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The Overflowing Bra

3rd Jan 21
Dan offers to let his girlfriend Victoria and her sister move in during the lockdown of 2020. Victoria's sister Angie is a lot curvier, and she claims that women in their family tend to put on weight in all the right places. Dan soon enjoys watching the inevitable weight gain that comes from quarantine, but the temptation of his girlfriend's sister makes it hard. 30 photos mixed in with the story to add visuals.
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6th Nov 11
Brian bets his friends 500 bucks he can go without sex for a week. Unfortunately for him some of the friends are girls that try to seduce him and they use more than just their charms thanks to expired weight loss pills.
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22nd Sep 11
When 16 year old Asian high school girl Jasmine's short younger sister is given growth hormone by her parents while being told they are vitamins, Jasmine also takes them. When she finds out what they are, she realizes she enjoys the side effects.
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30th Mar 08
Bob tries helping his friend hold up her strapless dress better by jokingly suggesting his own power of hypnosis' effect on the body. Good times ensue.
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