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10th May 98
Sabrina's alternate, nastier self visits and plays with the sex lives of the whole cast.
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29th Aug 98
Sabrina and friends may find their way out of Tabitha's devious spell.
bg big magic ment nc offstage
29th Oct 98
Sabrina gets her revenge on Tabitha and restores her friends.
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1st Jan 13
A very story driven, EXCLUSIVELY [BE]story 6 Pages. | No CANNON sex scenes are in this BE story > but A non cannon one is included at the end. ( albeit it isn't a complete sequence. ) | Short big breasted girl included ( as it usual for me ) | FANTASY & DRAMA |
inc magic slow
3rd Jan 13
[BE] | REWRITE / SECOND EDIT | 7 Page story | -EXTREMELY STORY DRIVEN- | This is the second version of SEogB ( Sacrice Everything or go Bust) It makes A LOT more sense with explanations | Story follows the live of a princess in distress in a -very- BREAST SIZE orientated world. | Small lesbain scene is still mostly the same | This was edited by friendly request; i.e. the only type that works | REQUESTED REVISION | SMALL VERY BUSTY GIRL included as is my signature character type| HTML included but NOT advised | ( now with less grammar errors and a logically explained story :P | Please enjoy!
ar big huge inc instant magic offstage slow
16th Jun 09
Sadie finds that her family history is a little more interesting than she thought when she discovers her great gram's diary in the farmstead attic. Turns out she was a witch! Sadie masters the first spells, but the very last spell on the very page turns out to be much more powerful than she and her friends bargained for...
ag cb fast gts magic mg asleep wow
25th Apr 02
A young woman working for a genetics company comes up with a brilliant new product. This is *the* epic drama of the BE community.
huge science slow
15th Mar 98
The villain Puwlob inflates the helpless Sailor Scouts.
bg ag fa fast huge
18th Jul 98
Frustrated Sailor Mercury has had enough of the annoying Sailor Moon.
bg fa fast huge
24th Mar 12
This is the Prologue for the newest Novella I a working on. I'd like to say I have a Muse for this, but this time around I think it's largely my own sick and twisted mind at work. It's the story of Natalie, an succubus with a concience, and her attempt to rise back to grace. The BE is off stage in the prologue, but I promise it will be better as the story continues. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK, AND DON'T POST A COMMENT IF YOU AREN'T MATURE ENOUGH TO OWN UP TO IT.
big magic mpg offstage slow
14th Nov 15
This is a re-upload of chapters 1 to 5 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus in the ebook format epub.
ag big fast instant lac lg mm slow
3rd Apr 15
This is the continuing tale of Natalie and her "growing" interactions with Matt and the people around her. As always constructive comments/criticism are welcome. Enjoy! I am caving in to popular demand and putting up Chapter II almost a month before I intended. I had not expected such a vociferous and positive response. That said, while the I should clarify that while the story is "done" it's not finished being edited past chapter III, and because my proof readers have real lives, I am going to continue to space the final 9 parts out after this release, at about 3 weeks between uploads to maintain quality control.
big fast huge instant lac magic mpg offstage sc slow asleep
17th Apr 15
The story of Natalie continues with the search for answers to her lack of magical control. Then, just when everything is starting to look up… I want to thank all of you for reading and leaving such overwhelmingly positive feedback. Like I said in the acknowledgements, this story is written for you. We writers work for your feedback, it’s what keeps us going. I have wanted to post this since I put up Chapter II, but I have to space it out, or you all are going to think I have pulled another Amanda and Andy. Lastly, if you all get bored reading my stuff, I must highly recommend Fitting in at the Ren Fair and Fantastic Desire by Coffeepilot. He’s one of my proof readers and a damn good writer in his own right. With out further ado-
ag big fast lac lg magic ment mpg nc slow
13th Jun 15
After much delay (due to real life issues) I am happy to present to you Chapter IV of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. I will let the story speak for itself, but I am very happy with the feedback I have received from my proofreaders. I welcome any feedback you all have to present here, and I am actively monitoring The Overflowing Redit for questions and more in-depth critiques and feedback. I should also say that Iwill be returning to a three week delivery cycle. So without further adieu, Chapter IV.
ag big fast lac lg magic ment mpg shem
3rd Sep 15
Chapter V in the story of Natalie and her on-again, off-again beau Matt. In this installment, Natalie make a new friend, and may have finally patched things up with Matt. She also gets a side job. Comments are welcome, either here or on the reddit. Please enjoy.
big cb fast hg instant lac magic mpg sc slow asleep
11th Feb 17
Chapter VI In this chapter, Natalie plays hookie from work, demonstrates boob malleability, takes Matt clothes shopping, goes to New York to get answers and do the churches work, and gets into a serious fight. More info in the header of the story. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
big fast hg huge instant lac magic mg mpg sc slow
11th Oct 17
Authors note: I want to say I am sorry for uploading chapter 7 before chapter 6. That was a misstep on my part because chapter 6 already exists on TOB using my naming convention. So I had assumed it had already been uploaded. Natalie gets fitted for new foundations, then goes out of town on church business. If you read chapter 7 and felt like things were missing, this will explain all. Also, I have a patreon page now, where new stuff from Coffee Pilot and I goes up first. We would love your patronage. Additionally, we have art there that's is based on our stories (indeed that's why we set up the page). We hope to see you there too!
fast huge lac lg magic mg weird
4th Oct 17
Chapter 7 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. In this installment, we immediately follow up the events that ended chapter six, along with the introduction of some major players on the side of evil, then there's a mile high club induction, complete with some clothes bursting, and finally, the reemergence of Angela.
bg big cb fast lac magic
9th Jul 19
Hello all, this has been a long time coming. I don't know why I never got around to posting this, but this is it, the end of SSS. All three of the final chapters are included, as is a picture we had commissioned of what Natalie looked like the day Matt met her. I hope you enjoy the story.
fast huge lac magic ment mg mpg nc sc slow
1st Apr 15
It's been a long time coming, but this is the Prologue (edited and posted here again) and Chapter I (new material) of my new story. Set in the same universe as Amanda and Andy, this story revolves around Natalie, a "reformed" succubus, and Matt, a guy who works in her office and the trials and tribulations of there lives. This has taken 3 years to write, edit, write some more, and edit some more. The good news is it's all done, the bad news is it's 200+ pages, so I am putting it up in little chunks. Constructive comments are welcome! Thanks for reading.
ag big fast huge instant lac magic mg mpg offstage sc slow
14th Jul 11
This story is about a polite housewife that accidentally finds the Jinn of the lamp, and then, more or accidentally, takes over the world. I know I should proofread this one or two more times, but I just can't help myself. Low impulse control.
ag ar cb hg huge lg magic ment mg sc slow
23rd Dec 22
ex-Commander Sakis, worn out veteran of the Star Legion, is stranded on a backward planet with the aristocratic and beautiful Juli, whose diplomatic mission Sakis had been meant to guard before disaster struck the galaxy. Now everything Sakis served has been destroyed, so she rededicates herself to helping beautiful Juli rebuild. She could hardly dream of what that will mean. NOTE: this story is fairly extreme and has some weird parts. Also, yes, Sakis is inspired by another famous character whose name begins and ends with the same letters, but only a loose resemblance is intended.
bg ag ar big chem fast huge lac ment nc preg science shem weird
23rd Oct 07
Another quick romp about the joys of growth, and the joys of young love.
big chem fast rc sc
14th Aug 13
The far more polished second part, and the actual beginning of the story and BE. Reviews and comments are appreciated.
huge instant slow wow
24th Aug 13
Samantha continues to grow, and is getting too big for the Gardens she likes to visit.
instant slow wow
4th Sep 13
Samantha and Dan explore their new relationship, and Samantha needs a new bra.
instant slow wow
24th Sep 13
A nice long chapter about Samantha and Dan as they spend a week together on a camping trip. Of course, Samantha's breasts are the main activity!
huge instant slow wow
25th Sep 13
Submission is fixed. It now includes a .DOC and a .TXT file. A nice long chapter about Samantha and Dan as they spend a week together on a camping trip. Of course, Samantha's breasts are the main activity!
huge instant slow wow
28th Oct 13
A week after the end of the camping trip, Samantha heads back to college to start Sophomore year.
huge instant slow wow
25th Jan 14
The continued adventures of Samantha and her unbelievably large breasts. Dan and Samantha have plans for her fall break!
fast huge instant slow wow
27th Mar 14
Samantha and Dan deal with the aftermath of Chapter 07 and her new living situation.
instant slow wow
29th Mar 14
The hurricane hits the city, but it is not the storm doing all the damage...
