty sisters.
big cb fast gts huge inc instant lac ment mm mpg nc rc wow
6th Feb 03
Chelsea becomes more and more obsessed with having huge breasts when she discovers a new type of breasts enlargment cream that really works.
fast sc science wow
23rd Jul 03
Chelsea gets expandable implants and goes crazy trying to out grow her room mate.
big fast sc
19th Oct 15
My first story Caleb is stuck in solitary confinement, what will he do to pass the time?
ag fast huge magic ment
4th Nov 14
Flores keeps suffering from bouts of pleasure that make her breasts grow when she climaxes. Can she figure out a way to make it stop? Does she want it to? (My first story, so feedback would be appreciated.)
big chem fast science slow
14th Dec 14
Two sisters work on their mother's famous cookie recipe for the holidays. Unfortunately for one of them though, the secret ingredient comes from some more personal prep-work.
chem huge lac offstage slow asleep
6th Jan 15
Rachel and her greedy boyfriend find a genie that decides to put them both to the test. For those not interested in story, the expansion doesn't occur until the very end.
ag fast huge lg magic sc
4th Feb 15
A very quick story about a witch and her apprentice. After neglecting her duties, the witch finds her apprentice has decided to take matters into his own hands.
big cb fast hg lg magic nc
24th Apr 15
A high school girl notices some unusual changes happening around her, and is surprised when she learns what's causing them. Story is longer and more plot focused than my previous ones, but has a little more BE as well.
big cb fast huge instant magic mpg sc slow asleep
25th Feb 16
Isabelle wanted to explore her lactation fetish in a nice and simple way, but things don't always go how you expect. A fairly short and vanilla story, so don't expect too much extreme.
big lac offstage science slow
2nd Apr 16
A brief story about some late night romps with a magical charm. I wrote this as a quickie one night in my spare time. Let me know if quick one-offs like this are alright with you guys.
bg ag big cb fast huge magic sc
19th Nov 04
A fanfic set in the Harry Potter world, Hermione Granger & Ginny Weasley decide to experiment with a book of spells Hermione stumbled upon.
gts huge instant magic mg shem
19th Nov 04
Two women, Lisa & Jennifer, meet at a bar & quickly decide to spend the night together. Things get interesting when they both discover they have secrets they want to share.
ag big chem fast gts huge lac shem
19th Nov 04
A story based on the video game Skies of Arcadia. Aika & Fina have captured a pair of dopplegangers, & decide to teach them a lesson they won't forget.
aliens big huge instant magic shem
19th Nov 04
Part two of a series. Aika & Fina decide to give Vyse a present, making his current sex-partner Belleza even more sezy (& busty)
ag aliens huge instant lg magic shem
2nd Jan 08
What does a bored Chaos God do in today's world? Well, if you're Chance you kidnap people and perform experiments on them. This is the story of Charlotte, a young woman he just happens to run into at the park. What does fate have in store for young Charlotte? You know you want to know. Be nice to your Mistress. She loves feedback. Want to know what happens next in Chance's world? Let me know at MistressA @ live .com (without the spaces).
ag big hg instant lac magic nc preg
2nd Jul 07
This is my first story, hope you like it In Mr. Switzer's world you do what he says, how he says, and when he says it, even if you don't know you're doing it. leave coments at
ag big hg instant magic ment
9th Jul 07
Please keep comenting and sending me eamils, I love feedback and ideas for later stories. As promised there is more sex but be patiant, there is still more to come, or cum....whatever.
big hg instant magic ment
13th Jul 07
Not much story line in this one but I think that you will like it. I am now fresh out of ideas so please comment or email me. My email adress is in the story at the top. Enjoy
ag ar fast hg huge magic ment
5th Jun 20
With the discovery that her lover enjoys expanding breasts, Illaria decides to give inflating her bust a little test run.
cb fast huge instant magic sc
22nd Sep 20
A nice relaxing night at the beach turns into a surprise experiment. One in which Corae finds she cannot resist.
