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The Overflowing Bra

29th Oct 04
The Second Pt. Story still isn't finished, But this does a good job a carrying the story farther. Sarah finds her self changed back into a human, or is she? And she finds herself halfway across the galaxy. The cause of the end of the world is revealed, and the fate of the Earth is told.
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21st Oct 04
A Short scene involving a Girl whos boobs grow for no told reason. She spends the night having fun with herself. A BE scene for lactation fans.
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21st Oct 04
A mean female lawyer makes a deal with the devil but falls into his trap. This is one of my earliest works that I went back and fixed up.
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20th Oct 04
Chronicles the four last days of the world in a dawn of the dead style situation, except there are no dead people, only people with big breasts. The survivors of the end hole up in a barn in a battle to remain fully human.
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