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The Overflowing Bra

Summer at a Zoo
I did't think about people not being able to open a wps file so I did a little changing and gave a few more program options. Same story though, hope you enjoy.
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Overall= 3, BE= 2, Characters= 1, Technical= 2

Nice overall a little issues with grammar and some issues with the characters, not much deph to them even for these kinds of stories, plus, and this is just a little nit picky but, inside the fantasy world it's unrealistic for a 15" long 8" dick to even fit in this girl some scaleing down to reality is not so bad and gives in to the relatabilty the reader has to be further sucked inside the fantasy

that one guy
Overall= 3, BE= 4, Characters= 1, Technical= 2

Could do with some editing. The female lead has no character development. She barely speaks and we have no idea how she feels about anything that happened.

Overall= 3, BE= 1, Characters= 2, Technical= 3

More description! It was so short. It would be nice to get somethig from her perspective, too, to make the description better. As it is all we have are numbers, no personality or emotion.

Please give the authors feedback, I can not emphasize enough how important it is to them.
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