ag cb fast huge magic nc
22nd Sep 20
In an effort to tease out Milan's inner desires, Illaria crafts a book. A book tied to her own essence that will allow anything written about her to come true. But in asking Milan to write about her deepest desires, Illaria might be in for a bit of a surprise.
bg ag big bond cb fast gts hg huge instant lac magic multiple preg rc weird
29th Sep 20
Illaria shows Milan a little dream world she's been creating with a surprise at the end.
ag cb fast huge instant magic asleep
29th Dec 21
On a day full of mischief, Zunny visit's a lonely woman and turns her into a fairy broodmother. But they turn out to be a witch with tricks of their own to put the fairy in her place.
bg ag big cb fast huge magic nc preg tg
27th Aug 09
This is my first story. i don't care if you don't like it and no i didn't really proofread it like mad, but i used spell check. anyway i hope you enjoy it. it's about a guy who pisses off a gilr get transformed into a girl. breast and butt expansion is there. wait for part two. there will be more . . . enjoy!
ag big fast hg magic tg
3rd Apr 24
This is a short story about the girl Marilou. Her tits grow unexpectedly.
huge instant magic
1st Mar 98
A bizarre science experiment compresses a girl into a bottle, then triggers some breast expansion.
bg fa fast huge nc science
11th Feb 06
Short horry story about a girl being sucked into a 5 gallon bottle.
cb fast huge mg science asleep
15th Nov 11
A short story about a Woman how awake in a Warehouse ( Sorry for the missing translation, i'm not really good in writting english, but i hope this not ruin your fun with B.E Storys )
big fast ment
16th Nov 11
Model a beach hot Sun and a Softdrink ( The Second Story, same as before not in English )
cb fast huge offstage
16th Nov 11
( Milk is fin, Milk is fin come close and singelein... a not English textelein )
big lac magic slow
30th Jan 16
Alex and Sarah are having a fun solo summer before going back to college in the fall. They discover an abandoned shop one day and take a number of supposedly magic items with them. Unfortunately for them -all of the items don't quite work the same after their "sell by" date.
big fast ft lac magic mpg preg shem slow tg
14th Feb 19
An old flame is pregnant with sexuplets
ag fa huge preg slow
17th Apr 19
James' wife, Shelley, chooses to spend her inheritance to alter her appearance. This is a very short story that I wrote to explore an idea I'd had. It focuses mostly on the growth, with some very slight themes of gentle fem-dom.
ag cb fast gts hg huge lg science
17th Nov 99
A woman develops an experimental cream that makes her... develop.
bg chem huge slow
29th Oct 98
Lightning strikes during Kaitlyn's mammogram, resulting in sudden growth.
bg big nc science slow
27th Dec 02
huge instant ment
7th Jun 04
story about a girl in a special kind of competition and she meets her match
big shem slow
9th Jun 04
Two girls piss off a wizard and things start to grow out of control
big cb magic nc slow
9th Jun 04
A girl gets her hands on an old red magical cloak. See what happens when her sister gets half of it.
cb huge magic slow wow
29th Jul 11
aliens big hg lg ment mg mm mpg science slow asleep
22nd Oct 23
John thinks this will be just another Monday at his boring job. However, when his coworker Emily tries to catch the same elevator he's in, they both find themselves in some tight spaces.
cb fast nc science wow
24th Nov 23
Megan shares her Halloween leftover candies with her best friend Mary. But when they eat some mysterious chocolates, they find themselves in for a treat. No tricks here!
cb fast huge lac magic multiple
1st Feb 24
In tonight’s episode of The Bachelor: True Love, Alice fears she may not be good enough to win over the man of her dreams. But thanks to a little divine intervention, her big dream might just come to fruition. Maybe a bit TOO big for Alice.
ag cb fast lac wow
5th Jan 03
A fairly strange story of collagen filled breasts that inflate and spurt goop with equal abandon.
