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The Overflowing Bra

19th Aug 23
A trio of hyperpregnant sorority girls summon a bubbly and enormous otherworldly being in order to gain an edge in a local fertility contest.
ag big fast huge magic preg weird
19th Aug 23
In a post-isekai fantasy world, a hyperpregnant half-elven royal goes through her day with surprise twists and turn in store for her and her enormous siblings.
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29th Oct 15
From on high, the Goddesses of Hyrule have decreed that Link shall bed women across the land to bear heroes for future generations. Now Telma is bloated full of Link's progeny, and still manages to run her bar alongside her equally pregnant employees.
huge lac magic preg
24th Oct 15
Biologist Ayana and her half-sister Touko are nearing the end of their astounding pregnancies, but despite their ponderous size they'll keep their OB-GYN clinic running to cater to women as huge as themselves. They'll even introduce new, and pleasurable, technologies to the mix! [Based off of the near-hentai OVA Kagaku Na Yatsura, with an appearance of Haruka Gracia from Basquash!]
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