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18th Apr 14
Bigger than ever, Samantha's fans come through for a new one of her never-been-done-before breast feats.
instant slow wow
18th Aug 14
The final chapter of the story. Please enjoy!
fast huge instant slow wow
28th Aug 14
The revised, compiled, and complete version of Samantha's Colossal Bust. Inside is the DOC and TXT version. The navigable PDF, illustrated by Berggie, DotintheParadox, and TheMisterStupid is only available on DeviantArt because The Overflowing Bra returned errors and would not upload it. My apologies.
fast huge instant slow wow
7th Aug 13
huge slow wow
19th Aug 13
A young man's boring job suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when a pair of sexy twin sisters move into town.
ag big cb huge lac lg offstage science slow
10th Oct 13
Things get hot and (very) heavy as the twins grow bigger...
ag big cb chem huge instant lac science slow
22nd Oct 13
Jim finds himself in high demand as the other twin sister desperately needs attention.
ag big chem huge lac science slow
15th Nov 13
Things get serious and the twins get ever bigger. But are they getting too big?! (Answer: NO!)
ag big huge lac lg offstage science slow
22nd Mar 14
Jim is back and better than ever, and the twins are bigger than ever.
ag huge mm mpg science slow asleep
1st May 14
Big changes need to be made around the house, due to the twins' big changes. Fortunately, Jim is always around to lend a helping hand... and more.
ag big chem huge lac science slow
24th May 14
I really don't want to give too much away: Kara's in danger, Tara needs lots of help, and some major changes are going to take place...
ag chem huge inc lac science slow asleep
28th Oct 14
Contains one (1) final chapter. Serving size: far too much for one person to handle, but fun to try anyway. Contains 1000% of your daily value of BE and AE. Warning: story manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts.
ag chem huge instant lac mpg science slow wow
23rd Aug 13
Jim's adventures with the twins continues as he transitions from one job to the next and the girls try to find something to wear in public.
ag big cb huge lg science slow
29th Aug 13
Jim takes the twins into town to buy some clothes to grow into and out of.
ag big cb huge science slow
16th Sep 13
Jim moves in with the twins as they prepare for the next major stage of their expansion.
ag huge lac sc science slow
29th Nov 14
Just a silly 5 page Breast Expansion story using Zero Suit Samus in a Smash Bros. setting. In .txt and .odt format, let me know if the files are messed up and I'll upload in a different format.
big cb huge instant magic nc wow
8th Jun 13
Sanctuary in the Sand is now complete, with all chapters uploaded here! I've also added some extra material for the occasion, including scenes that I originally cut and a couple of short stories that take place further down the line. With the addition of Chapter 6, the Straw Hats, Vivi, and Robin celebrate their victory over Crocodile.
ag bond cb fast huge lac magic multiple nc sc shem weird wow
10th Aug 09
A One Piece fanfiction that provides an alternate storyline to the Arabasta Arc. Ms. All-Sunday has captured Vivi before the Straw Hat pirates meet her, and she decides to have a little fun with the princess.
bond fast huge lac magic multiple weird
28th Sep 09
One Piece fan fiction. As the story continues, Vivi starts to learn about how to use her new abilities, and Robin learns about a small pirate crew that just might be able to help her stop Crocodile.
big fast lac magic multiple sc weird wow
29th Nov 09
Now in HTML format, this contains all parts of my One Piece fanfiction 'Sanctuary in the Sand', up to the brand new Chapter 3, where Robin and Vivi finally meet up with the Straw Hat pirates. Bit of a download, as it contains pictures. I'll upload a lighter version if there's any call for it.
bond fast huge lac magic multiple nc sc weird wow
25th May 10
Contains all parts of "Sanctuary in the Sand" up through Chapter 4, in which more focus is given to Nami as she discovers the fun way just what Robin's and Vivi's powers can do. Contains a commissioned illustration for each chapter, so the file is kinda big. I'll upload a lighter version if there is call for it.
ag big bond fast huge lac magic multiple sc shem weird wow
5th Oct 11
Contains all parts of "Sanctuary in the Sand" up through Chapter 5, by far the longest chapter yet, in which Vivi, Robin, and the Straw Hat pirates engage in battle with Crocodile and his forces. Contains between 1 and 3 commissioned illustrations for each chapter, so the file is kinda big. I'll upload a lighter version if there is call for it.
ag big bond fast huge lac magic multiple sc shem weird wow
19th May 02
Get in the Holiday mood with Richard O Steele
31st Dec 98
A daughter begins getting nasty as she grows huge breasts, so Santa gives Mom a little help...
bg fa fast huge magic slow
7th Aug 11
Sarah is an average girl in an average world which tends to pass her by. Up until recently, she has had trouble attracting guys. But after a random act of kindness, her world is about to change (to her surprise) for the better. My first story - I hope you enjoy it!
ag ar big cb fast hg lg magic nc
7th Aug 11
Sarah is an average girl in an average world which tends to pass her by. Up until recently, she has had trouble attracting guys. But after a random act of kindness, her world is about to change (to her surprise) for the better. Corrections made to the earlier upload.
ag ar big cb hg lg magic nc slow
2nd Jan 22
Sarah goes on a fantastical trek through the stars.
bg big fast huge instant lac ment multiple nc rc sc science weird wow
28th Jul 11
A bitchy boss becomes a big titted bimbo.
ag ar fast hg huge magic ment
25th Jul 09
This one has a convoluted history. I created another Master PC story, exploring some aspects I didn't think had been addressed. The originator of the series kindly suggested some changes, which I probably didn't get right...;) Still, it's got some breast expansion, some fun, and I thought you guys might like it. It's another 'what if the girls found the Master PC program?' types. Have fun with it
ag instant ment mpg rc sc science asleep
5th Mar 10
The Jigsaw killer strikes in an unusual Fassion... Leave comments on the Forum if you like it!
bond cb fast science wow
19th Feb 07
Sequel to my first Saw BE-type story. The mysterious woman captor claims another set of victims, causing them to expand to enormous proportions for her own personal enjoyment. Can she be stopped or will she live to inflate others for another day? Not gruesome per se, but definitely not for those looking for a love story. 3rd attempt at a story, hope you enjoy!
ag bond cb chem fast huge instant lac ment nc wow
30th Oct 06
No death/gore, but lots of non-consensual BE in a Saw plot-like style. This is my first BE attempt so be nice. Send all feedback to
chem lac nc slow asleep wow
17th Oct 09
What happens when a young woman prays for larger breasts?
big huge slow asleep
30th Dec 04
Amanda grows one grain every time someone says her name.
big magic slow
6th Jan 05
big magic slow
18th Jul 12
Ariane is preparing for a possible evening out when her busty breasts begin expanding even bigger for no apparent reason. This is a narrative light scene focused entirely on Ariane's extreme breast expansion. A delightful romp about Ariane becoming little more than a human factory for making milk. Enjoy!
ag cb fa fast lac lg magic ment nc weird wow
14th Jun 98
A quick joke story for the BEA.
ag fa fast hg magic preg
17th Jul 99
Helping an old lady, a boy gets a magic swimsuit as a reward.
bg ag huge magic mg mm mpg
4th May 98
Chemist creates a BE formula in this short tale.
bg chem fa fast huge
5th Feb 08
A Female Member of a forum finds her body being shaped into another member's ideal woman in this short Tale
ag big cb hg instant lg magic nc
21st Oct 04
A Short scene involving a Girl whos boobs grow for no told reason. She spends the night having fun with herself. A BE scene for lactation fans.
bg fast huge lac ment
12th Jul 98
All-female space mission grows hugely fat in this vignette.
bg aliens fa fast preg wow
3rd Mar 98
Inflatable implants go out of control at a dinner party.
bg ag fa fast huge nc science
15th Mar 01
Short scene where a girl wakes up at night to find her breasts growing bigger.
bg big fa fast
27th Apr 98
Drinking expired experimental milk has a bizarre side effect on two teens studying for an exam.
bg big fa fast mm mpg preg
2nd Mar 98
Gas-station attendant meets girl who needs to borrow the air hose.
bg big
16th Mar 01
Homely Kate gets magic glasses that let her wish her body into another shape in this brief scene.
bg big magic
22nd Sep 99
Harley Quinn of Batman Animated drinks a soda and grows huge.
bg chem fa fast huge
19th Oct 99
The Nurse from the Animaniacs drinks some BE-inducing cola.
bg chem fa fast huge
7th Apr 00
Jessica Rabbit drinks a special cola.
bg chem fa fast huge
7th Sep 99
Babs Bunny (of Tiny Toons) drinks a cola that turns her into an amazon while Buster watches.
bg chem fa fast gts huge mg
19th May 98
Short scene of a girl who uses a water hose to fill herself.
bg ag fa fast huge preg
19th Sep 98
April and Sally experiment with an enlarging cream.
bg chem fa fast
17th Nov 98
One side of a call to a sex line.
bg fa fast wow
19th May 98
A short scene involving a girl and a malfunctioning scuba tank.
bg fa fast preg wow
16th Mar 01
Brief scene involving experimental hormones and two horny teenagers.
bg big chem mpg
29th Aug 98
A good remote control can turn your roommate into something a lot more interesting!
instant nc preg tg
24th Feb 98
A recalled shampoo and some radioactive waste combine to form a potent chemical.
bg chem fa fast hg huge
18th Jul 98
Wishing upon a comet makes your dreams come true in this short scene.
bg fa fast magic mpg
28th Apr 99
A magic well grants the wishes of a boy and a girl.
bg huge magic mpg
31st Jul 00
A brief scene that is about what you can write when you have writer's block.
