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The Overflowing Bra

22nd Aug 12
If you have a problem with reading "docx" files, really, just google a free reader and don't rate me a 1 "because you can't read it". I prefer this format. Besides, I don't think the pictures I've included would survive a change over to another. This story is 33.k words long and was a part of a story that was complete at 112 k words. Unfortunately, the flash drive got into the laundry. :-( It did drag on, so what you have is the best part, and it's sufficiently a story on it's own.
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17th Apr 10
This is a side story to Gods and Goddesses, in which I have a scene in which to pose the answer to the question. "What if Jason didn't bring along his Mommy". Well what else, he gets a little more nastier.
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12th Apr 10
Originally the first part of this story was titled "Magic Man". After posting it here and receiving the response I re-edited the original first part and completely finished the story by adding two more parts and an epilogue. The hyperlinks in the first part were removed in favor of descriptions as requested. Format was changed to PDF, from that of .docx, to help expand the readership base.
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18th Feb 10
Part one of a probable two parter.Usual story of a teenager getting magic powers and going to school having the usual fun. Includes visual aids (windows 2007 doc with hyperlinks to another website)Have fun
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