chem huge offstage science weird asleep
28th Jan 03
Big Tits, big nipples, big trouble.
big bond magic nc
23rd Apr 05
big chem ment rc slow tg
23rd Apr 99
A woman becomes addicted to lactation.
bg big lac slow
17th Nov 99
Four Americans exploring the Amazon rainforest make a startling discovery.
bg big fa fast lac wow
17th Jul 99
A medical assistant uses an experimental formula and has a friend record the results.
bg huge nc science slow
23rd Apr 99
The onset of puberty brings fast changes to a young teen.
bg big slow
4th May 98
Parents may know the secret of why their daughter's breasts grow larger every summer, but they aren't telling.
bg huge slow
25th Mar 98
A bust-expanding formula has side effects that a girl's mother remembers all too well.
bg chem fa fast huge
17th Feb 98
A subliminal-tape breast-expansion experiment goes a little too far...
bg hyp asleep wow
16th Feb 00
In a post-war world, a girl is chosen to be a wet nurse but soon finds herself part of a government plot.
bg big chem lac slow
17th Feb 98
To a bored college girl on summer vacation, a medical research experiment about lactation inducement seems like an easy way to get $5000 for a week's work. Oh, but those nasty unexpected complications!
bg big chem huge lac slow wow
27th Dec 18
The onset of puberty brings fast changes to a young teen. I copied a discontinued classic from 1999, rewrote it, continued it and finished it. This is my very first story ever. English is not my first language. You get a story that starts small and ends big :-) I hope you like it. If Mr. B reads this: Thanks for your inspiration!
bg big huge lac nc science slow
29th Dec 18
The onset of puberty brings fast changes to an 18 year old girl and soon she finds out that she likes it not a bit. A nightmare starts for her, which gets worse and worse the bigger her breasts get. She learns firsthand what it feels like to get breasts that get bigger and bigger: From no breasts, to small breasts, to big breasts, to huge breasts, to breasts that are that huge that she becomes immobile. I copied a discontinued classic from 1999, rewrote it, turned the perception of the central character from positive to negative, continued it and finished it. This is the 2nd revision. Removed a lot of typos. Went much more into detail.
bg big huge lac nc slow
30th Dec 18
The onset of puberty brings fast changes to an 18 year old girl and soon she finds out that she likes it not a bit. A nightmare starts for her, which gets worse and worse the bigger her breasts get. She learns firsthand what it feels like to get breasts that get bigger and bigger: From no breasts, to small breasts, to big breasts, to huge breasts, to breasts that are that huge that she becomes immobile. I copied a discontinued classic from 1999, rewrote it, turned the perception of the central character from positive to negative, continued it and finished it. This is the 3rd revision. Removed some more typos. Added some more details. I didn't want to wait till Easter, so I'm uploading it now. (Forecast: My next upload will be another story some months or years later in which I'll try out an idea that I've hardly ever read in other BE stories of this type before, something with unexpected body swap via transmigration between male and female. Nobody writes anything like that, so I have to get to work on my own.)
bg big huge lac nc slow
3rd Feb 98
A mysterious costume shop that sells... well, take a guess....
bg big magic
5th Feb 99
A space alien escapes from her home planet where she's small busted, and comes to Earth, where she's not. Not by a long shot.
bg aliens huge nc science
19th Feb 17
James is a very lonely man, who's at the end of his rope. After 35 years without finding love, he's near suicide. But an act of divine intervention will seek to change all that... and his long lost love is just aching to make all his fantasies come true. This is part one, and it's the beginning of a novel-length story. This is my first attempt at writing a BE story, and I wanted to make sure it was different from anything I've ever read. Can't wait to hear everyone's comments.
bg ag ar big fast huge instant lac magic ment preg slow
13th Dec 18
A lot of guys have slept with the girl next door. Even more have slept with a cheerleader. Not many have sampled both and remained in a happy relationship, but you have. In fact, while there are fantasies abound of sleeping with celebrities, you've done that too. You've done it all since you started dating Michelle, and you haven't cheated on her once. You have as many stories as there are nights in a year. This is one of them.
