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The Overflowing Bra

18th Oct 04
Stephanie gets a copy of Master PC, being sensible she starts off with small changes but as time goes by the program slowly corrupts her until she doesn’t care what happens… or does she? Features a cameo appearance by Susan from Spells ‘R’ Us: Magical Strap On.
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2nd Mar 04
This is hugely re-written and updated. Hopefully this version will be more pleasently recived than the original. It's pretty much your standard boy finds genie story but with a slight twist. As always both *.doc and *.txt are included for you reading pleasure.
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22nd Jul 03
A prequal to part 1, This really explains how Grace got Master PC & what she did with it, it also answers a few other questions you may have, again both *.doc & *.txt are included.
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17th Jul 03
The continuing adventures of Ben. This is a far superior piece of writing compared to part 1 and the large size is due to having both*.doc and *.txt formats, hope you enjoy.
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15th Jul 03
Ben, a college student, receives an electric shock and a copy of a mysterious program one afternoon. An old love is rekindled and new relationships are formed. This is the diary of those events and more. (Contains one half rape scene) word document and TXT file included in zip use which ever format you prefer.
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15th Jul 03
Boy finds bottle, boy rubs bottle, genie comes out, genie not happy about having his sleep interrupted, gives boy his powers so he can get back to sleep. What’s that he sees on the beech? Three University girls, read on to find out what happens.
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15th Jul 03
Susan losses her dildo and her boyfriend is coming round tonight. Quick to the stores! But only the strange Spells ‘R’ Us is open. A desperate Susan buys the closest thing to a dildo available, but will it please her boyfriend?
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