9th Dec 03
James finds a box of gum that has a milky consequence
ag big fast lac nc science
2nd May 09
More fun in Cherub Cove -- this time, we're taking our budding bimbos to class!
ag ar big chem fa fast instant lac lg ment mm mpg preg slow
22nd Dec 17
When Rachel signs up for a study to induce lactation in mothers with hormonal problems, she doesn't expect to get in, but sometime screening errors do happen.
bg ag big chem hyp lac lg mg science slow
5th Aug 17
A day at the beach proves to be more eventful than a petite scientist anticipated. More sweet-induced shenanigans lurk within a mysterious substance.
ag cb chem fast gts hg lac lg wow
19th Jan 06
In the near future a mysterious virus is loosed on the United States, causing the population to undergo a radical mutation that no one seems particularly troubled by.
big huge hyp lac ment mpg nc science slow tg
13th Sep 04
Male high-school student, suffering from a strange hormonal imbalance, slowly becomes a female high-school student. A very horny female high-school student. Lots of sex in this story, but it takes a while before you get to any.
ar big huge science tg
3rd Jan 24
A handsome man, finds himself the victim of a strange new affliction called "Second puberty" and falls prey to the more "extreme" and curvy side of its effects. Feedback always welcome!
ag big chem fa fast hg tg
16th Dec 98
Aliens begin to takeover Earth, bonding with humans and transforming them into sexy amalgam creatures.
bg aliens big mpg
3rd Aug 07
The continuing tale of Amy and Brynn and the changes they go through.
chem huge lac science shem slow tg
25th May 07
Here is part 2 of the story. More to come...
chem huge shem slow
12th Jun 15
The music played in this obscure Dutch nightclub will blow your mind... among other things.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge hyp lg mg mm mpg science slow wow
19th Oct 16
A fitness trainer and overall exercise enthusiast, Cameron has always been a little jealous of the effortlessly thin figure of her roommate, and has been waiting for the day that Olivia, and her metabolism, will catch up with her. When the chance to give it a jump-start presents itself in a new protein shake mix, Cam decides she is willing to do anything to see her plan through, even if it means she needs to put on some mass herself.
bg ag big chem fa gts huge lg mg mm mpg slow
7th Sep 99
Corporate backstabbing reaches new heights when personnel messes with a man's secretary.
bg big fa fast hg lg
9th Jul 04
Andie overdoes it on the candy
bg cb fast huge
22nd Jun 15
My first real foray into writing, I would really appreciate any feedback! I tried to check it for obvious errors. Be forewarned, in these first few pages there is not a whole lot of BE, and the focus is on a Futa character. More straightup BE will be coming!
ag fast huge lac ment science shem tg
23rd Jun 15
Here's my second pass, this time focusing on our non-futa friend. I tried to make it a good deal longer before submitting. It still includes the first part as well. I have some more written but didn't want to upload a half finished chapter. I hope you enjoy it! I also just wanted to take a moment to thank some of my favorite OFB authors for the inspiration to finally write some smut, especially: Mich, FrigOfFury, Kodos, Cheviot, XXXecil, The Light Fantastic.
ag big cb chem fa fast ment
28th Jun 15
A chapter, about 8 pages, focusing on Isabel and basically all about growth! Still mostly futa-oriented. We're coming up on some serious BE in the next chapter. I would appreciate any feedback. If there are any requests too I'd be interested to hear them.
ag chem fast huge lac ment shem
31st Aug 15
The next chapter, we take a recess from our futa friend. It's a bit truncated at the end, but I wanted to upload it regardless. I started a new job a few months ago and I've had no energy or time to continue writing unfortunately. So it'll be a long time before I get to work on more, so I should at least share what I've got. Hope you enjoy, any feedback is great.
ag chem fa fast huge ment
3rd Mar 98
A young woman with an inflatable fetish has herself surgically altered so she can be inflated.
fast nc preg sc science
9th Jun 19
Part 1. Collon finds himself changing after befriending strangers during a backcountry hiking trip. Who are these strangers? Why is he painfully transforming into a beautiful women? Stay tuned these answers and more in part 2 whenever I write it! (PS. my first story in years, I really could use feedback yall! thanks!)
bg ag big chem fast hg instant magic nc tg
24th Nov 99
A girl finds a Wish Bra at the Salvation Army.
bg magic sc slow wow
24th Nov 99
Hypnotized on a bet, a brilliant scientist is injected with a ""lactation agent"".
bg fa fast huge lac ment nc science
29th Oct 98
A very old but still teenage witch girl meets a mind-controlling vampire who punishes her.
bg ar big magic ment slow
15th Jun 02
People sure have an odd attitude towards viruses in the future. I guess when the results are BE and PE it's understandable!
huge mpg offstage science
19th Jun 08
ag ar big fast instant magic ment nc
13th Sep 04
Bob's girlfriend finds a magic lamp. He doesn't mind what she does with it as much as he would have thought. LOTS of sex in this story
ar big fast magic ment nc tg
4th Dec 99
Intelligent robotic girl finds her creator unwilling to have sex.
bg fa fast huge nc sc science
9th Jan 99
Magical and menacing boardgame tranforms its players in weird ways. Warning: graphic and strange xforms!
bg fa fast huge lac ment mpg nc rc sc weird
29th Aug 98
An advanced android proves to be a little too much for its new owner in this horror short story.
bg gts huge instant mg mpg nc science
8th Aug 08
A story about a boy who was travelling by bus. He met a neighbour woman with a strange but pleasant transformations of her body. Was it magic or reality, who knows?
big cb fast huge lac magic sc
13th Apr 12
Katy loves her boss. But, the only things he loves are breasts. She tries to earn his attention other ways, but -ultimately- there is only one path to his approval. This is the most twisted, the most realistic, and the last tail I have written. Someone paid me money to write this -hopefully- they feel it was worth it. It has been tailored to the tastes of this site, so I hope you will enjoy it as well. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
big fast huge sc science slow
14th Apr 06
Forced as a test subject in a secret government plan, plain-looking Rachel gains the ability to transform herself into a stunning sex goddess. NOTE - the e-mail in the file is wrong. please send feedback to
big cb chem fast hg instant lg ment rc sc science
4th Dec 08
The Sexified stories tell the story of a former secretary, Rachel, who after being subjected to a cruel experiment gains the ability to transform into the “stunning sex goddess” Elle whenever she gets horny! This is a sequel to “Sexified V: Paradise”, taking place just a few weeks after those events: The government wants payback and will stop at nothing to recapture her! I missed writing these stories and Amix’s take (Sexified: Rachel’s Legacy) made me think of other scenarios after Part V: Paradise. Enjoy, and please leave a comment. It sucks to see thousands of downloads but only a handful of comments for each story. Also feel free to write more stories based on this universe. Enjoy ;)
ag ar big cb chem fast gts hg instant lac lg ment mm mpg sc science
21st Feb 07
The 3rd part of Sexified. Rachel attempts to seek out those behind the experiment that turned the nerdy secretary into a sex goddess! More wild sex and transformations await her… Please rate and comment! File contains parts I, II and III.
ag big cb chem fast hg instant lg ment rc sc science
1st Jun 07
Rachel/Elle returns in Sexified - Part IV (file includes parts I-III as well). After shutting down the SEX project and gaining a new sex slave in Dr. Holly, Rachel comes to understand just how powerful her sexual force made her. Added epilogue to part III. This chapter is meant to expand on said epilogue. Be sure to rate and comment this!