bg big cb fast magic sc
5th Jul 11
My first attempt at the genre. I hope people find it pleasing. This story is about a cunning boy that, finding himself in very unusual circumstance, uses manipulation to active his desired end. I hope people find it a refreshing twist on an old theme. Contact me with comments or criticism:
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science asleep
6th Jul 11
This version has less errors in it, please delete the other one. My first attempt at the genre. I hope people find it pleasing. This story is about a cunning boy that, finding himself in very unusual circumstances, uses manipulation to achieve his desired end. I hope people find it a refreshing twist on an old theme. Please comment!
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science asleep
6th Jul 11
I feel a little foolish uploading the same story for a 3rd time, but people seemed to have trouble with opening the other version, so this one is a PDF. Hopefully, people can view that format. I aim to please. I was thinking about possibly writing a sequel at some point, depending on people's response. However, I can only see this story becoming MORE over-the-top if it continued, so doing so might take away instead of add to the quality of the story. A good story should leave you wanting more, not less. I hope that is the case here.
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science
8th Jul 11
Our nameless protagonist's appetites and ambitions increase in this story as he subjugates a race of willing female aliens. Don't read this one if you didn't like the first one. It is no doubt suffers from the same kind of technical errors and is a dark tale, which will only get darker.
aliens hg huge instant lac ment mm mpg science asleep
29th Jul 11
Based on a deviantART illustration by the same name. The picture is of two sisters, one of whom was "Chosen of the Gods," depicted as a typical DM's nightmare character (or the DM's Player Character). When I understood there was no ridiculous story to go along with the picture I thought "No, this must not be." This story is silly, but much more mild than my other works. However, all of my works have a certain... motif to them which is present here. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
big cb gts huge instant lg magic mg wow
14th Jul 11
This story is about a polite housewife that accidentally finds the Jinn of the lamp, and then, more or accidentally, takes over the world. I know I should proofread this one or two more times, but I just can't help myself. Low impulse control.
ag ar cb hg huge lg magic ment mg sc slow
24th Jul 11
Part 3: The Forgone Conclusion is included. The story gets out-of-hand as our nameless protagonist, who I am sorry if people thought was meant to be a hero of some kind, literally dominates and subjugates the Solar System itself. In this, the Complete Epic, parts 1&2 have been proofread by the lovely Yashmen Halfcount; please go check out her works if you have time. Part 3 was not proofread. I would just like to comment that I feel that part 1 is the best. I am worried that writing the other parts might have taken away from part 1, but I did have fun writing them. Some things are, after all, meant to be taken too far. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
aliens big cb fast gts hg huge instant lac lg ment mg mm mpg science asleep wow
26th Sep 11
What if Laura Lee was your ex-wife? What if you held the The Gem of Possibilities? What if....
big cb fast hg lg magic ment mg mpg sc science
22nd Nov 11
This story was written to maximize a score on any and all "Mary-Sue" tests. Let me know what my score is. Description: Mary-Sue's is already perfect in every way, yet she still feels something is missing from her life. Could she be meant for more? Follow her on her journey to become more perfect, more powerful, more superior, and hopelessly loved by all. "Hopelessly" being the key word here. Abandon hope all ye who read here.
aliens big bond gts instant magic mg science slow
8th Feb 12
A two part story about a girl that becomes increasingly powerful. I will be the first to say that -while it is present- BE is not the focus of this story. In my vanity I was trying to create more of a SciFi short story on the nature of power and morality. The name of the story is "Goddess from the Machines" or "Goddess of the Machines." Either works. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
big fast hg lg mg science
13th Apr 12
Katy loves her boss. But, the only things he loves are breasts. She tries to earn his attention other ways, but -ultimately- there is only one path to his approval. This is the most twisted, the most realistic, and the last tail I have written. Someone paid me money to write this -hopefully- they feel it was worth it. It has been tailored to the tastes of this site, so I hope you will enjoy it as well. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
big fast huge sc science slow
5th Feb 99
Playing roulette turns magical when the bets start using wishes as currency.
