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The Overflowing Bra

13th Jan 08
This chapter should have been included with chapters 7-9. The genetic augmentation study at the NCBTR has taken some unusual turns. What happens in the following two days, prevents James and Beth from venturing out from the NCBTR test bedroom.
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30th Dec 07
James learns from his twin sister they both have a rare genetic oddity which can enhance youth and sexuality. Feeling trapped from the confines of the Newcastle Center for BioTech Research, he tries to escape, only to end up in a pleasurable sexual growth experiment.
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26th Jul 07
The Newcastle Center for BioTech Research is an unusual home for James but he finds himself settling in. Things heat up a bit as he learns more about the mysterious Beth Hurly and has an unusual sexual encounter. (I decided it was better to send this chapter off now, than let my readers keep waiting. Enjoy. You're comments are much appreciated! Expect more fun!)
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12th Jul 07
Genetic Research takes a strange and dangerous turn in the U.K. Ordinary citizen, James Brisby meets Beth Hurly, a mysterious character who takes James in her home, only for him to end up going underground outside of London for reasons out of his control.
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