ag big cb chem fast hg hyp instant lg ment sc science
18th Jul 07
The sequel to Sexified, the story about a woman that gains the ability to transform into a sex goddess. More transformations and discoveries await the sexed-up former secretary Rachel as she returns to Washington DC. Rachel comes to understand what happened to her… and learns to like it! File also includes Sexified part I. Please send comments to!
ag big cb chem fast hg instant lg ment rc sc science
10th Jan 07
The sequel to Sexified, the story about a woman that gains the ability to transform into a sex goddess. More transformations and discoveries await the sexed-up former secretary Rachel as she returns to Washington DC. Rachel comes to understand what happened to her… and learns to like it! File also includes Sexified part I. Please send comments to!
ag big cb chem fast hg instant lg ment rc sc science
1st Jul 07
My last Sexified story. The sexed-up Rachel is ready to launch a world-wide sexual revolution! Please comment this story and feel free to continue the story.
ag big cb chem fast gts hg instant lac lg sc science tg
30th Mar 08
My take on the Sexified stories, taking place several years after the last official (?) one. Rachel's legacy lives on through two new protagonists...
big cb chem fast hg inc instant lac lg ment science
19th Jul 13
Sheila continues to get revenge on the bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She has a plan to shrink down "Chesty Cindy" because Cindy stole her ex-boyfriend. But Sheila's plan goes awry. And why is she herself changing?
ag big fa fast lac lg magic mpg nc weird
21st Jul 11
Well, This is my first contribution after years of lurking. Thanks to everyone that helped with the proof reading. What diabolical plans does the magical mirror and it's inhabitant Luferra have for our main character? What revenge does our main character have in store for the bitch that wronged her? I have a feeling that there will be a lot of BE, AG, and even some pussy expansion. Please comment as you see fit. I will try and take comments to heart and shift future stories.
ag big fa fast magic nc rc
11th Jul 12
Our main character Sheila decides to get back at two more bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She sneaks into their room and adds some fun ingredients to their drinks while they are entertaining guys from the football team. "BJ Brianna" starts to fill into her name nicely as the changes happen. I had to split this and the next chapter up. They were far too big for one story... The next chapter will pick up where this left off and will revisit Cindy and the boys. All comments are welcome, and I especially love suggestions for future stories. Some of the suggestions from the Sexual Alchemy I comments are going to be incorporated into Chapter 4. Please keep them coming!
ag big fa fast magic ment mpg nc weird
4th Feb 19
Super Short 750 word story for a competition over at Literotica. A young couple stumbles across a spell. Quick, hot and steamy, I hope you enjoy this little stand alone tapas bite.
huge instant magic ment mpg
7th Apr 14
ag big bond cb fa fast huge hyp lac magic mpg nc offstage preg slow wow
25th Aug 23
A lot of guys have slept with the girl next door. Even more have slept with a cheerleader. Not many have sampled both and remained in a happy relationship, but you have. In fact, while there are fantasies abound of sleeping with celebrities, you've done that too. You've done it all since you started dating Michelle, and you haven't cheated on her once. You have as many stories as there are nights in a year. This is one of them. --NOTE: Part 1 is under my old author name "Mr. Gorpthorp"--
big cb fast hg lg magic ment mg nc
13th Dec 18
A lot of guys have slept with the girl next door. Even more have slept with a cheerleader. Not many have sampled both and remained in a happy relationship, but you have. In fact, while there are fantasies abound of sleeping with celebrities, you've done that too. You've done it all since you started dating Michelle, and you haven't cheated on her once. You have as many stories as there are nights in a year. This is one of them.
bg big cb fast magic sc
28th Aug 23
A lot of guys have slept with the girl next door. Even more have slept with a cheerleader. Not many have sampled both and remained in a happy relationship, but you have. In fact, while there are fantasies abound of sleeping with celebrities, you've done that too. You've done it all since you started dating Michelle, and you haven't cheated on her once. You have as many stories as there are nights in a year. This is one of them.
ag big cb chem fast lac nc science weird
31st May 05
Cheesy title, but only because I couldn't think of one. Don't let it discourage you. This is a brief RP between me and someone else in the MUSH.
cb chem fast huge
28th Jul 18
Karla Frost signs up for a breeding program, but gets more than she signed up for. In the end she walks away, but a much sexier woman.
chem huge lac nc preg slow wow
4th Nov 19
Karla goes back for a little breeding but Storm has other plans for his anthro mate. Very big plans.
bond chem lac nc preg science slow wow
21st Jul 20
Karla has found a mate in John a Shiny Umbreon anthro, and have everything she needs to breed at home. She finds that gentle love and care has made it much more fun to get big. Even if it is a slower pace and not as large like at the breeding center.
chem huge lac preg slow
4th Apr 17
When searching the galaxy for new worlds to expand humanity's fragile empire and ward off an alien threat, a small survey crew comes across a planet which is nearly perfect. They name the planet Eden for its rich vegetation, but soon realize that the entire biosphere is poison. After disaster strikes the poison planet may kill them unless Mei Lan, the ship's doctor, makes a choice which threatens to unearth a fetish she has kept long buried.
bg ag big chem hyp lac ment mg offstage science slow asleep
25th Apr 17
While training to become an officer in the navy, Mei struggles with her conscious. Though her new pheromones give her the power to break anyone's will, it is her own will that is in danger. Will she be able to resist the temptation to enslave her fellow cadets? No more BE in this one :(, but plenty of sex. Includes chapter 1. Comments and suggestions welcome.
bg big hyp lac ment
5th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An idle wish changes a petite girl's day completely.
ag cb fast huge magic
4th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. Finding a magic wand allows a bubbly girl's friend to fulfill a fitting fantasy about her.
ag cb fast huge magic weird
7th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An athletic girl a little too full of herself gets whats coming to her.
cb fast huge magic
4th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. Who would have thought that wishing for some soup could cause changes like these?
ag fast huge lac magic weird
6th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. A cursed milkshake has rather dramatic milky effects.
ag fast huge lac magic
7th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An explorer has a harrowing experience on an alien world. You can relax now, this is the last one of these I'll be doing for a bit, but please try and review; I would very much like to improve.
ag aliens bond cb fast huge lac nc preg science weird
7th Aug 08
It's an ordinary day in the life of love-challenged Greg, until the universe decides that he is, in fact, a female. Things quickly escalate when "Michelle"'s chest starts growing faster than Greg can keep up, among other, even more drastic changes.
ag fast hg huge lac ment mm mpg preg tg
3rd Mar 23
Inspired by the Shortstack Girlfriend Genie CYOA at the nsfwcyoa reddit. John finds a genie to fix his girlfriend's medical issues, but there's a catch.
bg ag big fast magic mg preg
20th Feb 99
A science experiment gone wrong? Or merely a business proposition?
bg nc science wow
23rd Jun 99
Psychedelic short about a girl who goes to a game show where the right answer has big rewards...
bg cb fa fast huge
8th Jan 12
And another...more of a 'what if' than hardcore, but hey, free's free, right?
big chem mpg slow
19th Aug 23
A trio of hyperpregnant sorority girls summon a bubbly and enormous otherworldly being in order to gain an edge in a local fertility contest.
ag big fast huge magic preg weird
22nd Dec 02
A Corinne Meadowlark story. Some thiry years in our future, Cee, intrepid reporter for the Tecumseh Trumpet, is assigned to interview the famous DNA genomorphing genius, Dr. Anne Corben for a feature article. The results are profoundly disturbing.
ag ar big bond cb gts huge lac mg mpg multiple offstage preg science slow weird asleep
26th Apr 00
Simon forces a woman to drink water as her breasts expand.
bg fa fast magic preg wow
26th Apr 00
Simon enchants women's breasts to grow based on their distance from the center of a nightclub.
bg fa fast magic wow
23rd Jun 99
New invention makes a woman's breasts grow to the size of things they touch.
bg fa fast nc science wow
16th Nov 13
“Menena’s Comeuppance” — This tale was a long time coming … but you didn’t really think I was going to let mean Menena get away with all the things she did to poor Barbara, eh? 24,000 words devoted to what Anosthea, the young apprentice mermaid witch, has in store for the proud MILF with the cold heart once she gets her hands — and fish tail — on Menena’s already huge bosom. Will Barbara’s good nature come to the rescue? -- This is a tale for the people who like their BE with a side order of revenge. Mind the interwoven timeline, though :-) Comments always welcome, of course.