bg huge magic preg tg
25th Jan 99
Working the night shift on golf course security might sound boring, but not when you encounter a couple with BE trouble!
bg offstage wow
29th Aug 98
A good remote control can turn your roommate into something a lot more interesting!
instant nc preg tg
29th Oct 98
Teleportation experiment fuses a woman with some paper towels.
bg nc science wow
17th Mar 08
While on a vacation to Hawaii, Mary Jane and her roommate Debbie buy a chess set with magical effects!
cb fast huge magic preg
17th Jan 13
Brian gets a copy of the Master PC program, but doesn't get a chance to use it before it's found by his sister Abbie and their room mate Jenny. Growth Ensues!
ag big bond huge inc instant magic ment mg mpg rc sc
1st Sep 05
The first Annual Breast Expansion Story contest! The file attached will forward you to the offical page.
19th Jun 05
big bond ment nc science slow
3rd Aug 07
Another new author takes to the field! A tale of debauchery begins with a sinister GPS navigation map by an author who has mastered anything if brevity. Will our heroes initiation go as planned? Will the author ever write a sequel? Its anyones guess!
big bond fast magic mpg multiple nc
17th Feb 08
I have re-written and added to my original work, expanding some of the descriptions as suggested and adding another chapter. A man named John unwittingly follows a GPS device onto a side road that takes him to The Gilded Rose, his life will never be the same. Hope you enjoy.
big bond cb fast huge lac magic mpg multiple nc rc shem weird
6th Nov 12
A young man making his way in the Radio Industry discovers it's best NOT to sleep with the manager's girlfriend!
big instant magic ment nc offstage tg
29th Mar 12
A continuation of MrGrey's "Well Spent" stories. The story of MrGrey and his newly wed wife MsGrey go on a honeymoon in Hawaii to relax. Or do they? (Just in case you want to give me some feedback. ;) )
ag ar big fa fast instant magic ment weird
29th Mar 16
After his relationship with girlfriend Sara reaches a new level, Chad finds himself in a sex shop where he buys a teal strap-on for her. Sara loves it and what was supposed to just be some fooling around becomes a life changing experience for them both.
bg ag big fast ft magic mg mm mpg shem tg asleep
4th Apr 16
After an anxiety attack lands her in the hospital, Carol Crews finds relief while working out during recovery. She continues to go to the gym after the fact, anxiety fading as she grew stronger. But when working out stops showing results, Carol begins to feel her anxiety clawing back. When an opportunity to outgrow her plateau presents itself, she finds herself making a decision to pursue mental stability...
chem fast lg mg shem
29th Nov 01
This includes several stories from the Addventure Project and some of the more surgically-based BE stories by other authors.
big chem fast huge ment slow
13th Jun 99
A lamp yields a spirit who claims to be a benevolent genie, but Jon thinks it's an evil efreet...
bg huge magic tg
2nd Mar 98
A hypnosis experiment leads a college girl to think her breasts are expanding
bg big hyp
2nd Mar 98
Maybe it's all a dream as a man finds reality seeming to change around him every time he blinks.
bg huge
16th Apr 98
The arrival of a magic scepter turns an unlucky April first into a revenge-minded office fantasy for one young woman.
bg cb fa fast huge magic ment mg mpg nc preg tg
2nd Mar 98
Gas-station attendant meets girl who needs to borrow the air hose.
bg big
2nd Mar 98
A monkey's paw grants a girl's wish to be bigger.
bg magic wow
2nd Mar 98
bg aliens fa fast wow
2nd Mar 98
Frozen yogurt has a beneficial effect on a young woman.
bg big fa fast
2nd Mar 98
A hacker in cyberspace is punished by having her virtual reality body morphed into curviness.
bg huge nc rc science
12th Apr 02
Penelope and Jim have fun with a magical pen.
cb huge magic sc
18th Jan 21
After a shipping mix-up results in Alice downing a steaming hot mug of experimental product from a biotech firm, she starts experiencing a bevy of side effects. Most notably, a multi-million dollar settlement snd some disturbingly vivid dreams. For fans of giant butts and inhuman levels of gluttony. Much more AE-centric with a good bit of WG, although there's still plenty of BE to be had, plus some other flavors of growth.
ag cb chem fa fast gts huge lg slow weird
21st May 21
After two weeks of big raunchy dreams and sating her ever-growing appetites, Alice has grown into an obscenely curvaceous young with a serious fondness for her newfound size. With lusty dreams eroding her already tenuous self-control, can Alice adjust to a normal life and not go completely fucking overboard? Obviously the answer is no. In this exciting new installment our heroine tries her hand at online dating, explores the realm of lucid dreams, and joins a friend for Sunday brunch before going completely fucking overboard. Plenty of BE to be found but the focus is once again on growing butts, inhuman levels of gluttony, and the general fun of wild, unchecked hedonism.
ag chem fa fast gts huge hyp instant lac lg ment sc science slow asleep wow
10th May 14
“Tess,” The Mistress said, stroking the large wall of one of Tess' breasts fondly. “Ohhhh. Tess! I am so sorry to tell you this, but.. but...” The Mistress wiped a tear from her eye, “I can no longer afford to keep you here at the spa. It is a matter of economics, Dear.” And so the bids for Tess commenced...
lac science slow wow
4th May 14
Tess came to the attention of The Mistress at The Spa when she was just a skinny waif. Now she is wondering if she could somehow get out of her room and join the fun in the pool on such a lovely day. (It would be nice to find someone to illustrate this series of stories.)
lac science slow wow
6th May 14
It was a dismal sunset, gray and gloomy, the snow in permanent snow globe mode. Tess would like to close the heavy curtains and hide the sight of the empty patio and pool filled with snow, but she did not want to get up from under the numerous blankets draped over her huge bosoms. Mindy burst into the room....
lac science slow wow
8th May 14
The Mistress told her she would be having a visit from The Unknown Client tonight.. She knew he liked to abuse her, but in the most provocative ways! Her triple hearts beat in time to the music. It had been two months since her operation and the Mistress thought she was ready to go back to work.
bond lac science slow wow
12th Jul 07
Genetic Research takes a strange and dangerous turn in the U.K. Ordinary citizen, James Brisby meets Beth Hurly, a mysterious character who takes James in her home, only for him to end up going underground outside of London for reasons out of his control.
big science slow
26th Jul 07
The Newcastle Center for BioTech Research is an unusual home for James but he finds himself settling in. Things heat up a bit as he learns more about the mysterious Beth Hurly and has an unusual sexual encounter. (I decided it was better to send this chapter off now, than let my readers keep waiting. Enjoy. You're comments are much appreciated! Expect more fun!)
big cb lac science slow
30th Dec 07
James learns from his twin sister they both have a rare genetic oddity which can enhance youth and sexuality. Feeling trapped from the confines of the Newcastle Center for BioTech Research, he tries to escape, only to end up in a pleasurable sexual growth experiment.
big chem fast lac mpg science slow
13th Jan 08
This chapter should have been included with chapters 7-9. The genetic augmentation study at the NCBTR has taken some unusual turns. What happens in the following two days, prevents James and Beth from venturing out from the NCBTR test bedroom.
big chem lac mpg science slow
6th Jun 11
Julie's eagerness to have a baby leads her to an untested fertility drug and changes to her and her husband Rick that no one could have imagined.