bond cb fast huge lac magic nc rc weird wow
25th Apr 12
Part 1 of 5, "Home By The Sea": Barbara and David, shunned by the people of the town they were born in after their love was frowned upon by David's rejected wannabe lover, Menena the influential store owner, now live a solitary life in a little hut overlooking the ocean. Things take a turn for the bigger and stranger when Barbara finds a pendant in the guts of an odd catch that David brought home ... 12,900 words, HTML, and - oh look, this story could do with a comment from you, yes YOU :-)
ag big fast huge lac magic rc slow
26th May 12
Part 2 of 5, "Growing Out": After Barbara's erroneously assuring visit to the town's midwife, Barbara and David indulge in Barbara's new voluptuousness and carnal hunger. As her ever-increasing desires begin to overwhelm David's abilities, he searches for a second opinion on the strange pendant and gets (bad-tempered) advice from someone my regular readers might recognize :-) ... Meanwhile, back home alone, another outbreak of multiple expansion hits Barbara as her strange visions once again cross over into her reality ... 12,500 words, HTML, previous part included, and gee, wouldn't your comment look so very good on the "Rate this" page? ;-)
ag big fa fast lac magic rc weird
16th Jun 12
Part 3 of 5, "Ensnared and enslaved": The strange pendant's powers spread beyond Barbara's growth as it begins to affect her husband as well. Imbued with new confidence, Barbara decides to confront her former mistress - but she's about to learn a harsh lesson... -- HTML, previous parts included.
ag big cb fast lac magic mpg nc rc
12th Sep 12
Part 4 of ... 7? Weren’t there 5 before? Yes, as those tales are wont to do, they tend to grow beyond what was planned — just like poor Barbara’s breasts will swell beyond her worst expectations in this new part of the mermaid story that so far has failed to produce even one single mermaid. Never fear, there are indeed sirens, just ... not yet. For now, see the love-and-hate triangle of boobs-bulging Barbara, mischievous Menena and horse-hung David come to a fateful crunch in Siren Song Part 4: Beyond The Prize Cow! Oh, and as usual, comments always welcome, y’know.
ag bond cb fast huge lac magic nc rc slow
22nd Sep 12
Part 5 of 7, "The Final Night" -- The tale so few readers seem to care about continues: Evil Menena has for now left her sex and milk slaves-to-be, granting Barbara and David one last day and night together. Their desperate plans of escape go up in smoke while Barbara's breasts keep going up in size. As the strange medallion's powers reach beyond Barb's boobs and extend into David's groin, the couple's possibly last night together is about to become more than they ever could have imagined ... -- HTML, previous parts included, comments welcome. Y’know, the usual.
fast huge lac magic mpg nc rc weird
9th Oct 12
Part 6 of 7, “Tumblin’ Down” -- Exhausted from the magic-enhanced encounter with David, Barbara drifts through another vision of ever-expanding house-sized hooters and rising waters, only to wake to A) a revelation regarding the culprits of her dilemma and B) her already humungous mammaries going full milk ahead. It’s a race against time and growing diameter as the desperate young couple tries to make it to the shoreline ... -- HTML, previous parts included, comments welcome!
fast huge lac magic nc rc wow
17th Oct 12
Part 7 of 7 – “No Other Way”. The final part of Barbara’s long journey is here, but how much further can she go now that she’s too chest-heavy by far? Answers! Revelations! Mermaids! ... no, seriously, contrary to what you may have feared, here they are now. -- 15,000 words in glorious multi-platform-compatible HTML, with previous parts included for your convenience. Comments welcome but by now I’m just happy if people can be bothered to read it ;-)
fast lac magic mg nc rc wow
5th Jun 14
Forty years after the previous events: saucy Lilian the brunette barmaid (and cook, and housekeeper) of David’s Inn at the coastline butts heads with a guest when the strange blond girl that came in late at night gets all flirty with seemingly ageless David … and what about the mermaid giantess about to attack a boat far out at sea? -- Well, that's it: the last part of my mermaid saga! A little less story, a little more "interaction" this time. And yes, maybe I shouldn't have played around that much with the timeline. If you agree (or not), feel free to tell me so in a comment. ;-) -- HTML, 22,000 words, aaaand it's a wrap!
big fast huge lac magic rc sc weird wow
24th Sep 21
Fiona prepares a magic recipe for her girlfriend.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic ment nc sc weird
13th Jan 09
Guy gets it on with his huge-breasted sister-in-law. Yet another great work from Steve Palmer.
10th Dec 17
When Kelly's younger sister Rachel shows signs of outstripping her older sister, Kelly takes steps to correct matters.
bg ag big cb fast lg magic mg
1st Nov 21
Six scary stories designed to frighten or, if not frighten, then at least cause a thrill. Haunted hotel rooms, ghosts, cursed VHS tapes, aliens, oh my. Includes a bit of body horror and some blood, too.
bg ag aliens big cb chem fast hg huge instant lac lg magic ment mm mpg nc offstage slow tg asleep
26th Dec 07
Clare never imagined the benefits she could get by working on a bra store.
big magic slow
18th Jul 98
A growth hormone induces spurts of radical growth in a teenage girl and guy.
bg chem fa fast gts mm mpg
26th Mar 09
Original Story by Max "Clare never imagined the benefits she could get by working at a bra store" --- I adjusted most sentences from the original, to correct grammar and make it flow better. I also invented a name for the teacher and added a couple of paragraphs to give the story a little more depth.
big fast magic slow
19th Nov 04
A story based on the video game Skies of Arcadia. Aika & Fina have captured a pair of dopplegangers, & decide to teach them a lesson they won't forget.
aliens big huge instant magic shem
19th Nov 04
Part two of a series. Aika & Fina decide to give Vyse a present, making his current sex-partner Belleza even more sezy (& busty)
ag aliens huge instant lg magic shem
7th Sep 99
Writer's block affects a British BE writer, as life and friends keep interrupting.
bg big fa fast
22nd Jan 09
A girl having problems with her boyfriend becomes a big-titted, sex-obsessed slut.
big fast ment mpg science
18th Jul 20
When a succubus finds a new target, she also finds his sexual fantasies to be a bit more than she bargained for.
bg big bond cb fast huge lac magic ment nc slow
18th Jun 17
My first story, although it is quite long at 90,000 words. This tale follows Jane and Katie and their journey through their blossoming relationship and their vastly changing bodies. Contains lesbian love, bondage, domination and submission, lots of lactation, and of course massive, growing, breasts. Any and all feedback is appreciated and I would direct you to my deviantart page to do so. Thank you, and enjoy!
bg ag big bond chem fast huge lac nc offstage rc sc science slow wow
5th Feb 99
A sleepover prank with hypnosis goes too far.
bg big hyp nc slow
2nd Mar 23
A Paladin is taken over by a slime and turned into a sexy, buxom babe with breast implants made out of magic goo. And then the new girl is ready to go on a sexy rampage to find more victims! Part of a series.
bg big fast magic ment nc tg
19th Sep 98
Girls at a slumber party experiment with a wishing rock.
bg big fa fast magic ment wow
15th Mar 14
In a slightly more conventional, traditional expansion story, Sam has always hated everything about her physical self. From her hair to her height to, of course, her breasts, there isn't one thing that she likes. When she finds out that she has the ability to make changes to herself, the cautious Sam sets about to do so in a careful, thoughtful manner. Things change, however, when she unexpectedly finds the limit to her abilities, and all of her small changes start to spiral out of control.
ag big cb fa fast hg huge magic sc slow wow
29th Aug 98
Pissing off your girlfriend is a bad idea when she's a witch...
bg ag fa fast huge magic nc rc tg
16th Nov 12
Keith is a man who has lost his voice, but his wife has found a solution. What side effects could this solution possibly have? This my first story so be sure to comment and rate!
ag big cb fa hyp instant magic
31st Jul 99
Hiking into unfamiliar woods, a woman encounters a snake with a strange way of shedding its skin.
bg fa wow
30th Aug 15
I'm uploading this anonymously for I3reacl. I recently did some digging in an internet archive and, through some page sources, I was able to get the original text to many of his stories. This one has a bit of a darker ending, but is still wonderfully written. Keep in mind that the source I got this from was a coded muddled mess, so if there are some odd symbols in places, I apologize for not catching those. Also, remember that I3reacl's first language wasn't English, so there may be some grammar/spelling errors within the story. Either way, enjoy!
ag big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc
22nd Feb 15
There must have been some magic in that old hat James had found. For when he placed it on her head, she began to dance around...
ag big instant magic
15th Nov 22
A blessing for the fertility of the town's harvest goes awry. Contains: Expansion (Breast, Ass), Rapid Preg, Lactation, FF, MF.
bg ag ar big cb instant lac magic ment preg slow asleep
28th May 11
............... ?