ag big cb chem fast instant lac mpg preg
6th Jun 11
Julie's eagerness to have a baby leads her to an untested fertility drug and changes to her and her husband Rick that no one could have imagined. (Added email address for feedback)
ag big cb chem fast instant lac mpg preg
2nd Apr 17
A couple, Alex and Rebecca, have to spend a night at a motel in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems normal enough, except for the receptionist. How will they react to Rebecca being bimbified? Includes an illustration by Sortimid (check them out on deviantart)
bg ag big chem fast ment
9th Apr 17
Another stand-alone story at the Bimbo Motel. This one is the origin of the receptionist, Stacy.
bg ag big chem fast ment
21st Nov 13
Two girls entering a virtual world encounter a mysterious enemy with a strange and powerful ability.
big fast huge science
21st Nov 13
The main character finds a book that can control women's bodies.
big fast magic
21st Nov 13
Aisha discovers three ancient slabs, each with some unexpected powers. Will she be able to control what happens? Or does she even want to?
ag fast huge magic
22nd Nov 13
This is a story of a certain Aela. Addicted to technology, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a peculiar curse. (Note: Please inform me if there are still errors with the download, I am trying to figure out the best format to upload these in. Thanks.)
fast huge instant magic wow
24th Nov 13
A story of Michelle, jealous of another girl named Lyza for her assets. She uses a spellbook to improve her figure, but gets more than she bargained for.
ag big fast huge instant lac magic
26th Nov 13
A story of Jessica and Kyra. One day, one of them finds a strange bra with the power to increase her bust size. But how far will it go?
big fast huge magic nc sc wow
26th Nov 13
A story of jealousy. Two girls, extremely jealous of one of the popular girls and her bust size. One of them crafts a serum that will make them bigger, but with somewhat unexpected and over the top results. This was an RP I did with another writer, named AlphaVragg735
ag big cb chem fast huge instant
5th Dec 13
Angela becomes displeased with her figure, and finds supplements that may shape her to her desires. Invloves weight loss and breast expansion. And if I may say something real quick: I don't mind any criticism. Not in the least. And I suppose I should have said this in prior story uploads, but I neglected to, so I'm saying it now: Many of the stories I am uploading were written YEARS ago, before I had any sort of reference to BE writing. All I had were vague ideas in my head to lead me. Is it an excuse for poor quality? Certainly not. I could always go back and re-edit some of them (and for most of them, I do before I upload, but not to a high degree). But I just wanted to say that. Again, this should not deter anyone from giving criticism or feedback, I just wanted to clarify and give some perspective is all. I appreciate any words or ratings of any kind, as long as they are constructive. Know that I am always working to improve my writings. Thank you.
big cb chem fast huge
3rd Jan 14
(File is in txt format. Please alert me if there are any errors with the file and I will re-upload in a different format.)
big cb chem fast huge instant lac science
6th Feb 14
A story about a woman accused of a crime. She is interrogated using a new form of torture system, which causes her breasts to expand with every lie she tells. Please note that this is not political/ethical commentary in any way, and is meant to be purely a BE story.
big fast huge instant nc rc science slow
13th Apr 14
A very short story written in about an hour, used as a way of flexing out the ideas for my next story. Simple, to the point, and, hopefully, still very fun.
ag big cb fast huge instant magic nc slow
4th May 14
A woman works at a salon, and gets an odd coin as a gift from a parting friend. This coin ends up causing a lot of trouble, and not just for her!
ag big cb fast huge instant magic nc
21st May 14
A regular guy with a regular life wakes up one day to discover he has breasts. Worst of all, they continue to grow. He decides to make the best of it, tries to go through daily life with them, and realizes it may not be as bad as he first thought. Very plot and character heavy, but still with plenty of BE. One of my longest stories to date. In both .html and .txt format.
big fast huge instant magic nc
24th May 14
A simple little one shot involving a hot babe and some hot coffee. This is a nice break from the incredibly plot heavy and character driven story that I recently wrote, so if there are mistakes in there in places, I apologize. This was just a quick thing written at around midnight in about an an hour and a half to two hours. In .txt and .html format.
ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic nc
30th Jun 14
A young girl meets another older girl online and they become friends. The older tells the younger of a certain miracle drink...but does it really do what she leads on? Or does it do something much, much more? Another short story written in about an hour. No real plot, just some good old fashioned BE. In .html, .txt and .odt format.
big cb chem fast huge instant nc wow
24th Jul 14
Ashley is an adventurer and treasure hunter. She finds a lead on a mysterious technology she has been trying to find for years, and goes to investigate. The technology she finds does things that even she couldn't predict... Short 7 page story in .txt, .html and .odt format.
big cb fast huge instant lac nc science
8th Aug 14
ag big cb fast huge instant magic
29th Nov 14
Just a silly 5 page Breast Expansion story using Zero Suit Samus in a Smash Bros. setting. In .txt and .odt format, let me know if the files are messed up and I'll upload in a different format.
big cb huge instant magic nc wow
28th Dec 14
Late Christmas story due to a bit of a bit of a delay on my part. A story of...well, why elves don't decorate Christmas trees. Right there in the title I guess. I'll give you a hint as to why: it involves growing boobs. Included in the .zip file are: .txt and .odt files of the story, as well as a sketch that inspired the story, made by CRUBAT. You can find more of his stuff on deviantArt.
ag cb fast huge lac magic nc slow wow
9th Feb 15
big cb fast huge instant nc science
14th May 15
This is a bit of an older one, but I forgot to put it up. A story of a woman trying to please her husband's desires...using very risky methods of experimental, self-produced lotion. In .txt and .html format. Fair criticism is always welcome.
ag big cb chem fast huge instant nc sc science slow asleep
9th Feb 16
Butt expansion focused. .txt, .html, and .odt format. Enjoy.
ag big chem fast huge instant magic nc
18th Oct 17
Two roommates bicker and strange things seem to happen as a result...
bg ag big cb fast huge instant magic
3rd Dec 22
Lydia and Rachelle plan on having a fun night out at a concert when they bump into another couple there. This couple offers them a hotel room and some casual conversation...until they reveal their true intentions. A night Lydia and Rachelle could never dream of soon ensues. Based off true fantasies. Side note: Its been some time since I've posted on here, so far be it from me to say anyone remembers me. But for those who do, and weren't too big on my older stories...consider this one a peace offering.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge instant magic
1st Nov 23
The sequel to Big Night Out. After a wild night of sex and growth, Lydia and Rachelle are horrified to find out that the fantasy didn't fully end. Unable to fix themselves, they rely on Thom and Nikki to get them out of their jam. They oblige, of course - but little do either of them know, its only the beginning of their ever expanding relationships. Thanks for your support :)
ag cb chem fast huge nc sc wow
6th Mar 24
A selected assortment of ten of my stories, written over the past five or so years, not previously available on OFB. Stories included: Adding Pounds to Peaches, Cake for Her Birthday, Growing Intelligence, Milk from the Tap, No More Fruit (a collab with chambersuit), So Much for Squats, The Breast Gummy Bet, The Laundromat, Three Short Expansion Stories, and When Science Goes Wrong (a collab with expansionprocess). All BE and AE focused and in PDF format. Enjoy!
ag big cb chem fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage rc science slow asleep wow
2nd Apr 24
Abi and Mia go on a vacation in an attempt to forget about their past woes. But the problems they faced at home seem to follow them regardless. A collaberation between mysteryguy9215 and capdjinn.
big cb magic nc slow
28th Apr 19
A series of stories culminating in one long novella, based on the characters of Roommates, a concept originally conceived by 99Breaker and CRUBAT. It was five years in the making. Enjoy.
bg ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic nc sc slow asleep wow
18th Feb 14
ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic nc sc
15th Apr 05
big cb fast huge magic
10th Oct 05
This is a teaser of what you'll find in the Breast Expansion Archive's Pay Story area! By signing up, you're helping yourself. That money pays authors and artists for new Illustrated stories and comics.
cb fast huge magic nc sc
19th Jun 08
ag ar big fast instant magic ment nc