big chem fast lac
27th Feb 11
a scene in revenge and enchanted soap
fast huge lac magic wow
1st Jan 13
This story isn't mine, I just got inspired by the original done by Lord Aimnor and decided to fix up the grammar and a bit of the story. I also added some more sexy bits at the end. :)
big chem fast lac ment science
16th Nov 11
Model a beach hot Sun and a Softdrink ( The Second Story, same as before not in English )
cb fast huge offstage
26th Mar 15
An accident leads a loving, but troubled, couple to bigger and definitely better things.
chem gts huge offstage sc slow
16th Mar 22
An accident leads a loving, but troubled, couple to bigger and definitely better things.
chem gts huge offstage sc slow
29th Oct 98
Man meets huge-breasted woman in gym as she busts through her bra.
big mpg
12th Jul 98
All the girls in an English village begin to grow huge boobs astoundingly fast. Could it be... something in the water?
bg slow
19th Nov 04
Two women, Lisa & Jennifer, meet at a bar & quickly decide to spend the night together. Things get interesting when they both discover they have secrets they want to share.
ag big chem fast gts huge lac shem
22nd Sep 99
A teenager in the 70's finds his artistic talents seem to alter reality. BE and the 70's: Keep On Truckin'!
bg big fa fast lg magic
2nd Mar 98
A monkey's paw grants a girl's wish to be bigger.
bg magic wow
9th Sep 07
Trevor's eccentric friend Jake claims to have coded a series of high frequency sound bites that encourages human growth hormones - and he proves it. The two devise a clever plan to append the clip to the end of the anthem played in the mornings at their high school. Things get a little out of hand...
ag big cb fast gts huge lg mg mm mpg offstage science slow asleep
29th Jul 11
Based on a deviantART illustration by the same name. The picture is of two sisters, one of whom was "Chosen of the Gods," depicted as a typical DM's nightmare character (or the DM's Player Character). When I understood there was no ridiculous story to go along with the picture I thought "No, this must not be." This story is silly, but much more mild than my other works. However, all of my works have a certain... motif to them which is present here. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
big cb gts huge instant lg magic mg wow
31st May 99
A stockbroker gets on the wrong side of a sorceress, and she gets magical revenge. All Chapters.
bg huge instant magic ment tg
26th Aug 99
The Delta Delta Sorority comes up with a 'big' idea for their new pledge drive. However, a rival sorority has a dastardly plan to ruin the Delta's good name. Will the Delta girls preveil and save the day? Illustrated!
bg cb huge instant nc science asleep
5th Sep 21
Lisa has deja vu during her first day at a sorority.
bg big fast huge instant lac magic ment nc sc wow
4th Sep 18
Daniel takes an old relic home with him from work. Add some female company, some alcohol a dirty mind full of kinky fetishes and an accidental wish to set wheels in motion. It a long read, enjoy and please leave behind a comment or feedback. -Wildcards
bg ag big huge lac magic mpg offstage preg sc slow asleep
31st Dec 00
Leroy finds a magic Sparkplug that lets him alter reality. He uses it to put himself into a special Ranma movie.
bg ag big fa fast ft magic mg mm mpg tg
15th Mar 01
Serving as an aide to the Martian Ambassador leaves Mary in an awkward position.
bg aliens fa fast nc preg science
16th Feb 00
In a post-war world, a girl is chosen to be a wet nurse but soon finds herself part of a government plot.
bg big chem lac slow
27th Dec 02
Incomplete yet great tribute to Fret Pearson's work.
big chem ment slow asleep
18th Nov 23
Jason finds an abandboned lab and finds some magical potions
ag fast hg huge lac magic mpg multiple preg science
17th Apr 10
This is a side story to Gods and Goddesses, in which I have a scene in which to pose the answer to the question. "What if Jason didn't bring along his Mommy". Well what else, he gets a little more nastier.
big instant lac magic ment mg nc rc
18th Feb 14
ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic nc sc
15th Jul 03
Susan losses her dildo and her boyfriend is coming round tonight. Quick to the stores! But only the strange Spells ‘R’ Us is open. A desperate Susan buys the closest thing to a dildo available, but will it please her boyfriend?
big mpg shem
26th Jan 05
My first story ever. I created it out of boredom and I am wondering if its worth continuing. Its about this boy Joey who get a magic bowl that grants wishes.
big instant magic
4th Dec 99
Singer Britney Spears is met by an alien who grants her the power of a magic Sphere.
bg cb sc wow
8th Aug 98
An alien sphere takes over a young girl and transforms her into a perfect host.
bg aliens fa fast lac ment mpg preg wow
11th Mar 10
Ok, done, finito, finished, shot the engineers and began production...;) This just became a such a 'bug' that I had to finish it. Not as much BE as it should (but the principals are mostly already 'expanded', but plenty of good clean dirty fun. Once again, use the ~ to avoid any wasted fappage...;) This mainly ties up loose ends, though the story kept breaking out into the action. Have fun. On to the next one, some old faces, some Steampunk erotica(maybe I'll be the first).
big fast magic
31st Mar 10
Whoa, Nelly. 190 odd pages. It's time to put this puppy to bed. This is the final (no, really this time...;) forth part of the two-part series. It's gone from a simple idea about BE to a novel where everyone just happens to get laid...;) There's some BE here, but it's not fair to HHH and the others to call it a BE story as much, so once again, the ~ is your friend. I've got to cut back some, this was getting out of hand. It's time for other people to have a shot (thought anyone could post something any time, and I like reading 'em as much as I like writing 'em...;) I'm not going to stop, but it will probably be about June before I can pick up again. And I'm out of ideas at the moment. Still, it's been fun, have fun, and I'll be lurking around out there. Thanks to all.
big chem instant mpg preg
1st Jun 19
Long-lost Steve Palmer story finally posted!!! An explorer trekking through the rain forest witnesses a female tribe's coming-of-age ritual utilizing an exotic spider, then brings it back with him to share with a female college. Check out the text document for a discovery I made involving
cb chem fast huge science asleep
3rd Jun 19
To reiterate: An explorer trekking through the rain forest witnesses a female tribe's coming-of-age ritual utilizing an exotic spider, then brings it back with him to share with a female colleague. Sorry about that last version. All files should be there this time. Thanks to "Someone" for pointing out the issue. Check out the text document for a discovery I made involving
cb chem huge science slow asleep
19th Jun 08
Scientists attempt to breed alien spiders in Cona's breasts.
aliens big chem huge lac science slow asleep
27th Jul 09
Uploaded by Genoharden It was the day after she had sent Tom off that Cona attempted to muffle her pained and pleasured moans with her pillow... Cona retreated, sluggishly, to her closet, which, like most other things, was becoming...painfully...too small for her.
fast huge instant lac nc offstage preg science slow weird asleep
28th Feb 09
Part 2 of Spiders. Scientists attempt to breed a species of tiny alien spiders in Cona's breasts. Stay tuned for Part 3.
aliens big chem fast huge lac nc science slow asleep
9th May 09
Uploaded by Genoharden; found on Expansion Stories? Part 3 of Spiders! Enjoy!
aliens cb fast huge lac science slow
9th Jun 22
Evelyn has never lacked for lovers, but she's never been able to achieve orgasm before. Magic can help her, but can she make use of an easy fix without becoming reliant on it?
ag instant magic wow
18th Jul 07
Three girls go on a Carribean Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island they acquire some ecstasy and a local island potion. The results are largely uncontrollable.
chem fast huge lac nc offstage sc asleep wow
13th Jan 07
Read all the feedback and completely redid the ending of the original story so that it wasn't disappointing. Over 9 pages of new ending material with some additional features (see new story codes). New description: Three Seniors go on a Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island, they acquire ecstasy which, when coupled with a native potion, leads to some out-of-control growth. How will they deal with their new proportions? By setting up a fantasy webcam service where the fun can continue.
ag bond cb chem fast huge lac nc offstage wow
27th May 18
May and Alex are on Spring Break, ready for a crazy week of fun. Things gets crazier when May finds a real genie in a lamp...
bg big cb fast huge instant lac magic ment sc wow
25th Mar 99
A horror story about new life, plants, and a widower.
bg ag instant ment offstage
17th Jul 99
Ally McBeal gets short-lived magical powers from Spells-R-Us and uses them to make her fantasy life a reality.
big fa magic tg weird
18th Jul 98
A trio of high school friends make unwise wishes in Spells-R-Us and learn some of the consequences of having large breasts.
bg huge magic tg asleep
1st Apr 09
Alex buys a Bimbo Pop from SRU and is transformed into Alice, a smart, horny bimbo who has plans for all the sexy girls in town.
ag ar big cb hg instant magic ment nc tg
29th Mar 98
Eight unlucky burglars break into Spells-R-Us and pay for it in a variety of ways.
bg big fa hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg multiple preg rc tg
28th Aug 99
Three wishes from a twisted leprechaun get a man transformed into his wife's ideal lesbian lover.
bg fa fast ft huge lac magic nc rc tg
9th Jan 99
A sexist unfeeling teenage boy gets his comeuppance.
bg big fa fast ment tg
12th Jul 98
A potion to turn you into your lover's fantasy has unexpected effects.
bg big fa fast hg ment tg
25th Mar 98
Lust potion makes girl into teenage boy's love slave, changes him as well.
bg big hg ment rc tg asleep
24th Mar 16
William Quincy, the would-be heir to the cosmetics empire "Touch of the Succubus," wishes to run the family company one day. There's just one problem - His mother would never turn over the company to a man! William searches high and low for a mysterious store that might be able to help him make a change. Will he find what he's looking at the mysterious shop, or do the fates have bigger plans for him?
bg big fast instant lac magic tg
1st Oct 98
Magic rings transform a trio in various ways.
bg ar big fa fast lac magic ment tg
19th May 98
A frustrated BE author signs with Spells-R-Us for revenge on those who rip his tales to shreds.
bg big cb huge instant magic ment nc tg
28th Apr 99
A man gets a sex genie at Spells R Us and uses it to control his beautiful neighbor.
bg magic ment rc
10th May 98
Womanizing ray gun turns girl and guy into bombshells.
bg big fa fast ment tg
26th Jul 98
Furious at restrictive school uniform regulations, Megan takes her revenge, which causes widespread breast-growth, rampant horniness and unscheduled lactation throughout Southern England.
bg fa fast
26th Jul 98
Smegs finds that a Dairy proprietor's lot is not always a happy one as Shan struggles with relationships.
bg fa fast
26th Jul 98
The main page with descriptions of all the St Cat's stories, listed in proper order!
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
A new term at St Cat's bring new traditions and new teachers.
bg fa fast
12th Jul 98
Computers rewriting reality? So that's why St Cat's is such a strange place!
bg fa fast
7th Apr 00
St Cats and St Angies exchange a pair of students.
bg fa fast
7th Apr 00
St Cats and St Angies exchange a pair of students.
bg fa fast
11th May 14
Brandi is baking pancakes today and Alyssa is invited. But, how did Brandi get so crazily curvaceous? Hope you guys enjoy! As always, feedback and constructive criticism are appreciated.
ag cb fast huge lac nc
14th Nov 09
A man buys a strip club and wants to turn it into the biggest and best strip club in the world, so he decides to buy all the dancers breast implants!
big cb fast instant offstage science slow
16th Oct 08
Puberty passed over Stacy and it has left her depressed. however an old wives tale has kept her hopes up that her dreams can come true. But will they? Steven is in love with Stacy but he doesn't think she even knows who he is. When the planets align something special is in the air.
ag big fast hg lac magic mpg offstage preg sc slow asleep
25th Mar 99
A controlling man uses Bovine Growth Hormone on a woman.
bg big chem ment slow
15th Mar 01
Will talks to a therapist about the trauma he's put his girlfriend through.
bg fa fast nc science wow
13th Sep 20
Jenny, a first-year student living with three other girls, finds her wishes are being granted.
bg big fast huge instant lac lg magic ment nc rc sc weird
26th Feb 08
longer. better. more BE then ever before. This heavily revised sequel to the first breast Queen follows Seven as she completes her BE based domination of voyager- and gets challenged for the title of Queen by someone you will not expect!
ag big cb chem fast huge instant lac ment science slow wow
28th Jun 98
Space radiation makes women on Voyager grow huge breasts.
bg big huge nc science slow
15th Nov 07
Based off a great thread in the addventure, follow volume 1 of Breast Queen as Seven of Nine plots a huge breasted take over of the ship!
ag cb fast huge ment sc science
18th Feb 98
Shipwrecked on a distant planet, a man must come to terms with his companion's expanding bust.
bg big nc science slow
17th Mar 06
First story in the State of Emergency series. Bobby accepts an invitation to meet his lover's lover. How is he to know that his lover's lover's lover just gave her a new toy to play with? Unforeseen but desperately wished for consequences ensue.
big fast ft huge mpg multiple shem tg weird
13th Sep 07
The State of Emergency progresses on as citizens throughout the city are transformed into their utmost desires. In this installment, Angelo and Morgan find a way to make the catastrophe work for them. New file upload, encoded to UTF-16 rather than Western.
big fast huge lac lg mm mpg nc science shem tg weird wow
24th Feb 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Bobbie has never had the chance to be with the person she loves. But now that the whole world is being altered by a strange sexual virus she takes her chance to make some adjustments to herself...
ag big lg ment multiple science slow weird
26th Mar 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Bobbie and Beth wake up together and spend a day learning about their new bodies' features. Along the way they meet a couple more people who have been altered by the sexual virus.
ag big lg ment multiple offstage science slow weird
27th Dec 12
For every outbreak there must be a patient zero. When Daniel Turner stumbles upon an experiment gone awry in his father's lab he unwittingly becomes the carrier of one of the most bizarre plagues the world has ever seen, and plunges the country into a state of emergency. Based on the world of Dexter Sinister. Comments welcome.
big cb fast ft huge lac mpg offstage science shem weird asleep
26th Mar 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Having been given a chance to regain their youth, Joyce and Percival King have some catching up to do. They also meet some young ladies who have a new perspective on life. (Follows on from State of Emergency - Beth Parts 1 & 2)
ag ar cb hg huge instant ment mm mpg science weird
11th Sep 07
The State of Emergency progresses on as citizens throughout the city are transformed into their utmost desires. In this installment, Angelo and Morgan find a way to make the catastrophe work for them.
big fast huge lg mg mm mpg science shem tg weird wow
13th Apr 12
A mysterious leak in the ceiling marks the beginning of a highly contageous infection that transforms men and women into air-headed nymphomaniacs.
ag aliens big cb chem fast hg huge lac ment nc offstage tg
1st Jan 19
Two girls give a lucky guy the Winter getaway of a lifetime.
ag cb chem fast gts huge lg magic nc wow
7th Dec 22
ag cb fast gts hg huge magic mpg nc sc
24th Jun 10
Part 3 of the Full Moon series. Impregnated! Allie once loved to get all big and pregnant looking, but now that it's actually happened she's not feeling so good. Plus, the things she's carrying in her womb aren't exactly human... Lots of preg content, massive body expansion, and weird critters in this one. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion as Maxxine returns!
ag fa fast gts instant magic ment mg mpg preg shem tg weird
9th Dec 01
Out of all the magical properties crystals are supposed to have, I've never heard of this one!
cb fast huge magic mpg nc
3rd Feb 20
A Madam Materia commission. Sequel to A Night Out, Lessien Viris gives Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie a visit, under the pretense of getting a little payback. The desire is mutual, as once more these lascivious, lying ladies have themselves a little competition to try and turn the other into the object of their fantasies. It would seem both of them have some tricks up their sleeves however to take this round of their game to a new level.
bg ag ar big bond cb fast gts hg huge instant lac magic science weird
1st Sep 05
The first Annual Breast Expansion Story contest! The file attached will forward you to the offical page.
30th Mar 05
Dark BE story with violence, robbery, rape, gunfights, revenge and obsession. I don't know what to say, honestly.
fast hg huge lac ment multiple science weird
26th Jul 12
big cb instant sc science weird
28th Jul 17
Juli and Helia explore the challenges of living together when Juli's boobs are bigger than hot air balloons! A huge hangar built just to house Juli's giant breasts gives plenty of room for some naughty time together, and Helia helps Juli grow from massive to truly enormous! Chapters 1 and 2 included in the zip file.
chem fast lac offstage sc science slow wow
13th Jul 17
Intro part to a BE series that focuses on Juliana starting off gigantically busty, and just getting bigger from there! The intro part to an old series of three stories I wrote back in 2013. Thought I'd upload one here, see what people thought. I hope you enjoy!
cb chem lac nc science slow asleep wow
18th Sep 17
Transformation livestock breeder story.
bg ag big bond hg huge lac ment nc preg science shem slow tg
4th Nov 03
Archeologist finds a strange sarcophagus, and a nipple hanging from the ceiling?
ag fast huge lac magic weird
7th Nov 03
A lonely man is helped by caring supervisor. I tried to introduce more details and character development.
aliens big fast lac ment science
25th Jun 15
Synopsis: A bored stranger plays a game with a couple in a mall. First shared story. Feedback welcome.
ag fast huge magic ment mm mpg nc
7th Jul 15
A stranger visits a library and teaches some people to respect books.
ag cb fast huge magic ment mm mpg nc
28th Jan 02
A private detective in London investigates a case that's... well, the title says it all.
13th Jul 15
Wishing fountains sometimes do grant wishes.
ag cb fast huge magic ment mm mpg nc
29th Mar 16
After his relationship with girlfriend Sara reaches a new level, Chad finds himself in a sex shop where he buys a teal strap-on for her. Sara loves it and what was supposed to just be some fooling around becomes a life changing experience for them both.
bg ag big fast ft magic mg mm mpg shem tg asleep
13th Dec 99
Teenage girl has an allergic reaction to strawberries.
bg fa fast huge
2nd Mar 98
bg aliens fa fast wow
16th Oct 08
Italian folklore meets a Sorcerer's Apprentice variant. Will Our Hero be able to stop his girlfriend's breast growth before things get out of hand?
big magic nc offstage slow
3rd Feb 98
A molding-clay stress toy has interesting effects on a man's wife.
bg big magic asleep
9th Jun 11
dr. Steven Rogers wakes up to find himself being interrogated about the events surrounding the hospitalization of his girlfriend. Was he to blame for the tragic events, or was the science simply beyond his comprehension. This is the first one I have put together in a while. Just a BE story chocked full of science. Don't worry about any jargon that sneaks it way into the story, just enjoy it for what it is folks!
chem huge ment science slow
9th Jan 99
A sexist pig of a man is struck by lightning and switches bodies with a gorgeous babe.
bg huge nc science slow tg
25th Jan 12
cb fast wow
10th Oct 19
No prior reading required. Follow the tough and cool Jill as her world descends into chaos, men transforming into zombie-like studs that in turn change women into curvaceous sluts. With little to her name and no help in sight, how far can she go before succumbing to desire?
bg ag big cb chem fast hg ment
3rd Feb 12
We join Lieutenant Cassandra Gallo in this action packed sequel as she maneuvers her way through the ship's tight exhaust system on her mission to kill the Captain and regain control. Will her military training be enough to overcome the pheremone laden environment and suppress her lusts? What plans does the Captain have for the rest of the ship? Comments are welcome.
ag aliens ar big cb chem fast huge instant lac ment mm mpg multiple offstage science asleep
6th Apr 11
My first foray into this type of writing. Please leave comments and suggestions. The second part will follow soon. This is the story of Captain John Rivers as he finds himself exposed to a foreign life form aboard his deep space military freighter. Enjoy.
ag aliens big hg ment mpg offstage science slow asleep
13th Apr 11
Honestly, I really appreciate the feedback on Part 1! Thank you especially to those of you who don't normally comment. Hopefully, this next part is as enjoyable for you to read as it was for me to write. Suggestions are very welcome and helpful as I work on the next part. For those of you just coming on board, join us as we follow the story of Captain Rivers and his exposure to a very pervasive life form during his deep space mission. Part 3 should be ready in a couple weeks.
ag aliens ar big cb fast hg instant lac ment mm mpg offstage science asleep
7th Jan 14
ag chem fast huge
19th Sep 09
My not-very-awaited-but-here-anyway second story had arrived. This is the tale of three University students who remain there over the Christmas holidays and the expansive adventures they have. Once again, I'm new at this; so please rate it and leave constructive criticism.
chem huge lac offstage sc slow wow
7th Nov 99
Cursed in the tenth century to spend eternity drinking cum to survive, a succubus still searches for a cure.
bg fa fast magic
3rd Jun 21
Two girls got into a fraternity at night ready to feed on men desires and use those to improve themselves and become more than they could possible imagine. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story. Thanks for all the feedback shared in my previous stories. It's well appreciated.
ag cb fast huge lac magic mg
20th Mar 21
My first ever story. Involves object breast vore. Rileys nipples begin to suck things in and use it as fuel to grow!
fast science wow
26th Mar 06
a lil' comic showcasing of the positive, breast enhancing effects of remotely controlled orgasm inducing devises.
cb huge instant lac rc science
8th Mar 98
A lonely inventor creates a virtual reality suit for exercising, with surprisingly effective results.
bg huge mm mpg nc science slow
24th Apr 10
A series of events leads to some fun for two college students at the zoo that they work at.
ag big chem mpg slow asleep
24th Apr 10
I did't think about people not being able to open a wps file so I did a little changing and gave a few more program options. Same story though, hope you enjoy.
ag big chem mpg slow
29th Nov 08
ag big chem fast huge instant lg ment mg mm mpg offstage
17th Aug 15
Three friends experience an unusually spread method of breast growth.
big huge magic slow asleep
25th Jul 04
Libby accidentally grows barn-sized.
bg chem huge lac wow
6th Feb 03
Chelsea becomes more and more obsessed with having huge breasts when she discovers a new type of breasts enlargment cream that really works.
fast sc science wow
6th Dec 15
"Who won the 999th edition of Super Saline Lottery? Whose tits will be pumped with astonishing amounts of saline? Will it be enough to satisfy the winning girl? See for yourself!" This is a story of unbelievably huge tits, extreme implant overfilling and insane boobie greed. For fake boobs lovers only!
cb fast huge science
4th Jun 10
A 1000 word quickie about a special girl with an unusual reaction to fast food.
big gts instant lg sc
17th Jul 99
Working at a weird fast-food joint has great benefits for a put-upon girl.
bg fa fast sc wow
7th Sep 00
Adapted from Leviathan's entries in the BE Adventure, this is about Jim and his adventures with the magical SuperBra. (original 3/1999, updated 9/2000).
bg fa fast huge magic tg
17th Jul 99
A sex therapist treats shy tit lovers and helps women grow bigger.
bg huge
5th Jan 07
Vikky surprise her boyfriend one day by growing huge for him, all while attempting to bake a cake.
chem fast huge magic mpg sc
21st Apr 06
A accidental breast growth happens when pills are dropped into a cereal.
chem fast mpg
31st Jul 00
One ex-Survivor contestant gets revenge on another.
bg chem huge ment
21st Jan 09
Unexplained expansion on the way home from school. Or was it just a dream?
ag cb fast hg huge lac magic ment multiple nc weird asleep
1st Mar 98
Going off the pill has milky side effects.
bg big lac nc science slow
1st Dec 01
A magic sweater causes breasts to expand with milk.
big lac magic slow
13th Jan 19
A shy, uptight girl receives a sweater that helps her relax. Among a few other things...
fast huge magic slow
13th Feb 22
A Queen bee without a hive is no Queen at all. However, a naive young man and a mispronounced spell give a deposed monarch a second chance and a new colony to conquer.
ag fast hg huge hyp lac lg magic ment nc weird
5th Feb 99
A weird brand of sugar has weird effects on a young woman.
bg fa fast huge lac weird
13th Feb 16
An overzealous diet advocate's chance encounter with a witch sees her undergo a sexy, sticky, incredibly sweet transformation that gives her a whole new perspective on life.
ag big cb fa fast hg lac magic ment mpg weird
4th May 12
Just a bit of BE, but a LOT of PE. Our protagonist finds that each orgasm makes his cock grow. Can his wife's girlfriend help?
big magic mpg science slow
12th Nov 01
Holly uttered, then under her breath said, "I just wish I knew what my boyfriend thought of me."
cb fast huge magic nc wow
20th Feb 98
A friendly but nearsighted witch messes up a magic potion.
bg fa fast huge lac magic
4th Jul 17
If your last relationship ended in a ball of flames because you have a hidden, secret desire, you tend to play it safe for a while. Imagine Jon's luck, then, that he immediately falls into the arms (and cleavage) of the mysterious Felicity Martinez, a woman who not only is fine with his little fetish for pregnant women, but revels in it, her body changing itself to sate his newfound unquenchable lust. But who is truly the lucky one, here? Jon finds himself locked into a game he didn't know he was playing while both he and Felicity give in to their growing desires and growing bodies.
bg ag big bond chem fast huge lac mpg preg slow
10th Nov 01
A scientist studies an extraterrestrial plant and ends up having a close encounter of the strangest kind.
aliens fast huge lac nc preg
17th Apr 01
Alien possesses Molly and uses her body to find cum, while transforming men and women alike.
aliens big fa fast huge lac ment mpg
19th Mar 05
Different BE effects may boost eachother when combined.
big chem fast huge lac mm mpg slow wow
21st Mar 05
Different BE effects may enhance eachother. Proofread this time.
big chem fast huge instant lac mm mpg slow wow